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I am a 20-something year old woman who has been...

I am a 20-something year old woman who has been wanting a bigger butt FOREVER. My butt has a nice shape but it only looks decent when I'm overweight. When I get down to my ideal weight (complete with a small waist), my butt goes completely FLAT. I've thought about getting this surgery for several months now but got really serious about it a couple months ago. After extensive research, I chose Dr. Ghavami in Beverly Hills. He is known to specialize in this surgery and his credentials are amazing. So I feel comfortable and safe knowing that he has great expertise and knows what he's doing.

My surgery is set on August 24th and my consultation is August 2nd. He is really booked so I put a payment down of $750 last month just to schedule my surgery 2 months in advance. The earliest date they had for a consultation was August 2nd so I didn't want to wait so long just to have a consultation, then wait even longer to schedule surgery, so I just scheduled everything at once (very impatient woman here lol)

So anyway, right now my waist and hip measurements are 36-40.5..I measured my waist around my belly button (the farthest extended area), I don't even know if that's the proper way to do it, but whatever lol

I am currently around 144lbs and I'm 5"5. I'm actually trying to gain more weight because I want a DONK..if I'm paying all this money, I want to be walking around looking like Nicki Minaj's little sister lol. I am going to make sure I emphasize this to Dr. Ghavami at my consultation. I will update then :)

Today was my consultation! The staff were really...

Today was my consultation! The staff were really nice and professional and the office was beautiful. Dr. Ghavami and I discussed the surgery and his technique. He examined me and said I'm a great candidate because I already have a butt and a nice shape. He said my results will be amazing =] that made me really happy and I'm even more excited than before (if that's even possible lol). He was very nice and pleasant, and made me feel comfortable. I'm really happy I gained weight because he said I'm at a great size for the surgery and told me not to lose weight. Back in March I was 128 lbs..if I would've stayed that size, I don't think I would've had enough fat to transfer to get the results I want, so I made the right decision.

I told him I wanted my butt to be BIG with LOTS of volume. He explained to me that transferring too much fat would look good for a year or two, but the added weight would cause it to SAG low and hang over time 0_0 this is not what I want AT ALL. So I told him I want it big but to put the amount that he feels is appropriate so that I won't have that "hanging" problem lol. I trust his expertise so I'll let him do what is best. He said he'll transfer around 700-800 ccs, so that's a good amount. I already kinda have a butt, so this should be enough. I'm very excited and looking forward to my surgery date. I will keep you all updated.

Yesterday was my surgery. Let me first say that Dr...

Yesterday was my surgery. Let me first say that Dr. Ghavami and the surgery staff were absolutely amazing. They were very polite and made me feel at ease. I had my surgery yesterday morning and I'm grateful that I'm not in a crazy amount of pain. I read so many stories on this site about how horrific the pain was afterwards but I am happy to report that, although I'm incredibly sore, I feel much better than I expected :) My surgery was at 8:30 a.m Aug. 24th and it's now 3:16 a.m. Aug. 25th. I've taken pain medication and also nausea pills because I felt a little light headed..I'm also taking bromelain, arnica, vitamin c, and some post op pills I purchased from makemeheal.com. It hurts quite a bit when I move, but when I'm still, I feel fine. I feel a lot of soreness. The anesthesiologist told me it would feel like I worked out a week straight without stopping and I definitely agree.

I don't notice much of a difference in my butt so far through the garment, but I keep reminding myself that it's far too early to be critiquing, so I'll stay patient. Not sure how many ccs I got, but he told me he would probably be able to inject 700-800. I told him I wanted as much as possible, so I'll find out at my visit with him in a few days. I'm sooo happy Dr. Ghavami doesn't use drains, I don't think I would've been able to work with that; it's already difficult enough to maneuver without anything attached to me.

I have been eating light..so far I've eaten apple sauce, teddy grams and crackers. For dinner I had a small amount of grilled chicken and veggies. I've been drinking plenty of water and urinating frequently. It's uncomfortable and semi-painful to pee at the moment since they had a tube up my urethral opening during surgery. I urinated on my garment today, which was really annoying..especially since I can't take this garment off for another 3-4 days -_-
Word of advice: when using the urinal, make sure the top is completely covering your entire vagina and is tight against it.. I was afraid to do this initially because I thought it would hurt, so I tried to aim in the urinal with it an inch away from my vagina..bad idea. Pee everywhere. My poor boyfriend had to clean everything up. He has been extremely helpful..I couldn't have managed without him at all.

Sleeping on my stomach isn't bad. I went to sleep around 10p.m but I've been waking up due to the soreness and my inability to get in a comfortable position. I walked around my apartment to get blood circulating a bit and my boyfriend woke up with me to keep me company and check on me..he's such a sweet heart. Anyway, that's all I have for now..I'll try to sleep now. Any questions, let me know. I'll post a few pictures

So it's been 1 week since my surgery. I have...

So it's been 1 week since my surgery. I have improved a lot since then and so far, I'm happy with everything. The pain has been really nothing these past few days (when I'm still) but when I'm in motion my core and my butt hurts. I'm slowly weaning myself off my pain meds because as long as I'm relaxing, I feel fine. It's difficult to sleep at night because I get this intense soreness at night for some reason, so it keeps me tossing and turning and waking up throughout the night. When I first wake up it's the same, but it gradually fades as I get up and eat breakfast. I'm just relieved the pain and soreness is bearable though.

I went to my first post op appointment 4 days ago and Dr. Ghavami said he put in close to 900 ccs and said he was really pleased with the result..he said I'm gonna look great. He removed my garment and checked everything. I am going back in 6 days for my first massage. I purchased another garment and came home and showered. It's really weird touching my core and butt because some areas are really numb so it doesn't even feel like I'm really touching my body sometimes. So far I'm satisfied with the shape and look of my butt. I'm trying not to get attached to it exactly how it looks now because I know there's still a lot of swelling, and it'll go down. My hips are great so far, I'm definitely pleased with how they turned out..I really hope they don't go down much. My butt isn't HUGE.. but in reality, I don't know if I would've wanted that. I have friends with really big butts and they get hounded by savages daily..that's not the kind of attention I want lol. I just wanted more hips, butt and a flatter stomach and so far I have that, so I'm a happy camper. A better shape is all I desired, I really don't need a gigantic ass. My boyfriend seems to think it's huge though, I don't really think so. But he's really happy so far..I've been fighting him off me a bit lately lol. Also, I'm going to start trying to eat healthy because I don't want my stomach to get pudgy again because of bad eating habits. Lipo is not a permanent fix, you have to maintain your results, so I'm going to focus on doing that. But so far, my stomach is getting flatter each day so that's great.

I have been taking colace stool softener as recommended by the Dr. I sit on the toilet with a towel under my thighs and try to lean on my thighs as much as possible, but hey, I have to sit down to use the bathroom..soo I haven't completely been off my butt -- not sure how some people manage to do this. But hopefully this doesn't do much damage..the colace makes it easy to go, so I'm only sitting on the toilet for 2-3 minutes at a time. Also, I experience shortness of breath really easily, which is annoying, so I try to take it easy and not do too much around the house. The anti-itch cream I'm using has been useful, the itching is a B***h! This is due to my nerve endings repairing themselves, apparently..so I guess it's a good thing, but it's rather annoying to itch everywhere under this garment and being unable to scratch properly. Well that's about it, I'll update at 2 weeks, any questions, feel free to ask :)


Hi all,

My apologies for not updating and completely abandoning this site lol. I got caught up in life and didn't feel like it. I also removed all pictures because the paranoia in me was afraid of being identified.

Long story short: as time passed after my surgery, my results became only semi-satisfactory (for my personal preference). After the swelling went down, the "hips" I thought I had completely went away, my butt was smaller than I would have liked -- and most importantly, my stomach was no where near as flat as I wanted it. Granted, Ghavami told me he would not be removing too much fat from my stomach because he didn't want to "ruin the skin there", or something of that sort. He also talked me out of wanting too many ccs because he said it could "sag" overtime. And we never talked about him adding fat to my hips, so I don't know why I assumed he did lol. Therefore, I cannot act too surprised about my results. I just regret not being adamant about what I wanted and looking for another surgeon if he was not willing to deliver. I took his word because he's the professional, but it resulted in me still not being necessarily happy with my results.

After my surgery, my butt looked huge while I had my garment on. It was the perfect projection and size. I became known as having a big booty for the first time in life lol. But when I didn't have my garment on, I was not particularly pleased with my butt. I then began to notice a very slight flatness on both cheeks (which was minor, as I was the only one who noticed it), but still, I felt it could've been rounder. Overall, I appreciated it for being bigger than what it initially was -- but I still wanted MORE.

2 years after my surgery, I had gained about 15 pounds and was content with my butt size (for the most part), but was not happy at all with my waist. I began to work out but became deathly afraid of losing what butt I had left. I then just decided one day to have this surgery again with a new surgeon! I got through it the first time fine, so another time shouldn't hurt, right? ehh..

I am now speaking from the other side of my 2nd round BBL =) (6 days post op) I will be posting a brand new post with my experience very soon, stay tuned!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Ghavami was a very nice surgeon and gave me "more" of a butt, but he did not completely give me what I wanted. I allowed his expert advice to overshadow what I truly wanted. I wish I would have been more adamant about what I wanted, but I cannot blame him entirely for that. I just wish he wouldn't have discouraged the results I wanted. But overall, he was a good surgeon, just not for me.

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