21 Yrs Old W/ a Medium Crease

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To start, I hated my eyes my whole life. One eye...

To start, I hated my eyes my whole life. One eye had multiple creases and one eye was a monolid... And I wanted double eyelid surgery my whole life!

I went to Dr. Charles Lee on June 9, 2014. I had an incision eyelid surgery with a medium crease of 7mm (eyes closed). I also got the Inner Epi thing. I walked in not knowing what type of eyelids I wanted. He kind of just drew whatever and I trusted him. The healing process was very hard on me. My creases were soooooooooooo big. And I was not healing!! I didn't think much about it because I thought it was suppose to be like this. After 5 long days I went back to get my stitches out. Dr. Lee noticed I had Ptosis so I had to do a revision... THE DAY I WENT HOME! I was scared out of my mind! But I'm very happy that Dr. Lee did the revision... It helped a lot and immediately the crease was better.

Also: I had to take out the stitches by myself 4 days later because I left home (half way across the country) after the revision!

The healing process was horrible. I won't lie, I cried a lot. I locked myself in my house for a couple of weeks. I wanted to disappear forever. I was not myself!

Today - I am about 7 weeks post op, from my revision. My eyelids are still bigger then I would like them to be but I'm trying my best to be patient... so harrrd! I can't wait until I'm fully healed. I hope my eyes turn out more natural!

8 Weeks Post Op - After 1st Surgery

Still being patient, eyelids are uneven (hoping the swelling goes down a lot more). Still higher than I'll like.. but I'm being patient.

9 Weeks Post Op

If you took my recent posts (that I cannot delete) as negative, you took it the wrong way.

There has been at least 4 individuals who has contacted me about my doctor. And honestly, YES of course I recommend him. I know I talked about not liking my high creases (and how I went crazy)... But that is NORMAL! I'm only 9 weeks post op, they are still swollen... But I know they will go down with time. I understand that the healing process is a long one, I understand that my eyes will look different in one year... I'm such an impatient person though! I asked for a medium crease, so my healing process would be prolonged (not only that but I got a Ptosis correction).

Nothing I wrote was suppose to be negative, especially towards Dr. Lee. He is amazing at what he does and I'm glad I choose him. He's such a caring person. He worried so much about me and my eyes, so did his assistants. Although I'm still swollen and healing, I can see that Dr. Lee did an incredible job on my eyes.

I'm happy with my decision :) And as you can tell, my eyes changed a lot from Day 1!

10/11 Weeks Post Op

Slowly but surely. I'm finally at that time when I should be getting excited about my results and I finally am!! I guess from 2-4 months is when it changes a lot so I hope that they'll become more and more natural as the days goes by. It seems like they are healing nicely and the scars are finally starting to fade, they are flattening out! The only scars that still bother me a little is the Inner Epi scars but I heard that they heal last. I can not wait until my eyes fully heal :) time is actually going by pretty fast. I can't believe it's been 2 months since I did this!

My last photo shows my eyes closed and it looks like my eyes can't close fully but it does and I'm not really worried cus it never happened before.

13 Weeks Post Op

I'm really starting to like my eyes :) Don't mind my eyebrows - I really messed up on them, lol.

For those who are feeling hopeless, please please please do not feel that way! I didn't start noticing any improvement with the swelling until 2 months post op. I, too, lost all kinds of hope for my eyes but please... be patient. This was the longest emotional roller coaster I've ever been on, and trust me, it was painful... but worth it.

Please e-mail if you need someone to talk to :) That's how I made it through the first couple of weeks, I e-mailed other individuals from Real Life and other places who've had this surgery before and they helped me get through it because I took it real hard. Also, blogging about it helps.

100 Days Post Op

Slowly but surely!! I cannot stop saying that because it's so true!! I cannot wait until I'm finally done healing. I can tell I'm still swollen, especially in the inner corners of my eyes. My eyeliner is still thick to hide some of the swelling. The scars are still there but not noticeable with make up. My eyes change everyday. Sometimes it's more swollen then yesterday which is irritating! I will keep you guys update. Btw: I love all the emails!!

3 Weeks to 3 Months!

I don't know why some days I get so emotional... But look how far I've come! :)

4 Months Post Op

I'm starting to love my eyes :) They're a little more swollen than they usually are since it's 7 am! Throughout the day the swollen-ness goes down and they look more natural. I can tell there's still some swelling left. I'm not worried.

I'm really happy I made this decision :)

19 Weeks Post Op

Some days are better than others. I still notice changes to my eyelids everyday which is annoying but that's how it is. I'm okay with my eyes, I am noticing some asymmetry but I think I would rather have it like this than those higher lids 2/3 months ago :DD

I don't know if my left eye is just more swollen or if it really is asymmetry. If you look back at my Day 2 of Revision Photo (2nd set of photos), you can tell that my left eye, the one on your right is more swollen - and that's the eye that looks like it has a bigger eyelid crease. I don't know if any of that made sense lol. It's too early for this. Am I worried, a little bit - but I really really don't want to make a big deal out of it. I know that sometimes asymmetry eyes are only noticeable by the person who has them. But in these pictures, you can kind of tell.

A couple of you guys have asked for another update :) Otherwise, I love them lol.

Monthly Progess

Hello :)

As requested.. Here are unseen photos and a monthly progress. My 2 week post op photo here is so scary lol. It gets better :) yes, you can see the asymmetry at my 4 months post op but I hope it's just that my left eye is more swollen **finger crosses. By the way, I'm really bad at doing my eyebrows.

I remember being scared out of my mind that my eyes will never be "natural", and that they will always look too big, too thick and scary looking. I was up day and night doing research on how to lower my lid and revision surgery. I cried a lot too. I regretted my decision, I hated myself. This didn't help the recovery time. I ate a lot of pineapple - it's supposedly helped with swelling. I walked a lot. I slept on 3 pillows until 2 months, sometimes I still do. Everything I did revolved around my eyes. I just want to stop thinking about my eyes. Seriously, I wanted to just heal and continue living my life.

If there is anything that I would like you guys to know, it's that.. it will okay. It will get better.

5 Months Post Op

6 Months Post Op

I hoped to have fully healed by this time, but I'll still swelling. In the mornings my eyes are very puffy but as time goes on, I start to like it more and more :)

6 Months Post Op Pictures

Opps, I forgot the pictures! These were taken like 2 minutes ago :) No make up, and I'm letting my brows grow so don't mind them!

7 Months Post Op

Hello - I'm 7 months post op today :)

What I can you guys - I'm still swelling. It's not a lot but I can tell. My eyelids aren't even. I noticed I have some Ptosis in my left eye. You can tell because the lid hangs lower than my right eye making the crease appear bigger. It does bother me and I've considered a revision but I don't have the funds - and I really really really really do not ever want to go through this experience again. Lol - I fear it may be worse the 2nd round. Also - I feel that my eyelids are even enough that I can be happy with them. I'm 100% happier now then I was before. Going into this surgery, I knew the outcomes. There is no such thing as perfect. I think my expectations were just too high.

Plus - some people have told me they can't see the unevenness in my eyes. Or that it's really not noticeable. I'm so picky! But, I am happy.

9 Months Post Op

Almost 9 months post op! The scars are completely gone. My asymmetry exists but that happens. I'm still happy :)

1 Year Post Op

Hello everyone, one year ago I decided to do this surgery... it changed my life. The first couple of months was very hard. I was extremely depressed and suicidal the first couple of months. I'm glad that changed.

I am now at one year post op. My eyelids are uneven but I'm really okay with that. Sometimes I don't notice and other people don't notice as well. I'm 10x more confident than before. I'm really that I decided to do this surgery.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is a very nice man. He is also very knowledgeable. I felt that he actually cared about me, as well as his assistants. His assistants called me after my revision to check up on me and to make sure I was okay. I had an emotional breakdown 2 weeks after my surgery and I went crazy e-mailing Dr. Lee about all my healing process (bad bad thing to do, not sure why I did it... still). He handled it very well. I received another check up call from Dr. Lee to reassure me that everything will be okay, and everything I was struggling with was normal, and that I will have a prolonged recovery due to my revision surgery and Ptosis correction. I needed that reassurance so bad. Now, 6-7 weeks later I'm very happy I choose Dr. Lee. I'm still waiting on my final results but I can already see that Dr. Lee did a very good job.

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