Excited and Nervous at the Same Damn Time (revised) YILY in this thang!

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This is by far the best website to stay in tuned...

This is by far the best website to stay in tuned with before and after your surgery date. These dolls on this site give it to you straight from the best garment to wear to when sit on your new booty and when not to. This site should be required for any and all surgeries because most of all it helps you OWN. Own what you got and enjoy all of your moneys worth. I am so excited for my new and enhanced donk and I look forward to keeping up with my realself girls every step of the way . Now from now until February im going hard in the gym, build up all that muscle so when the fat gets taken away my new body will shine like a star in the night lmao. Everytime I turn around I nee people to say "Oh yea...she DID THAT."

From Sad right back to HAPPY!

Hey BBL fam, just want to throw it out there that this website is so stupid when it comes to writing reviews. Ive written two and they didn’t even post…they just disappeared. Fortunately the second one disappeared before I had gotten a chance to finish it so I didn’t have to write the whole thing. So now I have learned to type my reviews on a word document (something with an undo button) until management fixes the kinks. I will try and rewrite it for the third time and hope that it is better than the first and second round.
So last week I received some sucky news so I was bummed for about an hour then went back to being excited again lol. So my cousin and I were supposed to be doing our surgery together (same day, same doctor) but she decided against it for self-conscious reasons that clearly DID NOT APPLY TO ME. She mentioned that she needed to really reevaluate her thought process and figure out what she is really doing it for; she also said financially the time wasn’t right and I could totally respect that. But yea I was bummed only because in my mind we were going to go through the process together BUTTTT now that im looking on the bright side things are actually better this way. I spoke with the patient coordinator and she said she will schedule my surgery to be the only surgery in a longer time frame that way I can have double the in house recovery time and the Doc will also have more time to work on my perfection lol. And my cousin also volunteered to take care of me for the first three days so I don’t have to pay for a caregiver which is AWESOME…that’s why I love her so much. I have a feeling that once shes sees how much more of a baddie ill become she will schedule her date and then I can take care of her.
While at the doctors office yesterday I solidified my surgery date and I will be beautified on February 21 2014 and I cannot wait. This first time I went in when I was going into various consultations I exuded a different type of excitement, now that I know this shit is going down ive become strategically excited ( if that makes sense). Ive created a BBL journey calendar book that begins one month pre op and goes as far as 6 months post op. This calendar book is everything. My BBL boo’s on here have given me so much insight and advice and this is to show that your stories and comments don’t go unnoticed. With a combination of prevalent issues expectations regarding the BBL I created a little book for myself. It has things such a research page: where I look up different things that I should either look up or ask my doctor about. These topics can range from how effective the boppy pillow is to whether or not to use a faja vs a compression garment. I also have a To Buy section which lists everything im going to need from arnica gel to pineapples, watermelon and greek yogurt to speed up my recovery process while keeping the swelling down. As I go into day 1 I have documented everything I should do as well as things I should be prepared for ( ie: pain level, medications, sleeping positions etc). I also documented the days in which I should tighten my garment, add a squeem, start using an abs board etc. Now of course many of these ocumentations will be customized to my specific body but this helps me actively and mentally prepare for the bombness that will be taken place on Feb 21 and 6 months after LOL. Im a hospital administrator so during my daily life I deal with a lot of deadlines, projects and paperwork so organization is EVERYTHING to me; and this …well this is the most important project of them all. Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass LMAO.
Im going to post some wish pics and I have to give a special shout all to all my BBL dolls who have been kind enough to lend me their booty to wish upon. Im so excited and I welcome any and all comments you guys have for me, from the ones who have done it to the ones that are soon to come. Love Ya’ll ttys.

Body pics

Hola Chica's so I'm finally posting some body pics. It took me a while bc I'm so self conscious and I had to edit and do all that stuff so here they are. The pictures aren't in any type of weight loss order. The photos in which I look the smallest ( love handles are smaller ) would be the most recent photos as I go to the gym 6 days a week now :-/. I think that is going to be one of the biggest challenges as well. Not being able to go to the gym for a while, I'm definitely going to take advantage of walking and getting some exercise. While I'm down and out. Does Anyone know when the appropriate time to return to working out? At least light work out like max incline speed walking ?

More booty-less pics

Here are so shots of my trunk with no junk

I got the hookup, holla if ya hear me!

Hey Dolls,
So I have some extremely exciting news. So I went in to my Dr. yesterday to get a second consultation this time I went in with pictures (like 15 of them :-/) so I can tell him all the things on my body that I want contoured in relation to the wish pics that I brought in. So ive been in contact with the patient coordinator who has been extremely nice since day one. She is so comforting and reassuring so much so that I can tell if she’s lying or not but ooooh well, the fact of the matter is that she is nice. But any way when I went in for my first consultation the doctor marked up all the places that he was going to lipo and transfer the fat. Typically the process is a patient comes in, fills out the paperwork with the patient coordinator, goes in for the consultation and from that consultation paper, that the coordinator retrieves from the doctor, she devised a price package based on how many areas and the base fat transfer price. Well I went in as the last client to be seen that day and talked with the coordinator about how this is my first surgery and that ive been wanting a BBL for a while. So I went in and had my consultation and by the time I got out of my consultation the coordinator already had a price package for me without viewing the doctor’s procedures. So long story short Im getting full lipo of my whole back and entire abdomen, 2 garmets, blood work, all medication, full anesthesia, and entire day in recovery room for 5k bc she made a monetary mistake yaaaaaaay. Best thing about it is that I don’t have to leave home its right here in Beverly Hills. Awesomenesssssss! And to top it off my Dr. does house visits and is available on Sundays so im just ecstatic to say the lease and I cant wait till he “put them paws on meh.” #werk
While showing him my pictures I emphasized the snatched waist, the booty cleavage and the projection. He said he should be able to put about 1000cc’s I told him NO MORE THAN 1000 and no less than 900…so hes got a margin of 100 to work with give or take. So while everyone is opening their gifts tomorrow for Christmas, ill be anxiously waiting for Feb 21 to open that can of ASS on the world whoooooop! Im 5’10 I weigh in at about 170 o you gals think 900-1000 is a good cc range for me? I really don’t want anything to drastic nor do I want anything teeny weeny. Does anyone have any advice in terms of how many cc’s I should consider?

Random Request but ANY Sissy's going to Yily Feb 21,2014?????

So ive been sitting here wondering how amazing it would be if I were to actually pull it off and be able to go to yilly to get my BBL. I just imagined things being so hectic trying to do it alone but if I had a BUDDY it would make alllll the difference. Suddenly I just got so excited bc I really want to go with Yilly. I guess I have a lot to think about, if any one of you dolls booked the recovery house without a buddy can you give me an approximation of the price please.

Yily are you ready for all uh dis!!!

Ill start of by sayin IM GONNA BE A YILY DOLL BAYYYYBYYYYY #whoop #watchout #itsgoindown

Today has been the MOST stressful day of my whole entire pre op journey. I feel like today everything almost all came down, if I did not have my girls S and N ( names remain anonymous) I would have lost it all I swear I would have. So it all started when I booked my flight for the wrong date ( a day off) one of my friends caught it and I immediately called jetblue to try and change it. They seemed all for it at first but then started to give me the run around and a week has gone by and they decided to send me an email saying they will charge me to change my ticket and the pr. ice they are trying to charge is more than the one way ticket…CRAZINESS. But anyway all around the same time I got this email Ive been going back and forth with my sister bc she thinks I should really do more research on which surgeon that I want. She is so over protective of me but I love her bc she always has my best interest. But long story short im now officially going to be a YILLLLLYYYYY DOLLLLLLLLL! Im torn on a couple of things but im just so excited to finally have a plan that is set in stone and most of all my lovely sister will be helping me pay for it. So im getting to go to my first choice surgeon an ill end up paying less than I would for my second choice surgeon and definitely a lot less than my third choice, so all in all I am a happy camper. Now the excitement and nervousness has kicked into high gear. Now LADIES LADIES LADIES I need your help, I want to know how in the world can I get my hemoglobin up? I am here 6 weeks before sx and my hemo exhibited a rough estimate result of about 11.6. I got blood drawn yesterday to receive a more accurate reading and also to figure out whats causing my hemo to be as low as 11.6. I don’t want to get to Yily and have her send me home bc im 1 or 2 fractions of a point away from 12. I would be so devastated, so right now I am going to start doubling up on my iron, (65 mg) by taking one during the day and one at night. I am taking folic acid (1000mg), multi vitamin, vitamin c, and hair and nail pills while I wait on my B complex vitamin to arrive.
Has any one of you guys ever had a problem similar to mine, if so what did you all do about it? And did it end up working in your favor? This may just be my nerves talking but I just want to make sure I have everything under control. Im about 7 items away from completing my list so ill be glad when that is out the way.
Ill be staying in a suite with my girls at Daisy’s Recovery House and let me tell you guys. Daisy is the sweeeeeeetest person that I have ever met, like seriously what do they put in the water out there. Daisy has worked with me through allllllll my hiccups and left turns through out this whole process. She treats you like her own sister, she will never let you do or go anywhere that she wouldn’t have her own family go. She is always so open and willing to work with people and she can be more excited about your surgery that you are which is just amazing.
If anyone happens to be going to the DR between Feb 18-Mar 1 let me know maybe we can link up if our bodies are up for it ? Now its time for me to look through all of my Yily wish lists and note what I want specifically from each. I know for sure that I want to be a member if not president of the Tiny Waist Nice Size booty committee, there’s no doubt about that but I think im leaning more towards the upside down heart shape. I love how subtle that hip to ass transition is with the upside down heart.
Arms wide open for a hug…show me love divas, show me love ?

Its starting to get Really Real #letsgetit

So I went to check my Hemo and 2 weeks ago I was at 11.5 and this past Monday I went to check again and im at 12.3 (heeeeeeeey). I had bloodwork done two weeks ago and finally got my results that show it is in fact Iron deficiency that is causing my hemoglobin to be so low so I preventative measures. Im taking my iron pills three times a day, I juice ( spicah, bok choy, pineapples etc) and I will be adding beets and kale to the mix starting today. I pre make my meals for four days at a time to on the menu for the next four days will be smoothies, kale, liver brown rice, chicken breast and mixed vegetables. Im finally starting to feel like I have all of this under control. I have finally slowed down my crazy searches for wish pics and have narrowed them down to my main 3 (which is a hard thing to do). I just don't want yily to get overwhelmed. Im trying to prepare myself for this whole process, ive been getting so much great advice and feedback from my RS boo thangs and so far what is expected is that I arrive at CIPLA and there may or may not be a long wait before surgery with Yily. What I want to know is does it make a difference in my arrival time and surgery time If I get my tests done the day before? I don't want to just be sitting there for hours I might have a full blown anxiety attack. Another thing I would like to be debriefed on are items you all think I should be bringing with me to CIPLA. I know to bring a blanket a pillow, a dress, my pain meds and my cell phone but what else am I forgetting? I want to make sure I get as comfortable of a sleep as I can. I hear all these horror stories about staying the night there, does anyone have any decent stories about the CIPLA stayover post surgery?

Right now I think I have finally gotten everything on my list except the nausea medicine and the abdominal board ( which is so hard to find a good one). Another question I have is when should I start wearing the abs board? 3 days post? 5 days? 2 weeks? I want to ensure I have a flat tummy so i'm taking all the precautions I can. In Yily's confirmation email she mentions that I will be able to sit down on my butt, but I've heard many people say they waited 3 months to sit. What is everyone's opinion on this? I personally don't plan on sitting directly on my behind for a MINIMUM of two months.
What has been getting me the most nervous is my passport, I submitted (mailed out) my passport 2 day shipping exactly 6 weeks from my surgery date, I originally mailed it 8 weeks before but they sent it back bc the picture I submitted did not match the requirements. For all the gals that have went through the whole passport renewal process, do you have faith that I will get my passport in time for my surgery. I submitted a note with my surgery date in the envelope but im sure they just threw it away *sigh* pray fro me guys.

Anywho thanks in advance for all you help and advice, I will recap the questions that I have presented in this portion of my review:

1) Are there any prevalent items that I should consider taking to CIPLA the morning I go in for SX?
2) Are there any good or neutral stories about CIPLA that you gals can share (for mere encouragement)?
3) When during the recovery process should I start using abs board?
4) What is your opinion about Yily allowing her patients to sit on their behind?
5) Do you have any experience about how long its taking for passports to arrive from the day I mailed it off? Do you think mine will come if I mailed it exactly 6 weeks out?
6) ADDED QUESTION: Does Yily provide arm compression after arm lipo?

Thanks again guys, until next time Ciao


SO im so excited I wanted to just do a brief review saying that two days ago I got the email that my PASSPORT should be here by NEXT MONDAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY. OMG im so excited I couldn't contain myself, ive been stressing about the passport forever bc on the site it says 4-6 weeks and I had applied but it got sent back by the background of my headshot was not white ( it was such a nice pic too). But anyway I headed to CVS the next day, paid 15 for two damn pics, and mailed that bad boy off to philly to get processed. So from the date of mailing to the day I received the email of completion it took a total of ....drumroll please ELEVEN DAYSSSSSS that's awesomeeeeeee! That's a total of 17 days door to door not even two week. Thank God for Jesus! Now im stress free the only thing left for me to do is budget out my funds ( breakdown the sx fee-3300, RH fee-650, meds approx.-200, miscellaneous-400 and from that 400 convert 150 to pesos while im still in the US) transfer this amount to my other savings and its just a waiting game from there.
I have purchased everything on my list (which I will post tomorrow) except for my board ( which I can always get once I return and my compression sleeves which I am buying TOMORROW.

Im slowly checking things off my calendar and marking significant milestones so I can reference things in the future if needed. This week has been a good week. Cant believe its already going into the last week of Jan which means February is around the corner. Move out my way cupid I gots me an ASSSSSSSSSS to be sculpt. BOOM!

Exactly TWO WEEKS away!

Hey Lovies,
So sorry that I haven't updated as much as ive intended to, ihave been trying to make sure I have everything on my list and also ensuring that my calendar is thouroughly marked with appointments, tasks and to do lists that must be met before I leave fot my 11 day journey to the DR. So ever since I got my passport, I bought my arm compression, arnica gel and Zzz quil and I am proud to say I have completed my entire shoppin list and I couldn't be more elated. I have been adding a checking off things on my calendar and it has been my saving grace. If I didn't have this calendar my BBL journey would be so unorganized. My calendar reminds me of when I spoke to yily, when I confirmed with her, when I scheduled my massages, when I should start taking my arnica tablets etc. bc when you work crazy hours like me you things are bound to slip you mind her and there and I cant afford any slips...im way to close. I even have documented when I should take my breaks to snack on my kale lol.
I went to get my blood drawn on January 6th (started taking iron pills for the first time about 1 week prior) to see what my hemo levels were; at the clinic I gave a blood sample and also opted for the quick test that give you instant results (prick of finger) but the results are not as accurate. So the results from the quick test read that I had a hemo level of 11.7 and the blood results showed a level of 12.1. I went back a week later and the quick results read that I had a hemo of 11.9 so im assuming the real results would read at about 12.3. I have been taking perscirbed iron sulfate (3times a day), B complex, and a whooooole lot of orange juice for about three weeks straight now. I hope to God that when I go in the end of next week to get my iron checked that I will be as high as a kite, im a little scared bc my period will be ending today so I have a feeling that it will be a little low but my question is how low bc I need it to be sky high. im going to be eating kale non stop from now until the day of my sx. I hope 17 days is enough time to recover from my drop in hemo levels due to my period which, by the grace of the man upstairs, only lasted three days. I guess the orange juice overdose does kinda work if you need a way to bleed less during your period. Anyway, that's all the time I have right now but I will be sure to update you all tomorrow. Ciao

12 Days unitl TAKE OFF!!!!

Hey Girl Heyyyy!
So here I am 12 days before I take off and im still playing it cool. Fortunately im an organization freak so I have had my bags packed for about a month now so whenever I get additional supplied in the mail I just add them to my suitcase. I will go back in today and repack everything for the second time. This allows me to revise my luggage based on the reviews for what is absolutely necessary and what is not. I know that clothing is a big one. I tried to pack light a few dresses and a few yoga pants and tops but I keep coming across clothing that would work perfect for surgery. One top quickly turns into 10 and now Im repacking. So I researching different groceries to but while in DR that would be benefical to my healing process and my apetite. So far I have:
Pineapples Unsalted crackers Water
Kale Slices of turkey meat Gatorade
Almonds Cranberry Juice (for welling)
Strawberries ( softens my stool)

So far these are the items that I will be purchasing while in DR. The only thing im skeptical about is the fruit, I want to ensure that it wont upset my stomach. I hope I don't have a hard time using the bathroom whether it be #1 or #2 bc im so use to having a bowel movement every morning at around 6 am so if it doesn't come im afraid I might loose my mind lol. I have tea, almonds etc that should help me with that and they have always worked like a charm.

So I think I have accomplished a lot in terms of preparing from my surgery. I started my arnica and Bromelain tablets to day, I want to make sure I can avoid as much bruising as I can before sx. I haven't had alcohol in about 3 weeks so im really proud of myself although im only an occasional drinker. The only things left to do within these next 2 weeks are to: order my medium size faja with my amazon prime bc if it does not fit I can always return it for absolutely no fee at all (amazon prime is the absolute best). Go to Massage Envy to schedule my massages for when I return home. Purchase my boo's valentines day gift (Prada dress suit), gotta love a man in a suit. Get my Brazilian wax (I have to be able to easily clean down there or I become irritable). Mani and Pedi ( are we allowed to have color on our fingers?), I was thinking of French tips or my typical all white errrthang. Spring Clean my whole house ( aka hire cleaners to come out and clean hahahah). Withdraw funds, alert the bank of my travel so they can remove any credit or debit card block as I will not be using my phone so I cant call them. Laundry. Get hemo checked for the last time, get deep tissue massage 5 hours before flight. Load movies (10-15) and jazz music on my ipad and iphone. Check in online and board my flight.

Hopefully my nerves will stay calm up until the day of my surgery, I wonder if a valium would disrupt my surgery if I take it before sx to calm my nerves.

Questions I had:
How many percocets do you think I will need to ward off the pain?
When should I use my valium? Before massages?
Did everyone take pain pills before getting their massage?

Ok that's it for now dolls, ill talk to you all later in the week. Ciao


Its seriously three days before I am on that plane heading to Santo Domingo. I have so many things on my brain that I need to take care of before that day comes that I literally don't have time to be nervous. My boo ( guy im talking to ) surprised me and will be coming down for a romantic weekend ( NON ALCOHOLIC weekend since I cant drink) and I really want to be excited for his arrival but theres just so much I have to do. Soooo Friday Valentines day will consist of us taking a romantic trip to target to pick up the rest of my supplies, to Massage envy to book my return appointments, we'll squeeze a little dinner in there NO TIME FOR A MOVIE THO lol and then ill "put him to sleep" so I can start my process of contacting Yily to re confirm my date for the 6th time lol ( im a stickler).
My boo will be here from Friday all the way up until the day I leave so that means I don't have my whole house to myself which will put a little damper on things. When im hungry I go to the fridge to grab an apple but he expects a meal so he real become real familiar with that Ruth's Chris take out menu lol. I can probably squeeze in one dinner at the most so he will have to make it stretch hahah.
So last night I finalized my bag packing, finalized my work excuse, took out my traveling outfit for Monday ( the same thing I will be wearing back home Feb28) and zipped up my luggage. I literally got every thing on my list. One thing I wanted to look into is whether or not I could bring a branch of my aloe vera plant in my luggage with me bc that is what I find works the best on concealing my wounds. I just got word that I can take plants so I will be bringing my aloe on with me so I can get that real healing, im still in the process where I am way more excited than I am nervous. Between valentines day weekend and the EIGHT HOUR TRIP there I still feel like its months away. When I get on that plane I have a long list of contracts I will be reviewing so hopefully that will keep me occupied through the layover and all. I will find some time to get some sleep bc as soon as I land I will be going straight to CIPLA to get my tests done. Yira, shes so cute, she called me this morning and I told her I was still going as planned and she told me she would be sending me an email later on this week. In my head I was thinking ummmmm this week only has 3 days left but ok girl whatever you say. So im the first one that morning (so she says). I ordered my foam roller and it works MIRACLES, I sat on it at home while watching tv and surfing on my lap top and it is an awesome sitting down tool. It will make the three months of no sitting so much more easier, outside of that all I have to worry about is staying indoors which I think I can pull off.
My M faja that I ordered from amazon should be arriving in the mail today, I ordered the Maria E faja bc I have heard nothing but good reviews about it, I have my small queen to give it some extra compression when I get about 2 weeks in so hopefully it all works out for the better. I have downloaded about 10-12 movies onto my ipad, I cleaned my house from head to toe, stocked the freezer with some low sodium lean cuisines, frozen chicken breasts, salmon, tilapia and veggies. That should hold me over for about 2 weeks after getting back which would put me at 1 month post op.
Some are my girls that are going along with me are going in and out of freaking out but we always bring each other back to reality so its all good. Im so excited for yily to put them paws on me, I have faith that she is going tohook me up; for now im just trying to get my top four wish pics together so she can get a sense of what I want.

That's it for now dolls, until next time.

Off to see the Yily! Countdown:1day

I have one day left and I couldn't be happier. This weekend has gone as smoothly as it could, there were one or two minor hick ups in the road but nothing I can't handle. I look forward to updating you guys tomorrow but now that I finally have my house to myself after a party billed romantic weekend I just want to sleep. I should try and stay awake as long as possible so I can knock out on that plane but my eyes are slowly closing so I'm gonna enjoy this last full night of sleep. Ciao ladies. Will update you tomorrow.

It's FINALLY TIME. No more counting

So I finally made it down to the DR had a few bumps in the road in regards to flight but nevertheless I made it. I went straight to cipla got my blood work drawn and my email list 12.7 the exact number that it was when I tested it to weeks before coming down. My chest x-rays were clear I was rerouted to another doctor to get my EKG John but nevertheless regardless of the runaround it all got done. I'm hoping to go into Cipla tomorrow morning at 7:30 and I hope to be the first one operated on. I met all the girls here at daisies recovery and they have all great stories and great advice as to how I can get through this process with the least amount of pain and uncomfortability as possible. I've gotten a tiny bit more nervous than I was the past three months but nothing drastically different. I'm more excited than anything to finally get over the hump and get the recovery process started. Originally I had so many wish pics in mind to show Yily but I think tomorrow when it comes down to it I'm just going to trust her and let her give me what she feels will suit my body type. I will tell her that I want hips, a tiny waist and bigger butt but not too big and whatever she does with that information I'll just go with it.

One of the difficulties that I found is the language barrier can really be a hindrance if you don't have somebody there with you to translate. The driver is Spanish-speaking yily's staff is Spanish-speaking but it helps a lot that they are very nice. It was cool to run into some of the girls that had surgery earlier that week and the week prior because they really calms my nerves and let me know the biggest part of their recovery was the soreness.

It also wasn't so bad that when I went to get my chest x-rays the doctor thought that I had breast implants because my breasts were "sitting very upright" according to him lol. What a nice guy.

Anyway like I said in my previous post I've gotten everything off my list I just took a shower and antibacterial soap and I'll take another one tomorrow morning before heading off to CIPLA. I hope I don't need a blood infusion transfer with my hemo at 12.7 so please keep me in your prayers and I will talk to you sisters later. Love you alll

Pre sx pix

Here are my final pre sx pics I'm posting hours before sx. It's 5 am and I'm getting ready to go in. See y'all on the other side.

Made it to the other side

Het guys I'm writing this bc I made it to the other side. Will update when I'm completely conscious.

New pics

Hey guys it's day 6 for me and I'm finally feeling better. I was fortunate enough to be recovering with some of the most down to earth girls ever. I love them so much. Most of them left today but that for sure won't be the last of them I see. Real friends made for sure. Here are some of my post op pics from day of sx

This stage 2 is no joke. Please advise

Please help. I'm 10 days post op and just got into my stage 2. This is the tightest things I've ever experienced in my life. It seems as if it gets tighter at night wen I'm sleeping ( even when I switch into my stage one at night time). I really want to know if life gets easier or is this suffocating nightly sleep going to be permanent for 3 months?

If yes how long does it take to get use to bc this is one tight ass garment, I can't even eat the same portions, shit I feel like I even breathe differently. Sheeeeeesh. And DR. Anna wants me on the 3rd Hook by tomorrow and let me just say " aiiiiiiiint gon do it" not even for the vine.

Daisy's NON recovery house aka Daisy's SHIT SHOW!!!!!

Let me start off my saying daisys recovery house is a joke, I just wish someone would have told me before I booked my stay with her DO YOUR RESEARCH LADIES.
Ok so I know that I am going to forget a detail or two but when it comes to this place just assume the worse. The owner Jossie aka Daisy will appear as the sweetest lady in the world but she is just as money hungry as can be. In DR you have to understand that people don't operate like they do in the states when they see dollar signs they do what they gotta do to make sure their pockets are laced ( as would anyone) but this RH jeopardizes almost all of their quality to do so.
First things first, the picture on facebook are somewhat fungaze. They show pics of these bright gloomy rooms with white fluffy bedding and that is one room and one room only. If you happen to be on the first floor on the right side you are bound to get the most non lit room in the entire vicinity. The first thing out of surgery that anyone would want to do is start at their ass..well you can go ahead and cross that our bc there are NO MIRRORS. So the package that she lists online includes transportation but when you arrive she will MOST DEFINITELY tack on an extra 60 dollars for your bill for transportation. So now that we are on the subject of transportation let me describe the transportation experience that I PAID FOR! When I arrived at the airport I met the driver as he had a sign with my name, he grabbed my bags and I was ready to go until we u turned to the seating area full of flies and boredom. He explained to me that we are waiting on another girl to arrive ( in my head I thought hmmm I hope we are then splitting this extra transportation fee since im splitting the service). We waited at the airport TWO HOURS all while tired on an empty stomach and I missed my cipla appointment by 40 minutes but this is how it all goes down at Daisys shit show. Long story short I missed the cardiologist bc I was late to CIPLA so I went to another office where I waited 4 hours to finally see him and get my tests done so I can be first in line for sx the next day.

Now onto the gourmet cuisine served at Daisys shit show. For breakfast we had 1 egg scrambled VERY HARDDDDD and a 4 saltine crackers! I picked my eggs up with a fork and the entire entitiy of the scrambled egg raised SMFH. For lunch we would have dry pasta noodles sprinkled with about 5 peas and for dinner we'd have malto meal a la carte with enough sugar to give you diabetes then and there. What did we have to drink you ask? TANG and Kool-Aid EVERYDAY EVERY meal tang and cool aid and again a whole lot of sugar. After sx it is imperative that you stay away from salty foods so what did we get iceberg lettuce with a shit load of SALT sprinkled and mixed all in that non nutrient having salad. BULLSHIT at its finest yall and I am NOT JOKING.

The beds there ( I had a TWIN bed .... A FUCKIN TWIN) im 5'9 with some brand new ass and they gave me a twinnnnnn fucking bed and the SMALLEST shared ROOM. The beds there are ROCK SOLID, literally if you sit on it you hear the springs shifting and some mo shit. It really feels like prison, from the food, to the dormitory and not to mention there is ONE lady assigned to assist ALLLLLLLLLLLLL these girls that just got out of sx. Daisy wasn't there the majority of my stay so go ahead and count her out bc shes not at the house most of the time. The ENTIRE time I have been there the "nurse" they claim to have was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. My roommate went through serious complications with her surgery, to a point where her doctor had to come to our recovery house to tend to her bc we didn't have a nurse. Dr. Almonte was in complete shockkkkk! She was so disgusted with that Recovery house she told my roommate that she is moving her NOWWWW! She said the bed is too hard for recovery the pillows are extremely stiff, the food is detrimental to her recovery and there is NO medication regulation, no one to properly drain our drains and no one to tend to our wounds. The place was a real live joke. People ended up going home with their DRAINS IN. Can you imagine going home with your drain still in all because there was no one at the recovery house that could properly drain you and let me tell you YILY and DURAN were just as pissed when we filled them in on the shit show.

What I experienced at that recovery house was not fair, I was in the most pain ive ever been in in my whole entire left and there was no one there to help you through it except the girls that may be have surgery a day or two before you. I asked daisy to compensate me something anything, shit at least 20 dollars for the bullshit that I had to go through and her response was simply NO. That money hungry ass girl is going to run that recovery house into the ground so girls stand clear to make sure you aren't part of that disaster smfh. Unitl next time STAY AWAY FROM DAISYS, your health is more important. If I could do it again id stay at upscale or armonia recovery house.

I'm still surviving girls.

Gone for a minute now I'm back in the jumpoff. Hey girls I'm still here making so much progress as each day goes by. Work has been stressing me out so much, I have to go into legal ramifications to get me wages paid to me so it's just been a whole lot of shit going on. Here are some updated pics of me enjoy.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not going to him anymore, don't know if he really comprehends the concept of what I want in regards to hip to booty ratio BUTTTT do you know who does??? Dra YILY!!!!! Whooop, im gonna be a Yily doll. Guys whatever you do, just go with your gut. Dra. Hasani has awesome manners but my last follow up consultation led me to doubt his ability to give me what I want for the price that I was willing to pay. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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