Butt injections removal

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Hello All, I had my first consultation regarding...

Hello All,
I had my first consultation regarding removal of PMMA butt injections. I met with Dr.Ryan Stanton, he was very thorough. Since I am experiencing an out break of red blemishes, he prescribed "Singular" for 30 days to see if this will cure the rejection before taking removal action. He mentioned we must try to do anything possible to cure the reaction before going the removal route as that will cause "extreme" dis-formation in my buttocks. Also, I must wait one whole year before I can get butt implants to allow my scar tissue to build back up. That is a long time to have a deformed butt. ;( This is a very unfortunate situation, I hope the Singular works as I do not wish to go the removal route if I don't have to. If you are considering getting injections...DON'T DO IT! It's not worth it! I will keep you posted after my 30 day follow up with him. Pray for me :(

Butt injections removal

Okay, so my break has come back and now I am seriously seeking to get this crap taking out! I keep going back and forth between Dr. Gallerani and Dr.Mir. both are really great doctors and I read both good and bad reviews on both. If you have any feedback regarding these two doctors please share your imput. I have PMMA bioplasty injections. love to see before and after photos. Email me at jenn.shack@gmail.com

This is such a tough decision, I hate that I made this huge mistake!

Consultation with Dr.Mir

Hello All,

So I went to NY over the weekend and had my consultation with Dr. Mir on 6/3. Omg! He is amazing. All of the great reviews on him are 100% true! He genuinely cares about your health and well being.

He had a patient there that was 3 months post op. He put us in a room so we can both talk and share each others experience. She told me about how bad her health was before she found Dr. Mir. This poor lady couldn't even walk for 2 years. The whole lower half of her body was numb. Now since the surgery she is out walking, exercising and able to tend to her 4 children. God is Good!

Now back to my consultation--everything went well, he said he would take my case because of the breaks out and because I am on prednisone which is a medication I cannot be on long term due to side effects. I did asked where the incision site would be just because I wanted to know and I could tell he got a little upset. He stated I have women that come to me that haven't been able to walk in years and you're concerned about a scar? I had to wheel him back in and tell him that wasn't a major concern to me but I just wanted to know. He stated GOOD because he doesn't need that headache. He mentioned he had a lot of bad experiences where the women would come back complaining about the scar so he just doesn't want to deal with it at all.

My date is set for July 18th. It's bitter sweet for me. I want to get the crap out and move on with my life but I know it's going to be a long process. Dr. Mir has opened a facility here in Los Angles so if there are any women out there that live in California seeking removal let me know. Maybe you can either set up a consultation with him during the week of my surgery or maybe even have your surgery too! Please note you must not be concerned with your looks and more about your health otherwise he will not take your case.

Out of surgery

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your concerns. I just wanted to let everyone know I made it out of my first surgery today. My second one is scheduled for Sat. Even, though I was admitted to the ER on Monday (7/18). I still have to go through lots of blood work, chest X ray, MRI and they had to hydrate me for the first two days. I will update you on how my experience went once I am feeling a little better. Oh, I have not looked yet to I don't know what it looks like. I hard to even sit up right now.

Thank you for your concerns and positive feedbacks.

Butt injections removal update

Hello Everyone,

So my experience here at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles, Ca has gone really well thus far. All of the nurse are really helpful and nice.

I was admitted in the ER on Monday, 7/18. Dr. Mir adviced the ER Dr. Esnier that I was coming so he was expecting me. So far everything had gone really smooth. I was able to get my Chest Xray for my lungs, MRI, and most of my blood work done on the first day which was Monday. Tuesday, I only had to do more blood work and IV hydration and antibiotics which I continued to stay on.

MRI- So the reason I am having these break outs in my butt is because the material was not injected in the muscle. It's only in the fat around the muscle. Being that I will need to have this removal surgery that is great! Dr. Mir said, he will only have to remove a little off the top of the muscle where the material and the fat touches it. Looking at the MRI you can see that the material is not a solid white color, this means I do not have a lot of material injected in me. Also do not have any in my hips which is awesome! Since I don't have any material in my hips, Dr. Mir does not have to make a long incision across my lower back. It only has to be long enough for him to be able to reach each sides of my cheeks. I couldn't of asked for a better MRI. ;)

Wednesday- The day of surgery, Dr. Mir Came-in in the morning and explained the process and did my markings. He took pictures but I am still waiting for him to send them to me. My surgery ran on time and I was in there for about 2 hours. Post op I had to stay one hour in the recovery room.
Same day of aurgery post op- I slept in and out for the remainder of the day, I was very stiff (still am) so it took me until the next day to be able to turn over.

Right now, I have so much equipment attached to me. IV with hydration bag and antibiotics, urine catheter, two wound vac for my incision site and blood pressure pumps on each of my legs to prevent blood clots. Alot going on! Lol But, I will tell you the first thing I said, to my fiance when they brought back to my room is that I am so happy i did this!! Even though I am in pain and I have a lot of equipment attached to me, I feel so much better! Plus, I see my break outs are already starting to fade away. No prednisone (steroid anti-inflammatory) needed. I am so relieved! Prior to my schedule surgery date, Dr. Mir said, I had to taper off the medication 1 week and a half prior to surgery. So my butt broke out but it ended up helping out for insurance purposes, because I had proof of complications.
Today, I had to get up and walk a lap for blood circulation so I tried taking some pictures so you guys can see what it looks like thus far. I hope it stays like this because I absolutely love it!! My results this far are amazing! My 2nd surgery is scheduled for Saturday for removal of the bottom half plus the butt lift.


Sorry, for some reason I can't upload more than two pics at a time.

Day before my surgery (pre op) pictures with my break outs, you can see they got bigger.

Updated pic

MRI pics

1 day post op- Butt injections removal

1 day post op- Butt injections removal.

It look amazing, I hope it stays like this after my 2nd surgery on Saturday.

Out of 2nd surgery!

Hi Everyone,

I survived my second surgery this morning, all went well. I had a fever this morning so they had to give me some Tylenol to break it before I went in for surgery. I am in a lot of pain right now and I can only lay on my stomach or side but it's difficult to lay on my side because of the 5 drains. I asked my nurse to take a pic so we can see what it looks like and I think Dr. Mir did and excellent job! My butt still looks normal just flat and I am happy with that! :)
Thank you all for your positive feedback and support!


Hey Everyone,

So I was finally discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon, I was in the hospital for 8 days. It felt so good to finally sleep in my bed and be able to use the restroom without all of that equipment hooked up to me. I will say, it is still very challenging to walk and get around the house. When i get up i always feel dizzy and light headed. I hope that goes away soon.

For now, I can only lay on my stomach. No laying on my back or sitting down because Dr. Mir wants to make sure I get blood circulation to my butt so my cheeks don't die. I have a follow up appt on Saturday so hopefully by then I'll be cleared to at least sit regular even if it's just for a short amount of time.

These damn drains!! Oh these damn drains!! I absolutely hate them. They hurt like hell and they get in the way. They're inserted in my hips so I am unable to lay on my side. I'll try to post a pic later so u guys can see what they look like.

Now that i am home, I'm just trying to rest and get to the point where I'm not dizzy or light headed when I stand up. This recovery is no joke.



So I tried to tale some pics of my drains and the wound vac. It was a litle default because i still can wear pants or panties. It hurts to pull them over the drain insertion site as it's still tender. The wound vac device is the thing hanging from my neck. I have the drains hanging from a belt to hel hold them up.

Removal - 3 days post op

Updated pic. You can see the wound vac seal (purple) and my booty while standing. 3 says post op.

Removal- update

Hey Everyone,

I had my one week follow up last Saturday, the Doctor said, I am healing really fast and my drains are draining really low. I was able to get the wound vac and 3 drains removed only one week posy op. That's amazing! Saturday, I should be able to get the last two drains removed because I am still draining very low amount for fluids. The key is rest! I only get up only when i have to and to get my blood circulating.

Right now, my butt looks better than what I could imagine it to be. I do have puppy ears on both sides of my incision. Dr. Mir said they should flatten out after a few months. I hope so because I don't like them lol. They look worse in person.

My recovery is going well. Each day gets easier. No pain just discomfort on my hips where the last two drains are.


I forgot to add a side vew picture. I also added a pic of my Teacup Yorkie (Louie) sleeping with me. He is always by mommy's side. ;)

Removal - drains out! Break outs are back!

Sorry for the late update but I had the last two drains removed last Saturday. Omgeeee! Life is so much better with out those da*n drains. So far, I am getting around the house alot better. I do get short of breath when I am moving around too much. I hope that gets better. Other than that, the recovery is going well. No more pain, just a little discomfort when sleeping but it has gotten a lot better.

I do have some bad news! My break outs did come back. I spoke with Dr. Mir and he said it's probably from what I had in my skin because he removed pretty much all of my fat and the material. After a few months my immune system should fight it off. The good thing is it's only 3 break outs and they're really small. They haven't gotten any better or any worse. So I guess that's a good thing. I will tell you as soon as I seen them I was heart broken, the break outs were the whole reason I had the surgery. I'll continue to monitor it. Hopefully it'll go away. :(

Removal - Faja update

Hey Everyone,

My Faja ( compression garment ) has arrived! Omgeee, it took me like 15 mins to get in this thing. Now that my drains are out, Dr. Mir asked me to order one and wear it for 4 weeks. He said, the longer the better. I just put it on late yesterday and I already noticed my puppy ears are starting to flatten out. Yay!!! Even though this thing is super tight and uncomfortable especially to sleep in, I know it will definitely help with my shape! Dr. Mir asked me to order size xxs but I ordered an xs small because the reviews said it runs small. Make sure you check the sizing chart before ordering yours! This thing is no joke!

Removal- 5 1/2 weeks post op

So far my recovery is going well. My incision still feels really tight. It feels as if it's pulling as I move around. But, that's normal. The faja has definitely helped my shape alot. The puppy/dog ear on the left side is almost flat! (Yay!) And the shape of my butt looks alot more normal. I still have really small breakouts but they are no where near what they used to be. They fade in and out without any medication. I hope once my immune system has bounced back, my body will get rid of them for good!

I have been using Neosporin and New Gel plus on my scar. I plan to eventually get laser scar removal and laser tattoo removal once my body has healed.

Butt Injections removal update - 3 months post op

Hey everyone,

Well I am now 3 months post op and pretty much back to 100% . My butt is healing well! I've been wearing xxs spanx underneath my clothes 24/7 and it has helped my butt pop out a little and also flattened out my puppy ears a little too. All is well except for my break outs (ugh) My Dermatologist has me trying out different medications hopefully we will find something that's non steroidal and that works. Fingers crossed.

Butt injections removal 3 months post op

Continued----More photos...

Overall I am very happy with the results of my removal. My butt is still very smooth, the only deformity I have is underneath my puppy ears, I have a small dent on each side, but that's a easy fix.

Injections removal update - 4 months post

Hello Everyone,

As of now I am 4 months post op. I've been able to go back to the gym and work out at about 90% which is so awesome. I decided instead of gaining weigh for bbl, I want to work out and build a natural muscle in my butt instead. I've met so many girls who gain the weigh for bbl and and the fat dies within 6 months. I would hate to go through all that only to have to do it again. I've heard if you decide to go the bbl route, you will need more than one reconstructive surgery because fat need fat in order to survive. So far working out at the gym has been amazing. I've always kept my body in shape so it wasn't hard for me to go in and turn up. So far it's has only been 2 weeks, my booty is looking kinda cute. Lol. Still small but cute. Here's a pic.

Injections removal- workout update

Hi ladies,
So I have been working out for about a month a half now. I feel great and my body is started to transform into a muscular tone. I absolutely love my body and my butt is definitely starting to pop out! All natural NO BBL!!! Here are some recent photos. I wish you all well on your journey!

Injections removal- 7 month update

Hello Ladies,

So I am 7 months post op now. Wow! Time flies! As you may already know, I have been working out for the last 4 months and all has been going well with my work outs, I feel like my butt is taking really good shape. I hope it continues to improve!

I had my dog ears removed by Dr. Mir on Feb 8th, he removed the bandages yesterday, I had to wear the bandages for 10 days. The procedure was done in about 20 mins at his local office in Los Angeles, CA. First, he outlined the area that needed to be cut out, then he gave me a shot to numb the area, then he cut out the area, lastly he stitched the incision back together. I didn't feel a thing and the recovery was very mild. I was able to return to work the following day. No pain, it was just a little sensitive. I took a Tylenol the very first night when it was time to go bed, after that, I was good. I had to wait 2 weeks before I could work out, today was my first day back in the gym. Yay!!! I can wear a regular thing now!! Lol No more ugly dog ears!!!

I had a chance to meet a few of you ladies at Dr. Mir's office on Saturday! Congratulations to all of you for go through with the procedure! I know it's tough right now, but it will get easier. It was nice to hear from you ladies that my journey has been an inspiration to you. My goal was to try and offer as much help and knowledge as possible. I know when I started my journey, I couldn't find any one on here that would help me or answer my questions or post updated pictures and reviews. So I wanted to be able to offer you what I was searching for before I begun my journey. It was so cool that you all recognized me and my story! ;) Any way, enough of all that! Lol

Here are some updates pictures. My butt is a little bruised from the shots or from him cutting the incision, also the area is still swollen. I will post newer pictures in about 2 weeks, hopefully the swelling will go down by then.

Injections removal- 7 months post op

Continued photos from my previous update

Injections removal - cont'd update

Continued gym update...

Butt injections removal- Laser scar & tattoo removal

Hey Dolls,

Today I had my first session of Clear & Billiant laser scar removal and laser tattoo removal at a med spa called LaseAway, they are pretty popular here in Southern California. The clear & brilliant is for my scar, stretch marks and uneven skin tone on my butt cheeks, the laser tattoo removal is obviously for my tattoo. Due to the fact that I want both removed, the price is a little higher than expected.
LaseAway indicated I will probably need about 10 sessions each. So I pre paid for 6 session of each up front which came out to $3000. This includes the numbing, scar removal, stretch marks and uneven tone on my butt cheeks and tattoo removal. No health insurance will NOT cover this as this is cosmetic.

First, they numb me for about 30 mins, then She began with the clear & brilliant all over my butt cheeks for uneven tone and stretch marks, I also have two small scars from when I had to get a biopsy from my breakouts. Then, she moved up to my scar across my lower back. Due to the fact that I just had my dog ears removed a few weeks ago. She said, the scar on the ends are too fresh so we can not go over that part for another few weeks. If they do, then it will only make the scar darker. I must wait until they are about 4 months old. After she went over the older portion of my scar on my lower back, then she started with the Tattoo. I was numb so I felt very minimal pain or discomfort and the actual session only took about 20 mins minus the 30 min numbing process. For my second session in 2 weeks I can go back for my scar, but my tattoo I will need to wait 8 weeks. I should expect to start see both the scar and the tattoos scab, then peel. I will then need to exfoliate one week after each session, This will help remove the dead skin. I will start to notice a difference after 3-4 sessions. Here are 3 before pics and one after. However, I do not have an after pic of my tattoo because she bandage the tattoo portion up to protect me from the sun. Absolutely NO tanning or sun bathing of any sort. It will turn the skin dark.

Butt injections removal- update

Hey Dolls, I have attached some updated photos, the swelling has gone down since I had my dog ears removed in Feb. Yay! I can wear a thong without it looking weird, It also hides my scar too. I have noticed my scar has gotten a little lighter since my first session of laser scar removal. The tattoo has not much of a difference. It will probably take at least 4 sessions or so. Positive vibes ;)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable and a great listener. Dr. Mir is more concerned about your health than anything so if you go to him asking about your "looks" he will not take your case. I am also excited he opened a new practice here in Los Angeles!

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