25 Y.O. Finally Getting a Rhinoplasty! :) - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi! I've been a RealSelf stalker for a few years...

I've been a RealSelf stalker for a few years now (lol) I decided to document my journey since RealSelf has been a HUGE help to me and i hope to maybe help someone else on their journey :) I am Afro-Caribbean. My nose is very bulbous with little bride & tip definition AND wide nostrils. I am very confident but I've always wanted to get my nose done. I've seen so many horror stories so I have been doing a lot of research! I know that African American rhinoplasties require a surgeon that knows what they're doing. I don't know if what I want would be considered "drastic" but I do know that if I'm spending all of this money I better see some type of change! lol
I'm so tired of having to take all of my pics from a side angle or altering my nose in pictures. I feel like my nose is the one thing that holds me back at times. Im a singer and I've actually shied away from doing videos, because I feel so self conscious of the way that my nose looks when I sing.
I will be getting my nose done as a graduation gift to myself. So I'm looking to have my procedure some time in Feb-April 2017. So far, the best reviews I've seen on here were of procedures by Dr. Ron Hazani and Dr. Ali Sajjadian.
I have a virtual consultation scheduled with Dr. Hazani June 5th. (I live in NY)

Brittanie Evans!

I hope to have results like hers

More wish pics

If my before and afters look like this, I'd be ELATED!

Someone PMd me and asked me to do a computer image of my desired nose

Dr. Eric Yapjuangco

So as I continue my search for the perfect surgeon, I came across Dr. Eric Yapjuangco. Unfortunately he's in the Philippines. As you can see, he does great ethnic rhinoplasties on wide and bulbous noses. I had a convo with him via WhatsAp and he gave me recommendations for my nose. He was very informative and patient even though I told him that idk if I'm comfortable having surgery outside of the US. He said the total cost would be $2000 US and that includes everything! Although I'm terrified of having surgery outside of the US, I figured I'd share it with you guys. His IG @docyappy is full of pics also.
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