24 Yo Male Bubble Butt Goal Achieved. Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I...

Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I would like to share with you all my experience in the butt implant journey I have been on for the past month. I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I workout 4 x a week and when it comes to lower body exercises ie: squats, leg lifts, leg extensions, etc. I always make sure I go full out cause my goal was to achieve that nice derriere. Well, progress has been slow so I opted for a quicker route. I did some extensive research and narrowed my choices to 2 Doctors: Dr. Cortes and Dr Stanton. I had my first consultation with Dr Cortes from Texas. He was courteous, good before/after photos on his website, but his quote was pretty steep: $12500. Um, I still have student loans so I can't go with him. Then I looked and looked some more and found Dr. Stanton. The consultation I had with him was everything I expected: professional, knowledgeable, and honest. To be straight forward, I knew everything about him and what he could do so the consultation was really just to get his viewpoint on my photos. Mindy, his patient coordinator, is AMAZING! So incredibly genuine and sincere, every review you heard about her is true and she is incredibly friendly and gorgeous in person. She put all my worries at ease and always followed up on all of my concerns, travel arrangements, medications, the whole deal! Now I chose Dr Stanton based on these facts: He does butt implants about 3-4 x a week, great before/after pictures, good reviews, affordable, he has exposure on TV such as the Drs and some other reality show (you know cause there's like a million out there), but most importantly I have yet to read a bad review on him, all 100% positive and that was really what made me say "Yes, Lets do it!" Here is a chronology of my journey:
Day 1 (Surgery): He measured my buttocks, and suggested 300cc-ish round implants. I saw the anesthesiologist and nurse and went to the operating room and literally I blinked and the surgery was over. I woke up in a little bit of pain due to the fact I was on my back (OW) so I had the nurse turn me to prone position. I took an Uber and slid into the back seat and back to my hotel. What's weird was the Uber driver grabbed my butt, I guess that's flattering, but creepy at the same time. I recommend Hotel Hollywood because it's a pretty nice place to recover, only 5 miles from Dr Stanton's clinic, and free catered breakfast (which is pretty good, chef and everything).
Day 2 - spent most the time on my tummy. pain is about 6/10, after pain meds its about 1-2/10. tolerable. very swollen
Day 3 - pain is about the same. still cant walk straight, i wobble everywhere like a penguin. I couldnt stand delivery pizza anymore so I "walked" to the restaurant 2 blocks away and it took me 30ish minutes. wore me out and i got weird stares. Still pretty swollen but i dont mind, my butt looked Nicki Minaj-esque. Anaconda who?
Day 4- follow up with Dr Stanton, able to walk somewhat straight, still have not sat down yet. Plane ride back I took a percocet and kept my butt hovered above the seat for almost the entire trip. Yep, that's dedication for ya!
Day 5 - pain is better, swelling decreased quite a bit. nice to be home, still recovering on my stomach
Day 10 - back to work (not really recommended but I had no choice). The 12hr shift sucks, but percocet made it all better. Stood up the entire time and didn't sit. Still dedicated :)
Day 14 - I have to say I can walk straight now and less wobbly. Pain is minimal to non-existant. Now I am able to apply the Biocorneum scar cream.
Day 16 - My scar is starting to look a lot better, the hard dark part of the scar is peeling away on its own to reveal a softer skin toned scar.
Day 30- functionality is normal. can sit, walk, no pain. I admire my butt everyday in the mirror, everyday i see it changing for the better.
Conclusion: Dr Stanton truly is the Butt King. This is not my first rodeo with plastic surgery and I have to admit this butt surgery with this surgeon is worth every penny. The outcome give me great results and I have no regrets. I highly recommend him to everyone. He picked the perfect shape and size for my butt. Now here for the Q&A:
Can you feel the implants when you sit? Yes but I think I've grown accustomed to it
Are the implants noticeable when you bend over? Nope, look at the pics :)
Is your butt still hard? initially hard as rocks, but more palpable everyday. As each day passes, it feels like a worked out muscle but still a bit firm.
What shape and size implants? Spectrum round 300cc-ish implant intramuscular
Any more questions feel free to message me. Good luck on your journey ladies and gents!

Day 35

A picture of the buns in pants

Round implants

I have posted a photo of a prototype of the round implant I was playing with in Dr Stantons office. They're semi solid silicone, compressible and soft. Underneath the implant is slightly curved so it conforms to the curves of the butt muscles.
The following is a short clip of me squeezing it. :)

4 months, 2.5 weeks update

Hey dolls, just wanted to update you all on my booty. So far, they're still a bit firm, the underside of my butt is soft, not sure if its cause my implant is actually higher up or cause I'm sitting on it a lot to break up any scar tissue. Otherwise, I am still happy with my results, the visual aspect is Grade A+. Dr. Stanton picked the perfect size for me. If it were any bigger, they would have definitely started showing. I am dieting hardcore for this bikini season and working out. I do squats but not as much weight as I usually do, just a bit to keep everything toned up. I attached a pic of the scars cause a few people were asking me about it. If you have emailed me, I'll reply to them as soon as I can.
Synopsis: Pros - Looks great, lots of compliments, shopping for clothes is super fun.
Cons - Still firm, my scar is still apparent.


never realized we could add videos to our review. Well anyhoo Stanton dolls, I wanted to show you all questions that I have been getting regarding "jiggle" or "firmness" and all the above. Hope this helps, I'm about 6-7 months post op.
For all the veterans of this surgery in America:
1) will they every really soften up? It's still pretty firm to me to the touch of my hand (and other men's hands)
2) How long does it take the scar to fade towards barely noticeable? Thanks!

Jiggle update...

Hmmm..well I used to be able to "twerk" with my old booty. The is an update with my new enhanced booty, 7 months post-op. I think the muscle around my implant is starting to relax some, now curious what the next few months will bring.

More Before and After Pics

Alright Dolls, I have been getting messages on my current incision scars and to see more "before and after" pics. The before are the ones I sent to Dr. Stanton before so he could assess and finalize my surgery plans and after are the ones I just took. For incisions, I am back to using BioCorneum for my scars and have been alternating that with silicone sheets. Not sure if it's helping, but it's always worth a try.

Scar update

So far, the only negative about this surgery are my scars. They're still evident, but getting lighter. The scars are not "recovering" as fast as I would like. I have been alternating with Biocorneum and Silicone Sheets. I guess only time will tell....

15 month post update

Hey dolls, sorry i haven't been updating much, school, work, papers, exams, yaadayaada you know the drill. Not much has changed since the last one. My butt feels softer in the lower portion but still firm in the upper, it is what it is. I think now reflecting on it all, i don't regret my decision, but if i were to do it again, i would have researched more on "softer" and more "squishier" implants and a surgeon that only uses 1 mid incision. My scars are still apparent, I basically fixed one insecurity and raised another. Anyone have any experience with laser treatment for scars? i would love to know the results :)

Second thoughts

Alright dolls gimme advice. So not much has changed with my booty ever since my last update. Scars are still the same and so is the firmness. From a "look" standpoint, dr Stanton did an AMAZING job, I get so many compliments and heads turnings...and numbers hehehe BUT as soon as they get a grab of my butt, it's an automatic "is that fake?" . So I am debating of getting a revision with a gel type implant such as polytech or silimed. Anyone know of any outside of US surgeons that do really good revisions? Stanton uses 2 scars so the way he does surgery is different from most other surgeons. That's what makes me paranoid of going to someone else and have them try to either figure out or copycat another person's work. I dunno dolls, what do you think? I'm looking into Dr Mejia from Colombia after moderate research.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Stanton truly is the Butt King! This is not my first rodeo with plastic surgery and I have to admit this butt surgery with this surgeon is worth every penny. The outcome give me great results and I have no regrets. I highly recommend him to everyone. He picked the perfect shape and size for my butt.

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