600 Cc Round Butt Implants Dr Ryan Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hey ladies!!!..soo i finally got my butt implants...

Hey ladies!!!..soo i finally got my butt implants done after years of having a narrow behind i went off and got them done with the Best Doctor I found on realself...At first it was a tough decision because I live in Houston and we have the (Butt King) Dr Cortez some of you ladies might of heard of him already ..I chose Dr.Stanton for the simple fact Dr.Cortes was some what rude and suggested I do a Bbl instead or tummy tuck which I was not interested at all at the time..He kept leaving in and out during my consultation, his nurse did 95% of the consultation with me so off I immediatley knew he wasnt the one to do the job lol..I am exactly 8 days post op counting from the day AFTER surgery..Im still not reallly liking my results , I got 600 cc round i believe he said intramuscular..I spoke to dr.stanton about the way I feeling on my follow up appt, he suggested I wait 6 months.That i was just out of surgery and had to give my implants time to drop and swelling to go down..ughh but i wanted to see immediate results like other ladies have..I dont know if i should wait a whole 6 mnths a maybe just a few to either get them adjusted to a lower postion..they seem way tooo high!!..yesterday I felt a little weird back there and when I checked I ended up having a small opening on my left incision..I immediatley contacted Mindy (dr.ryans office coordinator) ..I was told to make sure it was clean and dry at all times and to follow my post up instructions which I have..Im not sure if I did the right decision at this point..Im hoping to see my butt inplants drop and improve shape a projection at this time..Ive tried on pants and havnt been pleased with how i looked in themmm..ughhh its just frusturating not being able tonsee results yet..:(

Before pics

These are my before pics

Before butt implants

These are my before pics

Post up pics 600 cc round implants

These are my post up pics

More post up oics 600 cc round

7 day post up 600 cc round implants

So far getting around isnt bad, I just wobble around from place to place.lol.off pain meds since the 3rd or 4th day they gave me alot of nausea..so i just pop an advil or two..i font do to well with pain pills...pain is mild at this point its more like swelling and discomfort i still cant bend or anything like that..ughhh not sitting at this point is very annoying and hard with a 9 mnth old!!!!

7 day post up pics

Swelling went down , not compleltley gone though..my butt feels very tight and still sore. Not much pain.my butt looks sqaurish and flat hoping my implants fall into place soon
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