38I to 32F After Baby Full Lift 650cc/500cc CA

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Can I say how great this site is? It is nice to...

Can I say how great this site is? It is nice to have such a great support system that provide lots of tips, advice, support and encouragement. I have always been a busty girl (natural 36F) throughout my life. After having my baby, my bust became A SUPER BUST : 38H/I. Wow talk about crazy boob grief!! However, after l finishing BF my son and losing about 70lbs, my breast became super deflated and super saggy.
So, it is time to get a little help and time to get my groove back! Like all of you, I am so terrified of surgery!! I know things will be ok, but now being a wife and mom, I have so much more to loose. Ok, I will stop with the negativity and focus on the positive.

I had my first and only consultation with Dr Diaz in BH, CA. We decided to go 550cc silicone (high profile) along with a full lift.

More pictures of the pre-surgery tatas

Pre-op appt in 2 weeks!!!!!! I'm getting nervous


Went to the office for pre-op and paid the full amount. Can't believe I'm 2 weeks away from surgery. Good thing I'm going to Vegas for my last hoorah....

More pics

Some pics of me wearing a super padded bra from VS (not sure which one but it does the trick). All natural and deflated 36F

1 week left until my BA\BL

Would like some recommendations for items that are needed post surgery? I feel like I'm so unprepared..... :(

I'm so going my miss playing with my toddler post surgery but at least I can catch up on some Netflix binges and sleep! ????

1 more day

Omg! Can't believe that my surgery is tomorrow. Although I'm so excited, I'm super anxious!

Surgery Day!!!!

Happy to announce that I'm done with surgery. I'm writing this review under the influence of legal drugs ????! Lol
We arrived at the center at 645am to fill out last minute paperwork followed by urine test for pregnancy test. Let me just say that the anxiety level was off the charts. It's not that I was questioning my decision but I was mostly worried about the amount of pain I'll be facing and waking up from anesthesia. I guess this is quite common for everyone.

Dr. Diaz arrived soon after and it was time to get all marked up along with answering last minute questions. All the nipple breast lift made me super nauseous so I had to take a small break halfway through the marking. After several minutes, we proceeded and made sure I was away from the mirror.

We also talked about implant size and decided to go a little bigger: 650cc in my left breast and 500 in my right breast. My right breast has always been bigger and it never bothered me, but if we can corrected now then why not? I'm also 165lbs, 5'9 and have lots of breast tissue here.

Afterwards it was time to walk to surgery, get an IV and be put to sleep. On the table and right before anesthesia, I had tears in my eyes, but was happy that I was doing this. Images of my son and hubby really helped to ease the anxiety. Happy thoughts helped calm the nerves! ????

The surgery took 4 hours and post recovery took 3.5 hours (I'm sensitive to anesthesia). I woke up in so much pain, it was so unreal. Not sure what they gave me but it wasn't working. I asked for additional meds but since they just gave me a muscle relaxer, I had to wait an hr for pain meds (in and out from drowsiness, this sure seemed like eternity). After the hour was up, I felt so much better.

Dr. Diaz and his staff were simply AMAZING! Their bedside manner was flawless and made me super comfortable. Dr.Diaz made me feel at ease and gave me lots of reassurance that everything is going to go smooth and I'll be satisfied with results.

Once we were all done, we had about an hour of commute. Hubby is his hardest to make the car ride more enjoyable but I felt every bump and rock on the road.
I was so happy once we arrived home and was able to get into bed. Wow, what an exciting day!!!!

Day 2

My pain is finally managed with new set of painkillers. Finally feeling so much better. My husband is taking such great care of me....I'm such a lucky gal.

Was planning to shower today but spent the entire day sleeping, walking and Netflix binging.

Got on the scale and gained 8lbs post surgery. The bloating is crazy and can't wait to hit the gym soon.

48 post Surgery!

The past 48hrs has been a rollercoaster: between med modification, some nausea and bloating like no other, I'm starting to be more mobile. I'm able to get out of bed on my own, use the restroom, walk down the stairs and take short walks around the house. I finally took a shower and saw the girls for the 1st time and I'm so happy!!!

Let me just say that Tammy, Nadia, nurses (forgot their names) and Dr. Nahal (sp?) have been so helpful in answering all our questions and following up. Dr, Diaz has the best staff ever!

More pics

One of my GFs came over and we did a photo session :) in some pain but really happy with the results so far. Some tummy bloating but that will go away soon. We even went on a night walk: SCORE!

4 days post surgery!

So last night I took a pain med and muscle relaxer and finally slept through the night. Wow, I'm feeling so much better and very refreshed. :) The pain is slowly subsiding but I still feel some tightness and soreness but that just comes with the territory here.

Also, I got on the scale and lost 5lbs so I have another 3 more!!!! I'm not really stressing!obsessing about my weight, but I've always struggled with my physical appearance. 3 lbs is nothing compared to the 70lbs I've lost in the last 7months!

5 days post surgery

So it's been 5 days since surgery and my scars are itching like crazy. My post surgery bra was driving my crazy so I let the girls "breathe" for 15 mins. Not sure if that's ok to do but it's been pretty hot lately and I just needed a small break.
The pain is slowly subsiding but im still experiencing some pressure and muscle tightness. Thank goodness for those muscle relaxers.

I'm pretty mobile right now: able to take a shower, do some minimal cleaning around the house and take care of my toddler (no lifting obviously). I'm able to lift my arms now so I'm hoping the PS will clear me for driving soon.

So last night I tried on some of my tank tops and they were a little tight and uncomfortable (nipples running against the material). Having saggy breast and nipples pointing at the ground my entire life, it's nice to see them lifted and pointing straight forward. I'm so grateful for my hubby who made this surgery possible and took care of basically everything. I'm so in love with the new boobies and how they turned out.

1 week post-op

Done with my 1st post-op appt and feeling great! I'm loving my perky boobalicious boobies. One thing that was a slight concern was my darken right nipple which Dr. Diaz diagnosed as ischemia. I was advised to slather my nipple with Neosporin and happy to announce that my nipple is slowly coming back to life.!!!! Whew.....was worried for a split second but Dr.Diaz assured us that my nipple will get better but need some time to heal. Also, went to the gym to do super light cardio...:) win win and feeling great.

Nipple update!

So I've been slathering neosporin (non-stop since Monday) on both nipples and things are moving along. Although it looks painful and scary, my pink nipple tissue is coming through and the black tissue is slowly shedding. Whew, let me tell you how happy I am!

2nd post op

I saw my PS today and he's super happy with the progress! He mentioned that the dead tissue is going to scab off within the next 2-3 weeks. What a relief! Because of the use of neosporin, the tape around my nipples has been slowly peeling off. He replaced it and I seriously feel like a brand new person. Until then, keep calm and slather more neosporin!

Question....possible infection?

So my nipples are slowly healing but now I've noticed some redness under my right nipple (your left) and closer to sternum. Why can't my right boobie get a break? I've emailed the Patient Coordinator with photos. Hopefully the will get some answers soon ????

Gym time!

Happy to be back in my routine! Have my 1st training session with my awesome trainer. Will mostly focus on legs since I don't want to mess with upper body yet. It's the simple things that make me happy and my Boobies!

1 month post surgery

I can't believe it's been one month post surgery. My ischemia completely healed and my nipple is nice and pink and bleeding 30% of the time. Therefore, I have to do some minor wound care (wet/dry gauze) for another week or two. This is happening because the black part of the nipple fell off and new skin is forming. The bottom part of the nipple is also healing nicely and closing up with each neosporin application.

So tonight went out with hubby and didn't wear a bra! OMG first time ever.....

2 month progress

Feeling fabulous and completely healed from my nipple ischemia. Now just waiting for the "drop and fluff"

3 months post surgery!

I'm in love with my boobies! Had my follow up appointment and so far so good! I'm continuing with scar treatment cream and daily massages. I'm able to wear bras with underwire!!
Note: rippling from the sports bra :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Diaz and his staff are so professional and very caring, I can not stop raving about the entire experience. He answered all of questions and was super honest about the procedure and complications.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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