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I'm having breast aug next month on the 14th and I...

I'm having breast aug next month on the 14th and I am beyond excited!!! Glad I decided to go with Ryan. When I met with him and his staff they made me feel at home and I knew right away he was the one to do my procedure! He answered every single question I had and meeting with him was better than previous Dr's I had met with.

A little about my boobie journey...

A little bit about myself.... I am 5,5 and weigh 139lbs. Mother of three and work full time. I have always wanted a boob job and finally saved up for it and scheduled for the 14th of June. I went to my first consultation last year and booked with that DR. Agreed on 450cc's and he said I needed a lift which I didnt agree with him but thought okay i guess i do since he was a DR. I made my deposit and a couple of weeks later I was told to go for a second opinion. I went for a second opinion in Beverly Hills with Dr Ryan Stanton and he said I didn't need a lift and that I can get my Breast Aug thru my belly button. He made me feel at ease and I knew right away I wanted to go forward with him and not the first Dr. I went home and gave it thought for a couple of days... I cancelled with my first Dr and lost a 500.00dollar non refundable fee :( However Dr Ryan deducted 500.00from my total for going with him :) everything worked out perfect... Now I'm just counting down on the days!!! I can't wait!!!!

10days left!!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!

I am so excited!!! Ten days left!!! I did a deep cleaning in my house this weekend to avoid having to do anything after my surgery. I just need to buy some button down shirts and 1or 2 sportsbraw. Other than that I'm ready!!!

Balance paid in full!!!

Balance is paid off!!! Phew!!! How exciting... In four days I will be in surgery... Getting nervous but more excited!!! My house is clean and everything is perfectly going the way I planned. The only thing missing is my meds but I'll have those really soon. Anyone else booked for the 14th???

2 more days

I got my meds last night... Whoopi... I keep getting more butterflies in my stomach as the day gets closer lol... Can't wait!!!

Just got bk from surgery

Just got back from surgery and I feel great!!! No nausea or pain. Just a lot of pressure. Will post pictures soon. Now time to sleep and recover.

These r my new twins

Today is my first day after surgery. Pain is being felt alot more and pressure. My abs r also killing me. Happy with my results.
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