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I've had boobs since grade 3, but I swear they...

I've had boobs since grade 3, but I swear they hadn't grown since then. I had lost about 39 lbs over the last few years and told myself my present to myself would be new boobs. I re-gained 10 lbs, but plan to re-drop those pounds soon and went ahead with my present!

Finally at almost 32 years old, I left Canada and flew to Beverly Hills for the long awaited procedure. I had consults locally, but a friend of mine lives in LA and offered to take care of me. She used the Dr and was amazed with her results. This, plus the lower cost of surgery, made me go for it! I had a consult back in December while I was visiting, and had my surgery (along with a lip lift, lip fat injection) back on June 13th.

The team was great and explained everything to me. I wasn't nervous at all which surprised me as I had never had surgery before. Over all I was very impressed with the clinic, the staff and the Dr.

I am now just over two weeks post op, and I love it. Bruising is almost gone and the sutures are closing nicely. I just switched the paper tape over my incisions (to push the scars down) and saw the sites for the first time. I am still tender and am waiting for the implants to "drop", but they aren't sitting that high up.

I feel my body now looks the way it should have looked and am excited to see myself with 10-15 lbs gone. I was wearing a 36A but now think I may have been a 34B now that I know how to figure sizes out. When you are small, you just don't care. I had 371 ccs implanted over the muscle through the nipple. Recent measurements places me at about a 36DD but this may shrink as swelling goes down. The Dr. recommended over the muscle because I had tubular boobs (pointy) and I did NOT want the pointiness to continue after surgery.

If you have the surgery, REST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. I took quite a few days to heal while visiting my friend and I really think that helped speed up recovery. I'm glad I wasn't at home so I didn't worry about the dog or the house or work.

Over 3 Weeks Later...

Three weeks later and I couldn't be happier.

I am off the pain meds, and am mostly pain free. If I bend over too far, I get a burning sensation. I also get sore but feel the massages help. I'm now back to work full time and am dealing with that ok.

I'm happy with the size but part of me wishes I went a TINY bit bigger. These look pretty natural I believe.

One (with the tattoo) has dropped a bit leaving the other looking a bit high. I've been wearing my band hoping to push that sucker down but so far it hasn't wanted to co-operate. I know it will drop eventually.

I am so glad I did this. I feel so much sexier. :D Soon I will try on all my clothes to see which still fit and which to toss.

Oh, I still have very little feeling on the boobs/nipples. I trust this will come back over time but for now it's just numb.


Oh and I find my nipples are always erect now. I'm not sure if this is because they were pierced for 10 years prior to this, or if it has to do with the surgery. But they are always saying hello.

Luckily the white sports bra I'm wearing above, has a tiny bit of padding which hides them and doesn't make me obscene for work!

Incision Site (2 weeks in)

A Month Later...

And I'm still super excited with my results. :)

I am still tender every now and then but overall I feel fine. One boob has dropped while the other has not so I look a little lopsided. I can't wait until they are the same. Until then, I'm wearing the strap and massaging as recommended.

Considering I had my surgery in another Country, I was unable to go to the month consult. However, due to technology, I was able to send pics. Looks like all is well. I still have 1 stitch on my un-dropped boob but that will take up to 3 months to come off.

I'll attach some pics taken on my 4 week Boobiversary.

Soon as I drop I will measure to see what size I am! At last measure I was a 34 DD.


I think the other boob has started to drop. I don't look so lopsided any more!

The incision sites are looking good as well.

Pic of Lopsidded

Here is a pic of the lopsidedness of a few days ago...

The Big Reveal...

Took my boobs out for a spin with some girls at a cabin. SO MANY QUESTIONS. But I like informing others.

Pics from July 29th

Looking good. A bit lopsided again. :(


I should really put more thought into my entry, before hitting enter. hah.

But I have re-measured and I'm still coming up as a 34DD. Will go get a real bra at some point and see what fits me but it's nice to be "large".

I do wish I went a bit bigger but I am happy with what I got. I look at them ALL THE TIME.

Fitted for a Bra!

I went to Bra Bar today during my lunch to see what they had. I tried on about 10 bras and most of them were 34Es!!!!

I bought a nice affordable ($60 vs $120) leopard print bra and a "Shock Absorber" sports bra. The total was $138!!! Luckily I had a $100 g/c that I used.

OH, and today is my two month anniversary! I'm doing ok, but still not able to do anything more than walk, light housework, etc or I will hurt majorly the following day. I learned this the hard way by jogging for 30 seconds the other day. :(

Over Three Months Post Op

Time sure flies. I can't even remember pre-boobs now. I still love them and still stare at them all the time. I'm a 34DDD (or E) as per a fitting which is larger than I wanted, but I'm glad I got them!

I am still a bit tender in the mornings, and my nipples are a bit odd as they are just getting feeling back. I think the boobs are fairly even now and the scars are healing nicely!


Over Two Years Later..

I'm sure everyone stops updating after a certain point, so I figured I'd do one last update now that it's been two years (in June).

Things are great. I have no regrets and would do it again. Only I'd go bigger. I am so used to them now, and I don't even remember what I looked like before.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Excellent Dr. Excellent work. The office had excellent service. They told me what to expect and seemed to care about me, not just about making money. Recommended for sure.

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