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I'm getting a BBL in 6 weeks and planning to get a...

I'm getting a BBL in 6 weeks and planning to get a tummy tuck next year. I see some great doctors and results on here. A friend of mine referred me to Dr Minniti to replace my breast implants but I decided to do a BBL instead lol even tho I probably need a tummy tuck more than either of those. I haven't seen any BBL photos by Dr Minniti so I'm going by faith. I'm too lazy n overwhelmed to see anymore plastic surgeons. I've met with 3 and I wanted to meet with Dr Dennis Dass and was convinced to use him but before my consult I saw Dr Minniti and I feel content enough in his hands.

Changed doctors

After seeing photos of Dr minniti's BBL's I realized that wasn't the look I was going for and needed a dr that has done many with results that I aspire to so I choose dr. Dr Ron hazani. My consult with him is on March 1st and I'm ready to jump on the schedule for surgery ASAP. I hear he is booked up understandably. He also does great rhinoplasty from what I've seen. I'm also gonna ask about having fat transferred to my face as well including one side of the tip of my nose because my previous dr took too much cartilage out on one side


My photos and wish pics


So ...... Dr Hazani refused to take me on as a patient. He was overly concerned about my medical history -a previous Pulmonary Embolism that I had. My hematologist cleared me for surgery and said it was not an issue and I was free to have the surgery. I respect and admire Dr hazani' standpoint and that he is more concerned about the safety of the patient instead of padding his wallet. His work is impeccable and he was my first choice for BBL. now..... What to do what to do..... Oh yea and he also said I needed to gain 10-15 more pounded. I eat like a filthy animal and I'm 5'5" 136lbs up 6lbs from my normal weight..... I can't do another 10-15. I'm back on the drawing board..... Dr Minniti is an excellent dr and wonderful so I haven't checked him off the list because his breast and tummy tuck are incredible. BBL seems impossible since dr hazani said i don't have enough fat as I am and he does them all day so he should know...... Last didn't have effort I'm contacting my original PS ( Dr Marc Mani ) who did my breast excellently before my 2 kids chewed them up with extended breastfeeding lmao! He is pretty elite so his pricing is way up there so I will see what can be done before I make my decision to proceed.... With a tummy tuck n breast implant replacement to bigger... 460cc with 800cc??? I dunno....

Paid in full! Tummy tuck coming up!

So I'm doing a tummy tuck since that is what I need the most and since I can only afford 1 procedure I'm gonna fix my distended stomach. Dr Marc Mani who did my breast 11years ago is doing my surgery. My breast are still great dispite extended breastfeeding 2 kids and I will eventually have him replace them with larger but that's down the line when I can save up again. I trust him and I feel safe in his hands. He is so incredible to be around and I love him so I'm happy I get to go to him again. April fools day surgery!

10 days out! Modified Mini Tummy Tuck

I'm gonna start cleaning up my diet and do cardio until my surgery date now that I don't need the fat for a BBL. I can't drink alcohol anymore so that should help. i will be on Lovenox for 10 days after sx because I have a blood clot history. There is a big difference in excitement levels on a tummy tuck vs getting new boobs or a big booty. I feel relieved my stomach is getting fixed and I will be able to wear a bikini this summer and tight dresses but I'm not as amped up as I would be if I were getting bigger boobs/butt but the stomach is what's actually holding me back from being confident. So I'm getting a modified mini tummy tuck- full muscle work top to bottom, umbilical hernia repair, mini incision leaving my belly button alone. Dr Mani is the only surgeon I consulted with that mentioned doing a modified instead of a full. I would've been left with a vertical incision and a high scar because I didn't have enough skin. Luckily he is knowledgable and talented enough to to access the upper ab muscles and see them without having to do a full tuck.

Pre op appt today

Went to my pre op appt today. Beautiful staff. Very competent, kind, and efficient his receptionist(Tiffany) and his nurse(Corie) are. They took pics and I decided to replace my implants for larger ones after all..... If I'm gonna do the surgery , might as well make it really worth it. He is going to try to fit 800cc implants in for me as long as they look good and don't sit too high. I want to fill up the loose skin and have more bottom pole fullness. A mommy makeover is always scary and intimidating but they made me feel so comfortable and the nurse is going to be there in the aftercare facility to keep an eye on me for 24hours so I'm so relieved and feel safe. I couldn't imagine going home right away and hearing my 2yo crying looking for me while I'm in such a state. I've consulted with 4 other surgeons because I was hoping to find a "deal" which there were but ultimately I went back to Dr mani because there is such a difference in atmosphere and energy at his office and my previous surgeries went so well with him and he uses the best most comforting anesthesiologist. I have anxiety issues and they all have a calming effect. There is no price worth forgoing my peace of mind. My mom is superstitious and told me I should pick a different surgery date other than April fools but luckily I'm not. I'll pray for the surgery team and for my health and that's all I need. I spoke to a few friends about my upcoming surgeries and they asked what Drs i saw and who I chose and good thing because they had a few unpleasant things to say about one of the surgeons and he was the best priced one. Dodged a bullet there. I am nervous and excited so I could ramble on n on. I'll update as soon as I get to the recovery after surgery. My husband was happy for me that I was getting my stomach fixed but he is such an excited little boy now that I'm getting "jugs" lol


36yo mom
Current implants
460cc smooth round silicone(soon to be 800cc)
39" chest
Stomach measures 30-33in depending on where I measure
40" hips
Dress size 6

Found old pics

Here is a before n after after having top lip VY Plasty and my bulbous tip on my nose refined. Both done by Dr Mani over 4 years ago.

The night before ...

Of course I am very nervous n want to call n cancel but I want the results too much. No pain no gain. I cleaned the whole house n set up a recovery area. Our oldest goes on spring break vacation for a week to his godparents home. And my husband is going to take care of our 2 year old. The first night I will be staying at Serenity Recovery in Santa Monica. I may not want to leave there lol. Well my anesthesiologist called n said to meditate n not let my nerves get to me cuz ur mindset and energy determines the outcome of how u handle the surgery and the anesthesia and how ur body recovers. I have to go in with an attitude of gratitude and envision a great outcome. So I'm doing that. So much to be thankful for!

Impressive! 2 days post op

It really helped with meditating and going into surgery with a greatful attitude like the anesthesiologist said. He did some positive incision menu with me and gave me a cocktail as well and I don't even remember walking into the OR room. His name was Dr Silverstein. The surgery went well and as planned and I went to the recovery center In Santa Monica. Incredible place. Food was delish, nurses were kind and considerate. I loved every single one of them. I would have loved to stay a couple more days but I am progressing so well there wasn't much point. 1st day was cake. I took one Percocet n didn't like it so I just used Tylenol. It was very tolerable to get up and walk around. Easier than a c section. Day 2 the hardest day so I took Tylenol with codine a few times and that made it all better. I'm on day 3 now and only need regular Tylenol. I have taken Valium each day as well as colace. I had a BM in 2 days yay! Dr Mani's nurse Corie told me I could take a peek but put the binder back on but I'm waiting til my post op tomorrow cuz I doubt I'll be able to put it back on the way they do it. I'm really surprised how easy the recovery is. My breast don't hurt at all and my muscle repair is the only thing that is sore and by day 3 it's so mild. I had lots of protein smoothies at Serenity recovery and I continued light and healthy foods at home. I'll share pics from my appt tomorrow. I really am amazed. I'm usually such a crybaby but this has been a wonderful experience and it was truly all about who's hands I was in.

1st post op

I got to take a peek and they fitted me into a bra. Looooooving it! My stomach is flat! Still swollen but I'll take pics of it once the drains come out on Thursday. It feels like a dream. It was all so easy and I'm so thrilled

Bra off


I snuck a peek. I know as far as TT it takes several months to look normal again and all the swelling to go away and im only 5 days post but I decided to look. I see a waist now and I love the angle of the incision VS. the straight across or the downward angle. It's a very flattering angle of the incision like a panty line. I'm still hunched over and the drawing on my upper stomach is my rib cage line

Bra size

Originally 34A
1st BA 34C
Now 34 DDD

Uh oh!

The hubs is asking when it's OK to have sex...... It's my fault for sending him this pic! Had a dr visit today and they took the tape off for the first time and I wish I took a pic before they but new tape. The incisions are seamless and percect

Going so smoothly

This has been such an easy recovery.... I was expecting so much worse from reading things online. My clothes fit so much nicer and everytime I walk passed a mirror I can't believe how flat my stomach is. My incision is so low that the skimpiest of underwear hides it. I'm posting this during pics but I won't clutter up the post with too many pics. I'll wait til 3 months to post more afters when the swelling is gone and the final results are in. I am soooooooo thrilled I chose Dr Mani. I know I wouldn't have this good of results if I went with one of they other 5 doctors I consulted with trying to find the best "deal". He is a pioneer amongst his peers and it's the little things that make such a huge difference. I never discussed the TT incision with him..... He just did what was aesthetically best. I had no expectations about it because I expected the scar to be high n ugly n that's what u get when u have a TT but it blows my mind how it looks. I'll post pics on my next post... I forgot to take pics of the incision. I didn't even say anything to Dr mani either about some assymetry concerns I had from breastfeeding cuz it seemed so petty but when I would look in a mirror using the medicine cabinet mirror to see the reverse image that I wasn't use to it looked so distorted to me and now when I do that they are perfectly even now. I don't know what he did but he spent his time in surgery making things right and he really cares about his reputation so he wants things to look their best. His clients are all high profile n don't want to be looked "worked on" so he was very hesitant to even do my breast this size and didn't want me to share the breast augmentation. He made them look so natural and I expected a very fake look when I went that size and I thought I didn't care anyway I just wanted them big but he is such a perfectionist and dissected the pocket to make them look natural on me and now that I see the difference in his work vs others. I'm so thankful in clothes and a bra and even naked that they don't have that hard fake edge. I have no breast tissue so it's hard to believe it's all implant but it is. Again I will post more pics on my next update. The pics I post with this update are from a few days ago and I haven't taken any since.


This is 2 weeks and I look this damn good?! I could cry!

3 weeks

3 week tummy update. The marks are from the binder I have to wear. This is me relaxed n letting it all hang out. I can't imagine when the swelling is gone and I can work out n stand erect how nice it'll look. Belly button improved a lot from last week. Modified Tummy tuck- diastasis and hernia repair and a small amount of skin removed. I would never be able to take a pic like this before with my stomach relaxed.... I would have looked like I swallowed a watermelon.

1 month

Swelling is insane. Frustrating. I know it will pass. My husband said this is the thinnest I've ever been but I feel like a stuffed sausage. Shocked to see I'm photographing so well tho. Maybe it's all in my head. If I look this good at 1 month I can't wait to see at 3 months after I've been able to do a lil cardio n squats lol. I'm so greatful. This is exceeding my expectations.

5 weeks

Swelling is finally going down. As soon as I get the go ahead to work out, I'm on a mission to fitness!

5 weeks

Breast are gorgeous and my tummy swelling is improving a lot.

2 months

I know at 3 months it will be even better. I'm so happy! I'm still at the stage of swelling tho. These pics are 2 days apart. Bloating late at night right before my period. And 2 days after getting my period. Funny. I know it's just another month of this random bloating but life is so much better now. I'm not depressed anymore when getting dressed to go out. Everything fits and looks nice. Don't be discouraged when u bloat..... It is temporary

1000 words

What a picture is worth....

Sooooo happy

Time to start tanning these beauties


Holy crap. Remember this comparison of me before sucking in and relaxed? Well here it is again but me after! I expected to look like the before sucking in picture but wow what a difference! I didn't do any Lipo, this result is from suturing the diastasis recti. It looks so drastic it's as if I photoshopped the picture hahaha.


What scar???????

Picture is grainy.... I should use my husband's Samsung for pics lol but I'm just showing here how low and invisible the scar is in the skimpiest of underwear. I didn't even adjust the straps they are just exactly where they line up. Brilliant DR lol! I'm a little over 3 months n it's gonna get tighter n better

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3 Months Post Op Modified Tummy Tuck

I have a more extensive review of all procedures I've had with Dr Mani but this is a shortcut review for just the Tummy Tuck. If u want to see more of the experience and recovery pics, check out my other reviews.It was an easy successful procedure that has meant the world to me. I will update more as Time passes


Getting better n better. I can't wait til the year mark

Pic didn't load correctly a couple posts ago


Not even trying

Im TRYING to gain weight cuz I want to do a fat transfer and I've been eating so much junk for 2 weeks and this is my result lol. It's so weird shopping now...all the clothes I grab are baggy in the waist cuz I forget that I'm not fat in the middle anymore. I try on the cute stuff now and I can't believe it's me!.

Fat transfer today!

Just got home. So pleased! Dr mani took some fat from one hip that was fuller than my other as well as my armpit fat and transferred to my breast to correct some contour issues that had been cause by another surgeon. Came out perfect. I did it in office under local. I'll post more pics of the Lipo areas once the swelling is gone

Right after

Right after the Lipo

Even and symmetrical at all angles now

The fat transfer worked! The Shape of each breast matches now head on and all side profiles.

Armpit update

Ok this is super embarassing to post my vagina and butthole armpits but I do it cuz it can help someone else. Genetically I was blessed with armpit fat. So 10 days ago Dr Mani did a little fat transfer on me and removed some fat from my armpit area. It's only 10 days so there is still some swelling but that will settle down n my results will get better. Pics on left are before n after arms at my side and the right side is arms backward and out. My arms are fatter now cuz I gained 10lbs for the fat transfer which I was told afterward was much more than I needed to gain ???? uh so I partied too hard for no reason n now I gotta get serious hahahaha but even tho I'm fat now my armpits look much better and will get better yay! And btw even when I competed n I was super lean I still had this issue


My stomach is looking bare midriff worthy now so I was inspired to go finish removing an old tattoo I had been working on for a decade. Finally found a Picoway laser near me and I'm hoping this will do the trick of getting the last bit of color out.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Been my plastic surgeon for 12 years. He did my BA, tiplasty, VY liplasty, Lipo flanks/abdomen, and now my TT and new/bigger implants. I have a list of wants in the future as well. I'm glad I am in good hands. He is the best as well as his whole team.

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