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I am a week post op. It was a lil painful after...

I am a week post op. It was a lil painful after surgery but tolerable. I am an active duty military member, mom, and wife. I was tired of working out and being flat. So this will be worth it. You only live once. Dr. Stanton and his team in bev hills LA are truly caring and great. The experience again is worth it.

One month post op

Here are some before pics as well as post op pictures a month later. Butt implant still sits high but it will settle in its place at the six month mark. This is what Dr.Stanton states. I trust him. I will post more as there is more progress to show.

27AUG2015 Breast augment consult

I went to my consult today. I have 650cc's silicone. I would like to go bigger so after the consult the doctor advised 1000cc's saline based. I will also have butt replacement And augment to a bigger size. Dr. Stanton is currently awaiting a new mold that will help people like me. I currently have 425cc's oval offset. I am very active so they have shifted at time but that is not why I am replacing them. I would like a bigger rounder butt. So I am going to wait a month for the new style oval projection that is almost round and has the high projection point in the middle verses the bottom. And this way I can get 600cc's in safety if I did round I would have to settle for smaller. My surgery date for breast augment is 11SEPT.

Breast removal and replacement upgrade

On 11Sep2015 I had my breast replaced from 650cc's silicone and upgraded to 1000cc's of saline based augment.

Before breast pics

Oops I forgot to post the before pics- Silicone breast augmentation 650cc's

Two week post op

Two weeks post op. I feel back to normal and started even jogging. I just make sure I am also wearing a good sports bra. I do not however to push ups or do too much in the pushing motion because that will take a little bit longer to regain.

18DEC surgery - New butt implant replacement and Hip implant

Today I had my surgery. I had 425 off center oval that I got put in August 2014. Dr.Stanton did say it would take a couple of surgeries to get the BIG butt I want safely. Luckily, Dr. Stanton had his new oval implant in. I felt it before surgery. When I saw it, it look more round than oval and it's like a soft rubbery gel. It's not a gel I am trying to describe the the implant feeling. And on my hip he measured the size type and placement based on my underwear line and how I wear my undies for incision. I am so happy I have updated my pics. Right now it's swollen and bruised but the butt will drop and pop out. The same thing happened the first time. To recap I am 5'5" and 133 lbs.

Butt and Hip implants 2 week Post Op

It's been 2 weeks post op. I feel fine no major pain. I try to stay off my feet lay on my stomach to allow every tin to settle right. I took pictures and see the my but is dropping and the swelling is going down. I will post better pictures after I lose some of the holiday weight and begin to gradually recover and workout. Of course no real good workout until Feb.

3wk post op

Feeling good. Started a light workout this week started off real slow. I can move freely my new hips flow with and have not shifted. My butt still has some dents which means it has not fully dropped or popped out fully. Next week I will start doing light leg to lift my but and hopefully see what my but will look like this is the first time I do my hips and the second time I have my new round/oval butt implants I am posting pictures.

3month post op

Hey ladies I know it's been a while working like crazy. My but is good. I know some of you wonder why I workout so fast. I felt fine and started slow and really had no choice as the physical aspect is needed in what I do. But I have been running and my but is great. My update is that I will be scheduling to get a bigger implant in a couple of months. My but must be in at 6month before I do anything to it. I love Dr Stanton but he cannot go any bigger for me. My hips are fine, I don't care to much for the indent at the bottom of the hip implant. But this is why I will get more work done. I will get a bigger implant now that dr Stanton has opened up the pocket. This is what he did a year ago when he fit the largest size then. The other Doctor I will go to is in Austin Texas, dr Franco and he will use a implant called AAT. And the size will be 850ccs and I will get gain health fat and do lipo and add that to my butt and my around my hip to fill in the hip space between the butt implant to my hip implant. I will keep you all posted.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

After surgery I had a five day follow up and Dr Stanton made sure to answer all questions and follow up on scar creams I could use. Because I needed medical type of restriction paper for work he ensures his staff; Mindy took care of it all.

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