Asian Eyelid Revision with Endoscopic Brow Lift- life-changing makeover!!! - Beverly Hills, CA

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First of all, I want to point out that I had two...

First of all, I want to point out that I had two procedures done at the same time- Endoscopic Brow Lift and Asian Eyelid Surgery, so the total cost was $8,500 with a $500 discount (original: $5,500 for Brow Lift and $3,500 for Asian Eyelid Surgery). I did not see an option to list the two procedures and their prices, and I guessed the main event is the Asian Eyelid Surgery.

I decided to consult Dr. Charles Lee because of his reputation and background in dealing with Asian eyelids and I loved the large gallery of before and after photos on his website for such a procedure; they were very reassuring. I had Asian Eyelid Surgery before, but it was with another doctor in Chevy Chase, MD, and he merely made me look the same as before, just with slightly more even eyelid creases that you really had to scrutinize to tell. While I love Asian eyes and always had double eyelids, I wanted to make my eyes really pop and struggled with droopy brows even as a child. I'd look in the mirror and with really raised brows, I'd see myself one way but when a photograph was taken by someone else, I'd see myself in a different way and as what I found as much less attractive as my eyes would look angry and not well-defined at all; my double eyelids would disappear underneath excess skin and fat and a droopy brow. My first eyelid surgery (with the Chevy Chase doctor) did not fix these issues at all, and it looked like I never even had any changes- even during the first month of the healing process.

Dr. Lee has changed my life, and I wish I had gone to him much earlier and as my first and only surgeon for these facial procedures. With both the browlift and the eyelid procedure, I paid a total of $8,500 ($5,500 for the browlift alone), but they were definitely worth it! I went for medium creases with epicanthoplasty (never had much of epicanthic folds before but I wanted to remove the last bit of them to help with having wider eyes and easy cleaning) and his suggestion of endoscopic browlift to keep my brows raised to the appropriate height. The staff were great at moving things along and getting things done and get this: Dr. Lee actually drove over to my hotel room to check up on me and see how my head was bandaged even with my nurse there with me! That was above and beyond for me.

As for the results, I started to LOVE the results about 2-3 weeks after the procedures and REALLY LOVED them about a full month to 6 weeks later. In the beginning, I was scared that I was stuck with having a fivehead after the endoscopic brow lift (as it doesn't remove any skin, just moves it back causing your hairline to be higher), but Dr. Lee assured me that it would settle and that my forehead would look a lot more normal, which it does now... thank god! I guess I must've had a relatively small forehead to begin with. Another scary issue in the beginning of the healing process was that I thought that my eyes looked much rounder with creases that were too high, but as the days and weeks went by, I saw how my eyes would still take on that beautiful almond shape with the upwards tilt at the end; they're just beautifully wide open even when I rest my brows, which was what I wanted the whole time!

I always thought and have been told that I was attractive, even beautiful- without solicitation most of my life BEFORE the procedures, but I was consciously raising my brows to expose the folds and larger width of the eyes. I was confident before and flirted and dated men I found attractive, but now, that confidence has grown to new heights! I can relax about how my eyes look in photos or even in person if I let my brows rest and still look like how I wanted.

My advice to anyone who wants something physical changed for the long term that has been bothering them on a day-to-day basis and inhibits them emotionally is to go ahead and do your research thoroughly and pick a doctor that you trust! As with pretty much anything, there are risks, but they can be extremely low with the right doctor. Also, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to live with such insecurities for the rest of your life or to make an educated decision for your emotional freedom?

Thank you so much, Dr. Lee!

P.S. As for photos, I am cautious about posting befores and afters only because I am currently online dating and have other pics of me online and don't want people to recognize me. Plastic surgery is (or can be) a very personal thing, which it is in my case. I may post them in the future though.
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He seemed like he was in a bit of a rush sometimes during interactions before the procedure and during the aftercare, but he did answer my questions and definitely knew what he was doing as my results from his work are outstanding!

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