Lopsided Smile, Asymmetric Eyebrows, Jaw Pain :( - Beverly Hills, CA

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I came to Dr. Firouz to get chin fillers because I...

I came to Dr. Firouz to get chin fillers because I have a relatively weak chin. He suggested to do masseter botox instead, but I wanted the chin fillers. I do clench my jaw constantly and grind my teeth, so I agreed to do both as I've heard it helping other people. He also said it'll slim my face and thus make my chin appear stronger, as well as "I do this ALL THE TIME". I got 28 in my left and 33 on my right side. I also requested for my brows to be lifted a tiny bit, so I was injected 2 units on each side.
Fast forward to now. I am unable to smile properly, my right side feels paralyzed and I can't close it properly so I constantly look completely lopsided and my mouth doesn't "line up" anymore. I also have weird sensations in my right jaw every couple of hours. I do notice a slimming effect, but one side is way thinner than the other, only contributing to my strange appearance. My one brow is higher than the other, but that doesn't bother me as much as my abnormal appearance when talking/smiling. I've since learned that the botox was placed too anteriorly into the smile muscle as well, meaning I'm stuck with this for MONTHS. I'm absolutely ashamed, angry and sad that it turned out this way….it's a shame since the entire office staff is absolutely amazing! Not going to get botox in a while, that's for sure.
(for pictures see my questions)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Doesn't seem to be too aware of facial anatomy as it was injected into the wrong muscle on one side.

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