Seximexi Not Feeling Sexi These Days:( Lol!! In Need of a Butt Overhaul! - Beverly Hills, CA

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So I've been contemplating butt implants for long...

So I've been contemplating butt implants for long time now and I'm finally going for it! I'm 5"4 and 105 lbs so butt implants are my only option which is fine with me.. I have my surgery date 6-13-16 with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills.. I went for my consultation yesterday and was very impressed with Dr Stanton he is very professional but down to earth. He took his time with me answered all my questions and I didn't feel like I was just a number or rushed.. He suggested 450 Stanton ovals ( if I remember correctly) which I was ecstatic to hear since other doctors said 300 round. Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted and post after pics!! Here are some sad pics of me before surgery

Good bye flat butt!

These are the last pre op pics as my surgery is this Monday!! Feeling excited nervous and scared all in one!! I'll post pics as soon as I can:) wish me luck!!

I survived the surgery !!

So my surgery went well yesterday , I thought they would reschedule because I had a cold.. The anesthesiologist checked me out checked my lungs and I was good to go!! I was checked in at 9 the staff are very nice. Dr Stanton came in marked me and that's pretty much all I remember.. I woke up surgery went good but had lots of pain on my butt .. The night was rough but pain controlled with meds. I was very nauseous all evening and even this morning but only when I got up to use the restroom.. Dr Stanton called me this morning to see how I was feeling told me to drink some apple juice for nausea .. I did and it's gone.. Here is a pic from after surgery ... I just hope my butt gets smaller after swelling is gone.. Because I think it's to big.. Lol

3 day post op

On my third day... Pain still here but definitely getting better..I'm more mobile can get in and out of bed a lot easier.. Took my dressing off and showered.. I couldn't even see the incisions that well since my butt cheeks are so close and tight from swelling.. I made sure I dried it good and put some neosporin as instructed by dr.. I love the shape and projection is WOW! Still hoping they get smaller as swelling goes down..

1 week post op!

Pain is definitely getting better.. Taking meds every 8-10 hours now. I'm able to walk a little more, do some house chores without being exhausted or in pain so quickly. I have no discomfort from the lipo other than a little itchy I wear my waist band pretty much all day and night.. I'm still very swollen from my legs to my face from sleeping on Can't wait til this is all behind me and start to enjoy my new figure!!!

2 weeks post op tomorrow !!

I'll be 2 weeks op tomorrow and feeling great!! Haven't needed any Tylenol all weekend!! I am now sitting completely down on toilet!!Yay!! I'm a big girl now!! Lol! And walking almost normal.. My muscles are still tight but I can bend down with no problem or pain..I love love my butt!! At first I thought it was a bit big but the swelling is going down and its starting to look awesome!! Dr Stanton really is an amazing surgeon!!! So far so good!!!

Almost 1 month update!!

Lots of changes going on this month ! Here are a few pics :)
Definitley the best decision ever!! I wish I could walk around naked everywhere !! Lol!!! Luv my body!!! Thank you Dr. Stanton you truly are the " ass King " worth every penny!!!!

Almost one month update

Luv my figure!!! Thank you Dr Stanton!!!! You are the best!!!

6 weeks post op

Six weeks tomorrow!! Feeling great! These will be my last update unless something major happens.. Still loving my results! Back up and running like before..:)

4 month update

Well I wasn't going to post anymore but I've had a lot of PM asking how I'm doing and if I'm still happy with results.. Tomorrow is my 4 month mark and still loving results.. I feel I'm completely back to normal but I still baby my butt.. I don't sit long if I don't have too.. I still get random sharp pain on my incisions but not often.. I still don't know if my implants have dropped you be the judge.. They have soften some.. I was walking up some stairs the other day and felt them jiggle a bit.. I was so excited haven't felt them move since surgery.. Here are a few pics ..

Jiggle wiggle

Jiggle wiggle
Ok here is a video of how hard/ soft my butt is.. It's not very soft but definitely getting better!! 3 months post op..

8 month post

Wow how time flys I'm 8 months tomorrow I thank god everyday that my journey has been complication free so far.. I'm back to normal I can do everything I used to do.. they actually feel like a part of me now.. The only thing I notice is that when I'm outdoors in cold weather my implants do get cold and takes a while to warm up again.. lol!! Does anyone experience this ?? Its not uncomfortable but you can definitely feel it. Here are some pics they have definitely fluffed and still love my results..
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