Dr. Ryan Stanton 500 Cc Stanton Oval Implants - Beverly Hills, CA

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Great bedside mannr. Totally peofessional Great...

Great bedside mannr. Totally peofessional Great staff. he chose 450 rounds but ended up w 500 cc stanton ovals. Here are 1 day after surgery. No bad pain. I walk funny Pain comes day 2 and 3. But i will stay on top of it by taking pain meds. Can't wait till they drop and fluff out. He is the guy all womem see when thire bbh and implant surgeries get botchr. I opted to stay i n an Airbnb . Far less expensive.

Very little pain. No bleeding. No drains. 4 days post op.

I am doing great and can get around the room/bathroom, took a shower Friday. I am taking my pain meds as prescribed and I think it is necessary to stay ahead of the pain and not wait till I am hurting. I went from flat and draggy to a nice, round butt and it will continue to change. Today is Sunday. Surgery was Wednesday and I also got fat transfer in my banana roles. I sleep on my back with pillows under my body, except for the butt area. Sorry, can't find the before pics yet.

5 days post op

Butt implant surgery was Wednesday June 15. I took these pics Monday June 20. 5'2", 116 pounds. 500cc Stanton Anatomical Ovals, lipo to flanks. Fat transfer to banana rolls. Minimal pain. Walking fine.

7 days post op

Having pain but the meds help a lot. Today my butt "woke up" perkier and I am starting to see it go from flat to round! It is fascinating to see the changes and wonder how it will look when swelling goes down and they drop into place. I had absolutely zero booty before. Now I am seeing curves! I know it will continue to change. 500 cc Stanton Ovals. 5'2" 116 pounds. I still wear my ab binder, so that is why you see the marks.

10 days post op

Still sore and taking pain meds. I am seeing less swelling and more roundness. Before, I had zero booty, no curves, and a flat back. (No lordosos)
There was no "padding" to sit on. I grew up buying my pants in the lottle boy's department and wearing long tops to cover my pencil thin frame
Wow. What a difference. And it gets better each day. Thank you, Dr

Post op updat

My butt still hurts, but the pain meds truly make all the difference and I need them less and less. I am able to work from home. I always worked from my bed anyway, as a writer. I just prefer the soft bed to a hard chair and semi recline, keep pillows under my knees and my laptop on the tops of my legs. I went out last night with a friend and put on white leggings and a Caribbean blue top. I felt so confident! My butt looks so good. Before, I had "flat back syndrome" and absolutely no butt and now I have curves. Dr. Stanton was able to correct my physical deformity with the implants and now I don't have to hide my flat back under long tops. It was worth it!

From flat back syndrome deformity to curves!

500 cc new stanton ovals.

Why is my butt shrinking???

OK. So it is over 2 weeks after my butt implant surgery. I got the 500 ovals. I was so happy to wear jeggings and see my new tush. But now, the swelling is down and my butt is tiny and I don't get it? All you ladies have bigger bums with smaller implants and I am wondering what happened to mine? I know it takes several months for things to settle in, but at this rate, I am wondering if it was worth the time, money and pain? Any help???

Waiting for the "fluff"

So, I am over 3 weeks out now. I slept on my back as Dr. Stanton said I could. Left side is larger than right, but that could be swelling. When do they start to drop? Are you gals sitting yet? I have no problem sitting for about an hour. I had to sit for several hours on the plane. I didn't have any pain issues at all. Minimal discomfort. So, are you all still sleeping on your tummies, back, sides and how far post op are you?

Back to a tiny hiney. :-(

My surgery was June 15, 2016, so it has been over a month and when I see my profile in the mirror, my butt looks so small. Everyone says be patient and wait for the fluff, so I am trying. My fat grafts under the butt didn't take, so that was a few thousand out the window. Even when the implants drop, I'll still lack any volume in the lower part of my butt and the part of the implant that is at the top of my butt will slide down, so I will lose that nice shelf I have. I got 500 cc ovals. I weigh 114 now. Had I not lost weight (I was 138 pounds) I would not need the implants, because my butt was fantastic at 138 pounds, but the fat around my stomach was not healthy (visceral fat), so I had to lose it. I appreciate everyone's support, but all total, I have spent almost $20k and I am not loving my results. I'll try to upload pics when I get out of this funk. Right now I just don't want to even look in the mirror. Has anyone else gone through the "tiny hiney" phase?

Updated pic

So, I don't understand where 500 cc of my butt cheek is, cus I am not seeing it. I am a little woman, 5'2", 115 pounds. 500 cc should be obvious in each cheek. Do you just wake up one day and it's nig?.cuz most of you guys look huge fast!


Surgery was June 15. Today is September 28. 500 cc new Stanton ovals. Where is my butt???
Is anyone else taking 3 or more months for their implants to drop?

4 1/2 months post op

They seem to want to drop. ??? Still not sure. What do you all think?

4 1/2 months post


Body selfie

This is a selfie, best I can do with holding cam and snapping it myself.

My before pics

Ugh. I hate posting these. but all you gals have been so helpful, so here goes. These are the day before surgery.

starting to drop

Finally! I am sleeping on my sides and butt starting to drop. This is encouraging! Surgery June 15, 2016, 500 cc new Stanton ovals. I hope they keep dropping and fluffing!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Great doc and staff. Listened. Process is streamlined. Put in largest I could hold .transfered fat to bananarolls , too. I weigh 116, height 5'2"

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