25 YO No Kids BA in Beverly Hills

Starting my journey to get a breast augmentation...

Starting my journey to get a breast augmentation with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills. So far I have emailed pictures and now I need to set up a surgery date. So far he has been very quick to respond to email (about 2 days) and the receptionist is very friendly. His website has a great quantity of his work. Proving he is able to give quality and consistent results. I feel confident that he is the surgeon for me. I am able to travel anywhere for the best doctor. So far, he has won me over and makes me feel the most confident and at ease. More to come

Boob inspiration pics

Have not ever really given thought to what "type" of boobs I liked. I never imagined O would want a BA so I didn't spend time thinking they could change. Now that I have decided to get a BA, it's kind of fun thinking about the possibilities

Changing Doctors

With a few weeks of considering two different amazing doctors, I am going to go with Dr. Eugene Kim. I know that I can trust both and they each have amazing results. I feel like Eugene Kim responded quicker and gave me more information when I asked questions. Being the nervous and anxious person that I am, and also living in another country, I know that is a quality I NEED from a surgeon. Now I need to figure out how to update my doctor information :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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