46 years old / 5'0 and 116lbs - 325cc Off Center Oval Implants with Dr. Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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Because of privacy issues, at first I wasn't going...

Because of privacy issues, at first I wasn't going to post a review on Real Self. But I reached out and talked to many cool people (through this website) who have had this done. Their reviews and others have helped me tremendously, so I thought it would be nice to share my experience.

I have had breast augmentation and lipo. I never thought about having any butt work done until my best friend had a BBL successfully. But I was bummed out because when I did my lipo, I never knew you can transfer it to other places. So, that option was now out. And I wasn't going to gain 25 to 30 pounds to do BBL. So, I found out on Real Self that there are butt implants!

Like my boobs and lipo, I obsessively researched butt implants on a daily basis. I wanted to achieve a very natural athletic look with an overall full-ness, so I knew I wanted to go with oval implants, despite knowing the risk of rotation/flipping. I had two in person consults with Dr. Stanton and 1 phone consult with Dr. Mofid. Both are wonderful doctors.

The reason I ended up going with Dr. Stanton is because he still uses ovals where Dr. Mofid primarily uses his oval rounds. And I feel that with my butt shape (which is long and wide), a traditional oval would look best. Also, my brother lives 15 minutes away from Stanton's office and I would be able to save money staying with him.

When I last met with Dr. Stanton he said I was not a good candidate for rounds and after seeing all my wish pics, he chose Spectrum Block 4, 325cc off center ovals. My surgery was on Wednesday and so far, I'm loving the results.

I think the hardest part of this procedure is (a) walking and moving very slowing and (b) using arm strength to get in and out of bed. The first day was not that bad, but yesterday and today - I'm pretty sore. It's not very painful. More uncomfortable and sore. It feels like I did 1,000 squats. LOL

And at first I thought I went too small, but today I'm convinced that 330cc is the perfect size for the look I wanted and which fit my frame. Post op is on Monday, the 21st. Then I drive back to the Bay Area.

Day 4 - Took dressing off

Last night, we finally took the dressing off the incisions and my husband put Neosporin on it. Woke up at 4am and had to take pain meds since butt was more tender and sore than usual. Then when I woke up a few hours later, it felt way better than the last two days. Still walking very slow.

What is helping me so much is taking a stool softener and peeing in a plastic cup. So much easier than squatting.

I think the hardest thing about this recovery is testing your patience. Mentally, I want life to go back to normal, but physically that is impossible. And not being able to do the things I normally do. Like the simple things of bending down, walking up stairs, etc. It is VERY challenging to just be in two positions all the time: lying on your stomach or standing/slowly walking around. But when I look at my butt in the mirror, it's worth it.

Day 6 - Finally took my first real shower today

I have been recovery at my brother's apartment in Redondo. My post op with with Dr. Stanton is at 3:00pm today then we drive back to the Bay Area. This morning was rough, mentally and physically. I even questioned if it was worth it. I just miss my home, my family, my life the way it was. This recovery will mess with your mind because you have to deal with boredom 24/7 and find ways to keep you occupied. Just being indoors and limited movement. But your mind is ready to be back to normal.

My brother's apartment is a two story and 1 1/2 bath. And the full shower is upstairs. I have been using his bathroom downstairs to lightly rinse and wash. But today, I military bear crawled all the way up the stairs so I can FINALLY take a full shower. It felt so good to be really "clean." Especially because of my post op appointment. But after going downstairs and putting on make-up, I was exhausted and back on the couch.

Like I said, it's hard because mentally you want to do so many things, but physically just CAN'T. But it is getting easier everyday, you just can't push it...

Exactly One Week Since Surgery

Can't believe it's been one week since the surgery in LA. It has been so much better being able to continue recovery in my own home, my own bed. I'm walking and moving around faster than before, but still VERY VERY slow compared to how I normally am. After a while of standing or walking, I can feel the pressure and soreness of my butt and have to lay down on the couch. During the day, I take a nap because I get tired. Today, it was actually nice to get out of the house and go to the bank. My brother had to drive while I laid down in the back. It felt good to walk up to the ATM because it made me feel "normal" again.

Things that I can do or things that have helped:

1) Go up and down the stairs (no bear crawl anymore). I use complete upper body strength in my arms to brace the wall and pull my legs up each stair.

2) Stool softeners and peeing in a plastic cup has saved my life.

3) Put on underwear or shorts/skorts. I drop them on the floor in front of me, drop each foot in the hole. Then I bend my leg up and pull the fabric up.

4) Standing/walking longer and longer.

Things I can't do at all:

1) Bend down. My husband has to put on my socks, longs pants, shoes or slippers. And I have to ask people to pick things up or I use the Grabber I bought from Amazon.

I'm for x-mas break and don't go back to work until Jan 5. If you plan to do this surgery, you definitely need at least 2 to 3 weeks off from work.

Pillows I Found Online for BBL or Butt Implants

I know you're not supposed to sit for a while, but I did find some pillows specifically designed for those who got BBL or Butt implants. I ordered these and will try them out once I feel comfortable to actually sit. Since I have ovals, I have to be careful of not putting pressure on the implants. So I'm sure they're come in handy on an airplane ride or sitting in the movies... There are two kinds: The BBL Pillow and The Booty Buddy.

Exactly Two Weeks Since Surgery

All I can say, is the last week was WAY WAY easier than week one. After reading many reviews, it's true that everyone heals and recovers at different rates. I could be wrong, but I think that smaller implants has helped me in having an easy recovery. Yesterday my brother and I went to visit a friend who works at Facebook HQ which is 5 miles near my house. It's a beautiful corporate campus style setting, where it's set up to look like a downtown city. Well, I did a lot of walking and I would say my "walk" is back to 80% and slow. I had to stop to take a couple of breaks and just stand. I'm just a little tight but I'm not sore anymore. I can walk up and down our stairs, but still putting weight on the hand rails. I can almost bend to my ankles but still pee in a cup because I do not want to attempt sitting until I go back to work. Still annoying the always either stand or lie on my stomach. My elbows and front legs are getting so dry from being on them all the time.

But I love the size that I got! It really looks like a part of my body - like I was born with a nice butt. And I can still fit in my old clothes but everything is filled out now. Looking forward to being a full month out. The only thing I'm nervous about is going back to work next Tuesday. I'm going to have to attempt to fake sit where the weight is on my thighs. Also, I'm going to have my husband drive me to and from work until week 4.

Three Weeks since Surgery - Back to work and Driving....

I had my first day back at work yesterday and it wasn't that bad. Luckily, I'm a teacher so I'm standing pretty much when I want to, and I have three adjustable chairs in my classroom. At still the healing stage, I don't sit back on the implants, especially since I have the older style oval implants. So when I sit, I sit up really straight and put most of the weight on my thighs.

No, that I'm standing a lot and walking around more, I can definitely feel the implants pulling down more. If I'm walking slow, it just feels like I have a bigger butt and I'm carrying more weight in back. But if I walk faster, it feels more like two small balls in the butt cheeks. I can't wait until it just feels like a part of my body. It's slowly getting there. I test the feel of the implants (once in a while) and lie on my back on the bed quickly. I can definitely feel that there are there. But it's not too bad.

I did find a way to drive without putting pressure on butt. I used the BBL pillow to lift up my thighs and the Total pillow to support my back. It's WAY better than depending on people to drive you while you lie face down on the seat. But I only do this for short driving distances.

As far as my butt goes, I absolutely LOVE LOVE the shape. I'm just curious to see what it will look and feel like at the 1 month, 2 month and 3 month mark. Because right now, it feels like I have a firm muscular butt. But I hated gaining weight (6 lbs) during recovery. I'm back on track to lose it now, but I was a little depressed during the first two weeks of limited movement and being sore/tight.

I also included pictures of the incisions just in case you're curious on what they look like. You can't really see them unless your spread your cheeks apart. I have not put any fading cream yet, but I will eventually. And I still do not sit at home yet, but if I'm desperate and I have to, I use the bobby pillow so the thicker part is in the front and your butt can hang out in the back.

6 week post op exactly!

Hey all,

Haven't posted in a while because I wanted to write again when there were more significant changes. I'm exactly 6 weeks post op and I think last week (week 5) is the first time I was walking around and couldn't really feel the implants. Like they really felt like a part of my body. But at times they are definitely still tight and tender when I touch them or rub up against something. However, at 6 weeks I am now walking normal at my normal fast stride.

I'm probably a slow healer, because I can't imagine when other girls say they feel totally normal after less than a month. Like I can totally feel them when I lay down, so I'm going to continue lying on my stomach until I don't. Also, it's not too bad sitting back on them ONLY if I'm sitting on a very cushioned couch or chair. But sitting directly on them (like Indian style) on the hard hardwood floor or a gym floor is out of the question right now. It's NOT comfortable. Maybe because I have oval implants and the implants sits lower? Or I have no real fat to cushion the implants? However, I still sit at work putting most of the pressure on my thighs. I'm just not fully read to sit back on them yet.

Also, I know Dr, Stanton says that you can resume all normal activities after 6 weeks. But that totally depends on the individual. I had to run after my daughter across the street and I can still feel them. Right now, there is no way I can start running they way I used - even though a lot of the swelling as gone down. I just want to listen to my body and wait. Better safe than sorry! I'm NOT going through this surgery again! I am going to start doing some light upper body exercises at the 2 month mark. But no lower body cardio until later.

Now, I know I'm on the smaller size than most of the girls on this site. But I absolutely love my size. It matches my legs completely and my overall frame. It is exactly the "look" I wanted: natural and athletic. To be completely honest, if I could go a tiny bit bigger.. like 350cc, it would have been perfect. LOL My style implant only came in the 325cc size and anything bigger would have had to be special ordered. But because I had literally nothing to begin with - I would have also been paranoid of any outline of the implant showing if I got bigger. Just telling you that booty greed exists. Ha! Ha!

I also love how my butt looks like in leggings and yoga pants. I now have a curve in the back which I never had. So, now I'm going crazy buying Nike workout pants and leggings. Anything to show off the new butt.

2 months post

This Wednesday is exactly 2 months post op and I can honestly say - this is where the implants start to feel really good and less tight. This is the start of recovery feeling really good. But I KNOW I'm not 100% healed. I can't stress enough - when it comes to your recovery, listen to your OWN body. I'm slowly phasing out of the boppy pillow when sitting. I no longer use the boppy pillow in my car. But I will still definitely use it when my butt feels tender or I simply don't want the pressure on my implants.

Trust me - I love Dr. Stanton and his work, but I don't follow the general guidelines in the After Recovery Sheet he all gave me. I totally go by what my body feels. Like you're suppose to be able to go back to working out regularly after 6 weeks? Well, I'm just past the two month mark and there is no way I would feel comfortable running (like I used to) right now. Walking for a only mile yes, but no running - at least not yet.

Also, because I have smaller implants (when it comes to wearing jeans) my butt ONLY looks good
in VERY stretchy jeggings like material. Not regular jeans where the material is thicker. But I'm spending so much money on Lululemon, Old Navy and Nike yoga pants right now. I live in them because I love the way my butt looks.

Difference between 1 and 2 months.

Just had to post one more pic comparing my butt at (left) one month and (right) two months. Seems like the more time goes by, the implants become more shapely, pronounced and round.

Almost 2/12 months later....

I was going to wait until the 3 month mark to update my review but I took these pictures yesterday and today and wanted to share with you all. Looks like butt implants drop and fluff just like breast implants do because I'm loving the shape that it's taken on. But I also haven't dropped the weight I gained (since surgery) so maybe the extra weight has something to do with it.. LOL : (

Overall, the healing process has been a VERY VERY slow one for me compared to others on this site. I have not done any serious lower body cardio. But last weekend, I did walk on the treadmill (real slow 2.5 mph) for a quarter of a mile. And after, I felt a tugging feeling on the implants. This also happens if I'm chasing my daughter a lot, so obviously I have to wait a while till I do any lower body cardio for a while. However, I plan to do upper body at the 3 month mark because I'm getting flabby. I am also NOT comfortable sleeping on my stomach at all. Periodically, I check by lying on my back and nope, I can still feel them. And it's not comfortable. But am I am totally LOVING the look of my implants.

3 months post op

Well, this past Wednesday was the 3 month mark since my butt implant surgery. I started doing upper body exercises with light weights, planks and girl pushups. I think at the 4 month mark, I will try walking 1/4 mile everyday just to ease my lower body back into it. Then go back to uphill walking outdoors at 6 months. Thank God it's raining bad in California right now, but I'm already in the process of converting my old bikini bottoms to scrunch butt style for summer....

Some members asked if I could see the implants bending over so I included a couple of them in my latest review. What is so funny, is that (after my breast augmentation surgery), I NEVER took pics or looked at my boobs in the mirror. But after butt implants, I look at them and take pics all the time. Even at work, I look at them. My husband is SO sick of talking about my butt. LOL Thanks Amani187 for talking about rough sex (in your latest review) with butt implants. I agree! For those of you who are wondering - rough sex (from behind, on top) is not a problem at all. You may still have to be more careful on your back. In fact with butt implants, it's more when you sit or lie a certain way that is the most uncomfortable. I still lie on my stomach because I'm not 100% comfortable on my back yet. Once a while, in a chair I will sit with legs crossed but not often. And I will never be able to sit Indian style again - I keep trying and it's way too uncomfortable.

Trust me - I love the way my butt looks like, but I have to admit, it's annoying that I'm aware of them still. Like my butt implants are still tender and hard in certain parts. It's not like my boob implants where I don't notice them at all. I just want to get that stage where it's 100% comfortable in every way. If you are planning to do this surgery, be prepared for a VERY long recovery; both mentally and physically.

Finally working out!

I was going to wait until the 6 month mark to start doing lower body cardio. But, my implants still felt tight and tender so I thought walking would loosen it up some. So, last week Monday, March 14 I started walking one mile building up to 2.5 miles by Saturday, the 19th. Yesterday, I walked a total of 4 miles, no hills. And my body feels good and finally losing weight! : ) I'm sick so I didn't work out today but I'll be back at it tomorrow.... But to have a nice butt (with implants), I totally had to alter my life. I can't just lie on the bed and have my little daughter jump on top of me anymore. I'm a huge runner and I can honestly say running is on hold for now. Or jump rope or boot camp exercises like burpees, etc. Because I can totally feel them when I'm doing any kind of bouncing activity. It doesn't hurt, it's just not comfortable. I feel a slight tugging and it's annoying so I don't push it. For sure no more Roman Twists with the medicine ball. I definitely don't any exercises like sitting back on my butt. I know my implants are under the muscle but I'm paranoid of any bouncing causing them to sag over time. It's hard because there are very few people who post reviews past a year so it's hard to gauge what really happens with butt implants in two, five, ten years.... On the bed, I still lie on my back or on my sides. On the couch, I don't sit back. I sit leaning my weight to the left or the right thigh. I'm only 3 months out and maybe it gets better with time... Because I have the oval implants, I'm trying not to do anything that will cause it to rotate or shift. But I'm also turning 46 years old this year, so I'm thinking exercises will be way more mellow and modified. Cardio my end up being strictly swimming and hill walking.... No more half marathons or Tough Mudders for me.. But I love how my butt looks, so at this point of my life I think it's totally worth these sacrifices. However, if they start flipping or rotating in anyway, I'm 100% taking them out. I don't care how good they look, it's not worth the headache of complications. Not this stage of my life. Remember - this is only MY experience with my old style oval implants. There are people that can totally run or go back to normal workouts. Everyone heals and recovers differently....


Sorry, meant to say I still lay on my stomach, not my back.


Hey folks, It's been about 3 months since I last posted a review. I have been concentrating on losing weight and getting back to fully working out. At NY, my weight fully ballooned up to 131 because I was so depressed from not being able to work out. But I heard too many stories of implants rotating or flipping so I decided to wait until the 3 month mark to start slowly getting back into it. I'm SO glad I did, because Wednesday, June 1 is my 6 month post op mark. And I HAVE NOT had any issues (knock on wood) with my implants at all. And I honestly believe a HUGE part is because I made sure to baby my implants during my recovery. As far as working out, I can totally run/walk flats and hills up to 6 miles now. Again, for some reason it's easier running uphill vs. flat/downhill. As soon as I feel tugging, I stop and walk. Also, I have taken up swimming at my gym and swimming 2 to 3 times a day: 24 laps (3/4 mile) and 32 laps (1 mile). I find that swimming is a great alternative to the bouncing (associated with running). I have no issues with the stairclimber. I can also do my ab workout but I have to have a tiny towel rolled underneath my back to put pressure off the implants. I am also happy I can sit Indian style and sit with my legs crossed! I couldn't do it comfortably 3 months ago. However, I can NOT do the rowing machine. I tried but the pressure on the implants is too uncomfortable. Also, again definitely no Roman Twists. If I'm in a position that doesn't feel comfortable, I change it quickly. By now, I know what positions I can be in and not. I have not tried sliding down the slide at the playground yet.... As for sleeping, I still mostly sleep on sides and stomach. I can lie on my back for lash extensions or in my bed but no longer than 45 minutes to an hour. But I LOVE LOVE the look of my implants. Especially now at 6 months. When I look at my wish pics, It's EXACTLY what I wanted. I get compliments all the time and that it's the perfect size because it looks VERY natural.

Just one more pic

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a before and after (today) pic. Lately, we in the Bay Area has been blessed with great weather so I've been at the pool the last two weeks. : ) That's why I'm so dark. LOL And I'm telling you, all my bikinis are now scrunch butt bottoms (or I've turned the old ones into them) since those are the ones that look the most flattering after your butt implants or BBL.

And my best advice for anyone getting this procedure done is: BE PATIENT in the healing process. AND be realistic in the expectations of what you want. This is a surgery you really only want to do once. If you see my pics, my butt went through A LOT of changes from right after surgery, the 3 month mark to now. I think it takes at least 6 months to see the implants take on their final shape.

Also, take it very easy during the first 3 months. I have had other members reach out to me mentioning they had complications early because they tried to do too much too soon. Like I mentioned before, I don't care if doctor says, "You can resume all normal activities after 6 weeks." Most of these doctors don't have butt implants, so how do they really know?? Some people my have no problems working out at 6 weeks but I know I didn't feel comfortable exercising until the 3 month mark. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

6 1/2 months - sitting and laying down....

Hi all,

I follow member (angelbowe02) reviews and I remember reading what she wrote at her 7 month mark:

"I'm not sure if they'll get any softer than they are. They feel like a fitness butt. Not too firm but not squishy. I still don't think I'm 100% healed. My implants sometimes hurt when I lay on my back too long."

For me - this is 100% true as well. Butt is not super soft, but not as hard as before. And for those of you who don't feel anything when laying and sitting for too long, you're lucky. I'm at my 61/2 month mark and everything is pretty much back to normal, but it will get uncomfortable if I'm sitting down WAY too long or lying on my back for a long time. In fact, I rode in a golf cart (watching not playing) this morning for 3 hours and I had to get out of the cart because it gets uncomfortable at times. At night, if I want to lay on my back for a couple of hours I have to position my boppy pillow under my back (my butt in the hole) and have a pillow support my upper thighs so the pressure is not on my implants. Trust me - it's all worth it, but my butt implants ARE NOT like my breast implants. With my breast implants (I have small 213cc) I can lay on my stomach and my breast implants can take the pressure all night. But that is NOT the case (with me) regarding butt implants.


Hey ladies,

Sorry, it's taken a while to update. Just got back from Hawaii and I bought my first thong bikini in a cute bikini store in the North Shore of Oahu. : ) Also, I wanted to show a good collection of before and after pics in this update.

A couple of years ago (2014) I did a lingerie photo shoot for my husband's 50th birthday. Well, I got addicted to these shoots and graduated to doing lingerie and nudes with great photographers. I've done a total of 3 of them: 2014, 2015, 2016. : ) Now, I don't mind some retouching to smooth out lines or add/take out a little something. But I discovered that I'm not in favor or retouching to the point where it's doesn't really looks close to your body. So, in photo shoots going forward, I specifically told my photographer NOT to add anything to my butt. But in the latest photo shoot, the butt is REALLY mine (with implants)! I included some before and after pics from first photo shoot to show what my body looked like without implants and before.

As far at the beach is concerned, I could sit Indian style on my butt for a while BUT I prefer to sit on on a beach chair - which was very comfortable for a long time. Lying on my back, I can still (and will probably always) be able to feel them.

And working out - I put the implants to the test. I climbed up Koko Head Beach (1,082) steps with a very steep incline. And I made it with no problems....

I did get two massages back to back days. On the first massage, I forgot to tell the masseuse to NOT touch the butt area. And the whole time, I was afraid the implants would shift. LOL But nothing happened. But the second time, I told her NOT to massage the butt area - I'm wasn't taking any chances. And I believe nothing has happened so far (with shifting and rotating), because I've taken good care of them.

9 month update

Nothing significant has happened between month 8 and now. Again, I still sleep on the majority on my side and tummy still. I'm just careful all around and am aware of my butt implants most of the time. I have always said that I would never do this surgery again... BUT I'm so used to having a butt now, so never say never. I know I just have to be cautious for the rest of my life so I don't have to go through butt implant surgery again. And I think my butt is definitely in the final stages. Everyone who feels my butt says the same thing: hard in the middle and softer toward the bottom. And it will never feel like a natural butt or butt from BBL. But I'm fine with that.

Still loving my implants and will only wear cheeky or thong panties now....

Butt Implants ONE YEAR LATER!

I can't believe it was a year a ago, I flew down to Dr. Stanton in LA to get this done. At this point, I think my implants have reached their final stages of shape. I'm so glad that I went with my gut to get small implants because I love what they look like with AND without clothes. Without clothes, it looks full but with clothes, it looks natural. I just turned 46 last month, the last thing I wanted was a butt that looked too big. Especially, since I'm approaching 50 soon.

The only trade off, is that unlike breast implants - I have to take care of them way more. Like now, I can sit Indian Style and lean back all the way. But I make sure to give my butt a break and stand up and alleviate the pressure. Also, I take turns sleeping on my back then sleep on my tummy. I just don't want to take the chance of rotating, popping out of place or dropping low. So, I will have to baby them for the rest of my life. But I really like how they look a year after.

Still hard in the middle (which isn't going to change) but soft on the bottom.

1 Year / 1 month after implants

I am finally done to my normal weight after a year of yo-yoing all last year. I swear, not being able to work out after implants definitely affected me mentally and physically. So, if you're really thinking about butt implants, everyone is right in saying that it will be one of the hardest cosmetic procedures ever.

Last year, I fluctuated anywhere from 130 to 125 pounds from yo-yo dieting. Well, now that i'm back down to 120lbs and I noticed that because I'm thinner, I'm happy that the implants seem to "appear" fuller. But again, I always feel them lying on my back. After long runs, I can kind of feel them feel tight at times. Ab works outs have to be done with hands (or a little towel) under my lower back. Basically, I will be aware of them for the rest of my life.

And I'm not sure if I will ever do this again.... Trust me - I absolutely love the way my butt looks, but I also miss being able to DO everything I used to do before implants. Hope that makes sense....

118 pounds.... almost at goal weight

Well, after the New Year kicked off I started my goal of getting to back to my pre-pregnancy goal weight of 115 to 116lbs. This past weekend i hit 118lbs and took these pics right away. I haven't seen this number in a couple of years. And i did the body fat test (real dunk test) and got 20%. I used to be 17% body fat two years ago. So, new goal is to reach 115 / 116lbs and 17% body fat again.

The ONLY concern is getting too skinny that the implant will REALLY start to show. And I remember reading what member Angelbowe02 wrote in her review (7 months post op):

"I lost 15 lbs and while I thought I looked awesome, my husband informed me that the weight loss made the outline of the implant show a little. Ladies remember that you will need enough fat to keep the edges covered."

So, I will see how the implants will look at goal weight. I'm already really liking that the implants appear to be popping out more because my frame is getting leaner. But i DO NOT want any implant outline showing.

116 lbs at Goal Weight and no implant outline

A week later and I finally hit goal weight, which I have NOT seen in TWO years. I had my surgery in December and I was already 125lbs, 5 pounds over my "average" weight of 120lbs. Now at 116lbs, I'm really happy that I can't see the implant outline. What's hard about being only 5'0 tall is even a 5 pound weight gain is big. And even more - 10 to 15 pounds is a HUGE difference on a tiny frame. As I already mentioned, having a smaller waist/thinner frame makes my butt "appear" fuller.

I know two pounds may not be much to some taller folks, but if compare the pic at 116lbs and 118lbs, even the back fat rolls are less visible. When you're short, every pound counts. And what I'm most happy at this weight is all my old dresses fit well and I can now see what these clothes look like with the new butt. Compared to my body before, I'm loving having a curvy hour glass figure now! I have the butt to match the boobs. : )

Incisions and latest pics

Hey ladies,

I keep forgetting to update my review with incision pics, so I finally took some today. I took them from different angles standing and bending. I must admit, they don't look that bad - they've lightened up better than I thought they would. And I never put anything on them. Since I'm married, I don't have to cover them. But if I was single, I'm sure I can use cover up and it wouldn't be too noticeable.

And I included the latest pics that I took in my room. What's funny is I got my boobs done back in 2011 and love my results but hardly EVER take a pic of my boobs. LOL But i take TONS of butt selfie pics. Probably because I always had boobs but I've never had a butt before implants.

Latest pics....

Sorry, they were too dark and I had to lighten them....

A Year and Half later. Butt still going strong!

No real major physical changes to the butt. But of course, I still look at my butt all the time. And even took these photos in the hotel I was staying in recently. : ) Well, I was able finally do the rowing machine with no issues for 15 minutes! I tried to do Roman Twist on the floor, but felt too uncomfortable. But I found a way to do it - on the end of the couch!

And after getting tired of getting mediocre massages at expensive spas. I'm addicted to going to these cheaper Asian foot massage places. When I'm on my back and they massage my butt, I have to admit, I'm almost afraid of them massaging too hard. I even have to tell one therapist to not work on my butt. Too paranoid of having them flip out during a massage! LOL
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stanton and his team are very professional. What I like about him, is he will try his best to achieve the look you want. Also, he has done a ton of these operations so he has a great eye on what will look good.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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