Have Been Getting Fillers over the Past Two Years, my True Before and After - Beverly Hills, CA

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This review isn't just for Juvederm but I will...

This review isn't just for Juvederm but I will start with It. I have my entire face filled and I have Juvederm in my lips, about 1.25 syringes over 2 sessions. I also have Juvederm under my bottom lip filling a little dimple under my chin and I have 1 syringe of it in my cheeks. These amounts are approximate..give or take .5 cc.
I have Restylane under my eyes, initially that was 3 syringes worth! I have super deep under eye hollows
The before is with absolutely nothing, not even botox which I also get too. And my after is the day after I did my lips and cheeks for the first time so I was a little bit swollen. Everything has settled now and looks so natural Ive fooled other doctors!

There is always minimal pain and bruising for me unless its under the eyes. Eyes will always bruise to a certain degree because the skin is so much thinner. I am so pleased with my transformation, I recommend it to everyone as long as you don't bargain hunt and feel confident in your doctor.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Justin Yovino and Dr. Linda L. Berkley

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