25 YO No Kids BA in Beverly Hills

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Starting my journey to get a breast augmentation...

Starting my journey to get a breast augmentation with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. So far I have emailed pictures and now I need to set up a surgery date. So far he has been very quick to respond to email (about 2 days) and the receptionist is very friendly. His website has a great quantity of his work. Proving he is able to give quality and consistent results. I feel confident that he is the surgeon for me. I am able to travel anywhere for the best doctor. So far, he has won me over and makes me feel the most confident and at ease. More to come

Boob inspiration pics

Have not ever really given thought to what "type" of boobs I liked. I never imagined O would want a BA so I didn't spend time thinking they could change. Now that I have decided to get a BA, it's kind of fun thinking about the possibilities

Changing Doctors

With a few weeks of considering two different amazing doctors, I am going to go with Dr. Eugene Kim. I know that I can trust both and they each have amazing results. I feel like Eugene Kim responded quicker and gave me more information when I asked questions. Being the nervous and anxious person that I am, and also living in another country, I know that is a quality I NEED from a surgeon. Now I need to figure out how to update my doctor information :)

Pre Op Appointment

My pre op appointment went very smooth. This was the first time I met Dr. Kim, and he is very genuine and professional. He has such a calm and assured demeanor and he reinforced my trust in him. I had plenty of time to ask questions. I had done so much research by this time that I did not have many. I had changed my mind on the shape and size, and Dr. Eugene Kim said he can make it happen! The ladies who worked there were SUPER sweet and hilarious and made the whole experience enjoyable. I went next door to get my medications (4 total equally about $180). The next day would be my surgery day!

Surgery Day!

The night before, the anesthesiologist called me to see how I was doing and to ask some questions. I stopped eating and drinking at 11pm. I woke up at 5am to take my anti nausea pill and took a shower. I left to the doctor at 6:30 and showed at around 6:45. I said good bye to my husband and mom almost immediately. The receptionists were in contact with my family to keep them updated. I gave a urine sample and changed into my surgery clothes. The bed was nice and heated which I truly appreciated. I was shaking so much from nerves. The nurse had a hard time finding my tiny vein but once they got it in it was fine. They brought me into the operating room where I laid down and the anesthesiologist said he was going to give me something to calm me down. He was SO SWEET and held my arm when I was feeling nervous. The whole team was so amazing and easy going. It was pretty enjoyable for being a surgery! I don't remember anything after talking to the anesthesiologist. I liked that they didn't warn me, I was just under fast and the next thing I woke up in the recovery room.

The nurse who looked after me was again so sweet and personable. We made little jokes and I told her I was feeling emotional. She said it was totally normal. I had been sleeping in there for about an hour. She dressed me and got me in the wheelchair where I met up with my husband and mom. I felt pretty good. Just sore on my chest. I was so thirsty. I finally got to have some water and soup and crackers.

Now I am just sitting up watching Netflix and relaxing with my family. So far so good!

I ended up with 415cc on each breast, Gummy, High profile :)

Thank you Dr. Eugene Kim and your incredible staff for a smooth and enjoyable day!

3 days post op

I've been feeling great! Super sleepy from the Valium and Narco. Other than that I have been walking around. Today I got to shower and see my breasts for the first time in person. They looks good! Not too Frankenstein-like. I have a little pain in might right boob by the in incision. I get my stitches out on Tuesday so I will make sure I ask about that then.

5 Days Post Op

Not too much to update. My healing is going very smoothly. I am in almost no pain. I get tired pretty quickly through the day, but other than that I feel great!! I can move my arms easily. But I try to keep them down most of the time. My husband helps dress me still and makes sure I am safe when I shower. It is a strange feeling having weight in my boobs!!! Today they seem to have gone down in swelling. Tomorrow I get my stitches out. Definitely feeling SUPER BLOATED. I am looking forward to getting back in the gym again. I have been eating a lot because I felt like it helped my healing (who knows if that's true lol) Feel free to ask me any questions!

9 days post op

Feeling great, especially considering I traveled about 24 hours back to the current country I am living in (American living abroad). Finished my antibiotics today. I am still taking Tylenol about 4 times a day to prevent pain. I have a lot of feeling in my breasts as of now. I know that can change down the line. Mostly my breasts feel very firm. Loving this new Lululemon bra and the side boob!

2.5 weeks PO

Not too much has changed other than some dropping. My right breast has no pain. My left breast aches pretty often. Mostly nipple sensitivity and on the lower part. I still feel the stretching of muscles on my left.

Feeling good

They are starting to look and feel more relaxed :)

1 month!

Some picture updates. Scans pretty much gone. Just started my scar treatment. Tried on my old bras and bikinis. None of them fit obviously. Looks like I will be a 34D or possibly DD. I was starting as a small 34B. Could have fit into an A. Crazy!

Feel like mine!

My breasts have dropped significantly and finally feel normal and like mine. Still firm but getting softer each week!

2 months PO

I tried on bras the other day and looks like I am a big D or a DD. I actually fit into an E cup but European sizes differ. So I am thinking between a D and a DD. I am resumed my workouts slowly. I am doing mostly lower body and some shoulder workouts. I am avoiding any chest exercises or anything that is uncomfortable. As of now my boobs feel good. The left one feels tight sometimes but it is only slight. Other than that I don't notice them other than size. They feel normal and like mine. I love the shape and the size. Some days I do think they can be bigger but then other days I can't believe how big they actually are lol. They are not too soft yet, but getting softer. They are definitely on the firmer side. But overall I am loving them!

1 month vs 2 month PO

Found a before picture

Hadn't taken many before pictures and came across this one. I was wearing a 34B, although I may have been an A. I was never properly sized lol

Just a quick check in

My left boob is FINALLY settling down. Had me worried because it was feeling tight and sore. But now I am sleeping on my sides and my stomach again. Love my boobs so much! I am a 34DD, gained some weight while taking recovery time. Now I'm hitting the gym hard again

415CC GUMMY :)

I just LOVE them
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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