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I am 36 , 5'4" and weigh 124lbs. I wear a 32-34C...

I am 36 , 5'4" and weigh 124lbs. I wear a 32-34C now and am aiming for a full D. I breastfed both my kids and am hoping to get my tatas back to how they were pre-pregnancy. Actually I'd like them looking like they did while I was nursing! I'm not looking to get ginormous breasts, just want them fuller and higher.
I met with 4 different doctors and decided to go with Dr. Golshani. I'm scheduled to have my procedure on Monday, July 15th. I'm super excited! At first I chose 339cc but today when i went in for my preop I tried them on again and changed my mind to 397cc. I hope they don't end up looking to big. Doc says they will look a little smaller once they're actually under the muscle so i figured to go a little bigger so the end result is more like what i want.

Can hardly wait for Monday!!!!!

I'll be out of town until Sunday and then I will be having my BA on Monday. I'll be camping so it will be hard to post but I will for sure be posting on Monday. Hopefully with pics and all.

Today's the day!!!!

OMG, I'm in my hospital gown waiting, any minute now I'll be going into the op room!!!! I am excited but very nervous. Going to take a nice long nap and when I wake up I'll have my new boobies!!
Wish me luck!

In pain but soooooooo happy!

Well i had my surgery yesterday afternoon. Gosh i love my doctors and nurses, they were all so amazing. I know i made the rich choice by going with Dr.Golshani. :)
So..... when i first woke up i was SUPER naseous. I had taken the Emend the doc prescribed 2 hours before the surgery but i was still feeling like i would hurl any minute so the nurse gave me a dose of something else right before she removed the IV. pain wasn't terrible but i did take my first pill like at 10pm and was fine for the rest of the night until 3am when i couldn't take the pain and woke my husband up so he could get me more meds. Slept for the rest of the night until now and shortly i will be taking some more, i feel the pain starting to really bug me. I have been doing my shoulder rolls like doc said to since i woke up form surgery actually. Mostly it feels like there is something heavy on my chest. i haven't really felt pain form the incisions mostly its the muscle from the implants. I ended up going with 395cc under the muscle and got the 'lollipop lift'. so far i'm loving the way they look. they do seem a little too big right now but i'm certain that when the swelling goes down they will be perfect!
going to nap, meds make me so drowsy, but i will keep you guys posted.
Thank you all for your well wishes!

Day 1 Post Surgery Pics

Here are a couple of pictures the day after the BL/BA.

Day 3

Well today the pain is more discomfort than it is pain. Haven't taken any pain meds today.I'd rather not take any, they make me so drowsy. I end up sleeping for 3 hrs without moving and when I wake up n try to move its that much worse. I rather move around a bit every now n then. I can't wait to take my bra off n see my sweeties! I'm beginning to feel like they're too big :-( but I've seen other pics where in a few days they start to shapen up n end up looking amazing. Maybe it's just because yesterday I was in so much pain that I was finding anything n everything wrong with them.

Forgot to mention

Oh I forgot to mention that every now n then I feel a sting from my incisions but no real pain though. Which I'm guessing is a good thing. Maybe a little later I'll just go for it n take my bra off n snap a couple of pics.


okay ladies, finally! i got to see my sweeties. They're a little bruised but doc says they are doing fine. he said they will be a little smaller once they get into place.

Day 4 pics

Day 4 and no pain. Yay!
Finally I took the tape off. I don't like looking at the stitches they kind of creep me out. I look at them n it does a mental job on me, I begin to feel like they're going to split open n fall out! Doc says it all looks good. I can shower now and all he said to do was just put some neosporin on the 'lollipop' and put a gauze over it n to keep my bra on. So that's all I'm doing. Anybody doing anything different?
I still have no sensation on my right nipple but the vertical incision is starting to itch.
Hope everyone else is healing nicely :-)

Pics... 9 days post op

These pics are from a couple days ago. The white patchy scabs are actually the neosporin that i was using. I had gotten the one with 'pain reliever' and it turned out to be a thick white cream. I was too afraid to scrub it off when i showered. I've now changed to the regular clear neosporin.

Dr visit at 10 days

I had my second post op yesterday. Doc says everything looks good. He said not to start massaging yet only to do shoulder rolls and to keep a
'Rolce Royce' posture. He did say to start putting tape on the top half of my areolas, changing them every 3-4 days, said this would help to keep the scars from widening. On my left breast , at the bottom, i have a tiny seroma. He said just apply antibactirial ointment and it should be fine. He snipped a couple of stiches. It hurt alittle :(
Other than that I'm doing well, no pain just still a little bit of soreness.
Here are a couple of pics. I ended up using a mirror for better lighting. I feel like the others are a little blurry. Hopefully you guys can see them ok.
Hope everyone else is doing great!!!


Ok so I went to see my PS yesterday because my skin feels like its been sunburned. It hurts to the touch, even my bras are uncomfortable because it rubs against my skin. My doc said I have hypersensitivity because of the nerves being stretched. He said it will get better with time but he said to touch my breasts a lot to desensitize them. I will be starting massage soon and that will help as well. I looked it up on the "question" part of Realself and one doc had suggested using a vibrator. Will try that too. In the mean time I'm having my husband rub them while we watch tv. He doesn't mind at all ;) Doc said everyone has diff electrical charges so having someone else touch is really helpful.
My incisions are healing ok. I just have a small tiny opening on the bottom of each nipple right where the T meets. Will get some pics up a little later.

4 weeks post!

hi ladies, sorry I've been MIA. I'm 4 weeks post now and I have mixed feelings. I'm happy that i got them but I'm really starting to feel like they are just too big. I'm going to have such a hard time finding clothes. I went to nordstroms and bought a bra. i tried a bunch on and finally left with a 32DDD :( My hubby is over the moon of course but I'm not so sure that I like it.
Healing wise I think I'm doing okay. saw my doc last week and he said i should come back in 3 weeks. My skin is feeling MUCH better. I still have a tiny little sting feeling on my right armpit area but its not bad. My left nipple is still uber sensitive and I still have no feeling on my right nipple. I am using biocorneum on my incisions now.

4 months and thinking of redo

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated in forever. Im not sure how i feel about my boobs. I kind of feel like they are too big :( and still a little saggy :( the biggest problem for me is that I've had such a hard time finding bras. I've been waiting because i figured they still needed to settle in and what not but i think that at 4 months this is pretty much the size they will be. VS just straight up told me they don't make my size period. They don't have anything small enough at the band and big enough in the cup :( . I would need a 32F, which the girl said they don't make anything above DDD. At nordstroms the girl said that in reality i would need 30H, but the best she had was 32G. I'm so irritated :( I literally tried every single bra they had with a 32 band and above DDDD cups.
This was something I didn't think about when i picked my size. Ladies make sure that when you try on the sizers, besides the way they look, use a measuring tape and calculate your bra size. All you do is measure your band then you bend over and measure your bust. You then take the difference of those 2 measurements to determine cup size, less than 1 inch =AA, 1inch=A, 2 in = B, 3 in=C, and so on...
Now if feel like i still have saggy boobs now they're just bigger, I didn't necessarily want bigger boobs I wanted perkier boobs. I don't hate them and maybe the problem is just my skin, maybe my skin sucks i don't know. I really do like my PS and he came highly recommended by previous patients of his. I'm meeting with him next week for a followup appt so I'll see what he says about it, I'll let you all know.

My scars are okay i guess, I did expect to have noticeable scars because i know how my scars heal so that doesn't bother me and also its still early. I'm still using the bioCorneum.

I'll take some pics in a minute and post them so you can see what I'm talking about.


Feeling Better

I saw my PS yesterday and i feel soooo much better. I mentioned that I thought they were too big and saggyish and he pointed out that whats happening is that the one on the left is starting to ride up a little so he said to massage it. He took pics and showed them too me and i realized the difference in the angles that i take pics of myself. it really does look different. i guess every now and then we just need a little reassurance :) hope everyone is doing great!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Love, love, love Dr. Golshani and his staff. They are all very patient and helpful. Dr.Golshani was the last of 4 doctors that i met with. I loved the way he explained everything. They make you feel cared for and not as a one time transaction.

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