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I am having lipo of my full stomach flanks and...

I am having lipo of my full stomach flanks and inner thighs as well as bra roll with a breast lift and fat transfer to breasts. I have had lipo 2 times in the past once at age 21 (love handles & stomach) and again at age 25 (arms) with dr yoho both times and I was happy. I would love to be even happier this time around. I have chosen dr motykie in Beverly Hills I have seen a few unhappy comments but I am comfortable with him and with all the pressure of choosing the right doctor I have decided to go with it I like all of his before and after photos also

Surgery in 3 more Days

I'm nervous a little but anxious to already began healing I didn't post pics before so I'll up load them now

Surgery today

Ok so quick review its 7am I'm suppose to arrive at 8:45 surgery should last about 4 hours everyone has been really helpful and informative in his office including him yesterday was my pre op went great. I'm even thinking about doing fat transfer to lips I've never tried fillers so I do want it lightly . I'm excited and nervous but hey that's normal. I will keep updates I took some pics this morning also wish me well

1 day after surgery w Dr motykie

Hey everyone so I had surgery yesterday as I stated before I had a breast lift fat transfer to breast lipo of my full stomach full back flanks and inner thighs I also decided to go along w the fat transfer to lips. Ok my lips are pretty swollen and they're big but I'm sure it's because of the swelling and also I've been told some of that fat won't survive. I'm soreeeee lol but I've been here before so I kinda knew what to expect as far as the lipo . BELIVE it or not my breast are the least sore which I suprising with the cuts and the fat transfer. I have not seen my breast nor my stomach or anything just the lips I'm Bandaged up everywhere like a mummy lol. So although I BELIVE everything will be great I haven't seen it yet. Im going to his office today to have my 24 hour check up if possible I'll post pics of not as soon as I'm able to take a shower I will as far as my experience I have to say it was the best Dr motykie is very concerning very gentle very friendly u feel comfortable saying whatever comes to mind to him. His staff like shengall Diana Liza the anesthesiologist and other nurses were also amazing and that's an understatement before and after surgery very informative never inpatient with my many questions and concerns how ever his receptionist is terrible her attitude stinks ! She gave my bf and sister a hard time and also questioned my sisters Chanel bag while I was in surgery which I found very disrespectful and I will be mentioning this the Dr motykie no complaints other than that and so far I'd recommend everyone I know I haven't seen my results yet be in praying I'm even happier . I will update later after my apt

Just left my check up 1 Day out of surgery

Omg I am so pleased with my breast of course there a lot of swelling and bruising but the shape is so nice one does look a lil bigger but I kinda feel that makes them look even more natural I've heard most of that fat won't last but I'm praying it does as far as the lipo it's really bruised but it looks great and I'm only one day or of surgery so for me to be happy now a amazing I also asked for my areola to not be tiny and it's looks perfect in size although I can't see the scaring yet or the areola without sutures I'm happy at this point I would definetly come back for any and everything . I LOVVEEEE SHEGAL, JJ , & Diana words can't explain how they make u feel and how acomidating they are I felt my garmet wasn't right enough and with no hesitation SHEGAL and JJ I have a few pic please compare my before breast to my after the difference is so amazing Dr Motykie is the man !
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Thus far I've only had a consultation I will be going in for my pre op the day before surgery .

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