2 years after , 2 revisions done * Saline Round 275 cc Moderate Profile under muscle.

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I am 38 years old, have breastfed one kid for full...

I am 38 years old, have breastfed one kid for full 2 years. My kid is now 7 years old. My height is 5'3" and my weight is 100 lbs.
My bra size is 32A. I have always been wearing padded, under-wired and push-up bra since 20 years ago.
I am thinking bigger boobs for a change would be nice, just to see how it feels to be different. I don't know if that is enough of a reason to get the surgery. My husband actually brought it up. I had rhinoplasty earlier this year and he asked me if my doctor could also add some mass to my boobs, just a little bit bigger, he said.
So I went. I visited my doctor the following week and told him of my intention. My doctor showed me his basket of water balloons and I asked questions. I settled at Saline Implants, 250 CC on my left and maybe 275 on my right. The doctor said he would make the incision at my nipples. This part made me nervous. What if it goes wrong and I lose sensitivity on my nipples? What's the point of having big boobs for my husband if I can't feel them?

Today afternoon I am going to get a mammogram screening. My left boob is bigger than the right one and it always feel uncomfortable in the bra because the edge does not fit well. This has been the case since I had my baby and the boob size difference has become more drastic.

This site has been a good support to be and I learned a lot from other stories. I would like to hear opinion and feedback from you ladies here.

More "before" pictures, in bikinis

I had my mammogram yesterday and hated it.
Today I am back on this to read more reviews of others and want to share some more "before" pics.

Deposit paid! This is the point of no return.

So I called the doctor office yesterday and made a deposit payment of $500. I guess there is no turning back now.

Ordered front closure bras from eBay

I found these bras on Ebay. They are just $6.99 each and free shipping. So I got 5 pairs! I don't know how well they will fit but I guess this will what I need during the first few weeks post op. I am looking forward to choosing something cuter once I know my exact size.

Correction on my stat. I am 5"1'

I just read carefully and found that I had claimed to be taller than I am. :-)
So here I am, actually 5"1' and not 5"3" as I posted on my intro.

I got a lot of paperwork from my doctor and am now reading through them. Will have to go get blood test and prescriptions. My husband has been very supportive. He plans to take 2 days off work to drive me home from the doctor and stay with me.
I asked him how I should tell our kid about this. He said "to make mommy look like before we have you". Thats cute and it makes sense, although it is not true :-) My bra size has always been 32A since the fist time I needed them at 13 years of age. The only time in my life when I was 34B was during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I like my size back then but my boobs were FOOD! Not a playground.

Wish Boobs Pic

I saw people posting their wish boobs photos, so here is mine.
In the past 3 days I have been spending all my free time reading reviews. Some times I feel scared and the others I feel excited. I guess everyone here has been through that before. Wish me luck.

Wish Boob Pic

The pic didnt make it with my post, so here it is again.

Down time

Mowing lawn with a push mower is my hobby / chore. I wonder how long after the surgery before I can get back to it again.

Another Wish-Boobs Pic

Can't stop looking at this girl.

Counting days

It is exactly 2 weeks away from my operation date and i want it to happen already. In the meantime i am going to add some more BEFORE pictures so i have something to compare with later.

More BEFORE pics

Adding more Pre-Op pics, so i will have my little friends in the memory.

Mammogram result

My mammogram result says I am normal. Great!
But it also says my breast tissue is 'dense". I am not sure what that means. Is it a normal thing for small breasts?

Article on "Life with Big Boobs" LOL!!

If you've got C-cup or larger-sized breasts, chances are it feels like you permanently have a toddler attached to your body, and like most demanding children, they dominate your whole life. Oh yeah, you can fill out a sweater like it's nobody's business, and you certainly get male eyes on you, but with your giant ta-tas comes a life of watching your boobs pop out of bras, shirts and dresses like they're rampaging bulls on the streets of Pamplona.
Read more here

Just to clarify

Yesterday after I have spend hours reading reviews on this site about breast augmentation, I switched to facebook and the article above was posted on my wall by huffingtonpost and that really cracked me up! I thought it was funny and irony so I posted it here. I didn't mean to mock anyone with big boobs. Just to clarify :-)

One week to go and I am so thankful for everyone here.

This time next week I will already have boobs. I want it to happen already and I just want to skip the waiting part and the recovery part of it. Like going fast-forward in a movie or read the last chapter first.
Anyway, before I even get there, I want to let you all here know that I am so thankful for all the support here. And I would like to say THANK YOU to my small boobies for having fed my baby for 2 years without failing. My baby got very chubby just by my breast milk alone. I was surprised for being able to produce that much milk all the time, anytime when needed, despite the small size.
I hope that my decision to add saline bags to them will not do any harm to my loyal little boobs. I have been reading lots of good review I hope to be writing one with positive result soon.

Tomorrow is the day

Not sure if i will be able to sleep tonight. My surgery is tomorrow at 7 am. I am saying goodbye to my 24 pairs of padded bra.

Done! 275 on left 290 on right saline under muscle mod profile

I just came back from the surgery. It went well, said nurse. My pain level is 1-2 out of ten. Just ate some barley soup so i could take antibiotic and vicodin. My drain bottle is huge!

My super drain

I have read so many reviews but never saw anyone with a drain like mine.

No pain med needed

Getting up in the morning is the hardest. Can't if it the the sore back from sleeping in one position for so long or is the chest area swollen. Anyhow once i got up and get my day going, i feel ok. Was able to make meals and get my kid ready for school. Dont feel like driving yet but tomorrow i will try. I can wash myself from waist down and neck up. My torso is wrapped up so i cant take shower or see my result yet. Pour out 100cc of blood from the drain again this morning.

Some accomplishment

Today I accomplished one thing. I had a bowel movement. Yay! Now I want my hair clean. I search on google map and found that the closest salon is 0.3 miles away. So close but I never knew it was there. Now I have to decide if I want to walk or test my ability to drive. Another challenge that comes with going out is how I am going to dress so all the mummy wrapping and the blood bottle are not visible. Halloween is tomorrow but I do not plan to scare everyone with my appearance just yet.

Hair is clean and I could drive safely (sorta)

I didnt feel enough courage to drive but my hair needs to be washed so bad. So, I decided to go anyway. I drove to the nearest salon but it was still closed. I waited in the car for 20 minutes and no one came. There are a few other salon nearby so I drove a little more to a nicer one across the street. When I got there, there was no hairdressers, just a wax lady. She said she would take my phone number and call me when someone is in to do my hair. At that point I really didnt know what to do. I dont want to drive anymore I just wanted to sit there and wait. Then a hairdresser came in but she said she is not working. She came to get a haircut herself, but if I could come back in one hour she will do my hair. So I said "I just had a surgery and I cant wash my own hair. It was hard for me to drive here so I would rather wait". As soon as I said that the ladies were like "Aw.. you poor thing, come one I will wash your hair for you". How nice of them. I got my hair washed right away. No styling needed just shampoo and sit under the dryer for 10 mins. She charged me only $5 for that. A haircut rate in my zip code is $40. I don't know how much it would normally cost to just wash the hair but I am sure it is not $5.

OMG so big i am not used to these!

Today i went back for my first check up. So glad the tubes, drain bottle and the wrap are removed. It was a tense and unpleasant experience to have someone pulling plastic tubes out of your armpits. Doctor said i am healing well. He put a strip of tape under my right boob to "stop it from dropping further". Does it mean he cut me to low? I wonder. He wrapped me up again this time just below the breasts to "support the right one a bit" and that would be what i wear until the next visit. He said i could take shower, but put the wrap back on afterward. I dont feel my nipples when doctor remove the stitches. I hope the sensation will return.

Not a pair of roadkills

Honestly i was relictant to take my much-needed shower because from the way i felt , my boobs must have looked like a pair of roadkills. But hey, they dont look bad at all! Just that the nips point downward from being wrapped so tight for 5 days.

Putting on bra

I put on bra for the first time and love the warmth and the support i feeling. Still not adjusted to the size. I wonder if i went too big. I do hope the drop in size once time pass. Sleeping has been my least favorite time, everything feels sore. My back got tired from the pressure of not getting to roll around from side to side. The boobs feel swollen and spread out in every direction. That has been keeping me awake at night. I am glad when the sun rise and i can get up and on with my day. I feel no pain during the day.

Back to work, no pain but no confidence either

Today is Tuesday and my 2nd day back at work. After being away for one full week I was so busy yesterday I did not have time to post an update here. I chose my outfit carefully so that my bigger chest is not noticeable. I only told one person at work and do not want the rest to know. My work place environment is very conservative and will not be able to understand why I would ever do this. It is funny how I am very conscious about my boobs. I wear scarf around my neck and drape it down. I prepare an explanation in case someone notice, I would say "I went shopping at Victoria's and got myself some extra padding bras". I feel less confident. I think that is funny because I went through the surgery just to come out less confident than I was with my own body. Anyone felt this way?
As of the boobs, they are round and hard like grapefruits. My doctor did not instruct me to give them a massage yet so I am not doing it. He even told me to wear under-wired bra to keep the right boob from coming down to low. He had to cut larger pocket on the right side because it was originally smaller and higher. Tomorrow I have appointment to see him for a check up. I will ask about massaging.
At work I feel fine all day. My job is desk job. I have a little bit of difficulty opening doors if they are heavy. Sleeping is easier now but I still wake up with pain (which goes away after 5 mins I got up)

Good morning boobies

Just wanna post some pics.

Up and In

Just came back from my doctor. He said I have great results and healing very well. He showed me how to massage and URGGGHHHH!!!! yeah thats exactly how I sounded!. It was not hurt but it was a weird feeling having this bulge moved under my skin ripping tissue around it along the way. I dont know how to describe it but it was fun at all. My doctor said next times will be easier. So, yes, now I will be pushing the balloon inward and upward 10 times, for 4 sessions per day.

Conservative work clothes

This is how I looked on 2nd back to work, with the loose dress and a scarf.

Bare boobs

Tapes and bandage came off in the shower so i get to see bare boobs for the first time.

Black top and black bra

Massaging makes a big different. Keep it up, ladies!

Ever since I started massaging the boobs yesterday I am really feeling better. I mean I don't like doing it and it still feels strange. But once it is done, i feel great. The boobs are softer and the implants feel loosen up from the skin / tissue / muscles around them. I feel that they are parts of my body now.
I am definitely liking them more. I still wish them to be smaller. But I do not regret having them done. I am hoping they will be smaller once not swollen.

Massage thyself

Trying on swim top

12days after

2 weeks

It has been exactly teo weeks since i had my surgery. The boobs are softer but still round like balls and fo not look natural. I am still surprised to see them everytime i take off my clothes. But i am getting used to the look more with my clothes on and not so self conscious about them being noticed. I love trying on new swim tops but havnt bought any. It is winter time and there are not many to choose from.

Bigger Boobs = Lower Credit Scores

Just found out from husband that the loan we are getting for buying house will come with a slightly higher interest rate because of the credit line I recently opened to pay for the boobs. Hm... I wish I had known.
Big boobs comes with a big price.

What is "ideal beauty" for you?

I looked at my round boobs in the shower and a curious thought came into my mind. I remember seeing boobs like these in paintings on temples and cathedrals. Are these really how boobs should look? If round and bouncy boobs are "ideal" for artists back hundreds years ago then my implants are doing their job perfectly well.

Not too big

Just want to show how I look side-way in a t-shirt. Not too big at all. I am liking it more!

Ideal Beauty 2

Found pictures of round boobs from Roman and Greek paintings. They are round and bouncy too!! :-D

Shrunk a bit

I believe mine is less swollen now cos my arms no longer touch the side boobs. Still looking super round though.

360 view

Some angles they look less natural than others.

360 view (2)

When i raise my arms the boobs look super round. Otherwise they look more natural than last week.

Still fit in kids clothes

Found a swim top in my closet that was bought for my daughter but not her size and it fits me just fine. The size is youth 10-12. Petite girls like me often find good deal in youth and juniour dept.

Wearing bra inside out

The vertical seam on each side bothers my nipple and the scar too much, so i found a way to avoid it by wearing the bra inside- out. It works!

3 weeks

It has been 3 weeks and things are improving although i am still a long way to go before i look totally natural.

First Sex

I hope it is ok to talk about sex here. We all are grown up ladies and most of us are married, right? So two days ago was the first time I had sex since surgery. I kept my bra on the entire time.(No, not the granny one I wear inside out.)
I told my husband that the boobs are not ready to be seen because the scars are still visible and I don't want him to remember them this way. He is a squeamish type of guy when it comes to blood, wounds, cut and scars (and anything medical). He asked when he can see it. I said "I will tell you". Anyway, he said they are a good size and not too large that I would appear out of proportion and yes they are much bigger than what I had before. Of course!! So I would say the sneak-peek was a success. Maybe in the next week or two I will go for it without the bra on.

4 weeks

It had been 4 weeks and i feel great.

I think they are the right size

I tried these poses to see how the boobs look on my body. They look like the right size for me, although i wish my butt cheeks are bigger.

The tape is back

Today I had a follow up visit with my doctor. He said the breasts are soft. He was a bit surprised to see the bruise mark on the right boob but didnt seem too concerned.
He said he wanted to tape the Left boob so that it wont drop too low. Well, first it was the Right one that needed the tape and now the left? I am concerned by that. Are my boobs creeping down one side at a time? I reminded him that it was the Right one that he taped last time and I want tape on both sides now.
Picture will come tomorrow.

Here is the tape

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Today i am posting pictures of boobs being taped up after the doc said that it is now my left boob who needs more support. The right one was taped at first and doctor said "it worked" and the implant on the right is more stable. The left seemed to have been dropping and could have come down too far.

Concerned about 'bottoming out'

While most ladies here are worried about drop&fluff, i am afraid mine will bottom out. I read some revision stories on this site about the cases of bottomed out implants and tried to prepare myself mentally. Doctor instructed me to wear tape for two weeks and go buy an elastic band to weat under the breasts to support the weigh of the implants. I thought this would be the time to enjoy my big boobs but instead, i am worried. Doctor said i can go back to gym now but wear tape or band to support the bottom. I take extra caution by wearing underwired bra day and night. What else can i do? Doctor didnt say my implants are bottoming out but he said they should not drop any lower. My boobs are naturally low to begin with. My torso is also very short. I am afraid to look weird. I want the boobs to stay up where they are supposed to be. A bit closer to each other would be a nice plus. Am i worried too much? Anyone here ecperienced this?

Six weeks

After having bought a dozen of 34B bra, i finally realize i shouldbe wearing 32C instead. I am still wearing tape under boobs as recommended by my doctor, supposely until this Wednesday. After workout the tape gets sweaty i would wear a band for a few hours instead, although i like the feeling of tape more than the band.

Five weeks! Not six.

Sorry i got lost in time. It had been 5 weeks since my surgery.

Not sure if i like the result

I am thinking my boobs are a bit low.

Need your opinions. Are mine sitting too low?

I have been wearing under-wired bra days and nights. I had the tape on until two days ago. I massage my boobs up and in. I follow what my doctor said. But I am thinking my boobs are dropping or maybe have been placed a bit too low. They lack of upper pole fullness. It is not that serious what I will go get a revision for this but if I ever need a revision for any other reason I will definitely ask doctor to fix this. I want them up 0.5 inch higher. Right now with my short torso, the boobs almost feel like they are on my mid-body. Hm... dont know. What do you ladies here think?

My short torso and low boobs.

To be fair with my surgeon, i have to show you my anatomy before judging if the implants are placed too low. Although i still "wish" my boobs are a bit higher and closer together, i dont think i will go under the knife again just for that. Happy Holidays to all my real friends here! Love you all!

Push-up panties

Gotta let you know i am cheating! Now that boobs are volumtous i need my butt to match. I got 2 pairs of spongy panties to add 1-2 inches to my lower end.

Two Months

It has been 8 weeks or two months since i have my boobs. They feel great. I love them. My husband is in love with them ;-)
I still wish they are a bit higher and closer together though

Love them!

I am feeling confident and sexy, the way i never felt before with the old natural boobs.

I might need a revision after all :-(

I will see my doctor next week. I wonder if he would see what i see. I think it is more obvious now than before that the nipples are not aligned and they both are settting really low.

I see a revision coming :-(

I went to see my doctor for a follow up today and he agreed that my right boob has dropped too low. He offered a revision as an option for $2000 once i reach six month post. I squeamed at his treatment plan as it involves injecting blood to the area under the implant to stimuate scar tissue hoping to wrap up the implant and pull it up to where it should be. If that does not work, then the implant will be removed, stitch up the ligament to form a pocket, wait for 6 months for body to heal, and put new pair of implants in. That equals 2 surgery with half year of flat chest in between! Yike! I am looking to get second opinions!

Second Opinion

On Jan 17 (yesterday) I went to see another doctor for second opinion. Dr. Luis Macias from Marina del Rey Plastic Surgery. I wish I had gone to this one first. It is just a mile from my work which means I can slip an appointment in my lunch break without anyone noticing if I am gone for too long. The consultation was free. I told them up front that I am here for a free consultation for a second opinion for a possible revision of my BA.
Dr. Macias listened to me with full attention (impressed!) and did not rush in and out of the room (wow!) he even actually read my file before coming in (yes!).
He explained several options. He agreed with my other doctor that it is best to do fix it in 2 surgeries with no implants in my body for 6 months in between but it is also a fact that most women will not want to be without their implants once they had have it. That is very true even my husband nodded on that point. I got rid of all my cupA bra already!
Dr said he could fix it in one surgery and I asked the staff to email me the price of all things he mentioned as my options such as the mesh thing, the pig skin and the artificial material thing if I choose to have more support built under the implants. (Sorry I can't remember them in the real medical terms but I am sure you all here know what I am talking about) He does not recommend getting extra support the first try because he believes that by adding some sutures or creating a new pocket for the implant might be enough to fix this problem.
I like this doctor and I like that it is closer to my work than my other doctor in Beverly Hills (8 miles away). I discussed with my husband and he is very supportive. He said I should pick the one that could do it right and not to worry about the price (sweet!)
What I would do in the mean time , I will go buy more tape and will wear it until April and see if I can make the right implant move up a bit. Since I am only at 2.5 months post op and all doctors said it is still early in the healing process. I am taking the matter into my own hand for now and maybe I can avoid the revision altogether.
My second doctor did say he recommends I give my first doctor a chance to take care of me and explain that I had received a second opinion with many options on the supporting material and see if my first doctor will do it.
Dr Macias also said that he highly recommends that I switch to cohesive gel silicone implants because of the look and feel are more natural although it is a bit heavier than saline and might add more stress to the bottom pocket.
So,, here is my action plan,,, (1) wear tape for as long as I can stand it (2) wait until April and go back to my first doctor (3) ask for revision in one surgery, not two (4) I want the incisions at the crease, not the nipples (5) switch to cohesive silicone implant (6) compare the cost between the two doctor (7) make decision

Many options

I am now doing research on the procedures which would fix my bottoming out problem based on what I learned from the visit with Dr. Macias.
1. Creating a new pocket for the implant. Here is how (I copied and pasted this explanation from another website) To correct bottoming out, Dr. performs the Internal Bra procedure. Using special lighted retractors, Dr. Revis expands the implant pockets (capsulotomy) superiorly and medially, creating room for the implants to be repositioned at a higher level and improved fullness in the upper pole of the breast. Dr. then closes part of the pocket that rests laterally and inferiorly, thus preventing the implants from resting too low or falling too laterally to the sides. Dr. uses permanent sutures for a long-lasting result.
2. Using Alloderm or Strattice to strengthen the bottom part of the pocket. These two products are generative tissue matrix. Alloderm came from human donors. Strattice is derived from pig skin and therefore cheaper than Alloderm.
3. Breform Mesh is a new product in the market for breast revision surgery. An incision is made either surrounding the areola or below the nipple, and the Breform implant is inserted into the fatty layer of the breast. The mesh ‘bra’ is then secured with sutures to the breast muscle and the chest.
I am listing them here because I want to be able to come back to read it again and again. I feel positive when I know I have something to look forward to. I don't want to feel miserable looking at my right boob dropping low and its nipple pointing up. I started wearing tape today but I dont have the right kind yet, and so it is a little bit itchy on my skin. This Friday the microfoam tape I ordered from eBay will arrive and I will put it on ALL THE TIME. I hope for the better for my boobs!

Defy the laws of gravity

If duct tape can hold up a car in the air like in Mythbusters, then i am still hopeful. So, i ordered 3M microfoam tape from a seller on eBay which magically delivered to my desk the next day. I put the tape around the bottom of my boobs the way my doctor had taught me before. I change the tape once a week, giving a day with no tape in between, for my skin to breath. I see some improvement, the boobs look more even when the tape is removed. I will keep on doing this for the next 3 months and will see if the results will hold up permanently.

3.5 month, been wearing tape for a month

So i have been wearing tape almost everyday and night for a month now. I wanted to see the progress today and i thought it looked better in the mirror. However, when i took pictures i felt desappointed because it does not look better, maybe even worse. I am going to save up some big $$$ for a revision now.

This is when i think they look ok

This morning right after i peeled off the tape i tried taking more pictures with more distance between me and the camera so that the lens and the angle would not exaggerate the asymmetry of the nipples. Moments like this make me feel everything is going to be ok.

5 months

So i have been wearing tape for the last month or so. It does not give a permanent effect but it feels good with the support while the tape is there. When i take off the tape for a day, my boobs feel achy at the bottom and they would also sit very low. I am having an app on April 9 with Dr Kim for a third opinion about possible revision.

11 months after augmentation, got revision done

On september 26, 2014 which is around 11 months after i first got the augmentation, i went back to Dr. Lee for a revision. The right boob had bottomed out. Dr. Lee moved it up by 1 inche. All i paid was $700 for the anaesthesia. The result is satisfying. I hope it stays!

Details of the revision operation and recovery

Before I had my revision I looked at this site for more reviews on revisions and I didn't find many. SO I want to write more about it to contribute to this site. I also have another review on this revision under "Breast Revision" category.
So, for my revision, Dr. Lee made an incision at areola area, the same place when I had the implant put in. He drained out the saline from the bag, removed the bag from my body and then put stitched on at the bottom part of the pocket. Then he reinserted the implant and filled it with 275 cc of saline. At first my right boob has 290 cc of saline filled in the 275 cc bag. I had ask the doctor to reduce the amount this time, to match with the actual size of the bag. I just had a feeling that it would be better if it is not overfilled (I know it is just 15 cc but for the peace of mind). Then the incision is closed. I woke up and ready to go home.
The worst part was waking up from the anesthesia this time. I had so much mucus in my throat and it felt like I was trapped in a gooey death trying to break out from it. Horrible. They said it was from dairy products. Yes I drank milk in the morning on the day before! I didn’t realize it would stay in my system that long! Anyone here ever had that experience?
The recovery was a breeze. I was able to do most things like normal the next day. Total pain medication taken = 0.5 pill of Vicodin. Two days later I could drive to the market. Three days later I went back to work. No swelling, no morning monster boobs, no pain. I am still wearing tape under my right boob for extra support. As for the bra, I am wearing 2 layers; forever21 layering bra first and then post-surgical bra on top. One is just not enough. I like it to be tight and snug. One day I switched back to regular bra, I was in pain at the bottom of the pocket. So it looks like I will stick with double-bras and tape for a while.

Final results. Happy !

Tape is off today so i took some pictures of just the bare boobs.

One year anniversary

Today marks 1 year anniversary for my boobs, and also 1 month after revision. I love them. They feel totally mine, like they have been here forever.

Still uneven after revision

I started to notice that the right boob are settling low despite the revision. Lets wait and see how far it will go. At this point i am ok with it. Just have to hope it stops going any lower. Did the doctor not do the stitches well or what?

Considering another revision or maybe even explant

On Dec 2 I went to see my doctor for a follow up visit and I expressed my concern to him that my right implant did not stay where he placed it. He looked and asked me when did it start to happen. I said it was about a month ago. He was quiet for a moment and then he asked me to follow him to his office. He searched on his computer for a long time. I asked what he was looking for. He said he was looking for my pre-op photos. I got it. I knew he would point out that my breasts were not even from before and why do I expect them to be even now. I told I had pre-op pics on my phone and I could send to him. So once he had it, he was a bit confused because my picture was taken from a mirror so the left and right were swapped. He tried to explain from the picture of why my breast now should look the way they look, uneven, because it has always been this way. Honestly I was not happy about this conversation at all. I 'd hate to bash him publicly. I dont think I am asking for anything unreasonable. The implant was at the right place after the revision so that means there is room for it to be. The fact that the revision failed was that his stitch was not strong enough or maybe my tissue ripped apart, but it was not because "it has always been that way". I have been upset and obsessed since that visit and I don't want to have another surgery with him. I have been looking at other doctors but starting the price at 5k-7k all over again is an issue for me. I have looked into withdrawing retirement fund and credit card options. I have not made a decision on what to do with it but I dont like the way it is right now. I don't even want my boobs to be touched and that affects my marriage. Maybe explanting is the right solution for me? Any thoughts?

Is this capsular contracture?

So now the Left one is looking odd and with a bit of pain. I might have a cap con after all. I am so done with this. I might really get them explant soon.

Second revision is done to remove capsular contracture

Please read my journal on the first & second revisions here

End of year update

Approaching the end of 2015 i am looking back at my journey. I would like to post my pictures to keep track of the appearance, the changes, the emotions and the expectations. What i have in me is silicone round high profile 300 cc smooth, which got installed on Oct 2, 2015. So it has been about 2.5 months. They are soft, settled low and the scars are responding well to the scar cream i got from dr. Khalil.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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