25 y/o, 5'3" 115lb, weightlifter/active; 32A pre-op; 325cc Mod+ Silicone Unders

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I've wanted BA since I was about 16. I never...

I've wanted BA since I was about 16. I never developed breasts that I would have liked. After talking with a friend who finally bit the bullet and got BA, I decided I needed to finally have a consultation. I saw Dr. Kim and I loved him from the get-go, inducing me to book a date super soon! I'm going for a very natural look that won't interfere with my active lifestyle or look too big in my career field (lawyer).


Adding some before pictures. I'm at 32A and have a lot of chest muscle.x

Wish Boobs and Concerns

My goal is to get breasts that look natural on my frame. The women in Dr. Kim's office have given me the familiar advice that's everywhere on this site that people often wish they went bigger than smaller. I'm pretty sure I won't be one of those people. I've loved the freedom that small-ish breasts give me (e.g. the ability to not wear a bra, run without pain, wear comfortable sports bras, etc.) but want a more feminine look that is proportionate to my body.

I'm not 100% sure what incision I'm going to have. I am debating between inframammary and periareolar. I want to breast feed when I have children (at least 5 years away) so I'm a little skeptical about the periareolar incision and the increased risks of interference. I am also afraid of having bad scarring in such a conspicuous place. For the inframammary incision, I'm concerned about the increased risk for capsular contracture and whether my smaller implants would cover the scar sufficiently. I also would imagine that the inframammary incision gets irritated by more clothing because that's a big point of contact for most bras.

I'm set on getting the surgery, but not clear on what the timeline will be for getting back to working out. I love the gym, its a BIG destressor for me and thinking about taking 2-ish months off scares me more than anything else about the surgery! I'm afraid I'll go batshit crazy without it. What have others experiences been like with getting back into the gym? When are you doing cardio and what type? When are you back to doing lower body? How heavy and what types of lifts? When can you go back to doing everything else? Have you felt weird doing certain exercises? Any info would be great! Information on here is all over the board!

I'm having my mom fly out to take care of me Wednesday through Saturday. I hope I won't need too much help after that, but I have friends in town who can help me out if need be.

Supplements Pre/Post Op?

I currently take a lot of supplements to help with my fitness lifestyle. Doc said to stop birth control pills 2 weeks pre-op and daily vitamins and to check for other supplements. Anyone on here continue to take supplements up until and after surgery other than the ones my doc told me not to take?

I'm currently taking:

Green Tea Extract


Pre-op Appointment

I had my 2-week pre-op appointment yesterday and I'm so excited! I can't believe I'm so close to having boobs!

The appointment started with signing my life away on about 80 contracts/releases. As someone in the legal field, I read them all thoroughly (and spotted a good amount of unenforceable provisions).

I then had my blood drawn just down the hall from Dr. Kim's office and the technician there quickly brought my results down to the office. Then I met with Dr. Kim's assistant (I assume) who walked me through all the pre- and post-op instructions. She was very personable and willing to answer any questions I had. I had a long discussion with her about the supplements I'm taking and whether I could remain on any of them. She permitted me to stay on a couple (ZMA+CLA) for another week but then I have to discontinue them.

I then went to meet with Dr. Kim to take before pictures and discuss my options one last time. I finalized my incision location (periareolar), type of implant (mod+ silicone round) and choice to go under the muscle. I also showed him updated wish pictures (uploading with this post) which are slightly smaller than I showed him before. I want to err on the side of smaller than larger. I love having small breasts for everything except appearance so I want to strike a happy medium. I really trust Dr. Kim to pick the right size for me. We were initially thinking between 300-350cc but after seeing my new pictures he's thinking more like 275-300cc and I'm happy with that. Hoping he goes around 275.

I'm headed to central america for spring break tomorrow and it'll be the last time I wear a bikini without boobs to fill it out. I can't wait!

Pre-Op Prep/Food?

Got back safely from central america last night. I've got a nice tan going into my surgery on Wednesday!

I'm about to head to pick up my prescriptions today and stock up on items for recovery. What did you all enjoy eating after your surgery? I am a VERY hungry person with a fast metabolism so I want to be sure that I have enough food I can eat! Already have a ton of protein bars/powder, oatmeal, greek yogurt, and smoothie supplies.


Tomorrow is the day! Can't believe it's already here. It flew by.

A woman from Dr. Kim's office called me around 11am to let me know what time to get to the office. I've gotta be there at 8:30. Not sure what that means for surgery time. I was originally scheduled for 12pm. We'll see how close it is to that time. I have to pick my mom up from the airport at 6am so the morning might be a little rushed but I'll be happy to have her here!

I got one last workout in tonight (Back & Bi's) and I really stretched it out. I think the hardest part of recovery for me will be the time out of the gym, but it'll be worth it for sure.

I stopped eating and drinking at 11 tonight which will be tough for me. I normally would have 3 meals before 12 tomorrow so I'm gonna be a hungry girl before surgery!

Dr. Kim prescribed me an anti-nausea medication for the anesthesia. He said it was optional and I have a pretty tough tummy and the medication was expensive so I opted against it. Hopefully it's not too bad. Otherwise I've got all my medications on my nightstand!

I'm uploading some before pictures in swimsuits so I can do comparisons. I'll update when I feel up to it after surgery.

Went great!

Everything went great! He ended up going with 335cc in both. I'm in post op right now with no pain. I'll update lies later but IVE GOT BOOBS!!

Home and settled!

Hi ladies,

I've been home and situated for a few hours now. I couldn't believe that I wasn't out of it at all after surgery. I felt a tiny bit groggy, but more like I had 2 beers less than just was put completely under. The nurse brought me my phone (upon request-- typical 20-something move haha) and glasses and I let my mom and close friends know all went well.

Aside from the grogginess, I couldn't believe I didn't feel much/any pain! I just feel pressure on my chest like a did a really heavy chest workout. I haven't touched my painkillers at all. Not even Tylenol. Im hoping it stays like this because I hate taking heavy meds!

I think I put this in a previous post, but I didn't take the anti-nausea medication (because it was optional and expensive) and I asked the nurse after when I would feel it if I was going to and she said I would already have felt it which I didn't! Yippee to saving money!

All the staff were great and made me feel super relaxed. When I got there I sat chatting with my mom for a while about life and the surgery. She got more nervous than me because there were other patients there who just had their noses done and she's getting hers done in May. Then they called both of us back to go over some after-care instructions. After going through those, the nurse sent my mom out and I peed in a cup for a pregnancy test and changed into my lovely surgical attire. All of my belongings were put into a locker where I changed. I was able to keep my phone and glasses a little longer so I could show Dr. Kim pictures one last time. It was nice to have it so I could talk to friends/family almost right up until surgery.

Then the nurse put in my IV. It took her two tries but that didn't bother me because I think medicine and medical procedures are so cool. In another life I would have been a doc. She was very pleasant and we chatted about traveling the whole time. The anesthesiologist was there as well asking some last minute questions and assured me that he'd give me some medicine to help some with nausea.

Then Doctor Kim came to see me and put markings on me. He answered my last minute questions (Can I ice? Yes. Can I take my imitrex for migraines if I get one? Not unless absolutely necessary. When to take stool softener? If needed because of painkillers.). He also looked at pictures again and assured me that they would look great! He's a man of few words but I like that. I'm the type of person who doesn't want to be spoken to while I'm getting my haircut too. Just do what you're there to do :)

The nurse then helped me walk to the surgery room and I got all situated. We continued to talk and the anesthesiologist told me he was gonna give me something to help me relax and that's the last thing I remember. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room!

My mom went out to get pineapple juice and Tylenol and I'm laying in bed with my water bottle and the Ellen show. I'll update at some point tonight or tomorrow with some pictures. I would not but mom's not here to help me get out of bed and I don't want to try :/

Thanks for all the support!

Day 1

Ugh worst night sleep ever! I'm a side/tummy sleeper so being propped up last night was super hard for me. I also kept twitching and would wake myself up :( My back is also killing me from sleeping that way. I had a pillow under my knees and occasionally put one in the small of my back but it definitely still hurts. Any tips?

I'm not sure about size right now but I know I can't judge at this point. They seem like they might be a bit bigger than I wanted but some of it might be swelling too. Not too big to be unhappy about at all just maybe not ideal.

Pain is still almost none. I took a painkiller to help with a more comfortable sleep, but haven't had any real boob pain.

I spoke to the doc this morning when he called to check in me and he said everything went great. He told me I could use my arms more today just still to not lift anything heavy. I'm probably gonna try to go mall walk or something later with my mom. I opened up the bra to remove the sponges that were placed in there and snuck a peek and a picture :) I also found some graham cracker crumbs in between my boobs lol!

Feeling a little bloat today in my lower tummy but not horrible. My throat is sore too. Not sure what that's from.

So far so good!

Looking better already & feeling back to normal

Today is day 4 post-op and I'm feeling great! I went for a long walk today and it was really nice to get out of the house and enjoy the great weather SoCal is having right now. It was difficult for me to walk slow enough to keep my heartrate constant. I can't wait to get approval to get back to at least cardio.

My right breast has a weird pain in it that has pretty much been there since day 1 so I'm not too worried about it. It's in the side of my breast and comes and goes and subsides when I put some pressure on it. The left breast feels completely fine and I almost have a full range of motion back.

My mom left last night and I managed just fine today on my own. I realized that my protein powder was on the top of my refrigerator though and I had to macgyver a way to get that down with a broom. Heading back to school tomorrow! Hoping for positive reactions-- I think I've told most all of my friends what I was doing.

I'll update again after my post-op on Thursday!

2 weeks

Oops! I forgot to update after my first post-op last Thursday.

Everything has been going great though! I am feeling pretty much 100% and I'm having to consciously restrict myself from doing too much. I don't feel any discomfort anymore, they just feel a little "tired" toward the end of the day.

At the post-op Dr. Kim said everything was healing well and sitting where they should. He removed my stitches and put on steri-strips that he said would come off within the next week (they did today). He cleared me to drink and resume taking my supplements. He also said I could wear a less restrictive sports bra. I started massaging as well and not feeling any pain or discomfort when doing that.

Scars are looking good as far as I'm concerned and really happy with the size as swelling is going down. I love that people can't really tell I got them done while I'm wearing a sports bra-- that's really what I wanted for the day-to-day but wanted to be able to take off my bra and still see the same curves!

He said at my 3 week post-op we can talk about getting back to working out! I can't wait!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Kim was great from the get-go and has lived up to all my expectations throughout the process thus far. CONSULT: The office was very modern and clean. I felt like I was walking into exactly what I would expect a beverly hills plastic surgery office to look like. The front staff was friendly, gorgeous women who were very welcoming and you could tell they enjoyed working there and got along with their coworkers. I waited a little while for Dr. Kim in the consultation room before he came in which was a little frustrating, but luckily I didn't have to be anywhere quickly. Once he got there we went over my options (size, incision, under/over, type of implant). He made recommendations, but wasn't ever pushy and gave me the realistic expectations from each of my choices. He also ran through the possible complications from the surgery and what to expect in the aftermath. As a very active person, I had lots of questions about recovery and activity levels and how long I would have to be out of the weight room. He assured me that he had done work on many women like me who were concerned with their fitness and he would do everything possible for a quick recovery. He was straight to the point with everything which I personally love. I don't like doctors who talk to you like you don't know anything. Dr. Kim would have been more than willing to do that if necessary, but he spoke to me assuming I had done my research for a serious surgery like this. SCHEDULING: Once I decided I wanted to go with Dr. Kim for my surgery, I called to schedule my appointment. I scheduled about a month out and it was easy to get in on the date and time that I wanted. I put down a $500 deposit over the phone on my credit card and received some brief pre-op instructions from the front desk personnel. PRE-OP: Two weeks prior to my surgery I went in to the office to meet with Dr. Kim to finalize everything for the surgery and make my final payment. I got there and filled out a bunch of paperwork. After I filled out the paperwork I went to get my blood drawn so they could make sure I wasn't carrying anything that could be transmitted. Then I went to meet with one of the doctors assistants and she went over all of the pre- and post-op instructions briefly with me. I can't remember her name but she was great too! She was candid and friendly about everything but also informative. Finally I met with Dr. Kim and we went back over my options. I told him I thought I wanted to go smaller than I had last shown him and he looked at my new pictures and said that a 25cc reduction was probably all I needed to get the results I wanted. That put me at ease because I was scared about going too big vs. going too small. OP: I'm not one to get super nervous before surgery so I didn't need a lot of reassurance or anything the day of. I first met with the nurse and anesthesiologist who went over a lot of the basics with me about what was going to happen. The nurse put the IV in my arm (which took a couple tries :/) and situated me in bed. Then Dr. Kim came in and took a last minute look at my wish pictures and made some markings on my chest. Quickly I was off and under the knife! Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room with boobs and asking for my phone! I was in little to no pain and completely coherent. Dr. Kim called the next day to make sure everything was going well and answer several quick questions that I had. After surgery he sent me away with his phone numbers and email in case I had any problems during recovery. I didn't have to reach him so I'm not sure what his response time is like, but I've heard its great! POST-OP: I met with Dr. Kim again a week after my surgery and he took out my stitches and explained how the rest of the healing process would go. Again he was professional and quick-- which I loved! Overall I have nothing negative to say about Dr. Kim and his office. You can tell he knows what he's doing and will get you great results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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