Early B-day Present - New Boobies! (375/400 HP Silicone Unders) 34A/B - 34C/D - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi lovelies :) So like many of us, I have been...

Hi lovelies :) So like many of us, I have been stalking the site for several months and find myself obsessing over pictures and reviews, oftentimes until the very early hours of the morning. I literally cannot get enough. Now that I have finally decided to get my boobs done, I figured I should probably document it and hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there. A little about me; I am turning 30 next month, no kids, just under 5'4 and about 112 pounds. I wear a 34B bra but don't always fill it out, so I'm a 34A-B. I wouldn't say I hate my current boobs, they have served me well...it's just time for an upgrade. I wear a padded bra 100% of the time, and I would really like to go braless without feeling like a 12 year old boy, haha! My friend at work just got her BA (480cc Saline unders) and she looks amazing - although she said it hurt like a B***h and she wishes she had gone with silicone because she feels a lot heavier now.
Anyway, I was going to go to my friend's PS but after looking at his pictures I decided they weren't really the look I liked. I found Dr. Eugene Kim and his work seemed exceptional. So I booked a consult right away and was seen in a mere couple of days. The consultation went smoothly, Dr. Kim is so patient and friendly and really takes his time with you. He went over silicone vs. saline (I was dead set on smooth round silicone and he agreed, the textured felt a little hard to me), incision location (I debated between nipple and crease, but ultimately feel like the crease is for me), over vs. under (I'm pretty skinny so this was an obvious one to him) and finally size/profile. This has been my greatest challenge so far. Dr. Kim doesn't want his patients to obsess over CC's, he likes looking at goal pictures and going from there. The pictures I showed him ranged from big C's to D's, so we are aiming for a big C to a small D. At first I was really liking the full upper pole and was all about the high profile - now I'm a little terrified I might come out looking super fake :I But that's what we have agreed on so far. I really don't want to look top heavy and worry that a moderate plus might look too much on my narrow frame. My hubby came with me to the consult and pre-op and he insists Dr. Kim was basically saying I should do high profile (although he really doesn't push for any profile and I am horrible at decision making, clearly!).
After my meeting with Dr. Kim I met Christina, who went over prices with me. It is expensive, but I feel like it's going to be worth it. A few days later I phoned up and booked my surgery date (Sept 26) and scheduled my pre-op. At the pre-op, I got some blood drawn and signed my life away. I met with Dr. Eugene again and we went over the plan. I showed him some new pictures and he said some seemed high profile and some leaned more moderate plus. Great. Haha. I said I would stick to the original plan of high profile... Picked up my prescriptions (my insurance paid for everything except the Emend, which came out to $112) and now I am browsing looking for a post-op zip front sports bra and obsessing over boob pictures. A usual Saturday night.

Rice Sizers for fun :)

So I followed the instructions for making breast implant Sizers on here (type rice sizer in the search bar to find) and I felt a little ridiculous at first. I made 350cc and 375 cc. I don't know if I was placing the sizer correctly but I tried smooshing it a bunch of different ways until it looked human. But I had a dinner with two of my guy friends wearing them and one of them didn't even notice a difference! Crazy. The picture in the gray top is the 375 sizer... Which looks pretty big to me! Dr. Kim isn't a fan of sizers (homemade or in the office) and told me not to worry too much about size. I know that rice is way heavier than the implants are going to end up being so I'm trying not to panic too much about that aspect. But it was pretty cool to have boobies (even if they were rice).

Current wish boobs!

So I think these are the wish pics I am going to show to Dr.Kim on surgery day as my final selections. He said I can print them for him. They are my fave pics by far, found on RealSelf and Instagram. Perfect boobs - I can only hope for such amazing results!!

Avoiding gossip at work! Plus, bras.

So I work at a waitress at a really busy restaurant - and the FOH staff loves to gossip. Now, I make no apologies for my decision to have a BA and if someone asked me outright I wouldn't deny it. But I would rather not be a topic of discussion, if you know what I mean. My friend suggested overly padding my bra leading up to the surgery, so this is what I've been doing. The picture is where I'm at right now - two bras overlapped plus socks stuffed in! I'm glad this surgery is happening in a week because this set up is getting really uncomfortable lol. Plus I probably won't even end up as large as I look with all that on! In other news - I purchased a couple comfy bras from Ross to use eventually.

Almost there....

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the day! It feels surreal. The last few days have been a blur; I've been keeping myself really busy so that I don't have time to dwell and get worried. I work tonight until 11:30pm, then I have to be at the clinic at 7am. Nothing to eat or drink from 10pm, and I have to take my Emend at 5am. Yikes, I'll be so tired - but I guess I'm gonna be sleeping a lot the next few days.... I hope it goes well, that I end up looking good, that it doesn't feel awkward and uncomfortable for a long time. I worry that I'll be able to feel the implants forever, that I'll look unnatural and like 'boobs on a stick' haha! I was just thinking yesterday how my little boobs havent been so bad, and how comfortable they are. I do question why I'm doing this, but I'm sure that's normal. I'm so nostalgic.. So many unknowns from tomorrow. I hope I don't regret this. But, one life. So here we go.

Greetings from the other side

Super groggy, super out of it! But it's all done. I've been nauseous and in a lot of pain, so that's not fun at all. But laying in my bed and catching up on some zzzzzz's. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope all the girls getting surgery today are doing amazing!

Day 1

Today hasn't been so bad, feels like I did thousands of push ups. And when you have a really ill-fitting bra that digs into your sternum - it's that feeling magnified. Been walking around a little bit, and trying to minimise the use of pain meds. The boobs seem huge with this sports bra on, but Doctor Kim called me today and told me to keep it on until Thursday so I won't see them for a few days! It's awesome that he calls his patients to check up on them:) I haven't had any nausea today, which is a relief. And sleeping hasn't been too bad, probably thanks to the pain medicine.

Day 3 - bra comes off

Hi! So today I was allowed to remove the bra to shower and so I took some pictures. It feels really weird without the compression, not painful, just tingly and my nipples are really numb. The boobs are really high and funny looking right now! Hope they start to drop soon. I won't be starting massages until my post-op on Tuesday. Starting to reduce the pain meds, now the most painful thing is my butt from sleeping upright so long :(

Day 4 and loving me some cleavage!

So I went to a car dealership the other day and the salesman kept commenting on how buff and athletic I looked - I was laughing with my friend, saying I hope the boobies don't look like man pecs! LOL! I thought I looked pretty good but now I'm doubting myself haha. They are still sore and riding really high; the benefit to that being that my cleavage is out of this world. I really hope I don't lose too much of that with the dropping because I'm really liking it. Good thing I went HP. Apart from that, just been pretty tired - my brain is telling me I'm back to normal but I really am not. I really just want to sleep on my side and mostly my tummy but I'm a long way away from that :(

Some serious itching :(

I was awake all last night with the most intense itching around my incisions and the lower half of my boobs. I google/realselfed it and asked my mom, who is a nurse, and it seems to be a part of the healing process for some people. It's awful. I took some Benadryl and that helped a lot, also put some ice packs over the itchy area. I didn't want to scratch and risk opening any wounds. Anyone else experience this?

Day 7 picture updates

A week ago I was in surgery! Crazy, time flies. Took some update pictures today and there don't seem to be many changes, a bit less red and swollen. Tomorrow is my post op and I can begin the massages. It's fun having boobs! They are less tender now, and I'm allowed to sleep flat on my back (although propped up might be a bit more comfy). Also, antibiotics all done! :)

Post-op appointment at 1 Week!

Yesterday was my post-op appointment! I was seen on time and the meeting was super quick. Dr.Kim asked me how I was doing, and took a look at the boobs. He said the top half has a lot of swelling, which should dissipate over time. He also taught me three massage techniques to perform 15 minutes a day to help them soften into place. My left boob already feels a lot softer, my right side had a slightly bigger implant and is a little more stubborn so that's what I expect for the next couple weeks. I also got my stitches taken out (eesh, that felt weird) and took a look at my teeny tiny incisions! They are so small and I'm sooo happy with them! I can now trade out my compression bra for a more comfortable sports bra, although I've gotten used to this one now so I'll probably keep wearing it to bed. Cheerio!

2 Week update and back to work!

Today marks two weeks since I got my surgery! I started massaging about a week ago and my boobs have gotten softer - my left quite a bit more than my right so far. Trying to keep it up for at least 15 minutes a day. I have been experiencing a bit of boob greed - this week I've felt like they were pretty small! I guess the swelling is starting to go down and the cleavage is becoming less pronounced, boo. I hope they settle and look a little bigger, but I just have to trust I chose the right size :) I also went back to work last night, which was rough. I had to make sure to keep my tray load pretty light and avoid carrying certain things. Everyone was pretty helpful to me though. Hopefully it gets better this week!! Here are the pictures from today!

3 week update!

Yesterday I went to my 3 week post op appointment. Dr. Kim approves of my progress so far, cleared me to wear regular bras during the day as long as they are comfortable (sports bra still at night) and told me to start scar treatment. I have some Biocorneum and I'll be using that in combination with silicone scar strips. Hopefully that'll work. The pain is pretty much all gone except in my right armpit when I lift my arms too high. I don't have a lot of feeling in my nipples so hopefully that will slowly return; Dr. Kim said not to worry about that. My left boob is a lot softer and rounder - I can't see a huge amount of difference since the first week, I don't know how much they are going to change shape. They are a lot softer now with the massages which I have to continue. Hope everyone is recovering well!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far, Dr. Eugene Kim has been patient and wonderful with me. I have never felt rushed or not important, and I have the highest confidence that my procedure with him will end up looking amazing.

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