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Hello all, I had been researching a reading...

Hello all,
I had been researching a reading several of the reviews prior to booking my surgery, I was super nervous but everyone here gave me the courage to actually go through with it. I am 5"9 roughly 128lbs. I also live in North Carolina. After doing my research, I realized that Dr. Stanton in BH was the only option. He specializes in butt implants and does several of these type procedures a week.
Day of Surgery - This was also the first time I actually met with Dr. Stanton as his staff face to face. I had my consult via phone due to me being on the other side of the country. Upon arriving to his office, I was greeted by Mindy. Man she is a life-saver she gives you all the information you need and is so well at her job. She handed me the stack of paperwork that seemed like would take forever to fill out and shortly after completing the paperwork I was taken back to change into a gown and sit in the pre-op area since Dr. Stanton was still performing surgery at the time. All of the staff at this point had been great, I could have not asked for anything better. I would say within 15-20 minutes of sitting in pre-op, the butt king finally walked in to go over the sizes and measure my butt. He was so knowledgable and made me feel so much better. He suggested 420cc Stanton ovals. He said this would fit my body the most natural and that if I decided to go with round it would be more noticeable while bending down etc. So size was picked and from there I laid down praying one last time. The nurse came to start the IV and I met with the anesthesiologist and once the IV was in, I walked to the table and started out laying supine(on my back) I remember the guy placing a mask over my nose/mouth and my nurse placed something on both legs that was pretty sticky. And that was it ! I then remember being woken up by my nurse saying the surgery was over. I was in complete shock, I asked "are you sure" bc it felt like it had only been maybe 30 mins. I woke up on my back and the first feeling was just pressure. Not really pain just uncomfortable. I asked if I could roll onto my stomach and he assisted me with that. Before you know it, my ride was outside and he helped me get up. He suggested using a wheel chair but I declined. I did not want to take any chances of sitting directly on my new butt so he walked me outside instead. My driver carried me back to her place, which was only 2 blocks away and i laid down in bed and that was it. I do remember having a small glass of water with two oxy's. Even though the pain was minimal I wanted to try and stay ahead of the pain level returning.

Recovery has been easier than expected ... :)

Well everyone today is officially day 3 but I wanted to include day 2 in this post as well. Day 2 - was not horrible in fact, I managed to not have narcotics until around bedtime, just to be more comfortable. I did get up and walk around the house a little more, from the kitchen to bathroom and back to bed. It's not really pain and this point just sore. It feels very tight but nothing unbearable. I have been mostly drinking plenty of water/juices and have had applesauce, yogurt, crackers and granola bars but no BM yet, that partially may be due to the fact I haven't have much of an appetite. I am overall satisfied with my results, Dr Stanton called me himself, the evening after surgery just to check on me and that really made me happy. I am still a little swollen but it is improving each day. My post-op appointment is scheduled Friday Morning @ 10:30, that is also the day I fly back home to NC. I am hoping that will not be as bad as I am anticipating. I managed to get first class on the way back home so hopefully more room will allow me to get more comfortable. As of now I have not sat directly on my butt and am trying to avoid that at all costs.

Day 3-4 Post

Hmmm not much has changed as far as appearance, implants are still a lil high and swollen but pain is controllable with extra strength tylenol now. I must admit I did have trouble getting comfortable last night, I think I am just finally getting tired of lying on my stomach to sleep. I am just scared to mess anything up with laying on my back. I also had my first BM this morning as well without taking any type of stool softener and it wasn't as bad as expected. I am just super paranoid when it comes to bending down towards to toilet. Immediately after I took another shower. Tomorrow is my official post-op appointment with Dr. Stanton, I am hoping he will tell me everything is looking good and healing nicely. I am looking forward to getting back to the east coast tomorrow night as well.

Preparations, Where to Stay, Incision Update !

I just wanted to include where I stayed in Beverly Hills, CA while recovering from my surgery. I was recommended my Mindy of an Air BnB that is literally like 2 blocks from Dr. Stanton's office. It is a nice house literally on the same street that takes you to his office. Monday morning I walked there! And Azadeh picked me up once surgery was complete. She has been a sweetheart and has been exactly what I needed during my recovery. I will include her link below, it is $140 a night and that includes your own bedroom, bathroom, your own door that leads to a very spacious backyard, so that you can get some fresh air, as well as you have access to the kitchen appliances. This was my first time even considering something like this and boy am I glad I did because the prices for most hotels in the area start from $300-400 a night. Not to mention you then have to catch an uber to surgery. I highly recommend this location due to its proximity to not only the surgery center but also to CVS, just in case you need to make a trip for something left behind.

Azadeh's Air BnB Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12409419?preview=&sug=50

I think I paid close to $30 for an uber from LAX to her place but from there I didn't really spend much money until my return trip to LAX tomorrow. I also recommend packing light, I packed comfortable pajamas and sweats and simply bought the toiletry items the night before surgery once I arrived here. It is much easier to get through the airport and you don't have to worry about checking a bag.

I wanted to include a pic of my incision's, it seems to be healing up pretty well, I am just praying for a continued speedy and complication free recovery!

Post Op Appointment

Just getting back from my post op appt, it went well. Dr Stanton confirmed that everything is looking nice and healing as expected. He gave me some scar treatment cream to begin using 2 weeks post surgery. He also said to try and take it easy for another 2-3 weeks. I am just happy that everything is looking good thus far. I am now getting everything all packed, tonight I will be flying back to NC. I am so excited just to get back home in my own bed !


Man, does it feel good to finally be back home! I just made it back to my apartment and am exhausted after flying all night/morning. So I ended up leaving last night (Friday) around midnight and had an overnight flight to ATL. There I had a short layover and am currently back in NC. I must say the flight home was rough but it was not as bad as I was expecting. I DO recommend if possible purchasing first class at least for the return home trip. I was fortunate enough to have first class flat-bed seats which allow you to pretty much lay flat the entire flight besides take-off/landing. It was so much easier than sitting or hovering over my seat for 4 hours. However, the flight from ATL to NC was not as luxurious and I was forced to use my Booty Buddy Pillow. I must say it really did help nicely. I was just still nervous about sitting for the first time since I had not done this yet. Luckily it was a short flight less than an hour and I survived!

A week out

Hello all
Just wanted to give an update, I am officially 8 days post now and I feel somewhat back to normal. I still am taking it easy and spending most of my time on my stomach. I attempted to return to work yesterday evening for an 8-hour shift and I had to end up leaving about halfway through. I work in a hospital and although my job isn't that strenuous on my body, just standing for the entire time without being able to lay down was difficult. I will most likely take the remainder of this week off and just start fresh next week. I have stopped taking the oxycodone as of about three days ago, now I am just alternating between Tylenol extra strength and Motrin. I am also using ice packs throughout the day. It feels so good and helps with the swelling. I can honestly say I do love my results. I am just so impatient and anxious to return to my normal life. I actually miss work and wish I could go back. I just need to enjoy this down time while it lasts. I was able to drive yesterday to work, which is only about a 8 min drive depending on traffic. I used my booty buddy pillow and it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought. I will try to take new pics later and post. I am so ready for next Monday so i can start using my scar treatment.

Day 8

Here are a few pics I took earlier, I am truly happy with the size and shape! Dr. Stanton did an excellent job, I am so happy I went with him!

Day 9 Post Op

Bubble Butt :)

Back to work :/

Well everyone today I am giving it another shot with returning to work. Today is 11 days post-op and I must say each day is getting better and better. Today is only an 8-hour shift so I am hoping I manage to get through it better than Monday's attempt. I am able to drive now for short distances, and my job is only about 8-10 minutes away depending on traffic. I am also off this weekend so I feel that today would be a good test in getting back into the normal swing of things. I will update later tonight or tomorrow to let every one know how tonight goes. Wish me luck !

Just got home from work

I survived !! I just made it home from work and am now settling down for the night. I must say it was very difficult but I managed to get through the night. Thankfully, it was not extremely busy but just standing the entire time was tiresome. I took Motrin along with a muscle relaxer and it seemed to help. I am also noticing more pain in my left butt check than right. It isn't unbearable pain but I am assuming this is normal. I have read where it is common for one side to be more sensitive/painful than the other. I am just glad I have the next three days off to recover some more before back to work again :/

Two weeks post surgery

Today makes two weeks since my surgery with Dr. Stanton, so I officially can start using my scar cream which is the Bio-Corneum provided by Stanton's office. I am using this twice a day, morning and night after showering. I am still loving my results! Dr. Stanton is truly amazing at what he does! I highly recommend him to anyone considering this type of surgery. Pain is still there especially when I am working but it is tolerable. I have been taking Motrin as needed along with a muscle relaxer prescribed by my PCP. I usually only take the muscle relaxers while working it makes the pain much easier to deal with. It also helps with sleeping at night, by the way I am still sleeping on my stomach which is getting better to deal with each night. Tomorrow is my first 12hr day at work so I am hoping it will be okay. I did manage to go out for dinner Saturday night with my cousin and I finally sat on my butt without my booty buddy, it was different LOL let's just say that. I got up after 15 minutes and went to the bathroom just to move around a bit, and we were not at the restaurant long so it all worked out. I have been driving like normal, still using the booty buddy pillow though. I also live relatively close to everything so I am never sitting for more than 15 minutes at a time, which was instructed by Mindy for the first couple of weeks. I will try to post updated pics later on this evening.

Three Week Update

Hello everyone, today makes three weeks since surgery. I feel absolutely great! Very little pain and movement is much easier this week. I actually feel like I am walking normal again. I am still loving the results, I couldn't be more happier.

3 week pics

Finally an update...

Sorry guys I know it has been a while since I have posted an update. I have been slammed with work recently but finally found some time to post. Life is great and pretty much back to normal. I have absolutely no pain and all of the previous restrictions they give you post surgery have been lifted. I, along with my boyfriend love the final results. I will try to post some new pics tomorrow. I am happy with the size that I went with, I feel like it still looks natural and the shape is perfect! I receive compliments all the time from strangers and I will admit there have been a few times I have caught people starring at my booty. I am so glad I went through with this surgery and I am glad that I choose Dr. Stanton. I don't believe I would have been as happy with my results having gone to any other surgeon. I strongly suggest others that are considering to have this surgery to please do your research. This is not a surgery that you want to go through a second time. I don't believe I have read any negative reviews of Dr. Stanton and his work. He is truly the Butt King!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Everyone that I came in contact with the day of surgery totally exceeded my exceptions. Dr. Stanton truly knows what he is doing and is a master at Butt Implants. He knows what will look best on your body. Mindy is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel right at home and knew exactly how to calm me down once I arrived at the office.

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