Bbl Soon! Dr. Hazani - Beverly Hills, CA

I officially set my bbl appointment for August 4,...

I officially set my bbl appointment for August 4, 2026! I want to lose about 20-30 lbs before that date to maximize results. I'm soooo nervous, anything to expect? (I'll post progress pics of weight loss soon) I met with Dr. Hazani for a consultation, loved him. I loved Debbie also, felt like she really helped sell him. I loved how passionate the Dr got while explaining the procedure to me. Was a little nervous, but my official date is approaching in a few months.

Dr. Hazani communication.

Is it just me or is it extremely hard to get in contact and a response from his office?

Moved my appointment to December 16.!!!!!!!

I hope to lose some weight. Going to start crossfit tomorrow !
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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