22 year old no kids, TWO YEARS post op:Tuberous breast correction to perky, fuller breast 300CC & 275cc (pics)

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I am 22 years old now and ever since I was maybe...

I am 22 years old now and ever since I was maybe 15 I felt ashamed and uncomfortable with my breast. I knew I should accept myself for who I am but i couldn't help but notice how different they were. My areolae are huge and I've always had downward pointing nipples. It wasn't right for a 15 year old to have "saggy breast". When i was 16 I promised myself that i when i hit 20 if my breast were still making me feel ashamed and affecting my over all confidence I would get the surgery. Here I am now, 22 and still uncomfortable. I booked a bunch of consultations after researching the benelli/donut lift which felt perfect for me. I am a person who is terrified of scarring so i try to stay FAR away from big incisions. To my surprise the doctor said a benelli lift was not the option for me! He said I need a lollipop lift which is going to leave a vertical scar. I was mortified, but the way he sounded so confident in what he was saying made me feel more confident in his decision. I rather pay for a one time surgery then to get a surgery i wouldn't be happy with because i was scared of scarring, and then end up more scarred from all of the future corrective surgeries. I decided to go with the lollipop lift. I am still incredibly scared, but i am confident that my result will be much better than what i have now. Attached are some wish pic's for my desired result.

2nd consultation done + booked my operation date !

okay, so i went in for my second consultation yesterday because i feel like this doctor is "the one" I just know it. He makes me feel very confident in his procedures and is very professional. I know i will be in good hands. He also has a remarkable staff. The ladies at the front desk make me feel right at home, answer all of my questions, and are very pleasant. I was in there all day yesterday after my consultation trying to get my financing in order. I finally am all paid for now it's just a countdown until surgery. I am excited, a bit nervous, but excited. I've waited a long time to finally fix these girls. I'm just hoping that i scar well. :) Wish me luck!! oh, I've attached some more wish pictures

counting down the days! :)

I am excited!
4 more days until surgery!
Today I picked up some fresh groceries and supplies for post op.
I didn't have to pick up much at all because my doctor is going to provide me with all of the necessities I need to take care of incisions and healing post op. So I literally just bought some comfort items. :) some of the items i bought today include: carmex lip chap, baby wipes, a new snuggly blanket, a cute house coat, a couple of front opening tops, a button down loose dress, a calendar/agenda to write and keep track of my medication times, and Mistress + Fifty Shades of Grey, the books (because i will get very bored of being a couch potato for the next few weeks)
I also set up and reorganized my closet so all of my easy-on post op clothing is all in the same area in an easy to reach location. I am all ready to go... Just counting down the days. =D

today is the day!!

I'm going in now. I don't have time to write much or post photos because I have to go in now, but I will when I get home. wish me luck ! xo

1 day post

Surgery was so easy the only painful part was hooking up the iv and that was just merely a pinch. When i was brought to the operation room i was kind of panicked because it was instant realization of what was about to happen. I was keeping calm though, when i got in the bed the doctor asked me what kind of music i wanted to hear. After making my choice, all i can remember hearing some of the song and then I waking up in the recovery room. I literally remember nothing else. The nurse gave me the last dose of pain killer though the iv, then helped me get dressed and wheeled me out and all the way to my friends car who was picking me up... So I ended up going up a size and becoming a small D cup. i can't see exactly how i look yet because my breast are sitting really high and i'm all bandaged up. I won't be able to come out of my bandages for a week. But the doctors and nurse who seen them before they were all wrapped up were all telling me how good they look ! No more huge areola :) I am a lot weaker than a lot of girls i follow on here and youtube post op though. They are making videos , walking around, changing clothes. I can barely make it out of my bed to get to the washroom. I can't feel any pain on the incisions yet, i am just very sore all around my chest, armpits and upper back area. Anyways I am going to attach another wish pic, before pic, and my bandaged up post op pic. more to come soon.

more wish pics

here are some more wish pics :)

Hey ladies! just updating you 3 days post

Today is my 3rd day post-op and I have to say I'm starting to feel a lot better. I can almost get up all by myself. The hardest thing for me is honestly trying to sit up from a lying position. I slept sitting completely up my first night to try and let the swelling move down but that gave me really uncomfortable back pain and pain in my arse the next day. So I moved my pillows to more of an angle, kind of like a chaise lawn chair, with my feet slightly elevated. It makes it all the more comfortable. During the day i still have myself propped up in a sitting up position for eating, watching tv and easy trips to the bathroom. I'm on track with my pills which is honestly one of the hardest things for me to keep track of. I usually forget to take pills and then eventually just stop taking them period. Especially when it's more than once a day. At first i was taking took much pain killer, too often without even realizing it. My ps called in to check on me one day post and reminded me of the proper dosage and hours for my pain killer meds. My sleeping hours are all wonky, the first and second night i'd wake up every 3 hours like clockwork. It's getting better though, last night i slept for a full 6 hours. Im also getting randomly nauseous and getting cold sweats which i assume is from all the meds. My throat has also been all blocked up ever since surgery. There was a tube down there to help me breath during which left me all flemmy and clogged up down there after wards. I just need a good cough to get it clear, but i am a big baby and too scared to cough it up because it still hurts to cough. I have my first post op check up on the 28th to see how I'm healing. Since my areolae were so huge pre op my ps said it would practically be impossible to remove all of the excess pigmentation without giving me a flat undesirable shape. So i might need to go in for a revision once everything is all healed. Just to remove all the extra pigmentation. Post op my ps said he successfully removed 99% of the excess pigmentation during the operation and that I am very lucky that my areolae are so light in colour because the pigmentation that was left might not even be that noticeable, but that all depends on how I heal. So we'll see if i'll be needing that revision. I also forgot to mention that i got two different size implants since my left boob is slightly bigger than my right i got 275cc's in my left boob and 300cc's in my right I never really noticed the difference before. I also had pretty swollen pre period breast in my before photo and the day of surgery so i hope getting two different size implants isn't going to make it more obvious of my size difference and one wasn't just more swollen because of how swollen my breast get before my period. I'll include a edited photo of what i mean by excess pigmentation left behind. This is not an actual result it is just one of my wish pics that was edited to show what it would look like if she had huge areola pre-op and it wasn't possible to remove all of the excess pigmentation during surgery.

pain around left areola

So late yesterday I've noticed a really hot painful stinging around what feels like my new areola, it is really uncomfortable and i won't be seeing my ps until tuesday. I hope its not an infection, i'm probably over reacting but it feels like its ripping apart. Im going to up my pain medication up to two pills next time i can take them. Hopefully that helps. Usually i would just email my ps or his office, but there is no way they will be open on a sunday. Also, my left implant has been feeling strange like its pounding a hole in my centre rib cage feeling very tight and making it very uncomfortable to sleep while my right one feels just fine. I'm hoping all this is normal so If anybody else has experienced this please let me know.

1 week post op!

Hi guys! its been a week since my operation and i'm healing well so far, I am just waiting for these girls drop soon to a more teardrop natural shape and lose the annoying swelling. lol! So far it seems like my left breast is more swollen and painful than the right. But this is totally common and nothing I should be too concerned about. I went in to see my PS yesterday for my check up and somewhere between seeing myself with stitches for the first time and trying to stay calm from my excruciating stomach cramps, I nearly fainted. (I have a history of this by the way) I've never had stitches before but i usually faint from the sight of my own blood or any new piercings I get. So anyway, my PS sat me down and let me cool off as he explained how to take care of my incisions starting this week and I was fine. I am lucky he is so calm and understanding because I was so embarrassed. He gave me the okay to take advil for my insane cramps since I'm at the 1 week post mark, and I was on my way. I've been pretty uncomfortable all day today from stopping the vicodin and then the painful breast tenderness from my period. But hopefully that all calms down soon. I had the chance to look at my breast again today without almost passing out and I think my areola are looking quite cute. lol I can't believe the difference so far in the overall look. I only have a little bruising directly under my bust and really small bruise lines on my back from this tight surgical bra. As for any thing serious, my PS says that I am healing beautifully. Everything is good so far & i'm on my to a healthy recovery. I am excited to see how far I will come along next week.

more photos!

more photos attempt 2

so obviously my photos didn't upload last time for some reason

2nd post op consultation

So I went for my second post op consult and I got my stitches removed. It wasn't as painful as i thought.. I was literally so scared to do it. My boobs are dropping and looking better everyday. although you can't see much difference with the stitches removed because i still have all the black scabbing everywhere, I'm too scared to scrub it off i think i should just let it fall off on its own. Im pretty scared to see how the scarring is going to turn out though. I don't know how my skin is going to handle it yet. So I am putting on my aquaphor everyday and hoping for the best. I will post more pics soon, as of right now they still look too similar to the last post.

Its been 3 weeks post! (almost 4)

I am definitely felling a lot better and my breasts are softening a bit. They are not so rock hard anymore. Pain has gone down a lot. My breast still get sore on occasion , when i move too fast or when i laugh & my nipples are so sensitive that they are painful when they get hard. They look beautiful though, I often catch myself checking myself out in the mirror. Im just really nervous with the healing process i really don't want to do anything that might mess up my outcome. I still have small scabs all around my incisions because I literally am afraid to scrub them off. I just rinse them in the shower and thats it. The scabs are slowly coming off little by little. I am not wearing the incision tape because I have very sensitive skin and my PS said it would be best not to irritate it. I hope I'm not missing out on a better healing process because of my sensitive skin though. Speaking of my sensitive skin, i haven't been wearing lotion on my breast because i've been scared of getting irritated skin from it or from getting it in my incisions when i bathe. The skin in my cleavage area has become quite dry so today, I tried out some lotion. I tried cocoa butter on my right breast and baby lotion on my left to see which one does better with my skin. well see how that goes.. Heres a fun pic of me in a tank, loving my new girls.

5 weeks post op!

I'm feeling a lot better and liking my new breast more each day. I am getting used to them and a lot of the soreness has gone away. For some reason I feel a strain in my right arm when I lift or move it.. I hope it goes away soon because next week it's back to the gym for me! Some other things I'm noticing and/or getting worried about is my scarring. The main reason I was scared to go through with the procedure is because I was petrified of the scarring so now I'm monitoring it like a hawk. My left breast seems to be healing faster and a little better than my right. The incision going down on the left is very thin and looking like it will fade well but on the right the incision gets wider the Lower it is on my breast. I think it's because I'm right handed. But I'm hoping it fades well... It's pretty pinkish in color and very sensitive to touch. It almost looks as though the scar has stretched. My areolas are pretty much healing equally. For the most part the scar around it is barely noticeable. Oh! And my super sensitive nipples are calming down. Only the right one is still somewhat painful when it gets hard. Overall I'm very happy with my outcome so far. It's a lot better than my before.

I got measured!

Finally six weeks post! Graduated the 'babying me phase'. It's back to the gym for me. And I can finally get rid of my surgical bra ! :) I got measured yesterday and I am a 32 DDD! very happy with the size I didn't want to go up any more than that. So far not very happy with the selection of bra styles that fit comfortably, there weren't very many cute ones. But I'll stick with extra support bras for now. I'll post new pics soon :)

My sizing

I started out as a 32c/34d with saggy breast and huge areolae . I went up to a 32 DDD with 300cc(R) 275cc(L) and a lollipop lift.

3 months post!

so now I'm allowed to lie on my stomach, but i still don't think i will though lol, not yet. I sleep mostly on my back but recently a lot on my side. I've been working out a lot and my breast seem to be fine, its only exercises like doing weights over my head or a bench press that my breast will start to feel really weird and i back out. But I'm having no more random pains in them, I'm just scared because recently i lost sensation in my left nipple. it still gets hard and soft as normal, but i feel nothing when i touch it, and i can feel all the sensation still in my right. I hope this passes and the feeling comes back. :( Besides that I'm loving how they are dropping and the overall shape is turning out .. especially from my before pic. Im in love, I'm just scared about my scarring. Its looking a lot more noticeable as time goes by and i haven't been using any scar products because I've been hearing sometimes it will make the scar more noticeable and purple in colour and most of the times it does nothing at all. My PS says that i can try them if i want to now but if I'm taking care of them properly i should heal just fine. I kind of want to try something though to shrink the pink before the scar is mature though. I don't know, I'm so caught in between what i should do. What do you think? Should i try something on it? or should i just let it heal on its own? If so has the creams or scar tapes been helping you?

3 months post!

First time wearing a half cup bra

ok, so this is a big deal for me. I've always wanted to be able to pull off a half cup bra. Trying them on before surgery was like my ultimate confidence crusher. I loved the idea and how they looked but I just dreaded the way i looked in them. And now Im so excited that i can finally wear one without looking extremely strange. Also they sort of cover my vertical scar which is also a plus.

5 months post!

So I haven't really posted in a while, and I thought I should update you guys what its like for me now 5 months post op. I'm going to start off by saying I am so happy with the decision i've made to finally get this done. My confidence has now sky rocketed and I feel comfortable with myself completely. Its crazy how much of a difference it can make all around. I've now got one month left before my breast should be officially settled at their final look. Ive been hearing that at 6 months post is basically what your final result is shape wise. The only two things I'm waiting to get better are my scars and my nipple sensation. One of my nipples is healing a little different than the other, at first i had extremely sensitive nipples right after surgery but now now one of them is sensitive (just a little more than it was pre op) and the other can barely feel a thing, I can pinch it hard and not even feel it. But they both still get hard in the cold, so they are still working lol. I'm just hoping I will regain sensitivity soon in the one. As far as scaring goes, my scars are still quite noticeable as you can see, but I'm still giving it time because thats usually how my scars heal and then with time they look invisible. I haven't been using any scar creams or any remedies i have just been letting them heal on their own. Hoping that was a good choice lol. I'm still wearing my tape though. My PS said it would help with rippling and puffiness. I usually wear it for a week and then off for a week until I hit my 6 month mark. hmm.. pain is completely gone. it's no longer painful or tight to do any movements but i do sometimes feel sore like if i were to lie on my stomach or do quick movements with my breast they feel a tiny bit sore. Shape wise, I feel they have changed a lot since the first week post, they have fluffed and look so beautiful, I actually cannot believe the difference in shape, especially looking at a before and after i posted above. I am so in love with them its crazy. Ive attached a 5 month photo update as well. and yes i sometimes still wear my post op bra.

Happy 6 months...

or should I say not so happy :( I am basically at my six month mark now, where I thought all the hard stuff would be over and healing would just be getting easier and better, but I was wrong. Last week my scars were healing so well that I wanted to take a pic to show you guys. They were flat, fading and looking beautiful. I was on my last week of tape because I was told to stop at 6 months and three days ago I took the tape off and to my surprise I had a huge hole on my incision line that was oozing some clear liquid. My other boob had a red spot on the areola. I called my Dr right away to schedule a meet with him. It turnes out, that's how my body is reacting to the sutures its uncommon that it happends so late in the healing process but it's not unheard of and there's nothing I can do about it, I just have to ride it out and let my body heal itself. The worse part is, that's not the only one. The red spot is also going to soon spit out a suture and who knows how many other sutures my body will reject and decide to spit out. I am trying to stay calm about it but honestly I'm really freaking out this could also take a toll on my scars for the worse! Why is my body acting so weird all of a sudden? I am really nervous and praying these heal well. I will post pictures soon

new photos

6 month update

I'm feeling a lot better about the spitting sutures, I am 10X more calm now. I am just really hoping I don't get any more. Over all, I'm just really happy and excited about the shape. They are looking more and more beautiful everyday. As you can see I've been taking photos in many different angles. I will be updating the before and after soon so you can see the full transformation (for 6 months) . As I mentioned before about the sutures,It just showed up out of no where. I tried following it with daily - weekly photos of what it looked like from when i first noticed it until today. Hopefully, this might help some.

Excess pigmentation & scars

I feel like it's been so long since I've updated you guys. I've been so busy lately. Anyway, I'm not sure if you guys remember but I was talking about excess pigmentation at my 3 days post op post and possibly pre op. I feel like the excess pigmentation is what's making my scars more noticeable because I scar lighter than my skin and my areola are a bit darker than my skin so it makes my vertical scar very easy to notice. If you take a closer look at my photos you can notice the excess pigmentation. It's not as exaggerated as the example photo I provided in the "three days post" post but it is there. Also the sutures that surfaced made my scar wider and uglier. I think after a year post op I'm definitely going to go in for scar revision just to get rid of that pigmentation and hopefully shrink the size of my scar. In that procedure I'm also thinking of getting some fat sucked out of my new areola to get rid of the puckering. "puffy nipples". In the meantime I just ordered some bioconreum cream from my ps to help minimize my scar after the whole suture thing. But on the upside my girls are looking more natural eceryday, they jiggle when I walk, and are so squishy!!

its been a while

hey, its been a while since I've updated you guys, I started using scar cream after that suture popped, because it left a rather ugly scar. it hasn't cleared up too much but its looking a lot better. i can't believe its almost been a year, they've dropped so nicely. i think after the year mark though i am going to go back in for scar removal. Because the excess pigmentation which i mentioned pre op is starting to show and i think ill have a much more beautiful result without it. i am happy that i went through with this procedure though I'm loving the confidence it has given me.


before after update

front view

sorry i forgot to include a frontal one . this one you can really see the shape difference from before to after, its amazing!! i am so happy with them!
My scars are covered with concealer in the after photo so it doesn't distract from how good the shape is now. I'm thinking i might be able to just tattoo my scars rather than get the scar surgery since they are so easily covered with make up.. but we will see how that goes a little later...

photo didn't upload

one year post op

okay, so I'm one year post now!!! absolutely loving the shape, i added some new photos, sorry guys it is to see the shape of them i am wearing makeup on my scars in the photos, i didn't heal that flawless. I was debating whether or not to go with tattoo scar camouflage and I am now 100% certain that i will , the makeup alone hides my scars almost completely and gives me so much more confidence. It helps me see how wonderful of a job my doctor did, especially looking at my before photos, he really nailed my goal. I just need to now book my tattoo session, if anyone knows a good place to get it done let me know, i will be doing my research and keeping you updated :) and i will post more one year photos without the makeup as soon as i wash it off. ;)

Photo without make-up

I apologize for the late update. here is the photo without make-up. my scars are still clearly visible. I haven't made any progress with tattooing yet. Please excuse the lines on my left breast it is indentation from the bra i was wearing.
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