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So far I can speak of my consultation experience,...

So far I can speak of my consultation experience, and Ghavami's answers were great! The consultant was really helpful on financing payments!!

I'm a mother of 3, and about to turn 30. I have been waiting to get this surgery for around 3 years, and finally is almost around the corner!!
I live in West L.A, and my husband (since he'll be paying lol) and I decided to go to Dr. Ghavami through Beverly HIlls Physicians.
The Dr. is AWESOME he responded all my doubts and concerns, made suggestions which I love the best and helped understand my options best.
I'm a short woman and 5ft even, 131 lbs, but obviously I have never been happy with body shape. Before having kids I was a stick, and now I feel like  a walking mutated rectangle with a hanging belly.
I'm pretty good on keeping a a healthy diet and doing moderate exercise, but the results are not what I want.
So hopefully this surgery will be life changing experience on my self-esteem.
I'm looking for a huge ass because I'm sooo short, but I do want a defined  waist with a rounder fuller booty ;). Ah ! and finally to get rid of bra straps on my back UGGH!!!
I'm hoping to have a natural-looking hourglass shape.
The Dr. recommended and planned lipo on back, arms, inner thighs and abs with fat transfer on my butt cheeks
So we'll see what happens, and I will definitely keep posted.

Nobody knows in my family, but my hubby about the...

Nobody knows in my family, but my hubby about the surgery. I hope I get the natural shape I looking for... I lost 2 pounds!! The stress is causing that, I guess :/ and the Dr. told me not to loose any weigh lol but they told me not to worry and focus on not loosing more weigh.... The easiest thing to do hahahaha

I'm less than a week away from my surgery.... OMG!! IM SOOOOO ANXIOUS !!! I have a mix of emotions, but praying that everything goes well. Dr recommended taking some pills before surgery (Arnica and bromezyme) to ease the pain and healing process. I hope I get an early appt for my surgery and not have to wait until late with an empty stomach.
I'm almost there, so send me your good thoughts and, why not, pray for me if you can ;)

Hi everyone!!! im a mix of emotions !!!!! im...

hi everyone!!! im a mix of emotions !!!!! im having my bbl today at 630 pls have me in your good.thoughts n prayers.... FINALLY THE DAY IS HERE !!!!! YAY !!!! :D

Day 1 post-op I got my procedure.... im in mild...

day 1 post-op
I got my procedure.... im in mild pain .. feel drowzy n super swollen . Ghavmi n,staff were great before.n after surgery... im just lying down on my tummy.... I can take the pain ... im also peeing a lot, im also covered with pads which will be taken away on thursday... so right now is hard to see results cuz I look like giant burrito lol will take picts when I take off pads ;)

3 days post-op I feel some numbness around my...

3 days post-op

I feel some numbness around my waist. My body feels stiff and swollen. I'm really hoping to get the natural curve I'm looking for ;). My husband had been helping a lot!!!
Still taking meds, and at some points during night time I feel a lot of pain, but I have to say that the arnica, pineapple juice and bromezyme are helping too.
I do little walks around the house and go back to lie down on my tummy :(

I have a another post-op appt with Dr on Wed. to change my garment. I REALLY HOPE TO GET THE RESULTS I'M LOOKING FOR!!!!

Thanks for the public and private positive comments :)



I have 3 days without taking meds the pain has been minimal since 2 days ago it feel as doing workout excesively .... I habe tons of bruises everywhere so is hars to hide those :( ....eventhough im just sleeping on my tummyy is mpre comfortabke to sleep my 8 hrs...

bythe way I had a follow up appt with ghavami he took off the top of the garment so my arms feel morefree .... ill b changing garments in 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds n,so far my tummy looks great I was expecting more of loose skin due to prior pregnancies but Dr is also liking the look of it.... we'll c what happens .... yesterday my cousin saw me, she hasnt seen me since a month ago and she told me how fine ii look after been taking my zumba classes lol .... I just smile n agreed to it lol.... nobody knows about this surgery only my husband n im planning to keep like that.... so far results are great n they look natural ;)


2 weeks + 4 days Post -op follow Hi...

2 weeks + 4 days Post -op follow

Hi everyone!!
Everytime I see my body I still can't believe I finally got my surgery done!! There is no more pain, I have some parts a bit swollen and some bruises getting ready to go lol :).
I'm wearing my second garment in M size. When I first saw it I was like OMG! There is no way I'm getting into that tiny thing, but my surprise was that it felt like putting the cover on my phone lol!!! My measures without clothes are 36, 29, 39. Big difference on my waist!!!!! That part marks it all up.

The garment I'm wearing is pretty comfortable, except for the front line part, it makes me itchy.... I guess nothing is perfect. I feel like going back to Zumba, but Dr said not to return to normal functions until 4 week had past.
My nights are more comfortable, I can sleep on my sides. I working really hard on NOT sitting on my bottom at all!! Unless is for potty ;) and local driving which is rare to happen. when I get tired of standing up or lying down I squat on big pillows putting pressure on my legs, knees and arms to avoid pressure on my butt. When do this I do it only for 10 min.

I'm starting to noticed some loose skin on my stomach, but I was expecting that due to my prior pregnancies. I'm really not worry about it. Hopefully it won't show on my clothes. Dr, of course, recommended tummy tuck if I get too much, but honestly not looking forward. I wanted to better my body shape but not to look like a model lol :)

So, any questions, comments.... ThX :)

I'm posting some picts with pieces of clothes that...

I'm posting some picts with pieces of clothes that I had bought with good eye-intentions but once trying them on at home never wear them after.... I remember the arguments with my honey about this LOL I'm pretty sure I drove him CRAZY LOL

1 month Post-op Hello everyone! I finally was...

1 month Post-op

Hello everyone! I finally was able to get into my page.... The website was not letting me :(

I feel kind of down :( I had my follow-up appt. I lost 1 pound, os I'm down to 124. Dr G told me to not to be loosing weigh cuz that could affect the results of my booty. The swelling in my flanks, waist and lower back still present. I;m not in pain but I was expecting to be close to 100%, Dr G told me that the swelling can take up to 3 months to disappear :( He also advised to eat a bit more than before, which I kind of worry cuz I been working on changing radically my eating habits. After all I dont want to gain that fat back!! He also mentioned that my booty might go down a bit or perhaps stay the same depending on how I take care of it n the swelling goes away.
I feel worry!! I like the size I have now I dont want it smaller!! He said that waist will get smaller bacause it's still all swollen.
He said I could moderate exercise, but nothing to burn fat. So he recommended YOGA, stretches, and light weight lifting to tone my body.
I have 2 more weeks to use the garment, but honestly I getting to use it. I feel like missing something when I'm not wearing it. I'm also allow to be without it for a max of 3 hrs. I can also just wear a waist cincher but I havent bought it yet he said any of buy it from

I've been getting soooooo itchy, so I also bought cocoa butter for my skin since it has gotten sooooo dry. My husband been giving me massages the way Dr. G explained. My hubby still likes my shape, and he swears I'll like the final shape too. But I dont know :( and I hate that feeling.

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