LBL W/ Butt Aug (No TT), Spiral/Medial TL, BL (No Implants), Mini Arm Lift, Hi Def Lipo - Drs Agha, Katzen or Fisher?

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I have lost 65 lbs thru Diet and Exercise, took me...

I have lost 65 lbs thru Diet and Exercise, took me 2 years. Im currently 133 lbs, 5'1. Married with Children and very active, Runs, 3-4x Functional Training. I am 6wks post TT from overseas and now I am looking at doing my thighs esp Inner Thighs, a little of my lose arms, side of chest (bra bulge). After spending long hours of research from RealSelf, Obesity Help and other online sites including Doctor's sites, I think the following are the procedures I need: Lower Body: 1. LBL w/ Butt Aug, maybe use Back Flaps (no TT since im happy with mine) to address the butt sagg and a bit of the lower back as well and a bit of the back, sides and front thigh, although mine isnt that bad (except for the butt) 2. Spiral TL to address my utmost concern - Inner Thigh! Upper Body: 3. Breast Lift (No implants) 4. J-Lift to address the side of chest (bra bulge area) which is also a big concern of mine 5. Mini Arm Lift that hopefully connects to the J-Lift and to the Breast Lift anchors Other: 6. If theres still time, Id like a whole body Hi-Def Lipo as well, I dont have that much fat anymore, just definition is what Im after. I want to do all in one operation. I hope its doable considering Im NOT having a TT and a long Arm Lift nor a vertical TL. I am looking at Dr. Siamak Agha, Dr. Timothy Katzen or Dr. Fisher. Although I am gearing towards Dr Agha or Dr Katzen as they are within my area (Southern California) but Dr Fisher's results is as amazing. I hope someone can help me choose the right PS for me.

Phone Consult #1 Done - Dr Agha

Im done with my phone consult with Dr Agha,
Point of Action in 2-Stages (ugh!):

1. LBL + Butt Flap + Fat Transfer to Bottom
2. Spiral or Vertical (ugh! not liking vertical)
3. 8 Hr Surgery

1. L-Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)
2. J-Upper Body Lift
3. Dermal Suspension Breast Lift
4. 7.5 Hr Surgery

Other Notes:
Total Surgery Hrs is 15-20
6-8 Weeks Full Recovery
Spiral and Breast Lift - Anchored to Bone

2 more PS to go! I will keep updating!

Phone Consult #2 Done - Dr. Katzen

I just apoke with Dr. Katzen and here's what he plans for me: *One Surgery totalling 10Hrs: - Crescent Thigh Lift (he doesnt think I need a Vertical) - Breast Lift with Internal Sutures - Arm Lift and Torsoplasty - some refers to it as J-Lift I asked about the LBL and he said I might just need a Posterior Body Lift considering that I already have a TummyTuck but thinks its too much to add it in my Surgery as it will take another 3hrs. I did asked about the Butt Augmentation and he doesn't recommend "Butt Flaps" as it doesn't go well overtime (I need opinion from ladies out there that had this procedure done please), he recommends Implants but I wont go that far, no Impants on my booties ever!

Phone Consult #3 Done - Dr. Fisher

I am finally done with my last and final consult. Dr. Fisher's plan of action: 1. J-Lift up to Axillia area and may extend a bit more if I choose to. 2. B/L with Dermal Bra 3. Spiral Thigh Lift, may need Vertical incision but decide after an in-person visit or pre-surgery 4. Might not need Limited LBL after all (since I have a good TT already). He said my pictures doesn't seem to show excessive skin laxity on my outer side thighs. Will decide pre-surgery if I need one or not. 5. Liposuction here and there, Fat Transfer to Lower Buttocks Notes: *Able to do all surgery in one stage!! Yipey! (BL, J-Lift, Spiral/Vertical/possible limited LBL) *8-10 Hrs Surgery (if Limited LBL is performed) *2 Weeks minimum before Travelling *Compression Garment from Bottom of Breast down to Ankle *Common complications include Wound Dehissence which is quite minor *No pain pump, uses Exparel instead *Surgery done in the hospital, not in any other surgical center. Hospital stay for 1-2 days. Now, it's decision time!

An update from Dr. Fisher

Sent more images to Dr. Fisher, this time pinching my "side hips" - He said, I might need a limited Body Lift, ugh! Good News is - he will be able to do it all in one surgery!

An update from Dr. Agha (In-Person Consult)

I had finally did an In-Person Consult with Dr. Agha earlier and here's what He has in mind:

Phase 1: Lower (6 weeks healing period)
LBL with T/T Revision and Mons
Spiral Thigh Lift (Vertical was also recommended but decided against it for now)
Liposuction of Thighs
Butt Aug with Flap and Fat Transfer

Phase 2: Upper (4 weeks healing time)
Breast Lift (No Aug, Dermal Lift)
Arm Lift

Dr. Agha is super nice BUT I am so glad I was able to meet with one of his patient who just happened to be there for a follow up from a Total Body Make Over (Upper and Lower). She had lost about 150lbs (I believe that's what she said) and SHE LOOKED AMAZING!!! Her scars were barely there and we chatted for a good 15-30min and She had all good things to say about Dr. Agha, She also thought of Dr. Katzen as well but decided on Dr. Agha. She had a Vertical Thigh Lift (recently) and her legs were great, She had Breast Aug and Arm Lift/J-Lift as well and they were in the perfect hidden spot, I believe She had her uppers done last year or 2 years ago. Her LBL scars/incisions were super thin. Meeting with her really gave me some positive "vibes" with Dr. Agha.

I will have to meet with Dr. Katzen and more conversations with Dr. Fisher, then Decision, Decision, Decision.

So far, Dr. Agha is booked until November of this year.

An update from Dr. Katzen (In-Person Consult)

Did my second In-Person Consult yesterday with Dr. Timothy Katzen. Such a delight to see him personally.

Here's his Gameplan:

Stage 1:
Crescent Arm Lift
Breast Lift
Torsoplasty (or J-Lift)
Vertical Thigh Lift ("J")
Aggressive Liposuction to the Waistline
Liposuction of Thighs and Inner Knees

Stage 2:
Posterior Lower Body Lift
Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Dr. K doesn't do Dermal Flaps on the Buttocks. Stage 1 & 2 can be done at least 2 weeks apart.

So far I am liking the idea of doing "Uppers" with the Vertical Thigh Lift, that way, if I still would like a Spiral then, I can do in conjunction with the "Lowers" Stage 2.

Dr. Agha and Dr. Katzen's pricing is very similar. Dr. Fisher's is A LOT cheaper. I am still biased with Dr. Agha's work considering the real patient that I saw and speak with while I was there (her incisions, scarring, contour was truly remarkable). I am still thinking of Dr. Fisher as he is the only one that can "Do it All" on one surgery but I still would want an In-Person Consult with him to find out the details (something I can't do :()

Lastly, I think I am liking Dr. Agha's idea on having an L-Brach than just Crescent (Dr. Katzen's) as I think my arms would look better with a full brach.

Thinking Thinking Thinking....

My IDEAL Procedures and possible Staging

Stage 1: (possible 8 Hrs)
Arm Lift with Liposuction of Arms (possible from elbow and extends to the J Lift)
J-Lift with Liposuction of Upper & Lower Back
Breast Lift (No Implants, Cup C)
Aggressive Liposuction of Waistline (hoping for a really small waist)
Vertical Thigh Lift ("J") with Liposuction of Front, Back, Inner & Outer Thigh, Inner Knee
Buttock Fat Transfer

Stage 2: (possible 8 Hrs)
Minor TT Revision with Monsplasty and MR (Optional)
LBL with Liposuction of Flanks
Liposculpture of Abs
Buttock Aug using Flaps (aiming for small/natural looking buttocks)
Lower Buttock Fat Transfer (when needed, to even out the Flaps)
Spiral Thigh Lift (option if not content with Vertical "J" Thigh Lift)
Calf Liposuction (optional though Dr. A might not do it due to blood supply issues)

I am hoping for a 2-3 week Gap in between procedures. Although it is Ideal that Stage 2 Procedures is done first as, I believe LBL takes time to heal but I feel that Stage 1 Procedures are my top priority so if I "chicken out" after Stage 1, then I wouldn't feel that bad not going through Stage 2! hahaha! But Im quite determined going through all!

I am currently 25+-lbs over my ideal weight (Ideal weight is 115-120, I am currently 135-140) but Dr's. wanted me to maintain the weight so they'll have enough FAT for my Butt, I find it Funny!

Timeline Schedule:
September 2016 or December 2016 or March 2017. My timetable is a bit tricky as I still have 5 little kids to take care of go around their School Calendar/s.

Doctor's Availability (nothing final yet):
They said Dr. Agha is booked until November 2016, so I guess I can do December 2016
They said Dr. Katzen is booked until December 2016, so I guess I can do March 2017

Will post once I have all the final detailed quotes and schedules.

Update on Dr. Fisher: Unfortunately, I still haven't received the final quote from Stephanie. I was able to talk to her yesterday but it seems that my procedures were not relayed to her in full depth by Dr. F so She said She will have to talk to Dr. F again :-( .... No news as to his availability yet.

Dr. Agha is the right fit, Deposit paid yesterday. Countdown starts.

Date: Sept 1 or Sept 8, 2016

Stage 1 Procedures ($42K):

Arm Lift with Lipo of Arms
J-Upper Body Lift with Lipo of Upper Back
Breast Lift with Dermal Suspension
Lipo of Lower Back, Love Handles and Waist

Vertical Thigh Lift
Lipo of Front, Back, Inner, Outer Thigh & Knees
Fat Transfer to Butt

Other Remarks:
- Arm Lift doesn't go all the way to the Elbow
- No Drains on the Uppers, 2 Drains on the Lower
- Dissolvable Sutures for all
- Ace Bandages for Compression of Upper & Compression Garment for Lower
- Bladder Catheter can be placed until days, if requested
- Heparin Shots needed
- ProCare Powder Supplements
- Prescription Meds
- Contact Caregiver (Kymberly H)
- Items to be buying and renting

Will update more as the time comes. Good Luck to me!!!!

Consultation Pictures (1.5Months prior to Surgery) - Dr. Siamak Agha

Sept. 8 is the Date!

Countdown begins! One more month!

Starting off my Supplements and already did my Calendar of intakes! Call me old school but it's the only thing that works for me! *so excited*

A Few More Days!

My Supplies are all ready for my Big Day! Sept 8, Thursday. Im Nervous & Excited!

I finally did it!!!

Day 6 Post-Op

Today was Day 6 since I had my Surgery last Sept 8. Day 1-5 was the HARDEST! My appetite was better today, energy levels better today but I still keep myself off my feet hopefully, to heal faster. Keeping my legs open at the same time to keep my groins dry.

Day 7 Pictures

Day 9 PO

Energy better today. Swelling a bit better too. My drains are irritating me so hopefully they'll take it out on Tuesday :( Pain pills dropped to 1 pill every 4hrs, so far, so good. Bruises are yellow already and in less pain. Hopefully an eventful road to recovery. Protein Shake 2scoops 3x a day.

Day 12 - Back Drains Out, 2 Remains

Its either Im SUPER SWOLLEN or I have gained a LOT of WEIGHT! My oh My!

My back drain was out, THANKFULLY! I still have my 2 leg drains on but hopefully next week Dr Agha will take it out.

I have a new prescription, Water Pill for 7 days.

No openings so far so I keep everything DRY. DRY, DRY, DRY is the key.

2 Weeks & 2 Days

Thigh Lift Pictures today

So far so good, no opening (dont want to Jinx it out though). Scabs are falling off.

Here's what I have been doing:
1. PROCARE SHAKE 6 Scoops per Day - I really think this stuff works! + Supplements
2. Change dressing every 2 days, sometimes wiping with Saline + Bacitracyn, sometimes not. Dry is best!
3. Keep everything dry so I keep a Mini-Fan with me all the time. Fanning my "Groin area" and armpits and under the breast
4. I barely take Pain Pills anymore

3 Weeks, 4 Days

So far, wounds are dry but scabs are atill present especially on the Anchor Incision on the breast and some on the thighs but healing nicely. I still have a really small opening on my Armpits and Im re-dressing them 2-3x/day using Bacitracyn but today Im switching to MEBO Cream which I used on my Tummytuck. I ALSO SHOWERED TODAY AND THAT FELT SOOOOO GOOD, used Hibiclens on the incisions especially on the Armpits. Now im not itching like crazy! My dry skin was a lot better as well. Lastly, for the first time, I am using a compression garment, let's see if that would help with the swelling. Swelling is minimal but aggravates in the late afternoon to evening.

Almost 4 Weeks

Pictures at 4 Weeks

4 Weeks, 1 Day Dilemma

Openings so far:

R Armpit - Size of a Pin Hole (really small), started at 2 weeks, getting a lot better but I try not to move my arms a lot so not to stress the opening, so far it worked good. I am using MEBO CREAM, applying it to a gauze every 4 hrs and clean with Saline Wipe 2x a Day. Im liking the result.

L Armpit and Chest - Doesnt look like an opening but its a bit red when the scab came off at 3 weeks so I am treating it like an opening. Did the same treatment as above. So far, so good.

L Breast, bottom up, T junction of Anchor - Size of 2 Pin Hole, just noticed it this morning. Will be treating it the same as above.

Hopefully all will resolve and wont have any unexpected openings anymore. 2 more weeks before reaching the 6 week mark, they said 6 weeks is when everything gets back to normal. So far im at 60% right now, mostly because of the small openings so my movements are restricted and I still have swelling and tight feeling on my thighs and side chests especially late in the afternoon.

I stay at home every other day and do errands and light shopping every other so I have an in between rest.

6 Weeks Post Op

Pictures from Dr. Agha about 5-6 Wks Post Op.

Im 8 Weeks Post Op as of the current and Im happy with my arm, breast and vertical leg so far. But not so happy with the extended Breast area (side chest), I am unsure if it is swelling still or fat but other than that, I am satisfied!

Pictures at 8 Weeks

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