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I had surgery last year in June 2015. I need a...

I had surgery last year in June 2015. I need a revision as one implant shifted and the other side is painful and visible. I cant wait to get this over and done with. I am flying to LA from Australia so going to be a big trip. I am staying 6 days then flying home. Hopefully all goes well as its a total 27 hours flying. I am planing to lay on my side with the seat down as far as it will go. I will also have drains put in so not sure if ill be flying home with them or having them out before i leave, just depends on my body. I am not to worried at the moment about the surgery but i am sure i will be when it gets closer. The pain i went thru the first time was horrific. I have a high tolerance to pain but this was hell. Not everyone will have it this bad but with all my complications it made it worse. I do not think the next surgery will be as bad. Well i have convinced my self of that haha but i figured some of the muscle has been stretched already so it wont be as tight. I fly to LA on the 23th of Feb so just under three weeks!!
Cant wait for my life to begin again and i can finally enjoy my new shape!! I am getting 325cc new oval rounds and i have seen other girls with this implant, they all have a great shape.

Surgery all done!

So I had surgery two days ago on the Friday. The surgery went a couple hours longer then expected as one of the implants was completely stuck in there. They said that they were breast implant.. Thats what they think anyway. I don't have all the details just yet but will find out more when I see dr Stanton on Tuesday. I was supposed to have drains but I didnt. I think there going to use a needle to suck the extra fluid out. I ended up with 425cc new oval implant. I only wanted 325cc but dr Stanton said it won't fit as good as the 425cc. I am praying it won't look to big. I want it to be small and athletic looking. I showed him pics but everyone is different so I hope it gets smaller as it looks to big right now.

I have not had a great start to my op. I already went to hospital last night with a diulated pupil. I couldn't see out of one eye its was so scary. So went to the hospital apparently some of the medicine they used to put me under ended up in my eye. Its still the same now but should be gone in a week. Other then that its not as painful as the first op. That first surgeon butchered me I swear. They pain was nothing like this surgery.
Anyway I'll post a few pics. I'm still feeling nauseous but can't do much about that.

Home safe ????

Got home safe. I catches my first flight Wednesday morning which took 14 hours. I was so lucky that the plane had heaps of sprare seats and I got to lay down on three seats for this flight. My next flight was for 7 hours this one I had no choice but to sit. So what I did was sit for the first two hours but I had sports tape across my bum. I pushed my bum checks together and put the tape on so that my cheecks couldn't spread and took all the pressure of my incisions. I also never directly sat on my bum. I pushed my feet into the chair in front of me and placed cushions under my back and held my self up like that. I stood for the remaining 5 hours. I was a bit sore and tired when I got home but nothing extreme. I just showered and slept. I am so lucky that I was ok and that everything went fine. I never had a bad feeling about this surgery like I did with my last and everything just feels rite. My partner could believe how well I am doing already. He thought I would be able to stand or walk. I hope everything continue smoothly for me and that I can make it thru the next few weeks infection free. My bum still looks and feels the same but some swelling has gone down which is great. I can't wait to see my bum change into the bum I have been waiting so long for!!

Not sure if I made the right decision

Hi girls. I have been avoiding this website. I just couldn't handle writing this update.
To be honest I so over this whole process. I feel so many emotions that I can't even talk about it. I have not told my bf or my sister (the only two ppl that know about this) what is happening. I just can't handle this still effecting my life 8 months later.

So here's what's happening. So when I booked Dr Stanton he said I would have drains because he has to remove the implants and make a new pocket. During the consult I told him what shape I wanted and the problem with my current implants. Basically the right implant I had in before was giving me a lot of pain as it wasn't supported by enough muscle (I explained this in an older post). I don't know what happened but I come out of surgery with no drains. I asked a nurse why I had no drain he said you didn't need them but we will drain you with a needle on your post op appointment. So I stopped worrying about that.

Fast forward to my post op. I got to see dr Stanton 5min that was it. He had to leave for something urgently and had to rush me thru the consultant. I asked him a few quick questions and the main one was did he place the right implant in deeper. He said no there was no need.. I said but I could feel and see the implant in that pocket and it was painful.. He said that because you had the wrong implant shape and size. I felt stressed straight away. I just thought omg please let that be true. Anyway I was given to Mindy. I was not drained only shown how to sit on the plane home.

At this stage I have fluid in the left implant which is where it was from the first op. Its a massive boldge that I can see I push on and the fluid moves. As for the right I am so devastated to say I can feel and touch the whole outside of the implant, it has move projection and the pain I had before is back. I honestly am exhausted with this whole journey. Its taken up do much of my energy physically mentally and emotionally. I have to call dr Stanton and ask him what he thinks. I've been trying to right this for a week now. I can only pray this will workout but the recovery is long and waiting to see the outcome is just depressing. Thank you to all you girls on here. This site is full of amazing support and has helped me so much.

5 week mark

Hey girls. So its been 5 weeks now. I went and had the fluid in the left implant drained. I could wait any longer to talk to dr Stanton. Its perfect now apart from being a lot flatter then the right side. The right side is still the same in fact the pain is worse now. I am not sleep much, I wake up ever hour or two with aching throbbing pain. Its so frustrating!! I just don't want to deal with it but I can't stop thinking about it because the pain is constant. Sitting, walking, sleeping standing. Its the same aching pain.
If I could describe the feeling its as if your holding a hand bag and you throw something heavy into it, it feels heavy and you feel the weight pulling in the bag. I emailed for a phone call to be made to dr Stanton and mindy said she will try organise it but you might need to fly over!! I can't just fly over why can I not have a phone call first? Its not logical. I would rather explain it to dr Stanton first before I fly over not knowing what he thinks or what will happen.

I guess I feel really upset that it was placed back into the same pocket after I paid 20 thousands for this and the fact its my revision surgery. I did tell dr Stanton that the pocket was painful and that I wanted it deeper as I could feel it Pocking and stretching my muscle. I also expected drains and was told after surgery not to worry they will drain me with a needle after. I still think dr Stanton is the best but I don't feel he listen to me in my consultant or understood when I explained to him about the pain I was getting. I was told they would be made deeper and I would get drains.

Anyway I don't know what's going to happen from here. My partner doesn't want to hear about it, talk about it know about it. In fact he is angry I spent so much money already and gets annoyed about it all the time. So there is No way I could even re do it. I know our relationship would fall apart. He was totally against the first surgery and the second surgery just made it hell for us. Anyway sorry its not a positive update like I totally wish it was. I hate to be the downer but that's just what's happening so far. I hope it feels better over time.


Hi girls!!

I spoke to Dr Stanton today. Which has made me feel so so much better to have chatted to him. I explained to him about the pain in the pocket. He said that I would feel the same pain but hopefully it will go away. I also told him I hate the size as i wanted the smallest improvement and keep asking him for 325cc which I know I was annoying about but I showed him pics of how small I wanted it. I even said i wanted it smaller then the implants i had. He told me to wait a few months and see if it goes down. I pray it shrinks in half lol. It looks so ridiculous even my partner said it looks crazy big. I am usually really lean and this is my heavest weight. I am worried as my weight goes down my butt will look even more ridiculous. I love training my glutes and I wanted to keep training them. I wouldn't dream to do flutes rite now that ass would look like like two giant basket balls in my pants.

Seriously am I crazy to be even think of fixing this again. Like serously is there something wrong with me?. If the pains the same and my butt looks massive do I re fix them or just give up and take them out?. I have to say my mind is all over the place. Only time will tell really on what the next step is but for now I have a giant sore butt lol.

Does anyone know if the surgeon waves there fee and you only pay medical bills?.
Plus who's at fault if the size is way bigger then you wanted?.

Current pics

So its been just over 6 weeks now. I am trying to get leaner and back to my normal weight. I am usually 11 pounds lighter then i am now. I have not been able to workout much since my first surgery so my weight has gone up. I think i will have a better idea whether the implants size fits my body once I get my weight down.

I am still getting pain on the right. I am very disappointed that dr Stanton did not make a new pocket. It was obvious that you could see the implant from my first surgery and I told him I could feel it and the pocket was painful. Anyway I am playing the waiting game and I'll post some current pics.

6 month update

Sorry I have been gone so long. I needed break from the sight as I kept making me think more and more about my butt. I am now at my 6 months mark.
I am happy to say pain has massively reduced. I have been weight training again and have found this helpful in stretching the glute muscle helping the implant to apear more real.
I have lost the 8g I put on during surgery's and I can say the implant is two big for my body. I think 325 would have been the perfect cute butt that I dreamed of. But I'm not complaining. I am so much happier now with what I have. I can wear anything and actually fill out the bum area. The size does makee appear fatter then I am. So just be aware of that when choosing the size.
I do hope they drop and look smaller over time but for right now I am just greatful for how things turned out.

Here's my current booty????.

Current pics

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