54 5'11" 165 Pounds Slender Body Frame 375/425 Sientra Gel Moderate Plus Under The Muscle Round Implants. Beverly Hills, CA

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Date of surgery 6/24/26 Sientra Silicone Gel ...

Date of surgery 6/24/26
Sientra Silicone Gel (Gummy Bears)
Moderate plus
36 small B to full D
385cc left
425cc right
My overall experience is has been really good, only one night that was painful, I took one my meds for pain and I was ok. The most discomfort I've had was my back from sleeping on it. I went with gummy bears for a number of reasons. Life span much longer than with the silicone, their durability, less rippling, and no messaging required by me. Just let them be.

Day 10 Post Op

I'm getting use to the new me, sleeping on my back is still a struggle for me. No pain, just my incisions are itchy; I opt for the crease.

Day 10 Post Op Pics

Day 17 ~ Post Op

I very very happy with results. My incisions are itchy at times, but that a good thing; a sign of healing. They appeared to be very dark which I didn't like, but at that time I didn't know it was scabs on the incisions. In the last three days they have disappeared giving my incisions apprearance close to my skin tone. My PS said when I come back which happens to be this Thursday he going to give me a scar cream to use. I read up on it and it's suppose to really good for smoothing out the skin and making it less visuable. It's a silicone cream. I keep everyone posted on my results.

High five Dr. Kim! ????????

One Month Post Op

I feeling somewhat back to my old self. My PS gave me the ok to go back in the Gym,
lower body, running and treadmill. Taking it slow until I can work my way back to lifting weights. I have 2 more months of sleeping on my back ???? For me this was my pain. A sore back that I times really bothered me. I can now where a bra but again I have to sleep in the sports bra for another 2 months than I'm freeeeee!!

54 years old. Breast Augmentation 42 Days Post Op

I'm asked if I had and any other surgeries besides my BA. No I haven't. Just a healthy diet and hard work in the gym.

65 days post op

They have dropped a lot since my last post. My PS says everything looks good and in two weeks I'm off restriction. Yaaaaaay! No more sleeping in the sports bra, and I can sleep on my side; even start working out full body again. I love the way I look, my only regret...that I didn't do it sooner.

3 Months Post Op

I made it!...lol. My PS has cleared me to go back my regular life!!!! No more sport bras or sleeping on my back! I have the ok to go back in the gym!! Oh have I missed working out, I was watching what took months and a lot of hard work slowly disappear. I'm starting over in the gym, but I'll get back there. By no means am I saying I regret having a BA. I just didn't realize the sacrifice that came with it. But I LOVE my new look. My PS Dr. Eugene Kim Beverly Hills, CA did a great job. My first week was no where near the experience I heard and read about. Only three pain meds and it was mostly because my back was hurting from sleeping on it. So from here it's just a waiting period to see what final result will look like; which should take a year. Dr. Kim said my breast will get softer (I have the silicone gel aka gummy bear a firmer implant) and I still have some dropping to do as the skin continues to stretch. My clothes look so much better on me and I walk with more confidence. At 54 I finally did what dreamt about almost my entire life. I'm very happy.

I would like to talk more on the the silicone gel Implants for the women who wanted to know more about them and maybe why I chose them. At 54 this not a surgery I want to repeat every ten years. With the silicone gel my implants have line span of 20-25 years. I call them the no maintenance implants, there was no messaging I had to do, just let them be. As I mentioned earlier its firmer implant not as soft as the regular silicone; breast are squeezable. It's a safer implant with a less chance of rupturing or capsular contracture, when scar tissue forms around the implant making it hard; reasons for the message with the regular silicone implants; with gel not a big deal if scar tissue forms. It cost me $1000. more but worth it in my opinion. I will be glad to answer any questions or concerns.
I'll be back in three months after I see my PS for 6 month post op update and new pics.


One of the ladies has concerns about scaring, I did as well. My incisions have healed nicely; I'm now four months post op. The only thing I've used was the scar cream my PS gave me to use one month post op. The scar cream is called bioCorneum and it has sun screen to protect the incisions. One note on the sun. My PS told me not to expose the incisions to the sun; it will darken them permemently. My incisions are getting lighter with time and as my implants drop the incisions are going into the fold making them not noticeable; I now have to lift my breast to see them.

My incisions update.

The top pic was 2 weeks post op.
Middle pic was 12 weeks post op.
Bottom pic was 18 weeks post op.

6 months post op

I just had my 6 months check up, and my PS was very pleased at my progress. He said I still have some drop and fluffing to do as the skin stretches. More than likely I won't see my final results for another six months.

My right boob is a little larger than my left; because my boobs were not the same size before my surgery. The right one sits a little higher, but it's not that noticeable unless your standing there comparing the two...lol.

Over all I am pleased with my results, I do wish I went with the 500-550 cc's implants; boob greed. But no more surgeries for me until it's time to replace or remove the implants. I have the silicone gel so their life span is 20 to 25 years; by then I'll be 80 and too old to care. Lol

But my clothes look better, sexier on me; and I have more confidence. I don't go back until June 2017, my one year mark. Dr Kim has been a pleasure, and always there to answer my questions. Would I chose Dr Kim again...absolutely YES!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kim is the BEST! He made me feel comfortable about my decision to do this at 54. He understood my needs, I trusted and respected this thoughts on what would he best for me. He gave me the look, and size I was looking for. His bedside manner is off the charts. Each day that passes my breast are looking more beautiful. I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone without a second thought.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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