Butt & Breast Implants + Lipo W/ Dr. Stanton! -25, 5'5, 130, No Kids - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm officially scheduled to have Breast Implants...

I'm officially scheduled to have Breast Implants and Butt Implants (simultaneously) next month in January with Dr. Stanton!

I initially wanted to have butt implants or a BBL in the Dominican Republic, but after a ton of research I have decided that when it comes to plastic surgery, you definitely get what you pay for! And in this case, I only want the BEST of the BEST working on my body, which is why I chose to go with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills, CA!

I will be traveling from Houston, TX for my pre-op consult on Jan 19 and will have my surgery the following day on Jan. 20. So, as things continue to progress I will update everyone here and share my journey.

YES - I realize I am having a lot done in one sitting (breast implants + butt implants + lipo), however, Dr. Stanton has done several dozen surgeries like this, without any problems, so I am confident in this decision.

Please feel free to leave me any suggestions regarding travel arrangements, transportation, food, post-op necessities, medication, etc.!

I will post pre-op photos the day before my surgery!

**positive vibes only :)**

Pre-Op Appointment & Photos

Today I had my pre-operative appointment with Dr. Stanton. First let me say that he is extremely intelligent and knows his craft. Because of this, I let him decide the size of my buttock implant. Hes been doing this for a very long time and I wholeheartedly trust his judgement. I think more of you ladies on here should do the same. We discussed my concerns regarding risks and post-operative care and then he did his evaulation. We decided on the following:
Breasts: 450cc High Profile Implants
Butt: 420cc New Oval Implants
Lipo: Flanks/Waist Area

Surgery tomorrow at 7am!! Wish me luck guys!

Pain & Recovery

It us true that the hardest part is the first 48 hours following surgery, but so is everything in between! The people on here who claim the pain to be like "gym soreness" either haven't been to the gym in quite some time or have a very high tolerance for pain. Recovering on mY back has been the hardest part of all because I have pressure on my butt implants 24/7. Because I also opted to get my breasts done, I'm very limited in mobility because any pressure placed on my arm muscles triggers a stabbing pain in my armpit.

The patient coordinator says that what I'm experiencing is all normal and that it's nothing to be concerned about.

Nothing could've prepared me for this pain and I'm just trying to get through it so i can start my normal routine again and begin to enjoy my new body!

Oh btw... If you're getting lipo done, prepare to be swollen af!


I have been absent from this site because I did not want to give my final review until after at least 6 months had past!

Dr. Stanton did a phenomenal job and here is my advice and overall experience:

1. Stay in LA at least 3 weeks if you're getting butt and breast implants simultaneously.
- While I will admit the plane ride home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it would have been so much easier if I had stayed for 3 weeks. Every single day you are resting counts and really does you good in the long run.

2. Prepare for pain
- There is nothing that could have prepared me for the pain I endured. I was prescribed some pretty potent pain meds, and even so, there would be nights that I would stay up because I couldn't sleep.

3. Take Someone With You!
- I do not recommend going at this alone --especially if you are having both your butt and breasts done. Dr. Stanton's office does what they can, but they can't go home with you! I brought my friend Henry along for the trip and his presence proved to be INVALUABLE! He would go get food for us, help me out of bed (which was a CHALLENGE) and be there to help me with my medication.

4. Don't be Cheap!
- There's an old saying that goes "You pay for what you get". This couldn't be more true when it comes to cosmetic surgery. I am so glad that I followed my gut instinct and cancelled the surgery I had scheduled in the Dominican Republic. There is no doctor in the Dominican Republic or anywhere else in the world that will give you the care that Dr. Stanton and his staff provide! This also applies to the everything you need for the recovery period. Even though I chose to not stay in a recovery clinic and instead opted for a nearby home via AirBNB, I made sure I had everything I needed.

5. Listen to Dr. Stanton!
- He has been doing this for SUCH a long time, and it shows through his craftsmanship and care. He will always try to find a compromise between what you desire and what will look good on your body. I have heard of people bashing him here and other places on the internet because he did not give them the implant size they desired. He knows what will look good, and completely placing your trust in him will allow you to fully be at peace, before and after the procedure.

6. When in doubt, contact Mindy!
- One thing I definitely loved about the recovery process was 24/7 access to Mindy via Email! She would usually respond to my email in a couple of hours, was happy to answer all of my questions and is very knowledgeable about the recovery process and all-things surgery! She is INVALUABLE and will go out of her way to make you feel comfortable, and taken care of. I will definitely be going back to Stanton for Round 2, and much of that is because I know I will have her as a resource.

7. Exercise as soon as you get the okay!
- Being away from my diet and exercise routine put a few pounds back on me, but did not damage the results. I wish I had started exercising sooner, but I did not want to risk my recovery. As soon as I got the green light from Dr. Stanton's office, I began going back tot he gym and putting in the work! I would also recommend purchasing a waist trainer!

If you have any questions about my journey, please feel free to contact me here!

Thanks for your ongoing support!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The phone consult with Dr. Stanton was wonderful and he answered all of my questions! Mindy, the patient coordinator, has been wonderful as well and always makes sure to respond to my emails promptly. Hopefully my pre-op and post-op experience will be just as wonderful!

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