34A 440 HP sientra gummy implants - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm Pre-op right now but just set my date! I want...

I'm Pre-op right now but just set my date! I want my boobs to be perky, round and the perfect small to medium size. I can't decide if the HP will give me too big of a gap in between my breast. I overall want a smaller size implant without forgoing having close set breast. Do you think I can achieve this look? The picture I posted is the size I would want to be porportional to my body. Hopefully Dr. Eugene Kim can help me achieve this!

I did it !

Stats: 115 lb, 5'5 pear shape body. Wanted high cleavage an not much side boob. Dr. Eugene Kim new exactly what he should do. He suggested 440 HP and I wanted gummy. So we agreed to that, even though 440 scared me, I knew every picture I saw each girl is so different, don't worry about the size number, more of a final look. So I trusted him and I'm damm sure glad I did!! They are EXACTLY what I wanted. If I went smaller id have boob envy forsure!! Obv they are still swollen but I'm 6 days post op now an can see what will happen to them when they drop an fluff! I'm ecstatic, I'm a worry wart, I was terrified of everything. I really had to say positive thoughts to myself mostly about surgery. But it was a fun experience, the cool surgery outfit rocks! Funny socks and underwear they give you. Anyways, it all went so smoothly, could barely stay awake or remember being driving home. By day 3 I was off all pain Meds. My new boobs look absolutely perfect!! The shape the size, how wonderful I feel, it's all credit to Dr. Eugene Kim an his staff. So blessed to have this opportunity and have found him. I truly believe my outcome of results and minimal pain levels are due to his expert hands an mind!

Post op Day 6 !

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