Team Stanton: Butt Implants W/ Flank Lipo - 5'4 140 Lb. Beverly Hills, CA

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Surgery booked, flight purchased, looking for a...

Surgery booked, flight purchased, looking for a hotel or recovery center... Undecided on what pillow to buy for flight: bbl pillow, booty buddy pillow, or what??? My flight is 5 hrs... Also any advice on essential items I will need? I am flying alone and I am terrified. Any recommendations to help me during the flight plse

Phone Consultation done

Surgery is scheduled for 10/19/2015. I will see him a day before to know the exact size, but he thinks I can do about 450 CCs based on my pictures... Still Undecided on what pillow to buy for flight: bbl pillow, booty buddy pillow, or what??? Hotel booked 2 miles away from clinic.

Made it!!!

Had surgery today...
-Arrived at 7am, filled out paperwork, photographed, marked, ready by 8am.
-woke up at 11:30, felt sore, no pain, very sleepy.
-Team got me Uber to Hotel Ramada west Hollywood (189xnight) 2 miles away.
-Hotel staff super accommodating, helped me to my room.
-It's about 3pm now... No bruising, no pain, just sore, walk a little weird.
-I traveled alone from Texas, quite surprised no real pain.
-Stanton n his team were fabulous, Butt king for sure!!
-450 cc round, I am 5'4 n weigh 135 lb now...
-can't tell how luv handles are doing, I have a garment...
-Feel free to ask any questions ladies...

Feeling Better

-Up until yesterday my vision was blurry, but only when I looked at my phone, everything else was fine.
-I threw up 2x yesterday, couldn't hold food.
-My butt feels & I don't want to stretch it, don't feel much pain.
- now only taking 1 Percocet x4hrs instead of 2 pills.
-for me, sleeping on my back has been worse than the butt implants.
-haven't taken of my garment n it's getting a little itchy.
-I walk like a pregnant lady
-Mindy said I should expect more pain today, but so far I am the same.
-my implants feel high and butt looks boxy, but I can already tell it's looking way better than what I had.
- I pee standing up, facing d toilet
-everyone has been great, especially hotel staff... My room didn't have a microwave n they provided and waived extra charge.
I will see Stanton tomorrow at 9am and fly at 2pm,
-UBER advice... Uber will not pick u up at airport. They are not allowed ; however they are allowed to drop u off. U have 3 options: about 85$ for taxi, shuttle 26$, or (what an uber driver recommended) get into an hotel van and get off outside the airport, then u can call uber lol. I took the shuttle n was the first to be dropped off. If u will use uber, I strongly recommend u put ur credit card info on there app. It was super easy


-Surgery was Tuesday Oct20 and I flew Friday Oct23.... It was rough! That morning I had an apt w Stanton at 9am n flight at 2pm. I hadn't had a bowel movement up until that morning... Immediately after I started shivering, nausaus ...etc I think I was freaking out about the trip... My bags were packed, so I called downstairs n requested assistance with bags and walking... The concierge Hugo was wonderful... He even got my phone n requested an Uber... Uber took me to Dr walked me to the office ( poor man...he was freaking out) I guess I looked really bad, he wanted to take me to the hospital. Anyway, Stanton checked me, as I expected, he said my implants were high and would take upto 6 months to get in place. I was really swollen on my hips. He said it was normal after a bowel movement ( threw up again n was shivering) . So of I went to airport on another Uber.... I tried sitting on a wheelchair , but I felt so uncomfortable I got off and told the guy to disregard. I sat the first 30 min doing compression exercises n used my two pillow to avoid pressure on implants. I then went to the restroom n stood there through the entire trip (about 2:50 hrs total flight)... Next flight same story, sat as plane took off n stood the rest of trip ( another 1.20 hr). Totally exhausted after trip. My started dragging my my right leg through airport.
-PILLOW....Well, booty buddy was out of stock, I had to order bbl pillow and to my surprise , I got a call a week later from their company... They too were out of stock til November!!! I bought a small rectangular traveling pillow at Marshalls ( not too good, but better than nothing) .
- The rest of my days have Been boring to say the least... As everyone has said, sleeping on your stomach and not being able to sit down is no joke...As per the pain of the butt implants there is not much pain, just soreness n my legs get tired easily, especially my right leg...
-ICE very important, I didn't Ice my cheeks while in California, until I got home... It worked wonders taking the swelling off.
RESULTS: I have mixed feelings, all along I knew I could only fit what my frame would allow, and I knew it would be about 450, but I feel butt greedy... I kind of wished for like 600 cc... Lol Although I must say my shape looks great, like i do a lot do squats... Oh and I was sad that the swelling went down, took some volume off ( just like when I had my breast aug) lol

Before and after pics

Six week pics

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