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My advice to you never I mean never go to a doctor...

My advice to you never I mean never go to a doctor that have seasonal specials! I had a ba and I have hated it with a passion since I got them. I went in With beautiful perky breast that fit my small frame. Now I am left with 500 cc now sagging breast that are so far apart they make me look like a football player. Everyone told me to wait a year and I will get use to them. Wrong. It's obvious the work done on me now takes away from me and is something I regret every 3-4 hours of everyday. They stick out a inch out from my rib cage. They hurt my back 24-7 and now am pregnant with them growing.... say hello to size F bra till the baby birth. I can't wait to get them removed after the baby. They told me I had strong shoulders to support them.... Wrong. Many doctors agree that they are too big for my frame and body type. My thin dancer figure now look like a science fiction character in a comic. The most important part is how rude the doctor and staff were right from the start. I should of listened to my gut when I first walked in that office. Run. He doesn't care about you only what's in your wallet.

Hey Ladies sorry been sooo busy with life. I have some news!

So I had my beautiful baby and he is now 6 months old. I did breast feed, only for two months. I wish I stuck it out longer but my boobs were in so much pain 24-7 and got to a H pretty much they were bigger then my sons head. I was so embarrassed to go out in public and ashamed of the stupid decision I still have not been able to afford to get away from to this day. I still get anxiety and have issues with the result of such a huge implant on my small frame. I got back to my pre pre weight pretty fast. So I am on my way to a consultation in a hour. I will be seeing Dr. Chong in Newport beach. Pretty excited. I am willing to see what she thinks of just taking the damn things out. That or going to Mexico to get the lift and change to a smaller one for a more affordable price. I did go to Dr. Nicole in Newport and he told me it would be 10,000 dollars to obtain the look Im trying to get. :( Way to much. Id rather put that toward my sons college education or even a down payment for a home. I just want things to go back to normal and feel normal. Not stuck in a body of a freak. Any way I will update later. I do have photos for you curious ladies. This is me. before implants, after implants before baby and last but not least implants, baby and no escaping gravity with a 700cc :(

These were my perfect perky titties.

These were exceptional breasts. I had to feel insecure about them and get them done and next thing, small boobs come back in and big butts is the fad. Go figure... Ladies don't mess with them Tities. Ur fine.

So this is going to be the last month

Of these disgust bags ruining my life, and my frame. I have been working out and eating healthy since I gave birth to my son. It all is great and I went back to my pre pregnancy weight but it's still not complete with these things still in. It's been three years and I am really doing it. You can tell just by this picture how tight everything on my body is except these bags. anyway happy to say this is the last summer and the last August these stupid floating devices will ever see again. Next month I will be back to what Vod intended me to have, and look more natural. vibrant, youthful and able to jump, bounce and run around. As a pre teen my mom would call me tiger because I loved to jump around the house. Literally frolic around like a little tiger from Winnie the Pooh. Thank God what a hell I put my boyfriend and everyone close to me through.

This nightmare is almost over

I cant tell you how excited I am to finally be able to go to sleep without a sports bra, and to be able to wear silky little lace under bralets that to have to push my spaced out implants together with great force. I swear finding a shirt that looks decent is a huge task let alone a bra that helps hold them together and pushes them down. I have been living in sport bras since I have had these things and am so self conscious about them I wont even take my sports bra off during sex. When I lay on my back, now that is the scary part. i just feel bad for my boyfriend, he is the one who has to look at them. lol. No but really, I love my body and being naked and to be happy totally naked is something I go to bed thinking about it and it puts my in a happy state. I close my eyes at nght picturing my body without these heavy bags getting in the way of my arms when I turn the wheel, wlking into a room with my shoulders back and my mind free of any thought or fear of people staring at my large breast, my throwing every cute item on and having it fit and look perfect like it once did, being able to go skinny dipping and feel as free and natural as the ocean water and salted air. To have another child and breast feed for the first two years, to feel bear my breast without a care as I feed my child, to workout hard and not have my back in pain the next day, to be me. just me. organs and all. nothing else. God is good and I only have 2000 to go! half way there!

Sometimes I wake up

And I start to think, they are not that bad. Sometimes I like them and then I think will I miss them? Am I doing the right thing? I hate it. This is why it's been three years, I go back and forthwith it.

Removal date set!

October 2nd 2015 at 7:00am in Los alamitos. So excited and scared at the same time. Wish me luck! Will update with pics and progress.

Ok last pic of my old boobies forever!

So I had to postpon my appointment for a week later. Its now official! 24 hours before my life starts silicone free. I wanted to post a pic of my boobs right before, so I can see the before and after process. Get ready to see the pictures come weekly. Im already excited for the cute little bras and adorable fashions I will be able to wear now. Hope my story touches and help others, like so many of the brave, beautiful women that touched mine. Thank you all so much for the support.

Feeling good! Looking much better!

So today went pretty well! Feeling a little sore. Maybe on a scale from one to 10, I would say a three. Not going to move around to much, but I did take some photos and videos. I'm really excited. I feel amazing. im opting out on the pain killers and am only taking the antibiotics. Fell asleep as soon as I came home today for a few hours and am feeling sleepy again. Will post some pictures. I'm really happy with my decision.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Rude, impatient and will give you u unrealistic opinions so you come back.$$$$$$ The staff need to treat patients better as well. I never felt so stupid spending my well saved money o. A procedure that was very apparent was just another number and I was nothing but a name. Please go to another place. People like this shouldn't be in business.

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