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Dear ladies, I started to visiting Realself like...

Dear ladies,

I started to visiting Realself like 2 years ago and from then im here everyday. My reason is that I want butt implants. I really have a flat ass and i dont like wearing a lot of clothes because of my flat ass.

At this moment I have plannend my phone consult and my surgery on 29th of June. Im planning to go alone. I have read a view reviews of girls going alone and that it is possible to do it on your own. I would rather go with someone together. Im going to fly from Europe to LA. I hope someone of you is also going around that time. So we can be buddies! I will keep you updated!

Deposit payed

So it's for real! I paid my deposit and had contact with Mindy about my phone consult and the date for the surgery. Im excited and anxious at the same time. Im curious which implants and what size dr. Stanton will recommend. I will keep you updated.

My journey to help others!

I thought a lot of doung a review or not. But all the girls helped me so much with their experiences and answers that I decided to do it.

On 29th of June i had my butt implants done with Dr. Stanton its 420 or 425 cc dont remember it well. Dr Stanton and his staff were really nice and the doctor took the time to answer all my questions. Everything was good except for the rush after the surgery. I was still not able to get out of bed because i was really dizzy. They took me out of bed to the car but i had a black out and was back in the bed when i woke up after 10 minutes. Then we tried again and it was much better. If they just could have left me for just 10 more minutes the first time wouldn't have happened. That is the only thing i did not like about it. But for the rest it was really good!

The first week was hard but no pain because i was still under the effect of the painkillers. I could only walk to go to the toilet and to eat something and for the rest laying on my stomach whole week.

The second week was a little the same at the end of the week i got a flight back to europe. That was the hardest thing emotionally and fysically... I know a lot of girls that hadnt any problems at all and im jealous of them but for me sitting wasnt the option and was too painful. But i survived the flight. On my 13 day post op i got a really bad sharp nerve pain for 3 days in my right leg. From the beginning my left leg is no problem at all and i dont even feel the implant. But my right leg is causing me problems. The sharp shooting nerve pain was in my whole leg. After 3 days it was over i took some oxy.

At my 3 weeks post op still slow walking and wiggling like a pinguin and couldnt sit. Pain was less. I know a lot of girls here recovered really fast but like MissL my recovery is really slow because of my right leg.

At 4 weeks post op walking little better but still not normal still slow and a little wiggling. I tried to sit it was oke but not really comfortable. Because the right implant. I can feel it when i sit and is a little painful sometimes. I have to sit really straight.

At 5 weeks post op i can walk faster sometimes still little wiggle like a pinguin but not so much. Sitting is still not the most comfortable but i hope at 2 months postop i can finally sit without too much discomfort. Im still laying on my stomach. I kinda got used to it. Laying on my is still too uncomfortable. My leg is still a little swollen. And it gets more swollen when i stand the whole day for work.

I hope week 6 is gonna be much better and that i will feel the inplant less. But what i have learned is that recovery is just different for everyone and for me it is really hard im not going to lie about it. I like my butt but sometimes when i experience pain or discomfort or the fact that i still cant sit normally makes me regret my decisions because im a really active person and this makes me kinda depressive doing nothing and laying in bed. But i hope at the 2 months mark i will be much better and sitting wil be no problem and i can enjoy my butt without pain and discomfort.
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