Butt Implants After a Failed Bbl. Beverly Hills, CA

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I've had a bbl 7 months ago and all the fat went...

I've had a bbl 7 months ago and all the fat went away if it was any really placed in there to begin with. I started researching butt implants about 6 months ago when I realized that what I saw was gonna be all I get. I was sad because it was a complete waste of money. Nothing changed. I stumbled across this site and started reading stories about butt implants and see people's honest reviews. A lot of the ones I read were about Dr.Stanton. He is just how everyone described him...... Truly God Sent. He is honest & humble to say the least. I practically read every butt implant review, both past and future patients all said that I had to trust him. I didn't have any wish pictures because when I had my bbl, I did and I came out looking nothing like my wish pictures. Not even close. I had a phone consultation with him on April 11th & over the phone he told me that he think between 450cc & 500cc. He then explained to me that look wise, it's not a huge difference between the two. I told him that my only request was I wanted my butt to be in proportion with my legs. I told him I don't wanna look like Nikki Minaj. I also saw a lot of pictures of people who were of my same build with the same amount of cc's so it was okay. (I'm 5'11 159 pounds) Mindy a sweet heart called me right after and I paid for my surgury...... I flew in one day before my surgury and when I met with Dr. Stanton he suggested the biggest implant they had which was the 600cc oval Stanton implant. He said it would fit perfectly. He said the I'm about 1 out of 30 women who on the first try can go so big. I was surprised but I was excited. The next morning I went in and had my surgury. I brought my sister with me. I just brought maxi dresses, oil funnel (I couldn't fine the pee thing) nelsporin and baby wipes. All the extra stuff I heard people bring seemed unnecessary for me so I went without it. Had my surgury on Thursday saw him Monday for post opt and was home Tuesday.

One week since my surgery.

It's been one week exactly today. I walk like I have something stuck in my butt still. It feels very tight and they're rock hard but I'm so happy with my butt now. The pain is tolerable but there is pain. I drove to work today and I felt like my butt was gonna explode. my job is about 10 minutes from my house and I work standing up so today was a breeze.

8 days post opt

One of my implants is dropping or dropped slightly and my hips look unproportioned to me when I'm naked but in clothes it looks fine. I pass a bile today as well. I've been taking stool softener so it didn't hurt. My first time was 5 days after surgury and it was horrible cause I felt like my incisions were ripping. Not the bile itself but the whole sitting process. LOL I find myself checking my butt constantly because I'm still in disbelief

Off pain meds

Last night was the first night I was able to go without pain killers. It was uncomfortable but I did it. I'm able to sit and I'm also able to bend down. Walking for me is much better. I'm able to walk without wobbling like a penguin. Lol........ My incisions are healing very well. One implant is settling way faster than the other one. In clothes no one can tell but when I'm naked I can. My boyfriend loves my butt. He said he can't wait to get some. I'm making him wait one month because I don't want to mess anything up. My butt went down in size some. Not worried because it'll go back once the fluffing starts. Dr. Stanton really did an amazing job and I'm truly happy with my results.

Went on a mini Vacation

Love my new butt. It's so juicy lol. I definitely received a lot of attention. My butt looks better and better everyday. I have no pain. It feels sore a little now because I went jet skiing but other than that my incisions are all the way healed & I feel great.

Caked Up

My ass has dropped. I don't exercise so idk why I'm healing so fast. I love my booty so much. Yesterday my boyfriend slapped my butt and it hurt. Even though it looks healed it's not so I'm still pretty careful. I've stop sitting on the boppy because it doesn't hurt or feel sensitive when I sit anymore. I don't feel the implants at all only when I'm laying flat on my back so I avoid doing that.

Twerk Video

My booty moves. I don't feel it when I sit down. I am able to fully move my boooty muscles one cheek at a time & I can make my booty clap without any pain. I love my booty so much.

4 months post Opt and twerking

I am dancing more now.

New pictures

Some new pictures.

Video As Requested



Touching on my booty to show how it feels. (Requested)

New Picture

Some new picture. I love my results and I no longer have any tenderness in my butt.

It's been over a year.......

I Love my results. It's been a long ride but I don't have any pain when I run or jump anymore. I think that I'm going to do a fat transfer to my hips soon. I'm still debating. I was trying to show you all how it looks after a year. I will post pictures later..... Feel free to ask me questions.

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