63 Yrs Old ~ Deflated Saggy Butt Needs an UPGRADE!!! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have two consultations today with Dr. Smaili and...

I have two consultations today with Dr. Smaili and also Dr. Hughes in Beverly Hills. Does anyone have any recommendations??? I would prefer Dr. Hughes but he is VERY expensive! I am looking for a Brazilian Butt Lift but I DON'T want a huge butt ~ just needs to be lifted and filled in. Has anyone ever had a bad experience with either of these Doctors???

Made my choice!!!

I didn't like Dr. Hughes all that much. Very young and cocky ~ after EVERY sentence he said "You get it???" like I was some kinda idiot or something. When I asked him why he could give me a BBL when every other doctor I consulted told me I didn't have enough fat. He acted like I insulted him and he said "I TOLD you that I was the best and I can do things other doctors can't". But when he did check my body he also thought implants would be best. He also told me that he and Dr. Stanton were the only doctors who knew how to do the procedure properly!!! He quoted me $19,000 for implants and posterior lift.

Dr. Samali on the other hand was very considerate and his assistant Andrea was AWESOME and very informative & accomodating. Got me approved for a loan while I was in the office. Only charging me $8,000. I am definately going with Dr. Samaili :)

63 Yrs. Old ~ Need New Booty!

My consult with Dr. Stanton is this Friday. Planning on paying the full amount then. I just ordered the Curve Cure which looks more comfortable than the Booty Buddy. With the Curve Care you can sit back and take it anywhere. I am planning to get maybe 325 or 350 round/oval implants. Can't fricken wait for surgery on 5/18/16! SO EXCITED!!!!

2 WEEKS TO GO . . .

Having my medical clearance today ~ hopefully I get cleared as my surgery is two weeks from today! Here is a side view of my flat ass.


I will find out if I get my medical clearance today!!! Everyone cross your fingers!!!!

Butt Implants ~ Mexico???

I was thinking of going to Mexico for Butt Implants ~ anyone know of a butt king in Mexico???
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I've been to 4 Plastic Surgeons and he had the most knowledge and confidence. Plus he makes his own implants that combine the round and oval for a spectacular and natural look. He is the best and his office is much nicer than others I have been to.

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