34 Years Old, Round 2 with Dr. Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hey ! I can't believe that i'll go for...

Hey ! I can't believe that i'll go for buttimplants again!!!!!
2014 i had buttimplants done by a GERMAN ps and i think he's Never done Implants before, cause he didn't Show me any befor and after pics of buttimplants. Instead of being sceptic i just had a nice Butt in my mind:(:(:( well, i had to pay my Lesson.
After one week i had an infection and they had to be removed and i payed 11.500 euro for nothing.on top of that he quot me another 2000 euro to have them removed!!!!!!!!
I was done with the wish of having a big round butt for almost a year!!
But then i really started to get very sad about probably never be like all these sexy curvy behinds from rs.
So i started to read every single review of buttimplants here ON this page. And it Looks to me like Dr.stanton is the Butt King!
I emailed mindy my story and about how scared i am to have another op cause i think i could not handle another dissapointment. He quoted me 9.500$ and i think comparing to Germany it is kind of cheap.
I planed to go in April 2016 to have the buttimplants with stanton.once in my live i visited L.a before, so it scares me a little to go all by myself across the Ocean get operated and fly back. In case of complications where should i go to in berlin! Since it's not a common surgery in Germany.so i planed to stay at least to weeks in town after i 'll get my Implants. Do u guys think it will ne enough to be on the safe side???? I am soooo scared that they get infected again!!!!!!! And than what should i do? Fly all the way from Germany to the us?? My Five Kids are still quiet small so i really have to plan evrything properly.
Sooo excited and hoping so much that everything will go Fine.

Scheduled for 13.april 2016

Yesterday I talked to Dr. stanton's patient
Coordinator mindy lendino..she is so lovely and u feel immediatedly familiar to her.
We set up my op Date and i asked if it's better to do a little lipo on my love handles to achieve the best result in the end.since i am quiet skinny Dr.stanton will decide it when he Sees me in person.now i want to ask you experienced women what is really neccessary to bring with me to LA ? I can't believe that i will have a sexy butt soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the otherhand i'm scared that something will go wrong:( and nervous about zu reaction of my husband :(:( he doesn't like the idea that my butt will be bigger at all.hm,now i have to wait wait wait wait!!!!! I ordered the booty buddy, hope it gonna help me sleeping ON my back, it is uncomfortable for me to lay on my stomach ,i have 700 cc in my breast.
Another thing which keeps me awake at Night is, which size or shape will look good on me????? I want a change, my behind is so flat but i don't want like a comicbfigure:(:(:( no one has buttimplants here in germany, soo don't want everyone to see straight away it is fake...uuuggghh!!! On the otherhand i don't want to go through all that and in the end it is barely noticebel.

Reschedulded my op date

Hey Girls, i have met this wonderful lady from UK who wants to do the same procedure with stanton. I originally booked my trip with my husband but I kind of forced him:) to come with me and he was soooo happy when I told him there is a Girl also from Europe going to the US.i called mindy and asked if we could get operated the same day and they SAID yes!!!!!! It feels very good ,knowing there is someone by your side who is going through the same thing:):):) our new Date will be 11th of march! Way better so I only have to wait less time till surgery will be. Someone suggest a nice hotel close to stanton's office??

Anyone going 11th of march to stanton?

Unfortunadly my bootybuddi cannot do her surgery at that time when we schedulded our ops:(! No that I have planed everything babysitter and so on it is hardly possible for me to chance my surgery Date :(;(;( but I am very scared of going alone , maybe anyone there around 9th,10th who is undergoing a buttsurgery as well ?

Arrieved in L.A.

Hey Girls . So it is really getting serious, today I'll have my pre op with Dr. stanton. I am exited,cause we haven't talked yet about size or shape at all .still don't know Round or New symmetrical ovals ...my Butt is short,so i hope I'll get round ones. Gonna post pre op photos of my butt even though somehow I feel ashamed about my ass.but all u wonderful ladys have posted pics too which helped me alot:):):)

Buttimplants plus lipo

So I finally met Dr stanton in Person.he is good looking!!!!!! He suggested the new Oval Implants and thinks he could go up to 430 or 470....Like everyone I hope the bigger ones will fit in there.I will also have a Little lipo on my lovehandles. Unfortunadly he explained to me That when my first doctor took out my implants due infection he ruptured it and silicone run into my muscle building up big scar tissues:( u can feel it whenever u really grab into my Butt.the feel like Little Rocks in there:(:(:( I always new there was something Strange After the removel but couldn't tell what it was.now I know. First I thought Dr stanton is gonna tell me now he can't perform anymore since this guy butcherd me.but luckely he said he still can do the op but all the irritaded scar tissues will maybe inflammate again.so it will make the healing process more complicated. That made me really sad. Wish i would have gotten straight to Dr stanton without that horrible pre op. I picked up all my meds and holy moly They gave me so many different things i really Hope i don't mix up what to take when. Puhhhh Kind of getting really nervous!!!!!!! I have to be at stanton's Office at six tomorrow Morning .whish me luck Girls that pls everything will turn out to be good

Flat behind

2 days post op

Sry Girls that I didn't write before but my vision was so blurry,quess from all the oxis.
Day of treatment I had to be at 6am at stanton's Office.filled up all my paperwork and as soon as i entered the or they put me to sleep. I woke up at 10.30 and my bestfriend ubered me to our Hotel .thank god it is right across the Street. I had no pain at all but I fehlt so dizzy and I guess I was Talking alot nonsens cause my friend still makes fun of me.
the morning After my op i had to through up every two Hours for almost exactly 24 Hours. I was so Bad that started to regret my decision .not Even my meds stayed Inside of me so i was almost 12 Hours without painkillers ....puh so glad it is over.today was actually the First day i could take a Look in the mirror.my Butt Looks a Little deformated and the Implants are still high.but i Know at that early State it is normal.i am Taking one oxi every 5 Hours and that works Perfect with me.i am getting up every hour to Walk around that helps me alot not to feel so stiff.( pls excuse my Bad english) Dr stanton and his stuff were more than friendly.feel free to aal whatever u want

3 days post op

I will Upload some pics later.i felt so sick the last days that i totally forgot about the lipo in my lower back and Love handles . Such an amazing result,never thought that my behind can Look like that.it is like i am looking at someone elses back when i take a look into the mirror!!
First night since my surgery that slept Like a baby!!!! Feeling so much better,would Love to go outside and enjoy los Angeles. It is hard to lay on bed all day long

4 days post op

Unfortunadly I woke up today having a diarrhea. Went already 3 times :(:( took a shower after every bowl movement and cleaned the whole area with alcohol wipes.but still it worries me so much i am so scared of infection.i think the stool softener was way too strong for me!!!!

4 days post

Sorry girls

Hey all u ladies !! The reason I did not update before ,i was too scared of writing something ,i just wanted to keep myself busy and try not to think about my Implants at all! I was so lucky and happy i had no pain at all after this surgery .i could not believe how smooth everything was.i stoped taking any painmeds After 4 days and could perfectly walke around After one week like nothing ever happend.
Let me Start by where i stoped writing my Review . I had stomach problems by day three that scared me to death,last time i got implants my infection started with diaree.i was sooo unhappy cause i really believed now this all happens again even though i traveled all around the world to one of the most experienced docs in that case. It turned out to be good. Dr stanton and his stuff has been amazing ,he called me the afternoon of surgery to ask how i am and saw me two times before i flew back to Germany .even though i just walked into his office one day to say goodbye he and his colleges took their Time with me and have been patient to all i have asked.dr stanton even joked around he never placed any Implants cause i can walk around just normal ..lol...way back to Germany was easy like i have SAID i expected the worst pain for weeks ( my First surgery was so horrible and traumatic and Even After weeks painful ). My friends and neighbours and Kids did not Even noticed i had operation( i am hiding my Butt :):) . Long story Short : it was my third day HOME and i noticed this huge blue,hot,read huge spot on my right buttcheek ,i immediatedly started to cry ...beeing so far away from my doc and something happens to my Butt! I went to see a normal Chirurg and he said it was an abscess and need to be cut open Right away. So i cried again cause i was so scared something can happen to my implants so they have to be removed. I sent Photo and Email to mindy and she responded right away and kept me safe. They opened up my abscess and alot of puss and blood came out.yack!!!! It was 2 cm deep and it had to stay one week open with a little drainge inside ,so the wound stays clean and doesn't close too soon.it was stressy and painful TILL it heald eventually.i had a follow up appointment and doc SAID it looks fine! Thank god. I was so sad the Last 10 days and scared. Could not believe how unlucky i was .the abscess had nothing to Do with the op or implants just wrong time and wrong Spot. Cause of all this trouble i did not want to allowe me to enjoy the Look of my New Butt cause i was too afraid of loosing them again! Honestly they Look amazing to me and i love love loooooove them.whish i would have done it 10 years earlier !!!!!!!! Men turn their haeds and women too!!!!!!! It is funny..and my husband can't believe it is me from behind ...lol. So excuse me once again i Never meant to just leave this page but i wanted to feel a little more confident

Two more red itchy spots!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies!! I have to more red,hot itchy spots on my butt. I have no explaination for that.they start very light red and then the Spot gets harder,bigger and Starts to itch...so weird:(:( feels like Moskito bites but here in Germany we don't have that . I Post pics now so u can see what i am talking about .i send the photos to Dr stanton as well,hopefully he has and idea!!!!!! I don't want another ugly scar whole on my butt cheecks.i Start to get so sad cause i love the look of my implants but it scares me that this is Happening i wanna know what it is .sorry for bothering you all with this i would have loved to write a complication free review:(:(:(

That was few days ago

Talked to stanton today

Dr stanton wanted me to call the Office today .they explained to me that it happend what they have warned me prior surgery.that my Last implants ruptured and left pieces .they get inflammate again and want to come out due the Stellung and pressure of the New implants. Dr told me that this could Happen ,and unfortunadly it did :):)::) i have to fax the labwork tomorrow to Dr stanton so he can Check for New meds...i feel way better knowing what's going on.i did not know that this happens weeks after surgery.i thought i was in the Safe Side after three weeks:(:(:( the staff of stanton's office arme so lovely and carring and Even though i am all the way here in Germany i See they still care.hopefully new meds will help!!!!! Thank you Girls soooooo much for carring !!!!!!!! And excuse my english:):)

Still dealing with these spots

Hey!! So last thursday the cut the other abscess out and today the third will be cut.pray for me pls that this one will be the last. It is depressing me a little:( my husband said last night,that my butt looks so cute and fits perfect to my shape ,what a shame that these ugly wholes are there now:(:(:( i think so too.stanont did an amazing job.anyway can't change it now. As soon as this nightmare will be over i promise i'll post at least a hundret pics from any ancle and clothes!!!!! I am almost 6 weeks post op and i don't feel my implants anymore ,can even lay on my back with no discomfort .

3 month post

Hey Girls,soo so sorry that i did not Upload any pics before but i had to deal quiet long with these annoying abscesses:( Finally i can enjoy my butt and i have to say i love him:):):) best thing ever !! And honestly i can't feel the Implants AT ALL. I imagined always that buttimplants must feels very dissturbing but no,nothing !! Every time i take a look ON my backside i am so happy

More pics

5 month post op

Hey Girls. Now u can see how ugly my read spots of the abscesses are:( but anyway I love my butt....my Implants feel like they are part of me.and sometimes I think they could be a little bigger:):):)

Dr andre DÍAZ PAZ cali Colombia

Hey Girls , sorry that i didn't update before it is a never ending story with me and my butt :(:( Dr stanton did an amazing job no complications and a perfect result. But as u all know 3 weeks after my surgery thes hard red spots started :(:( and the docs here in Germany cut them open to relief the pain an it took long until they healed. As I said I thing it is from the Hormoninjections which I had to take during my pregnancy . So for a while my buttock was ok and i loved my implants and enjoyed the look even though they never soften up since I am quiet skinny and don't have a lot fat on my butt . So for so good .then all over sudden in march 2017 these spots came back and very aggressive and almost my whole buttskin was inflammated. I was desperate and did not know where to go. My skindoc send me to do. MRI and it showed bilateral nodular necrosis of the gluteal subcutaneous fatty tissue with calcifications and small cystic alterations.the subcutaneous scars and fibrotic alterations reach depth to the capsules of the implants and the subcutis.both augmentation-implants show no signs of inflammation or rupture.
The whole thing is so wired . I decided to fly to Cali Colombia , cause the are specialized of removing silicone butt injections . My case shows the same thing Such as I had silicone injected to my buttock but I never had!!!!!!!!!! In Germany nobody could Garantee me that they won't hurt my implants during this surgery which scared me. Dr DÍAZ PAZ in cali has been amazing Kind and lovely . I was surprised about the medical standard in Colombia how furtune everything was and clean and the people lovely. I stayed at BEAUTYSLEEP and felt safe and good there. Dr DÍAZ cut out 500cc if my fat tissue from My own butt and said I have To wait 6 month until I can do the reconstruction :(:(:( surgery took 4,5 hours and he said it was very inflammated my subcutaneous :(:(:( i will post pics about How i look now. But he told me that i will look deformated after that .so I was prepaired. I came back to Germany and I felt good had in my mind that I change my implants in 6 month and will look quiet normal than in clothes. Right no u can see my butt is meeses up even with clothes. I went on summerholiday a whole month but outside of our own house I did not wear a bikini . I was ashamed. I thought that would be it, now I am over with these infections and inflammations but 6 weeks ago they started again but only on my left cheek. Every doc here in Germany sais it is a reaction of a foreign thing they blame the implants and don't believe me when i keep telling them I had hard lumps before my implants but they were not inflammated. Another doc now said it can be my hormones because everything occurred 5 month after my last pregnancy and 6 weeks ago I stopped using my babypill.so he things maybe the Hormons going wild . I don't know what to think or believe anymore. I am dealing constantly with this shit since April 2016. :(:( thank good I have a big lovely Family which keeps me busy so I try not to think about it all the time . I would just wish that somebody could tell me why I have that and could help me. Till now all together I spent more than 40 k !!!!!!! To look like that ... can't tell that to no one . I spent a lot Of time on real self following all your girls journeys and I am pretty sure I want Mejia to work on my butt to give me a nice shape back. He said I can do that and hopefully than cause they change the implant it will stop eventually ???? I have to try everything . And the buttimplants from the us are soooo damn hard, they never soften up I think for skinny girls with not much fat above the implant they are way tooooo hard. My 15 year old son touched my butt once and was so shocked : why is your Butt so hard . I want that my butt at least feels normal when he doesn't look normal :):):)

17.09.2017 butt implant revision with dr MEJIA

I booked my flight to medellin colombia on 17th oct this year and i will stay hogar Carmelita's recoveryhouse for 16 nights. I pray MEJIA will give me a nice shape of my buttock back and I want to change these implants cause I am afraid that i do react to them. Maybe my body don't want those who knows. I have to try everything that this nightmare has end . I will keep you girls updated.
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