31 Years Old with 3 Bbies and I Want my Body Back if Not a Better One!! ;) - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had Breast augmentation in 2009 and my weight...

I had Breast augmentation in 2009 and my weight has been going up and down none stop I signed up to the gym and i lost 10 lbs and have been able to maintain it off but I cant get rid off the stubborn fat. My daughters sweet 15 is this July and I want to look beautiful for that day of course not as beautiful as my lil princess!
Well because of that event the procedure went for discussion as a joke but to me it became something I really wanted . With this huge boobs (36DDD) I would love to wear sexier clothes by my gut wont allow it. I initially wanted just the lipo but seeing and reading all the stories of all you beautiful dolls Im now going for the Brazilian Butt lift . I went to my consultation not thinking too much of it but came out with dates of blood works and surgery time. Im so excited I booked my surgery 2 weeks ago and these have been the longest weeks of my life Im a very spontaneous person with no patience so if it had been left up to me it ould have already been done =) .. 8 days and I CANT WAIT!!!

pre op pics

Blood test : CHECK =)

Yesterday was my blood work and paper signing, looks like everything is good! I went over all the do's and dont's of before and after the surgery as well as how to take care of myself. Im super excited !!

a front view of my pre op..

My Doctor and his girls

Dr Bruce B. Kadz is so nice and helpful as well as his girls they have made me feel so comfortable at all times I think Im driving Jacky & Haydee crazy but they always answer every single one of my questions without looking annoyed no matter how ridiculous they are. I read a few bad reviews of his office ppl being rude an inpatient but to this point they have been the best this time and when I had my Breast Implants in 2009.

wish pics

pre op w clothes

Cant wait for my new look ????

Today my care credit got charged

Its official everything was confirmed and signed. My surgery will be this wednesday Feb the 5th at 2:30 pm. Now that everything is fully aprooved I can breath ,relax, n just wait for the surgery :). Im not nervous at all I just want to get it over with. Im a very impatient person lol.

Just taking care of last details at home....

making sure my room and restroom are supper clean Im the type of person that worries a lot about germ after surgery, and by the stories Ive read of all the mess the 1st few days I got my clorox disinfecting wipes ready...lol I think my cleaning is more of a nesting mode I have gone in knowing tomorrow is my big day...

Thanks so much to all of beautiful Ladies that have taken time to wish me luck & cheered me on I very much appreciate it!! Im not nervous at all and thanks to guys Im even more relaxed!!

My 6 year old on the other hand is sad because he says he is going to miss my fat! lol he keeps hugging and kissing my stomach saying I will miss you lol. I gotta love my bby.. My daughters are excited but nervous like crazy my oldest will help with the cooking and bbying me a litle but she says mom now you are going to have to learn to twerk you cant have a big booty and not know how to shake it...lol My hubby keeps sending me pics of big booties saying thats how Im going to look but no matter how good those booties look I want to stay realistic and just wait and see the results... I started this with just wanting my waist back no more belly and thats what Im mainly focused on but ofcourse a bigger booty will sure put a huge smile on my face!! love my husband at first he was against the surgery but now he is sooo supportive. He loves it when I wear sexy clothes so he is constantly telling me now you will have no excuse to not wear the sexy dresses i like... I would always hold back a little because of my belly...
well ladies thats it for now thought Id share with you a lil of the emotional rollercoaster with my families feelings.

talk to you beauties in little bit !

going in earlier....

I received a phone call from my Ps office letting me know my surgery got moved to 12pm even better ... still not nervous and remaining real calm very sleepy so I'll take advantage of my last good night sleep. .. so gd night beautiful ladies...

here we go..

My time is here???? Im good and calm waiting to go in.... seeyou on the other side beauties!

I made it..

Dr Kadz is amazing!! He treated me so a wonderfully! ????I love my top results I cant see the bottom good yet , I will post pics later when I shower..

My hubby is wonderful n has been taking care of me but Im a very independent woman so Im trying to do things on my own... ive ate a little and been drinking lots of fluids. The pain to me bearable. I have a high tolerence of pain. I do get nausea n dizzy from time to time but it goes away within a min or 2.. I am draining but it was expect n its normal.
Ok ladies back to sleep it is..ttyl

My Firsts. ....

I had my 1st shower an it really refreshed me n gave me lots of strength. Ive been walking around since i got home from the surgery n drinking lots of water which I feel are helping me alot. As i got naked for my 1st shower i sawmy stomach swollen n full of what looked like balls so i decided to get my 1st massage n it my dads girlfriend was kind enough to do it for me an even though it hurt as motherFcker i felt relief n my stomach shrunk a gd size ???? i didnt drain much during the massage but when i got up it was as though i had open a faucet.. and then i learned why a lot of sisters here bought pads they are pretty handy when you are draining. I wasnt let a draining tube just my incision open so it was a little messy the 1st time. Ive master the peeing in a big cup n its my BFF it helped me not pee all over my garment :) but i havent pooped so that will be my nxt mission to conquer.

I'll post some pics i took right now. So at the last min my doctor advised me to do my bra lines and at 1st i didnt think much of it but I said ok Doc I trust you he kept telling me how beautiful i was going to look n I knew he wasnt lieying. He is very straight forward and i think thats why people think he is rude but i love that he is realistic.. he answered every single one of my questions ,i told him my care credit was maxed outan for being a return patient he said "you are so nice n I care about my patients I'll do your bra lines complimentary" i was sooooo happy ! When i got home afer d sugery the 1st thing i notice was my bra lines OMG he is an artist it looks like i had a new boob job nice n round n they look perkier. My belly is still farely swollen ,my but looks high but stiff but Im in love w my boobs and they kp me focused on a good recovery!
Its not easy n the pain is no joke but i think its suuuuuuper worth it!!
Ive had help from my family but i do everything i can on my own so i dnt get too comfortable n lazy... Oh yeah my doctor told me i could sit but to b safe i havnt done that I sleep perfectly on my stomach even with my 36DDDs . I did sleep for 30 mins on my left side n layed on my right side for 15min but not only is d getting up harder and painful but my butt got super stiff n painful aftewards... its 2 am n i woke up at 1am to take my meds go peepee an walk a little and while at it update you beautiful ladies...
Overall I cant express how great I feel and happy I am with both my surgery n Dr. Kadz

sum pics

pics of right now

???? what love so far

more pics from this mornin

Im waiting for my second massage ... but Im in a lot of pain today I jst took my norcos..

I finally pooped this morning something I've bn fighting w since last night.... i put a small kid head rest bobby pillow thing i bought n put itfrom d bottom of my knees. To half of my tighs so i didnt sit directly but i took of d garment n it wasnt that bad! I had to put most of my strength in my arms but once i started pooping it was a relief...

2nd massage ...

today was a bad day I had a lot of pain I was alone all day and forgot to take my medication on time because I fell asleep. I didn't eat earlier and I was feeling grouchy in sentimental wanted to cry for no reason I hit myself twice on my hips and once on my boobs. after I eat I took a showerand felt so much better! so I had my second massage today and I feel awesome.. you could see the improvement in my belly everytime I get my massageS. my booty is starting to get a little rounder as Ive said before im loving my progress... ????

last night.....

After my 2nd massage I felt a lot better put on a TIGHT pink muscle shirt (the one I wore in the picture) and felt great went down stairs an helped my hubby cook dinner i was up and about for like an hour and a half. I started feeling really tired so i told my hubby lets go relax in our room i laid down n it was sooooooo uncomfortable i couldn't get comfortable no matter what i did. I got up went to thr restroom n i couldnt pee i walked a little but something felt wrong. i took off my garment thinking maybe i had to go #2 but nothing . I started getting sharp pains in my booty n boobs. My hubby told me to go lay down and as I tried it was overly painful this whole journey has been painful but like i said I have high tolerance of pain but something felt sooooo wrong my boobs were killing and my body felt too much pressure. I started getting annoyed to d point of losing my cool I felt desperate by not knowing what was going on i started crying n the more nervous i got d more pain I felt . I couldnt lay still i went to d restroom peed n told my hubby help me take of my shirt.OMG LADIES as soon as he took it off i felt such a relief on my whole body! I guess the shirt was cutting off my circulation :/ thank God I listened to my body other wise who knows how much worst I would have gotten. After taking off d shirt I went back to bed an was able to sleep like a bby up to 2am when I got up to pee take my pills ate a banana drank a bottle of water and do a little walking for 30 minutes while i updated you guys.

Aside from my lil meltdown Im doing good, i think my water intake my walking and massages are helping me heal faster.. My stomach feels nice smooth its not perfect but it is evening out after every massage. thanks to this website n your updates ladies Ive been able I feel are my bffs as i recover... I love my surgeon he made an awesome job i will never finish stop saying that!! My butt is still very high and real firm ,parts look kind of flat because i guess it has to fluff but Im not in a hurry I know it has to smoothen up a little because it feels like a rock but i do feel little spots have soften i hope i dont loose it all as Ive read you loose about a 30% of fat in it... I dont see it big it only went up 4 inches after d surgery but my family spcially my kids n hubby say its huge . I wont get tired of saying I love my boob results after getting my bra lines lipoed, they look like a new set of implants really round ,even as i see them so bruised up i still see am truly in love w them! My stomach and back are my focus in working on w my massages since d butt will do what it hasto do on its own... Ive felt sum sharp pains on my booty since last night i hope that means d fat is healing !! Okay beautiful ladies I think Ive walked enough and its time to go back to bed.. my hubby has been real sick these past few days with a bad cold soi gave him nyquil 2 nights in a row so he can rest which makes me even moreproud of myself that I have bn able to do things on my own. And Im lucky I havent caught the cold seams like everyone in the house has gotten it ... well gd night ladies Im starting to feel the urge to try some clothes on ???? so i might do that later on n take pics to upload here! Oh an by the way I got 1800ccs on each cheek...
Sweet dreams ttyl ????
Thanks for the good wishes n prayers you send my way!

by the way

Im not draining anymore i stopped after my 1st massage. My surgeon didnt leave drains in but he left d incisions open. My cuts look clean and my skin has started itching which Im taking as a good sign of healing. My massages are being done with arnica & camphor ointments. I also put those on my bruised areas in the morning an when I go to bed

pics i took right now

pics i took right now ....


Oh my my myyyyyy

Today has bn baaaad i feel weak and my head is killing me :( i triee to sleep but d pounding in my head wont let me.. my butt feels a lot of pressure as if it wants to rip through my skin & it feels super heavy... i hope this is is normal please sisters if you went through this let me know...

turns out I had a

Migraine attack I felt depressed sensitive n w a massive head ache i called my Dr which answered on the first try and gave me greenlight to drink my migraine Meds so now Im back to being greeat... my booty is still w severe pressure but d top part of it has even out and soften in d past few hours... ok ladies tonight i sence i will have a gd night sleep ???? i think I'll rest n not get up to do my 2am walk... gdnight Ladies n remember to listen to your bodies so far i was able to catch to things messing. W my recovery..

Ive taken a time out today after 2 days

Massive pains from my circulation and migraine headaches today Ive done minimal walking an have rested longer. Last night after taking my bactabkets for my migraine w a coke i drank an Arnica tea n felt much better i felt up to it so my hubby gave me my 3rd massage before going to bed ,I slept like a bby afterwards! Im getting my 4th massage like in an hour... Im still wearing my garment that was given to me from day 1 because my surgeon doesnt believe in wearing too tight garments he says yhat gets in d way of recovering.

pics after my 3rd massage last night


Did anyone suffer from massive headaches ???? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!


post op appt yesterday

sooo I was doing good .....

But with my migraine headaches Ive gotten taken some steps backwards :(
I swelled up so much from everywhere my stomach hangs a lil.. last night n today I got deep tissue massages and it helped but not as much as i wish it had..
I also have 3 hrs with this strong pain on d side of my left butt cheek.. up to this point i had felt discomfort but not pain , i know the pressure is normal but is pain normal too?? Please heeelp

:) I finally tried on....

My old jeans and they dont fit. Gotta admit I love it!!


my tummy is flattening good

Loving my results! My stomach is real hard now it feels like a six pack...lol...I need my massage

i was swollen but....

Loved how I look in tights so I took sum pics...

I went to buy my new garment, luckily enough theres a fajate 5 min away from my house ;) hubby took me the girls there are nice helpful and now exactly. What we need as soon as you tell them your procedure. Well my surgeon put me in a 2XXl garment which was crazy to me bcuz ive never worn that size any how Im happy to say that as of yesterday I squeezed my tummy into a medium Garment :). Im so excited!! When I put it on it was supeeeer tight i felt like i was going to pass out. I kept it on all day, just took it off for my massage then on again it went. This morning I took it off to go to d restroom but was dreading putting it back on because its hard n a lil painful but it was pretty easy it was just hard to slide it up on my butt lol but d button n zip it up... but i forgot to mention I woke up to a flat tummy!!! Yaaay!!!


The hubby kept complimenting me :) he has been awesome!! So attentive ,helpful, possitive, supportive, n loving ?


so I ripped my last garment. ..

It got on my nerves so I started cutting d uncomfortable parts and after just a wk of buying it $85 went to the trash can :( . So I had to buy a new one it was harder to get in it but Its a lil better overall. Its tighter and its a thong but it flattens out my swelling perfectly.

new garment

my butt is not huge

But I love my results! My stomach is almost completely flat..

booty greed...

Ive been noticing the volume going down, everyone here tell me Im jst being booty greedy and paranoid but I notice d changes! My clothes is not fitting the same n d bubbleness from d top has gone down a lot but if I measure it its 43 in which hasnt changed. I know i will sound crazy but I really want more projection :( but round 2 is out of the question w my hubby..i started working out yesterday n my focus r my legs abs n booty... so squats squaaaats squuuuaaattts...lol...my sis had her surgery w dr Bruno on d 6th of March n she looks awesome ... i luv her hips i think thts something i wish my doctor would have given me because it would have made a difference but since I have thick thighs it compensates...

volume loss


7weeks today

more loss

6 months post

6 months post op loving my results

happy w my results

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He is an excellent surgeon he did my breast augmentation. His staff is wonderful specially Haydee she answers all your questions at all times and i the sweetest person there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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