34 yr old Mommy of 2 Lovely Kids. Finally getting my push present after breastfeeding them both for 13mths. Getting BA & BBL!

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Got my first ba when I was 26 and hated them but...

Got my first ba when I was 26 and hated them but now I'm finally getting then corrected and getting a bbl to go along with it too! Super excited that I moved my date up 10 days earlier. I originally planned for 3/14 and moved it up to 3/3!!! I appreciate this community for sharing all your experiences so that I can make an informed decision on my upcoming procedure! I can't wait to see everyone's end results and I can't wait to share my journey with y'all ????

Wish pictures

In a perfect world I would love to look like this after my breast implant revision and BBL!!!

Surgery moved up!

So I moved up my surgery earlier again. So it's now on 2/23 ;) I can't believe that's in 3 weeks! I'm too embarrass to post my breast so I'll probably post a picture once my surgery is done.

Pre op photos... 3 more weeks!!!

So here's my pre op photos. I'm too embarrass to take my top off even though I'm getting my breast implant revision as well. I'm hoping to maybe post some photos of my post op pictures of my breast once they are all corrected. These photos were taken 2 weeks ago. I'm 5'2 and weighs 138lbs. I have not done my measurements but I will put them up and post another pre op pics the day before my surgery. I'm looking to replace my 350 cc saline hp under with 500 cc silicone hp under. I hope this info helps for those who are looking to get the same procedure as I am with the same height and weight.

Lab work done!!!

So I have less than 3 weeks until my surgery and I just made my final payment and did my lab work done today. I'm also seeing Dr. Hazani for my pre op so he can order my silicone implants and discuss the details of my procedure.

surgery moved again...for the last time..aarrghhh!!!

So I was originally scheduled for March 14 but had to move it up since I had conflict with work schedule. So I scheduled it for Feb 23 but come to find out this past Monday that I'm not clear to do my breast revision sx since I'm still lactating since the last time I breastfed my son was Thanksgiving 2015 and it has not been quite 3 months post breastfeeding. I started taking sage tea to help me dry up so I can be ready for my new sx date of 3/29. I'm so bummed out that I have to wait longer now :( I just want this to be over with already.... plus on top of that I need to have my boobies & buddy ready for my Hawaii family trip in May. Dr. Hazani said that I'm clear to go but I'm afraid that i'll still be bruised up then and can't sit too long to fly to Hawaii for 5 hours. *sigh*

Butt shape: heart vs round

So I haven't decided the shape of butt I want. I like the heart shape since I really want a small waist but since I have wide hips I'm not sure if I want it to look even wider. Should I do round or heart?

It's official!!!! My new surgery date is on March 9 !!!!

Debbie is so awesome and got my date moved up to March 9 from March 29. She's so awesome at her job and since I've been paid in full since last month she did her best to accommodate my request. I'm so excited and nervous.

1 more week until surgery day!

So I'm here at my local pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions!!! It's getting real!

Post op supplies

So I only got 2 days until my surgery and just waiting for Debbie to give me a call for my time and location. I'm getting anxious since I always want to be mentally prepared for everything. Here are some of my post op supplies.


So day 1 of post op and I am very swallowen. My hands and forearms are ginormous!!! As for the breast I love my revision so far since it looks so much symmetrical compared to what I had before. As for the booty, I got 1320 in each butt!

Day 4 post op: breast augmentation revision

Before picture taken the day of sx (right). After picture take today, March 13 but took it looking at the mirror (left) it looks so much symmetrical! I know it's still too early to tell but I love the way it came out!

1 week post op

Hi Dolls!!! So today marks my week 1 of this crazy journey. I've been a little emotional since I've gained over 10 lbs over night after my sx. I felt like I was pregnant again and nothing fits. Yesterday was my 1st follow up appt and Dr H drained my Seroma and gave my my 2nd stage garment and bbl pillow. So my legs are still black and blue and it's super swallowen. For those that got their thighs lipo any suggestions on the swelling part? My feet look so huge and it feels like it's going to pop! As for my hips, I don't think he put in any fat or if he did it went away! Since I got my BA at the same time I can only sleep on my sides. I've been frequently switching every hour so that I can make them even out. Just want to thank everyone that post great tips and suggestions!

1 week post op

So there's a side by side photo of my before and after. The day of sx and 1 week after. So I got my arms, thighs, abdomen, flanks, back, bra roll lipo'd and my breast augmentation revision as well.

Bra shopping

I I'll be going to attend a company recognition party tomorrow so I decided to get some new bras. It'll be my first day back to work... Kind of. So I went in today to vs and got resized with my new boobies! So I'm 34DD there. The lady working there asked me where I got my garment. I didn't want to let her know about my sx but I'm not sure if she noticed my suture at my back and all the bruises I have on my arms and back.

Back to work

So I technically went back to work yesterday right after my 2 weeks post op. Right after seeing Dr Hazani I went straight to a company recognition event. My sister drove me to my appt and she waited for my event to end as well. So just a tip: practice sitting down with your bbl pillow at home first. So today is my official 2 week mark and drove myself to work. It's a good 35 min commute but it as the most uncomfortable ride ever. I wish I practiced sitting on the bbl pillow first. So get this I didn't want to bring the bbl pillow at the company event since it would make it too obvious. I've got so many compliments on how good I look but never mentioned if I work out or not. People that haven't seen me in year were all compliments. So the first 2 pics from the left was my outfit that day. So today at work I toned it down by wearing a longer blazer. So today at work was not fun. I had to go through hundreds of emails and sat for the most part with my bbl pillow. I am starting to grow more muscles at my back and thighs since those where I put the most pressure while sitting. So we'll see what tomorrow but brings!


So I'm still using my bbl pillow and just started using the inflatable tube to lounge at the sofa to watch tv. Thanks to Bootyhopeful for the tip. It's helpful to change my position for once since I've been sleeping on my sides since after sx.


I'm 3 weeks today and not so thrilled with my tummy. Anyone else having this problem? My tummy is so lumpy and uneven and have bulges at the sides. I no longer use the binder only when I get home from work and while asleep. None of my work clothes fit if I have the binder on so I don't wear it to work. Any suggestions?

Waist train

So I bought this waist trainer for short torso and had been wearing it since Sunday. I bought large thinking I would be in it for a good while. Today I was able to comfortably wear it at the tightest hook so I just purchase another one but 1 size smaller. We'll see how long I will be able to wear it.

3 months post op

You be the judge if it's worth it. Just so you know I gained 18 pounds over night after the sugery since I was under general anesthesia for the maximum allowed of 6 hours. I was devastated when I weighed myself the morning after sugery. It's been a struggle for me when losing weigh since I've always been over weight growing up. I originally weighed 136lbs after losing weight from my last pregnancy and I thought why not gain 5 lbs before surgery so I weighed 142lbs in surgery day. I will not advise to do what I did. As a matter of fact try to lose as much weight as you can and the rest of the stubborn fat should be the ones be sucked out of you to get transferred. That's my recommendation and bbl is not a weight lose program so don't expect to lose weight or be thin afterwards. As you can see my stomach still look the same. I am currently weighing 140lbs at 3 months post op and just started dieting and excersing regularly about 2 weeks ago. As I mentioned I always struggle keeping my weight down. My weight goal is 130lbs since I am only 5'3. I am hoping that my booty doesn't get any smaller than what I have. Here's some photos of my 3 months post op taken today.

5 months post op

So I've lost quite a lot of volume in my butt. Some of my friends & co workers notice I've lost weight but didn't comment much about my booty. I guess it's not significantly noticeable that I got a slightly bigger butt compared to before. I just wish that my stomach was much flatter and my waist is much smaller. To be quite honest I'm not too excited about my result plus I still has to eat healthy /clean and workout 3x a week to even look what I look now.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

I was a bit rushed on the day of my consultation but the dr turned it around since he is so accessible through email and phone. I really appreciated that I can talk to him after hours since I have 2 small children that always needs my attention. It's been 3 days post op and I must say that Dr. Hazani is a master of his craft! He is a well rounded Doctor. I am glad that I found him and he fixed my botched BA that was done by another BH Doctor. I will post more pictures soon. Please don't get discourage and frustrated when it comes to getting your consult day or even your sx date. He will give you all the attention you need when it's your turn. Believe me, being patient and understanding will all payoff!!!

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