Dont let his great deals fool you! - Upland, Brea, Beverly Hills, CA

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Dr. Smaili performed two rhinoplasty procedures on...

Dr. Smaili performed two rhinoplasty procedures on me due to his error the first time. I thought the price was right trusted reviews I read and have had issues breathing, constant mucus build up, internal bleeding, and a nose pushed over to the right side. Due to his effortless, greedy, BOARD CERTIFIED self that performs too many surgeries in one day that he is able to handle I now have TWO deviated septums. He performed rhinoplasty on me 1/2014 that cost me 5k acknowledged his errors agreed to do a 2nd revision charged me another 3k in 2/2015 with worst results they were to begin with. I went in 4/2016 to show him his poorly finished work after a year of healing and he had the ordasity to have his secretary tell me he'll repair it for another 4k. This Dr. is a joke. You are a number to him not a human. He leaves a vacations frequently and when you need to get in for follow up his staff is poorly organized. This whole experience has been a nightmare. I am grateful I have Kaiser benefits and a NEW unthirsty doctor that is willing to fix doctors Smaili poor work. So, before you think about choosing him and saving money look elsewhere. Hope this helps you when making your choice. God Bless
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Smaili is a thirsty, greedy, heartless, here's a coupon type of guy, that will book 20 surgeries in one day, milk you, and take off on vacations half the year, pays his staff minimum wage, and does not care if he ruins you the rest of your life type of guy. Man of minimal words with short consultations and follow ups. Look elsewhere, don't rush, do your research. There are other physicians that take pride in their work and will treat you with care rather than a meal ticket.

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