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While discussing plans to have my eyelid surgery...

While discussing plans to have my eyelid surgery with a co-worker during lunch time thinking everyone else was out for lunch, another co-worker over heard us. I just laughed it off pretending it was a joke until everyone started asking me during the office Christmas part WHY I was going to have it done. Some even brought up botched plastic surgery horror stories. I work for a large ophthalmology practice and although we do have an eyelid surgeon, he does not specialize in Asian eyes. His expertise is for older patients or those who have droopy eyelids that hinder their vision.

Long story short, EVERYONE now knows I am having this procedure done. There are only four Asian employees in our large office, so trying to explain to everyone why I would spend any amount of money to have an elective surgery on my eyelids so my eyeliner or eye shadow won't smudge sounds senseless to them. Everyone keeps telling me I look beautiful the way I am and that beauty comes from with in and what if it turns out worst! Geesh!

I feel beautiful, but what wrong with wanting to feel SUPER beautiful?! Lol! Yes, everyone heals differently, but I am confident in choosing Dr. Charles Lee because I've seen his results. Since everyone already knows I am having this "controversial" elective surgery on my vacation time, I'm just going to come back with SUPER sexy eyes and make sure they take a picture of me and put it in the company newsletter. Who knows, they might be asking me where they can get their eyes done too.

I'm looking forward to my new eyes February. I will post before and after pics.

How can I post a pic with my Samsung GS?

Day 1 Post OP

No bruising, pain from 1-10 is 1, right eye has stitch that is vertical central on upper lid so the eyelid is a bit perkier than the left eye. Overall, I feel great and can't wait to see them in a week!

Pics up

Worried about asymmetry.

I am going in to have my stitches removed tomorrow which is day 5, not counting the day of surgery. I know it is too soon, but I am concern about the right eye being sleepier than the left eye. I also noticed the left side is "hooding" over the lid more. I will post pics tomorrow.

I hope time will balance out the lids. Good thing I took two weeks off work because I'm sure word would spread fast at my work of how I messed up my eyes due to vanity. Worst, I work in an ophthalmology office, so everyone is all about eyes. Lol! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to stay optimistic.

Second PO bilateral sx

Second revision

I went in to have my sutures removed today which is day 5, not counting the day of surgery. I brought up the asymmetry and that I had to return to work in a week. Dr Lee asked if I had eating breakfast already. Unfortunately, I did (so no IV this time) :(... He asked how my nerves were (since he was going to be using only local this time) because he was going to loosing the left side to drop the lid and tighten the right side to lift the lid. Honestly, I was scared, but I think I was more afraid of my co-workers talking about how I messed up my eyes. It did hurt. I teared up a time or two and said "Jesus Christ!" quite a bit. I know he was trying to be as gentle as possible, but gosh...I really hope and pray when the swelling decreases, it will reveal beautiful symmetrical eyes because I don't think I can handle another round.

Afterwards, I drove home in the rain with my raw lids and achey head for 4 hours. I bandaged up my eyes and took a little nap. I could feel a pulse in and around my eye and eye area. I tool two Tylenol since the Vicodin makes me itch. I just woke up. Both my eyes are still very swollen with no change. I just wanted to update my pics before I start icing my eyes. I'm going to relax with some music. I'll update again if there are any changes.

Has anyone had a second revision with in a week?

PO 1st day

I feel like I am one of the unlucky ones. Just about everyone else on here has such beautiful results in just a matter of weeks. Perhaps I am just a slow healer. Today, my spirits are down. My eyelids feel tight, and it hurts to blink because I can feel a pull, more so on the right than the left. I don't feel sexy and can't recognize myself in the mirror. I look like I have Down Syndrome or have gotten a bad reaction from a bee sting. My eyes feel a lot heavier than it did the first time. They are even more swollen because of the trauma from the revision. I am sooo afraid of sneezing...and sneezing usually come in twos. Lol. Not only are my eyelids extremely swollen like I just gotten a good beating from an MMA cage fight but around my eyes and my cheeks. The bruising is worst than it was the first time. I have a feeling my recovery time will be longer due to the revision from just 5 days PO of the initial surgery. I don't think within a week any amount of makeup or eyelashes will make me look normal. I'm even afraid to put on eyeliner or false lashes for fear of pulling out more of my real lashes. Besides, I can't even feel both eyelids or the upper eyelash line near the nasal corners, so I'm too afraid I won't be able to feel the corners of the false eyelashes digging into my eyelids and possibly causing an infection. There is nothing I can do but just give it time and try to stay as optimistic and positive as possible.

I have been icing on and off. Dr. Lee said it would be okay to let water run down my face in three days. I just pray and hope it loosens up some of the tension, brings the swelling down, and the tingling warm feeling where the creases are down. I hope it's not signs of infections and just trauma.

I will post update pics in another week. I wanted sexy tapered eyelids, but I have a feeling they are going to end up round. I'm sooo tired. Nap time again.

1 wk PO revision

Asymmetry... :(

2 wk PO

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