Wana Be Barbie FInally getting BOOTY!

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Surgeries to date include 1 set of saline implants...

Surgeries to date include 1 set of saline implants in 2008, TT in 2011, then replaces breast implants with 595cc silicone. After yrs of research , the time has finally come for my butt implants. Please note, my waiting yrs was whole heatedly due to DFW/TX/The rest of this country not having sufficient experience in this specific area and aggressively aggrmptsd to tell me they don't order custom sizes bc they are too expensive. In Nov 2015 I see Stanton (who I've followed daily for at least 3 yrs) had released his pattened sym oval implants, and to my very surprise, his quote was nearly $500 less than competitors, with the highest quality, patient reviews, and simply the lack of infections to implant ratio. My date is currently pending for 6/30, with the 480cc implant and I'm stoked!

Didnt know my last review would be deleted...

My previous review included pre-op pics, and consult info on some local doctors here in DFW, bummer :/ I will take new ones this week! I am getting so anxious that Im considering calling for earlier availability! I can't wait!! I've been following all of you throughout your journeys and am so inspired! My only wonder is.. has anyone used financing?

Date Moved Up!! Now 5/23!!

Deposit paid, less than 1 month away!! Ahhhh!!!

5'8 125ish lbs
Symmetrical ovals style 2 or 3 (hoping for 3 bc of these HIPS) 480cc

Going to lose my mind if the title doesn't FIX!!

Am I the only one who's had a nou so user friendly experience with this site? My 1st review did very well, no errors. Every time I login now there is something else misspelled or different ????

Ladies, I need the MUST HAVES asap!!

Please help me out! I need to know everyone's ' I couldn't have done it without...' And the 'wish I would have' and the ' don't forgets'!!! Including CLOTHING, urinating essentials, anything and everything. I currently take a lot of meds so that part should be easily lol!! 23 days to go and Im totally unprepared since I'm so over anxious, I moved my date up hahah! I've had TT and BA (and 3 Csections) so I'm hella prepared for discomfort and all that, but anything to make car rides and flight home a piece of cake, and sanitary must do's would be greatly appreciated

Date pushed out 2 more weeks :(

Yep, it's true. Got a call that school won't be ending until 2 weeks later than usual due to closures. OMG! I was literally just 1.5 wks away!! Ugh, anyways- good part is I have a little more time to prepare, and hopefully find some better deals on travel. I only pd $100 RT in March, now everything is $250+! I know there won't be many post op ladies reading this, but if you are, id really love some more advise on the must haves

New Date- 6/6 :((

Let the 3 week countdown begin.. Again lol

8 days!!

That's all ;) anyone else creeping around waiting for their date? It's kinda bumming to not see anyone post op active on other pages lol takes a lot to find everyone!! lol I get it tho, just happy I have a few in my boat w me haha! BB4L (booty buddies) lmao!!

7 Days and the panic is real

Im finishing up all the 'must haves' and I realize after much research that I could benefit tremendously from buying one of the 2 bbl pillows. I know I am doing implants, but I also know I will need to be more mobile sooner than later. I am 7 days out, Monday is a holiday, and their shipping expresss is 2-5 business days... thats cutting it WAY too close. I need help :(

Does anyone remember ALL the size options from Stanton Ovals??

I can't remember the biggest option he's going to try 1st. I'll be happy w whatever fits but all y'all know- the bigger the better lmao!!!

26 hours post op!

Just wanted to give a quick update. I made it out of sx with 500cc's. I will be posting day 1 pics when I get up tonight!

Day 3 of the post op

Obviously as everyone else notes, still extremely high set, square, and swollen lol

Day 4

They weren't kidding when they said it'd be 3x bigger once I landed LOL! Geez. Doesn't feel like swelling is subsiding yet, but very little pain

6 weeks

So far my journey has been much easier than I anticipated. It's annoying, uncomfortable, and odd from time to time but that's nothing compared to some of the stories I've read lol. The pics I've posted are to show where the implant currently is and the bottom inch of my ass that I expect it will find its final resting place once settled lol! I love it, I know I have my own flaws that implants won't fix, but I am happy w the size and shape. Lots of compliments so far! Please keep in mind that taking these pics is hard and requires me to lean one way or another causing them to look uneven etc

8 Weeks & In LOVE!!

Still loving the results! I was not expecting to have perfection bc obv I've lived w this (lack of) booty for 32 years, but I am truly happy with the outcome! After all my research I can't seem to remember when it's supposed to drop? I can feel it becoming softer to sit on, moves w my movements, but I'm still lacking that bottom 1/4 inch! Doesn't look bad and I totally OK with that, especially knowing this isn't the final look.. Idk, could use a little support I guess. No one in my personal life really really knows, nor my job really so it kinda sometimes seems like nothing's really there still lol... Anyways I'm wrapping up my bday now but just thought I'd add a quick pic!

Week 10

I think im back to 'normal', I'm comfortable, not using the pillow 24/7, I do still get the heavy pains when sitting for too long tho. It feels like it's a part of me, can't see or feel the implants, and I love them! I feel like... I'm almost to the dropped position but as u can see in the pics, there's still a little ways to go

Almost 4 months!

I'll be doing a professional shoot in about a week, but until then, here is my unofficial update lol... I seriously suck at this behind the back pic thing

6 months already?

Geez it doesn't seem like 6 months... anyway, I am for sure going to have someone take these official pics for me because I really suck at it lol
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Top rated, highest of the class, intelligent, experienced and serious about his art. Price is crazy affordable in compassion with his (for lack of better words since they don't even touch stantons level of excellence) competing surgeons.

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