Brazilian Butt Lift (square shaped gal)-Beverly Hills, CA

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Just had my consultation last week and I am soooo...

Just had my consultation last week and I am soooo excited! I have lived life as an apple shape and hate it!!! I'm 5'2 currently 155 lbs and 20 yrs old. I have been wanting this procedure for the past year so I gained approx 20 lbs just for this and I plan on gaining 10 lbs more just to make sure I am happy with the result! ( I'd rather it look a little bigger than I want rather than smaller) I will have lipo from flanks, lower back, entire waist&bra roll and abdomen, I'm hoping to ask the DR if he can lipo my upper/inner thighs for that sexy "gap" look. after the procedure I'm planning on hitting the gym as hard as I always have before gaining weight for this... I just want the best results possible!!! I'm so excited, only 2 1/3 months left. Any advice on healing process or precautions before I do surgery? Btw has anyone medicated themselves with painkillers along side medical marijuana products such as edibles or thc pills!?

SX date has been changed!

I guess dr Matlock has some type of conference the day of my SX Monday jan 13 -__- luckily they have moved it to just a few days later on Thursday Jan 16... I'm a bit nervous since I start school the first week of Feb which means I'll have a total of 3 weeks recovery before having to sit for 10+ hours a day in lecture. Will a boppy pillow work well or the yoga may under thighs trick work better. I don't want to lose any volume due to school... Please help!

Wish pix combined with real pix

Made some wish pix with an app... Note I did NOT enhance my buttocks just contorted my waist and contorted my thigh (just a pinch) on the side view pic.

11 days Pre op

I am scared shit less. OMG I need all the strength from God I can get but I feel this surgery is against his will. I hate these negative thoughts and all this anxiety is now setting in. Lord help me. Please pray for me sisters :(

Drum roll

Aaaaahh my surgery is in 30 hours. I'm nervous as hell and trying to keep calm. Please pray for me! I have severe anxiety in general and I'm just hoping I don't flake out, cry or throw a fit once I'm on that table. Praying that The Lord is with me throughout this journey. Bless all of you who have given me warm feelings and may God be with all of you in your surgery. I go in at 6:30 am Thursday (1/16/14) and ill be 21 at the beginning of March so I'm hoping to be healed just in time to go out n show off this legal bootay lol anyway keep me in your thoughts plzzzz. Can't believe I'm saying this but... See y'all on the other side !

Pre op measurements

Waist (around belly button) 38'
Butt (around center/peak) 41'

Not much of a difference for my waist to hip ratio so I'm hoping for a HUGE change after tmro morning. Pray for me ladies I have less than 8 hrs before I'm on that table. Much love ??


Ef u see Kay !!!!! Lbbbff feel like my vagina and belly Is on fire!!!!!' Thanking God that I made it out !!!!


Recovery Is definitely TOUGH. U need help help help thank Jesus I have my parents here boyfriend and my best friend to help me out and keep me occupied. I've Been watching a lot of movies and WALK WALK WALK all over the place as well as stretch, trust me it's the best solution to pAin in addition to the meds! ladies do NOT do this alone cause the first 24-48 hrs you are so unable to do anything alone, I was miserable even with tons of help. But I am managing it well with a few random crying sessions lol. Everyone's very surprised at well I'm recuperating so hopefully I'll feel like myself by 1 week PO.

5day post op finally got to remove garment after postop apt


So it's been over 1 week. THANK YOU JESUS it went by semi quickly now that I look back on it, my OxyContin(Percocet), Valium(for muscle spasms) worked great but in addition to that I medicated with edible forms of marijuana& omg did that help so much kept me asleep for many parts of the day and helped me "breeze" thru. But F*CK this surgery is no joke buy my dr +former patients are surprised at how well I am doing!?!?!? I am still swollen but my waist is looking fab and booty hadn't shrunk too much *knock on wood*
After postop appt I FINALLY SHOWERED! Got lightheaded without garment but boy did that hot water feel like ecstasy. ARNICA GEL highly recommend in combo with arnica/bromelain pills for swelling and bruising. The gel is magic and all natural especially for the ITCHIES( hate itching dammit). Anyway everyday is a SERIOUS Improvement pain wise. My pain level is at a 2/10 at this point and it's not pain anymore more like strains, soreness and a lol burning when my torso bends/twists. My booty only hurts if i accidentally bump something. Anyway tmro I get my first lymphatic drainage massage. I plan on taking a Percocet 2 hrs before as well as eating some *medicated chocolate*(; (; before hand to help numb the potential pain from the massage.


I can't remember the exact amount but I believe he lipo'ed 3.7 liters and injected 850CC per cheek. My ass looks nice, plump and worked for! I have a very athletic build including large calves so this butt compliments my frame well, some curves but not exaggerated for my originally boxy body type. I will post more pix ASAP


Started working out my arms and back yesterday as well as a semi strict diet and I feel damn good doing so! My waist and flanks are incredibly tender to the touch and my ankles/feet still swell up but other than that I am doing so well I'm happy. Hopefully I don't lose too much volume realllllly hoping! I'll post more pix when I see more improvement in this swollen midsection!

Lymphatic drainage massage

Forgot to add in that this massage is necessary! I took 1 perc 2 hrs before to numb me and the massage was actually pleasant with an occasional sting or so but after it was over I felt almost like my preop self again, full of energy! That's what prompted me to begin working out. I will get 1 more massage in about 2 weeks (;

More pix

4 weeks post op

5 months out!!!

Hello everyone just want to make a quick update... I saw my final booty results at about 2 months, I haven't lost any inches since then... Current measurements (38 breast, 30' waist (still a lil swollen) and booty=42' :D) it was a hard road to recovery but definitely doable... I give this procedure 100% worth it rating. So many people notice my body changed. Most think I did a lot of squats and I have been questioned about having surgery but they think I got my boobs done! Since they got so big during my weight gaining process before I got lipo everywhere around my breast... So that's a plus (; I have been working out for the last 3 months and my shape is coming out lovely! anyway hope y'all make a good choice surgeon wise and heal properly!

Amazing celebrity surgeon from Dr. 90210, Plastic Wives, etc., Dr Matlock is very experienced and has performed over 15,000 BBL procedures to women and stars around the world. Mainly in the US, Dubai and Brazil itself. Ladies, he knows what he's doing!!!! Only downside is the price but i think that's based on his star status as well as being located on Sunset Blvd.

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