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I've recently discovered this site and have been...

I've recently discovered this site and have been on the BBL roller coaster ever since. I wasn't considering the procedure until a stumbled across all these fabulous results! Now I'm OBSESSED with the idea of having an hourglass figure and heart shaped booty. I'm 5'2" and currently 142 lbs. I've only ever had a breast aug back in 2003 when I was MAYBE 110 lbs. I can’t remember how many cc’s were put in but I ended up with a small C cup, full B.

I initially fell in LOVE with Dra Yily’s results and I reached out to her for a quote which was perfect for me. As excited as I was to start my journey to the DR and get the body I dream of, the nagging feeling in the back of my mind urged me to start looking in the U.S. Reading the number of Yily Dolls that wake up during surgery and some having a tough recovery experience in a foreign country petrified me. My fiancé came across a few bad incidents as well and I know the risk of surgery with any surgery and any doctor, but if something is going to happen to me, I’d rather it be here in the U.S. where I can get the proper care or where my family would have some recourse. Plus, I’d rather just be closer to home for recovery.

ANYHOO… I stumbled across another reviewer that mentioned Dr. Ron Hazani and I have been doing some research on him. His price is good right now. A little higher than I would like to pay but not unreasonable. His PC Michelle responded to my request for a consultation and told me to email the doctor directly. I’ve been consulting with him for the past day or so and so far I like him. We actually have a virtual consult tonight. I will post an update with his “findings” tonight or tomorrow.

I can’t find any dolls on here of his that has pre and post op pics so any Hazani Dolls please chime in and share some pics. I would love to here from you.

Had Virtual Consult with Dr. Hazani

I had a virtual consult with Dr. Hazani last night that was about 15 minutes long. He answered all of my questions. My fiancé had a few too that I had to throw in there. The dr said he could get roughly about 1000 cc's in each cheek. He said something like 800-1000. He believes mostly in the sculpting process or as he puts it, the artistry, which I know definitely is the icing on the cake. Get it? Cake? Lol I decided to go ahead with Dr. Hazani. I contacted his PC Michelle about possibly booking for early Oct. My job is closed for Columbus Day and I wanted to plan my time off around then. She said she's not sure if the surgical center is open and would have to get back to me. I haven't made a deposit yet.
I really love Nikki Mudarris's figure. I know I won't get a waist that tiny, don't really want to, but I love her hourglass shape.

Side View

Just adding a pre op side view

Uuugghhh! Now considering MX

Ive been seriously considering going to Tijuana for my BBL. I got a quote from Pantoja and it made want to drive down there like yesterday to get the sx. But I couldn't find results of his that I absolutely fell in love with. Like I did, Yily for example. So I'm now considering Campos. His results are good as far as I can tell and so I emailed his office today for a quote. If the price is right, I am making a deposit to homely get in toward the end of Oct. I really liked Hazani's communication but I can't seem to find a lot of reviews on his work. I've found only one with pics and it's just not leaving me very confident. I really don't want to have to do this second time. I love love love Yily's work but I'm so leary about going to DR. I would absolutely want to bring a Spanish speaking friend but of course that would cost me more money. The tickets from where I live are about $700 for just one person. :-/ Ugh. Decisions. Decisions.

Current Stats

143 lbs
I really would like a 24/25 inch waist and maybe a 44/45 inch booty. Or maybe just round out what I have with some nice hips and a bit more projection. I have dents on the sides.
Still trying to decide on a doctor. I will wait to hear from Dr. Campos in Mexico and take it from there. *sigh*

What's the deal?

I have sent Campos 2 requests for a quote and it's been a week. I even called and still nothing. Anyone knows how else to reach him for a faster reply? I've been in contact with Dr. Pantoja's office and they are really good with communicating. I may just go with him although I like Campos's results a little more.

Dr. Campos's Office... SMH

It's been 2 weeks and still no reply for a quote. He seriously needs new staff because he just lost money in his pocket. Even if they were to reply at this point I wouldn't trust their unprofessionalism. Smh.

Anyway, I am still leaning towards Dr. Pantoja as his office gets back to me almost immediately with any questions. I've been searching his results and I feel he may be able to give me what I want. I hear great reviews of how nice and caring he is and that means a lot. I've been procrastinating on sending my deposit because it's a huge decision and I just want to be confident I'm making the right choice. I've asked a close friend to come with me because she speaks Spanish and I'd rather rent a hotel room, I think. In the meantime, I'm just digging for more Pantoja results that makes me want to pull out my credit card and say YES! I want to go the week of Sept. 21 and time is going by very quickly. I haven't even began to buy supplies of research what I need. I want to book a doctor first.

Deposit Paid to Dr. Pantoja

I officially have my date for 9/21/15. Now I can look into the supplies I will need. Can't wait.

78 Days....

I'm trying to decide if I should fly into San Diego or drive. And if I drive, if I should drive across the border or park somewhere near the border and maybe have Dr. P's office pick me up from there. I'm taking a friend of mine and buying 2 tickets with checked luggage will be almost $500. Driving would take about 6 hours and although my car takes a lot of gas, it would be MAYBE $250 in gas. Anyone have any suggestions as wether I should fly or drive? And if I drive where do I park? Thanks.

Payment Methods

What have you guys been finding the best and cheapest way to pay for your surgery beside paying balance in cash? I would rather use both my debit and credit cards to split the payments up. I sent my deposit thru paypal but they charge a 3% transaction fee. So I'm I'm wondering if there are cheaper or free alternatives. Thanks.

Patiently Waiting...

I no longer have the schoolgirl jitters. I'm just waiting for my time to come and get to recovering. I don't stay up late at night any more picturing and yearning what I will look like. I just want it to be done. I want to feel confident and sexy again. I've gained about 5 pounds but not on purpose. Lol. I will start to buy the supplies I need but will keep that to a bare minimum and I won't buy a garment until after the surgery. I have no idea what I'll need. 61 days to go.

Before Pics... 47 Days to go...

I got a selfie stick and decided to add some more pics. This is one of my favorite dresses that I've had for 4 years but I'm losing my waistline due to weight gain and don't wear it anymore. Cant wait to get back into it. I'm actually ok with the projection I have at 42.5 inches but I want a rounder shape and my hips filled out. I think as long as Dr. P does really really great lipo and contouring I will be pleased. I really hate this weight on me. It's so depressing. I have less than 2 months to go and I'm so ecstatic.

On a darker note: As we know, there are risks of surgery and I will be writing a will just in case. I'm wondering if anyone else has. I have a great amount of life insurance through my job if anything were to happen. I would feel so irresponsible if I went into this not prepared for the worst case scenario.

Anyhoo! I will posting more as my time approaches. I still haven't bought any supplies but I will start within the next 2 weeks. I'm not buying much. I can only think of a BBL pillow, a garment after I know what size I will be, a pee device and arnica pills. Oh and some maxi dresses.

Good luck on your journeys ladies.

SO many changes...

It's been awhile but I decided to write a quick update. I still haven't had surgery yet and I'm super sad about it. It seems as though as soon as I decided to do this for myself, every financial hurdle has been thrown at me. I've been having car troubles ever since and I have a not so cheap car. So I blew through my savings. Nadia at Dr. Pantoja has been nothing but sweet and understanding and I had to ask for my money back. I got all except the deposit that I paid which I understand is non refundable. I'm now looking to get my surgery in February 2016 once my taxes are done and I get a pretty good bonus from my job as well.

I've decided to go with Dr. Hasan in FL. I'm in love with his results. I won't lie. I;m scared as hell to deal with Vanity from all the horrible reviews I'm reading about but I've decided to play my hand and I will not be making any payments until I'm within less than 2 months of my surgery date JUST in case I need to dispute any charges through my bank if need be. Most disputes must be filed within 60 days and that's what I intend on doing if shit hits the fan. BUT my fingers are crossed that it doesn't come to that and I'm one of the lucky girls that everything goes smoothly for. This is stressful to think about on top of getting surgery but the other 2 doctors who's work I like, Dr. Miami is one, their prices don't fit in my budget. I have been emailing Ana from Vanity and can't say that I've had any issues. But then again, I haven't paid any money yet either. So we shall see.

SO that's where I am with all this. Still on a mission and February is not too far. I'm just waiting until I have all my cash so that I can move forward. Until then, I am just being a lurker. Good luck on your journey ladies!

Hopeful Duran Doll.... March 2016. Reply from Duran???

I had stopped posting because I didn't intend on writing again until I had a date and paid a deposit. I am now on the mission to become a Dra. Duran Doll in the DR. I have whatsapped her personally and gotten a quote in which she told me to contact her office to set a date. We all know the craziness that entails. So I have called but to no surprise, I have not gotten an answer. I have emailed a few times in which I have now gotten a reply from what appears to be Fania, her assistant, but I noticed the "reply to" email was YAHOO and I remember reading her email was once hacked. Does this seem right? Anyone emailed Duran's gmail account and got a reply from yahoo? I'm so nervous to fall for a trap because I want to believe this is indeed Dra. Duran's office.

???????? Muñeca Duran April 6, 2016 ????????

I have FINALLY decided on a doctor and it is Dra. Duran. It has been hard to get in touch with her office but I wasn't giving it my all because I was still deciding anyway. But I have now paid my deposit and locked in my date. I am considering starting a new review in order to list her as my doc. This review is a hot mess anyway. Good luck to all dolls pre and post op.

Recovery Houses

I wish Duran had a package like Yily that includes an RH. Trying to find one is super hard. I had been considering a few of them but read a few horror stories that made me want to consider getting a hotel. The only thing with that is having to arrange a private nurse and possibly a cook. I would rather just pay one fee and have that all included. I am traveling alone and would love a private room but for 10 days that's an easy $850-1000. Meh. I would hate to room with a girl idk beforehand and end up clashing or her annoying me during recovery. Lol. Anyway, I have paid my deposit and have my date. The next step will be buying my plane ticket and THEN I will book everything else. Buying the plane ticket will seal the deal for me. Tickets from Vegas are not cheap and everything that's coming up has a long ass layover on the way back. No Bueno. But anyway, I will be purchasing my ticket in the next 2 weeks and then booking a place to stay, getting my hemp checked, buying supplies, etc... Super excited.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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