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I'm looking to have that hour glass figure. My...

I'm looking to have that hour glass figure. My phone consultation is March 2nd. I really want like 500 or 550cc round or symmetrical oval implants. Not sure yet. I will let dr Stanton decided. I really want that fat ass with a lot of projection. I told them I'm looking to have surgery around the 28th of March because that's when my son will b out of school for spring break. The woman I spoke with said that date is available so let's hope for the best. The plane ride will be 5 1/2 hours. Told me I need to stay 5 days. I'm ready and excited. Waiting on March 2nd to speak with the butt king himself and go from there.

Phone consultation 2mrrw. March 2nd ????

Ok so I'm excited about my phone consultation it's March 2nd 2016!! And I'm also excited because I finally have my fiancé support. Mendy called me yesterday and said she hadn't recieved my pics so I had to send them again. No problem.. I was just excited to see Beverly Hills ca pop up on my phone. I'm shooting for the end of the month. As she said those dates are available. I thought he would be booked up for months. I'm going to go ahead and pay my deposit 2mrrw to hold my date. So after 2mrrw I will know my exact date and can book my flight. I'm so excited to finally get this bikini booty. ???????? if anyone has been to Stanton could u please give me some tips on what to bring. We're to stay. And what kind of pillow is best for the flight home my flight is like 7 hours overall. And 7 hours back. That's with the one stop it has to make


Ok. So I just got off the phone with Ryan Stanton and Mendy. I'm scheduled for March 15th and surgery on the 16th. I was trying to schedule later at the end of the month but he's all booked up this is the only date he has available until mid April. He said i can get anywhere from 420cc to 480cc. But I might be able to get more once he does my measurements. I will be happy with the 480cc. I'm wanting round. But he said he has the new ovals and they still give u the projection the round do. And now they are also a little wider. So we will decide when I arrive there on the 15th. Iv already called and booked my hotel. It was one that mendy recommend. And is not so costly. I went ahead and paid for half of the surgery and am going to pay the other half tomomrow. Because u have to have it paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery. I'm going to miss my fiancé and kids the most but I will be back before they know it. I think that's going to be the hardest part. Going to book my flight tomomrow.

Round vd new ovals

Sum body please help me. I think round gives u more projection. I was shooting for round. Dr Stanton really loves the ovals tho. He said I can get from 420cc to 480cc. I know I will most likely get 480cc round. Iv seen a few new oval pics and there butt dosnt look as juicy as the round. The round seems like it gives u more booty Opinions please..****


One week and I will be flying out to Beverly Hills California. So ready for this new transformation... Ohh how I hope it's going to be a good summer.



480CC new ovals

Ok so I met with Stanton today and he decided on 480cc new ovals. I think I'm going to love the look. I'm also getting Lipo on my flanks. Love handles. My surgery is at 10am in the morning. I'm so ready. I just had almost a meltdown. My credit card declined like 3times in a row. I couldn't even pay for the taxie. I almost cried because I know I have plenty of funds in my account. I had to call my bank. They had put a block on my account because of all the activity. But now it's unblocked. Thank god. U almost cried. I did not want to be stuck all the way in Cali with no money. Anyways I'll keep all you dolls updated. Wish me luck

Few before pics

Ok. These are the last of the last before FLAT butt pics. Lol. Here I am currently. Will have a new booty tomomrow

Today is the day...!!! :)

Ok so only 2 more hours I will be scheduled for my butt implants. Talk about omg. My boyfriend woke me up not to long ago video calling me. It was so good to see him and my baby girl. I just brushed my teeth and took my meds it says take morning or surgery. Now I'm about to hop in the shower and make sure I have my room handicap ready. Lol because I know I'm going to be in bed rest. I will keep you all updated soon as I'm able too. Wish me luck. :)

Dressed out

Dressed out. ;)


Ok. So I'm kinda mad because of the doctors that took care of me after the surgery. They rushed me out. It was like 2:35 when I woke up. I ripped the tube put my throat. It was just a reaction. They said they never had anyone do that. Anyways that's not y I'm mad. I'm upset because right after I woke up from surgery they were so much in a hurry to get me out. Hey kept saying uber like 30 times. All I herd was ok are you ready to call uber. Uber über uber. I got up and tryed to walk like 3 or 4 times and got so hot and started sweating. I mean my whole body my chest was sweating and my face my back and all over I felt like I was going to pass out. Anyways the nurse or whoever he was a young mixed looking guy idk but he kept saying it was time for me to go. I told him I can't even get up without passing out. I herd the nurses in the hallway saw its time for her to go call uber in 10 mins. What the fuck. Like I just woke up I can't even see my vision is blurry. And your rushing me out and it's only like 3:35 at this time. Anyways I got in the weel chair and they pushed me out and helped me in the uber car. It was a small car and I told them I wanted a suv. I am just upset because they rushed me out so fast. I was still out of it because on the antisasita. I can't spell that word. And they were just so ready to get me out of there I told them how do u expect me to walk to my room I am going to pass out. I got so hot and was so dizzy and dripping sweat. When I got to my room the damn room key didn't work so I had to slowly walk all the way to the office feeling like I was going to faint. They got me a new card and as soon as I got to my room I took my meds and layed down. I'm still laying down now I got up and walked around my room some. My butt looks hard and square as usual. I know this is normal and I have to wait for the muscles to relax and drop. Has anyone had this same expiernce with them rushing you out because they want to go home or whatever. Please comment and give me your feedback.


Let me start off by saying my expiernce was good until after surgery. The doctor or whoever he was was rushing me out to leave the second I woke up. When I first woke up I ripped the tube put my throat. It was just a reaction. Idk. They said they have never had anyone do that befor. Anyways that's not y I was upset. I was upset because after they took my vitals it's like they were rushing me to leave. I tryed to walk because the man kept insisting I get up and try to walk. So I tryed and I got really hot I mean really hot I started sweating from my chest to my back with sweat dripping off my forehead. I told him I had to lay back down. So he said okay but I could see it in his face he wasn't happy. I kept hearing him say ok are you ready to call uber to come pick u up. Ok I'm going to call uber. I herd him say uber so many times like 30 times literally. I told him how do you expect me to get up and get in the car when I'm about to pass out when I get up. I tryed getting up 3 or 4 times and had to lay back down. I was still out of it because of the antisasita my vision was blurry. I was seeing double everything. I herd the girl in the hallway Say she was ready to go that I needed to go ahead and call uber in 10 minutes to pick me up How the fuck was I going to get up and get in a car and walk to my hotel room when I couldn't even get up without about to faint literally. I woke up at 2:35. All this happened at around 3:00. Ok. You don't close till 5 so why were you rushing me out and I'm still high on all these meds. It was unbelievable. I was astound. They were so much in a hurry to get me to leave. And then the man was talking in some other language to some other staff member so that I couldn't understand what he was saying. Dr Stanton had already left by the time I woke up. Anyways finally about 45 mins later I finally had to go so they did uber on my phone for me because I didn't k ow how to work it and a little car pulled up and I told him to request a suv so I could lay down. I layed down on my stomach in the small car with my legs up. Finally got to the hotel and somehow managed to slowly walk to my room. The. My key wouldn't work. A little red light kept popping up. So I had to walk to the office. I was feeling so hot like I was about to faint. I was dripping sweat and my mouth was so dry. The lady at the desk made me a new key card and I walked back to my room. First thing I did was take all my meds and drink a lot of water and ate some chips with the meds My butt is tight and hurts some but is nowhere near as bad as I felt at dr stantons office. Everyone was so nice until it came to them wanting me to get up and leave when I was still under sedation right after I woke up. My butt is high and flat at the bottom by I know this is normal. I'm just ready for it to heal up. And I'm ready to go back home. But for now I'm just resting on my stomach and drinking plenty of water. My appointment with Stanton is Monday and that's when I'll be flying back home to South Carolina. Have any of you ladies that have been to Stanton in the past expiernce Any of this in the past. Please comment and leave me your feedback. I know Stanton is the best butt doctor but I just abouslty did not like what happened after I woke up. With the man steady rushing me to leave. All he kept saying was uber. Ok let's call uber. I told him no. Thanks ladies. Wish me luck on happy healing. And feel free to leave me any tips to make my healing better.


Day after surgery Butt feels tight. Pain isn't that bad. Just uncomfortable. Drinking plenty of water and letting nature take its course. I will know how the Lipo looks tomomrow when I take my garment off to shower. Will post some more pics then.

Took garment off to take a pic

Ok. I got bored and wanted to see it. I dnt see that much of a difference with the Lipo. I guess I have to wait awhile just like the butt


Butt still tight hard sitting up high and square looking from the back. Just wanted to add a few current pics.

Can anyone provide answers

My pre op is scheduled for Monday. Does anyone have any idea what all the dr does when I go. Does he just look at my butt and say hey u look fine.

Day 4

Just got out the shower. Figured I keep you ladies updated with the pics. I hate when girls get there implants and don't update. Lol


I hate the square shape. Please hurry and go away. :(. Lol

Square shape

Day 5.

So I didn't know it looked this good in a dress. I can see a big improvement than before the implants. Can't wait till they drop

Headed home

Ok so my app with dr Stanton was at 10am. And the girls were right when they said it takes literally 10 minutes or less. He took out my stitches from Lipo in like half a minute and looked at my butt and said it looks good. And sent me on my way. I'm happy everything looks good to his eye. Now I'm just laying on the floor at the airport dreading this long flight home a 6hour flight all the way back across the US to Souh Carolina I hate trying to sit on my butt. I bought this pillow that is almost like a boppy but smaller with microbeads in it here at the airport. I hope it works fine. I know I'm going to be holding myself up with my arms nearly the entire flight. I'm just ready to get home now.

Left implant dropped some. Right still high

Ok. So I can definitely see that my left implant has dropped some and is takeing shape. But the right is still high and hard. And haveing some mild pain in it and my leg. Mabe it's because it's getting ready to drop some like the left one. Any info..?

Side view

Left has fallen some. Right is still up high and hard

Left side

Has fallen some.

One week update.

Earlier today. There not great pics of the implants. I will post one in panties later.

Close up of incision. 9 days since surgery

9 day incision close up.

10 day update

10 day update.


Just ordered the Booty Buddy for $79$ plus $15 for 2-3 day shipping. I will let all you doll's know how it works.

Tomomrow will be 2 weeks post surgery

2 week update. I will be 2 weeks tomomrow. No more pain. Hardly no pressure on butt anymore. Getting around a lot easier everyday. Right implant is still higher but I'm sure it will drop in time. Loving the way my booty fits in clothes.

2 weeks post surgery today.

Ok. So my butt still looks the same from the back. Here is my Victoria secret bikini Iv been waiting to try on. I'm really hoping tht when my butt drops it fluffs out more I really want a fatter ass. It does look good in jeans and sweats. But is still very flat at the back. It looks the same as before. Here are a few pics I just took.


Ok so here are a few pics from bootybuddy website of the cushion I ordered so I can actually sit on my butt without actually sitting on it. It says it should be here today so I will let you dolls know if it is a must have. Let me start off by saying yesterday I worked entirely too much around the house. I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. Did laundry cleaned kids room. Cleaned bathroom. Cleaned my messy closet that I should have been organized. I just have so much stuff lol. And by the time I layed down last night my legs were killing me. My legs hurt so bad. It felt good when my husband massaged them but I had to take a pain pill just to go to sleep. And once I kicked in. One I felt like I was in heaven. I guess because my legs hurt for so long whil I was trying to sleep I couldn't take it anymore. Now today my legs and butt feel just a little sore. Today I'm going to lay in bed ALLDAY. And take it easy. I will post pics later if my bootybuddy when the mail runs. Happy healing and big bootys to all.


Any one know how long your suspose to wait before u can have a drink or 2...?

Almost 3 weeks

Almost 3 weeks

Went out tonight for a lil while.

Look at the lil ass. Yea I'm POPPIN lol. I'm so ready for it to drop and relax

Going to be honest.

Plastic surgery is addictive. Kinda like tattoos. Now I want my lips done. Nice and plump ones. A boob job and nose job. Wow. But I'm most likely going to get my lips done in a few months. And boobs done next year if they continue to deflate.

3 week update. Right side is still way higher && bigger than left

Right side still higher and bigger. I actually like the higher side.

1 month scar update

I am now 1 month post op. Here is a scar update. Also you can see right implant still higher than left

Quick lil update

Ok. So I walked around at the beach today for a few hours. And legs were in pain. I'm guessing nerve pain and my butt stared to hurt. Well when I got back to our hotel room to wash I noticed the implant that was high up dropped some. I'm guessing it was from the walking. And that's why I was feeling the static nerve pain from them dropping. Just a lil quick update for the ladies who are worried about one implant being higher than the other.

One month and a day update.

I was one month post op yesterday. Walking around at the beach definitely helped my implant drop and it looks fluffed out more. No pain. Only when I was walking around yesterday I was haveing bad nerve pain up and down my legs and but. But no more today. Today I feel completely normal. Here is a pic of the lil cute summer dress in wearing today.

Quick pic

7 weeks

7 week scar and butt implants update. No more pain. I can now sit on my butt without discomfort. Scars are completely healed up.

7 week update

7 weeks


7 weeks

Summer dress pics


One week away from 2 months post op

Almost 2 months post op on the 16th. Just a few pics in jeans. This is the first pics Iv posted in jeans

Flat at bottom

Flat at bottom of u look closely 2 months post op

Pic update

Hey dolls. I'm at bike week n myrtle beach. Here's a few pics. And quick update on me. No more pain. Can sit anywhere fine. Butt still has to drop some. Road go carts and roller coasters. Can no longer feel implants. They feel like they are apart of my body now.

Beach pic

I love this pic

Will be 3 months post op in less than a week

A few days shy of 3 months post op. Butt still has to drop. The very bottom is still flat. And one side is still bigger than the other. They didn't lie when they said it will take 6 months to see final results. I'm hope when it drops it fluffs out and gets a little fatter. I have muscular thighs so if I had smaller thighs I'm sure my butt would look bigger. Oh. And it is still hard but does jiggle. And I can still move my ass cheek muscles from left to right and make them jump.

3 months post op next week

Butt is still hard. But does move. I can still make my ass cheek muscles jump from left to right. No pain. Butt just needs to drop into final position. The very bottom is still flat. And one side is still a little bigger than the other. I'm only 3 months post op. So I'm going to give it 6 months. On and excerise are 90% back to normal. I do jog some also.

3 month twerk video

Ok dolls. I'm officially 3 months post op. Implants are still hard but are starting to move. As you can see n the video they are moving some.

Video update

2 months post op video update. Implants are still hard but are starting to soften up and move some.

Ok dolls Video not uploading. DM me

If u would like to see the video just private message me. Because this thing will still not let me upload it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Almost 4 months post op

Just a quick update. Can sit fine. Lay on back. Butt is still quite hard but getting softer. And it does move if I twerk it. It has not completely dropped into its final posistive yet. Still flat at bottom a little

4 month pics

Butt still hard. But not as hard as before. Implants have not fully dropped yet. butt always looks good in fitting dresses

5 month update.

I wil b 5 months post op in 10 days. Butt still hard but it's starting to soften up just a little and has not dropped completely into its final position. My left side is stil bigger than the other.

Found another before pic

I took this pic late December when I was researching butt implants. Now that I look back I really did have a flat ass. Lol.

7 1/2 month update

Butt is still hard. But is getting softer slowly over time. I get a lot of compliments on my ass. And a lot of people ask if it's real. Lol. I do wish I could have gone up a size. But. Watever. I'm not gone b butt greedy... ;) really considering getting my boobs done.

I want my butt bigger.

I really want my butt bigger. I've seen girls that went to dr widdler in Virginia and had 660cc. There butt looks great. I have to stick mine out just to see some projection. I would love a BBL but I kno it's a waste of money. Because the fat will melt away after a year. I don't kno if I should go back to Stanton to get a bigger size implant now that the pocket is stretched out enough or go to another dr. The next size up that Stanton has is a x large. It's like a 560cc. And I want at least 600. I'm so undecided. Someone plz help. Opinions would help a lot.

10 month post op

Butt still hard. I don't ever think it will ever b soft. Right implant still has not dropped all the way. The very bottom of my butt is empty. Especially on the side that hasn't dropped all the way. Dr Stanton really could have fit the 600cc n there. I'm just really upset that he didn't. My butt is better than before for sure. But I wish he would have did the 600cc. I'm am bigger in these pics. I have gained 20 pounds. I guess it's from eating rating home since I have my breast implants 2 months ago haven't been to active.
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