35 Years Old, No Kids, 98 Pounds, 5"5, Petite, 300cc Right/325cc Left, Mentor High Profile, Under the Breast Incision

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I just wrote the longest review ever! but it got...

I just wrote the longest review ever! but it got deleted :( I can't believe it. This time I'm going to be concise because I have been writing since a long ago. I wanted implants since forever. My sister got them 8 years ago but I was afraid to get them at the same time as her. I was tired to look like a 12 year old kid and I wanted to look more like a woman. I'm also tired to used the bombshell Victoria secret bras all the time. I researched a lot about implants. The good and the bad. The happy and horror stories. However at the end I decided to put my fear aside and to do the surgery. Also, since the moment I decided to to it I got obsessed about boobs and I spent a lot of time in this app and internet looking at stories, pics, and different breast augmentation cases. I book my first consultation with dr Eugene kim on October. Consult was short and concise. Plan to have extra time during your consults because you have to fill out documents a wait before seen the dr. Kim. After that consult I went to 4 more in LA. All of them suggested me different sizes and profiles of implants so I ended up really confused. At the end I chose dr kim. So I schedule my first pre-op appointment and my surgery date. On the pre op appointment I had to paid the full amount but be aware to pay for the correct type of implants. I realized they charged me for saline implants even thought I wanted to get silicone ones. So they corrected the mistake and charge me the difference. During the pre-op I told dr. Kim I wanted a C cup. So we decided 300cc, high profile because I told him I wanted projection, and incision under the breast. Dr. kim also gave me my prescription. On that day they also did the blood tests. I booked my surgery for 10/28/16 at 11am.

My stats:
98 pounds

Implants i got at the end:
Silicone 325cc right/300cc left
Mentor high profile
Under the muscle
Smooth surface implants
Incision under the breast

Surgery day 10/28/16

One night before I did jot sleep well because I was nervous. I stopped eating and drinking water by 10 pm. one day before the surgery. I made sure I had my medicines and all the things I was going to use during that week. On the surgery day I took an emend 2 hours before the surgery helps. I'll recommend to take it even if it's expensive ($120) because it works really well relieving nauseas after the anesthesia. My boyfriend took me to the clinic. They gave me the surgical clothes to change. I took a pregnancy test. They checked my vitals and put a warm air in the blanket so I as really warm and comfortable. Also, I was given an IV. Dr. kim went to talk to me and we went to my wish looks for last time. The anesthesiologist then came to talk to me to explain what was going o happen. The nurses were really friendly and sweet. They took me to the surgical room and from now on I don't remember anything. I just remember I woke up and my boyfriend and nurse took me to the car on a wheelchair. On my way home (1 hour driving) I was really hungry. The surgery was programmed at 11 but it happened at noon or later than that. So, I started eating the snacks that I brought. I also drank plenty of water and took my antibiotic. As soon as I got home I had lunch and I took the hydrocodone and then went to sleep. I woke up just to take my medicine but each time I took and hydrocodone I had really bad time breathing. I also felt my head spinning and heavy but the worse sensation was the struggle of breathing. I thought those sensations were normal because I never took anything like that before. At dinner time I had a little bit of nauseas but I stopped eating and it ceased. It wasn't too bad. By the time I took my 4th hydrocodone my breathing just got worse and I felt terrible. So I ended up in emergency room. They took my vitals and told me it was an adverse reaction of the hydrocodone on my body so they told me to take Tylenol extra strength instead. Tylenol wasn't helpful by coping with the pain but I preferred being in pain rather than being struggling breathing. Next day Dr kim called me to check up on me. I told him what happened and complained that no one gave me the post-op instructions. No one also gave me his direct number or the implants cards. I guess the nurses did not pay attention in doing that. Dr. kim apologized afterwards during my first consult. If you are getting a surgery Just make sure you go home with your post op instructions and your surgeon direct telephone number because you never know what can happen. I don't even want to know how expensive the emergency room bill is going to be :/ . I do needs help to do things such as getting out of bed, warming my food in the microwave, opening medicine and water bottles and things like that. Next days were painful. My right breast (325cc) did not give me so much pain but the left one (300cc) was really swollen and high and gave me sharp pains all the time. Until now that breast bitter me the most. I still feel pain there that triggers between the sternum and the implant. I can also feel the implant at that point. 3 days after the surgery I was able to shower and it was sooo good. I got really constipated and took a dulcolax which was the worst idea ever because it gave me horrible stomachaches and the worse thing is that I couldn't poop. I asked my boyfriend to buy a feet enema for me and help me with it. The funny thing is that he did not have any idea about enemas . He never saw one or never used one. After using it it was soooo good. Everything I ate since I was 5 years old came out lol.. sorry for being extremely descriptive but it really helps and the best thing is that it does not give you any stomach pain. It just cleans your colon beautifully. Next days I just focused on healing.

1st post-op appointment

7 days after surgery was my first pre-op appointment. Dr kim removed the take and the skin stitches. He also gave me my implants card (you have to get this on your surgery day, so ask for it). He also showed me how to massage my breasts and I booked my second appointment for 2 more weeks.

10 days after

Right one does not bother at all anymore but left one still bothers. The left one has an indentation between the sternum and implant that I hope it goes away. The pain always triggers on that area. I'm massaging them for 15 min everyday. I wonder if I should massage more times per day ?? I'm able to do most of the things right now but I don't have 100% of strength on my arms yet. I stop taking medication after 7 days from the day of my surgery. So far I liked them. I can't imagine how some girls can get bigger implants. I just can't imagine how tight should their chest feel and how painful they should be. I don't think I could have been able to handle bigger implants. I'll be updating later on.

21 days after surgery

Yesterday I had my 3 weeks post appointment. It went to well. Dr. kim told me that they look well. He also told me that I can take my vitamins now and I can do some cardio. He stills wants me to sleep on my back and to keep wearing sports bra to sleep but I can wear normal bras without padding during the day. They are still tight and high but time will do its job. I massage them for 15 min everyday. That's helping a lot to make them softer. I hace cero pain now. I have morning boobs but it passes fast. Yesterday for the first time I went to buy some bras a cute clothes. For the first time since I got them I loved them. I can believe I can use bras without padding. That never not even in my dreams happen to me before. I bought some cute bras in small because the diameter of my torso is really small so the medium ones are lose on my torso. I bought a couple of bodysuits from American appeal that are so sexy. Today I'm going to start the scar treatment that Dr kim gave me. I'm going to post pics of the scars today and after the treatment to see how good is the biocornium(scar treatment silicone base). So far everything is fine and I'm happy with the size. I have some mondor's cord(blood vessels inflamed) which are visible when I raise my arms. I will start taking ibuprofen today to get rid of them. I'm loving this new chapter in my life.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Consults with dr. Kim are short and concise but he really knows what he is doing. He also replies fast emails or telephone messages. Just make sure you have the right email. I can tell he really cares about his patients, so I'm happy I chose him to perform my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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