5'3 Wife, Mother of 1. Finally Get Back That Booty I Once Had. Tired of Feeling Self-conscious and Insecure over This Booty

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Just recently became a member of this site and...

Just recently became a member of this site and after seeing all the results and wanting butt implants for awhile I decided to book my surgery . March 23 is the day, I'm very nervous only because unfortunately I've had 2 other surgeries(breast lift & lipo)that were unsuccessful & left me with bad results

pre-opt appointment March 22 2016

Sorry ladies haven't been good with staying on top of this but had a rough few days prior to arriving to LA & of course the morning of but arrived safely. Had my pre opt appointment with Dr Stanton. Let me start off by saying Dr Stanton hired the most amazing staff by far. They all were very friendly and sweet. Not faking their kindness at all like most places tend to do, at least in my opinion.. So once I met with Dr Stanton he chose the oval implants and said 500cc. Surgery is wed March 23rd. I have attached 2 before pictures

Surgery Day!!!! March 23rd

Well today was the big day. Arrived bright and early. 630am Hung out with Mary the nurse and the anesthesiologist until the Doc came in. They also were amazing. Felt 100% comfortable throughout my whole procedure. Dr Stanton seriously had an amazing Staff my far and I was lucky to have had such great people to take care of me. Sorry for the rambling. So Dr arrives 730, we get to pictures & marking me up. I go to surgery room and night night. I had fat transfer also but to my hip due to a prior botched surgery as you can see on my right side. No fat was added to my butt area at all. Just to make that clear. Hopefully it worked. Woke up from surgery and found out I received 600 cc. I was worried 5cc was going to be a little to big hopefully 600 isn't overbearing. Fingers crossed. Once Anesthesia wore off I was ready to roll out. Lol I was starving and little tired. I was feeling a little sore but honestly only because I had to sit in the bed until they cleared me to go, so I did take 1 pain med around 1145 when we got back to our place. I probably didn't really need to though.

After surgery

Ok, so I've been on the couch resting watching movies, I haven't taken any pain medication since the 1 I took after surgery. I'll be honest, I'm not in any pain just yet but trying to get up, walking or standing definitely causing discomfort but tolerable at the moment. Laying on my stomach is easy because I can only sleep like this but damn laying 24/7 want to rip out my hair. I will at some point post pictures but I am not ready to see anything because I'm trying to still take in the size.

Day 1 after surgery

So it's been 1 day since my surgery. Recovery is going well. I'm not in much pain at all to be honest. No pain medication all day. I will say I feel discomfort when I have to get up but besides that I'm feeling and doing well.. I am going crazy though having to just lay in one position 24/7. Ladies I would recommend this funnel to use for when you have to pee. It's weird at first but funny. I'll post a picture. It'll be smart to get, avoid sitting on toilet if you don't have to. .

Day 2 after surgery

So this morning I started to feel some pain and burning in my right butt cheek and because I'm stuck laying 24/7 my left leg going numb. But I'm able to deal without meds right now. Going stir crazy, my butt still looks ugly. But here's a side pic

post opt appointment/ 6 Days out of surgery

Had my follow up appointment yesterday to remove my stitches from the Lipo and see how everything else is coming along. Doctor wasn't in yesterday so had to see someone else (Jasmine) she says I'm still really swollen but everything seems to be looking ok. It's been 6 days since I had surgery and im having mixed emotions. I know I chose the right Dr and can probably perform the surgery with his eyes closed. The size is what I'm having a hard time with, I know I'm not a small girl as i was told by Jasmine from Dr Stanton office, so they chose the bigger implant to fit me. I know it's still very early on to even see any type of results. Hopefully once the swelling goes down I'll feel better about my surgery. Besides all that I've been good with pain besides the burning I get in my right butt cheek. My incision looks not pretty but seems to be healing well.

Day 9

Regretting the surgery. I know I'm only 9 day's out but as I see the progress of other's and my results so far I should have just left things the way they were. The Dr was by far the right choice but I'm only 5'2 they shouldn't have put 600cc in my ass. It just doesn't look right. Still have lots of pain in my right butt cheek but they said it's normal.

incision healing progress

1 year update

Well I haven't been on here and didn't plan to come back on honestly. What was supposed to be or I had hope to be a confidence booster, has turned out to be more devastating and damaging to me all around. I've had nothing but issues with these implants from the start. I was given bigger implants over what was discussed and agreed to. I was insulted my staff when I mentioned at my follow up appointment about the size I was given. I was told I'm not a small girl to begin with. Are you fuckin kidding me, I should have punched her in the mouth but clearly I had more class then her. My implants are hard, you can see them and feel them. I literally can grab it. I was told I could get round or staton oval ones and he said we'll go with oval, well doesn't even fully cover my ass. I feel them when I sit down, I have discomfort all the time. I lay down on my back had my leg kinda bent up you saw implants sticking out side look like I had a tumor or something. This has ruined my sex life and marriage. Thank you Dr Stanton ???????????????????? YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO PUT A BIGGER IMPLANT IN WITHOUT DISCUSSING THIS WITH ME YOUR PATIENT.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Had my phone consult with Dr Stanton on Feb 25. He was a pleasure to speak with, very knowledgeable, answered all my questions. Never felt rushed during my consult. He said id be a good candidate for either round or oval 480 cc. Mindy the office coordinator, was also a pleasure to speak with and easy going.

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