33 Yr Old Butt Implants with Dr.Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello everyone, I'm not new to the site but it's...

Hello everyone, I'm not new to the site but it's my first review. My surgery with Dr.stanton is scheduled for 8/8. I'm excited & also scared. I'm hoping for fast no complicated recovery. My history with the butt area is as follows: failed fat transfer in 2014 & Macrolane injections in 2015. Most of the Macrolane has dissolved & I have a little ball left on both cheeks left. Thank you again to you wonderful reviews because if it weren't for you I wouldn't have gotten the courage to finally do this & find Dr.S. I'll be posting pics as soon as the surgery is over. Pray for me.

Surgery must haves

I'm packing for LA & confused on what I'll be able to wear the first few weeks after surgery. Will my old jeans & leggings be comfortable or should I stick to dresses? I'd appreciate your input thank you :)

Made it to LA

So I've arrived & settled into an apartment in town since I'm staying for the rest of summer with my family. There was a mix up with the flights so I'll be going into surgery alone but found a wonderful woman named Valerie from After After Care, she was lovely on the phone & will pick me up after surgery, pick up my pain meds & stay with me a few hours until my family arrive. She was nice enough to move her schedule around with a day's notice. If you need her number please Message me. I picked up all meds prior to surgery wow they are more than I expected. I'll be posting a pic tomorrow morning before surgery & hopefulu soon afterwards. Wish me luck ladies I'm nervous, scared, excited & starting to freak out. I can't believe that years on insecurity maybe o we & done with by tomorrow God willing.

Surgery in 1 hr & before pics

So surgery is in 1 hours I'm calm but excited. I was so tired last night from the 20 hr flight that I misread the meds & didn't take one of anti biotic meds I hope they can help figure something out when I get there. I'm posting before pics unedited, stretch marks & cellulite & everything. I lost almost 60 lbs & kept it off for the last 10 years so I know the implants won't fix everything that bothers me about my butt I just hope it looks better with better projection. Update post op coming soon :)

3 hours Post Op

I made it through. The doc went with 600cc I believe from the new imposts. I feel pretty good & walked a bit. I sat in the car just cause I'm staying across the street & the nurse said its ok. I'm sleepy & loopy so I'm gonna right about the surgical experience tomorrow. These are photos a few hrs post op. Thank you everyone for all your wishes & prayer.


I forgot to mention I'm wearing a binder to help push the implants down I didn't get lipo.

Day 1

So slept well last night I woke up fine & feeling great. However, just as I was saying I feel great won't need he pain meds. I start getting nauseous & a shooing pain through my right butt cheek. They are still high & no change so won't post pics. I wrote a review about surgery but hasn't uploaded yet. I ate well took the rest of my meds but man today is painful never mind uncomforable. I am finding it hard to get off the couch or bed even with help the same pain comes back to my right cheek. I can't wait for the implants to drop.

Day 2 & surgery experience

I woke up today with more pain on my cheeks I'm guessing they are nerves or something. I walked much better the first 2 days. I'm icing my butt as we speak & it feels great. When the Oxy wears off I can feel my insicions. I can't wait to shower in a few hours.
Now back to surgery day, I took al my meds in the morning & got to the office quite early. Filled out the remaining paperwork & Armando took me back to take my vitals. The doctor came in after & marked me up. I was so calm from one the morning pills. The anesthesiologist came in we woke & after that i was on the surgical bed & things go dark. I wake up in recovery not feeling bad at all. I made some call but my throat was killing me from the tube. 45 min or so I was realeased to Valetie who already got my meds & dropped me home. My family was there by then but she came in & explained to me the proper way to sleep & when to take my meds. I ate & fell asleep until the next morning. I'm so great full for Valerie, Mindy, the Nurses & especially dr.S will post pics soon. Does anyone know if walking will help drop my implant?

Day 2 pics

Showered tonight put neospirin & took some photos & I can see a difference thank god. Can't wait for square shape to go away. I'm wearing a binder to help push my implants down as instructed by the doc. But i get sharp pains in my lower back when the top of the implants is. Has anyone ever had this?

Day 3

The worst pain I've felt since the surgery. My incisions are painful so I upped my oxy dosage to 2 pill. I'm even more sore & feel the sharp pains in both butt cheeks now. I spoke to Mindy & she said today would be the worst day. Also, I wear contacts & my vision has been so blurry since surgery. I read it's a side effect to the pain killer. Tomorrow's my post app appointment I'll update then with photos.

Day 4 & post op

Yesterday was the worst pain since surgery. I woke up today feeling ok but a bit of pain around my incision & the top of the implants. Valerie picked me up for my post op appointment & I sat in the car using my booty pillow. The doc says my incisions look fine. He said the square/flat shape might last for months & thats freaking me out I hate how it looks now. Did anyone else have this issue? I saw so many girls come out of surgery looking perfect. He also informed me I can stop my antibiotic meds cuz they were making me sick & I removed the ear patch which was the cause of my blurry vision these days. Can anyone help with how Eli g after their surgery did the implants drop? I'm gonna wear the binder for a few weeks as it will help push the implants down.


So I'm starting to regret getting the new ovids. I just realized that girls with the round implants came out of surgery looking great. I look like a flat pancake & as informed by the doc this may take months. Does anyone feel the same? Was this a mistake?

Day 5

I don't feel so good today, I feel weak, lazy & I have a huge headache. I went out last night for a quick dinner & sat using my booty pillow. The only time I left my house since surgery. Now everything I me aches since I woke up. I don't know what's going on I was feeling good yesterday. Anyone have any input?

Buyers remorse

So I've spent the entire day in bed crying & after the comment left on my previous update I can't stop. I've had the worst headache since I've been up & now I feel like this was. A huge mistake. I should have gone with round & it's been so painful that I don't want to do this all over again. My hips are now bigger but I really didn't want them to change. I emailed Mindy asking when is the soonest I can have them out.

Day 6 th worst decision I've ever made

I woke up today again with a headache like yesterday, I feel weak, lightheaded & my incisions still hurt. I regret this so bad & my butt is flatter than it wa stop begin with. I wish I had never done this & can't wait till Monday I need to have them removed so bad I just want to go back to normal life. This is my first cosmetic surgery but this is by far my worst recovery.

One week post op

To make this week even more eventful I woke up to my period. Even wearing my underwear is painful as the top edges touch the top of the implants which is a killer. I'm wearing the binder almost all the time but I can't have my implants start from my back for the next few months. Please if anyone has had a similar situation with high positioned implants would let me know how long it took for them to drop?
Thank u I'd really appreciate it

Another consultation

So I came to see 2 other Beverly Hills plastic surgeons this morning. Both board certified one does butt implants & the other only is pro bbl. both doctors have informed me that my implants where placed too high. My question is have any of you ladies faced the same issue with Doctor Stanton? Mindy told me it will drop & it'll take about 6 months. I don't know of I'm willing to tolerate this for another 6 months they never told me I'd have to wear a binder & it's so uncomfortably high up my back. So please if anyone has faced the same predicament please message me. I'm this close to removing them as I feel like i just want to be normal again even with no ass at all but at least feel good & heathy.

Day 8

Still feeling drowsy most the time. I'm off the meds. Trying to control the pain with Tylenol. The most painful part now is the sharp pains I get where the top of the implant is. It feels better when I wear the binder. But I'm still unhappy with everything tbh I'm going to be patient & want to thank all the rea self sisters helping through this. My implants are hard as rocks and sensitive to touch. I attached a few photos of today

Anyone know why we can't lay on our side?

It clearly says that on the instructions but why?

Day 11 post op

I want to thank you all for the support you have shown me. All the comments & messages have really uplifted me during my recovery I really am vey greatly like & thankful for all of it. I must admit thank things have become better, I still get very tired easily & can only do so much around the house & maybe one errand & I'm beat. The pressure in the butt area is getting better but still there. Sleeping is getting more difficult as I'm off the pain meds since day 7 & just want to slee on my side. I can sit using the pillow but it's get very uncomforable & I started feeling pain & pressure near my tailbone so I'm trying to avoid that as much as I can.
I just have to admit that this surgery was the hardest recovery I have even gone through. I usually have high pain tolerance but this was so unexpectedly painful. The meds were not agreeing with me & made me extra emotional. The laying on ur stomach only gets to you & im ultimataly so very bored. If I do go out the heat & the waking are not a good combination so if you do ever decide to do this survey please do it when the weather is cooler & when you can take 3 weeks off because recovery is no joke. I will be posting a pic in a few days, I'm still very swollen & implants are very hard. My hips have also changed which I'm hoping goes back to normal once the swelling is gone. So finally, thank you all rea self sisters for all your support during my freak out times lol

2 week update

Hello everyone! So it's been 2 weeks since my surgery. After initially freaking out about my results & with the help of everyone on real self I've realized I just had to give it time. My swelling is going down thank god. My hips & saddle bags are going back to how they were pre surgery. My implants have dropped I think slightly but I love the projection it's giving me now I hope that some what stays. The binder which I wear when I'm home & asleep helped a lot in & also helps feel good when I'm asleep. I ice my butt when I'm home & sleeping because I do feel slight pain on my lower left cheek which feels like an internal incision to me but I could be mistaken. I slept on my side last night because I just can't do my stomach anymore. My arms are sore & my elbows are dark & painful. I was off the pain meds since day 7 because of how they made me emotional. I don't sleep really good but it's better than me being on the meds.
I still use my pillow when I need it. I haven't driven yet, I've sat in the car for no more than 15 min & yestrday & today I feel much better & don't feel like I need the pillow but will continue to use it. I can sit now but I try to move around every 15 min because I feel pressure where my incision is & if the seat is hard I feel my implants.
The implants are still hard & I'd hate to have my partner touch it now. I went dress shopping but I didn't get anything because I'm still swollen so I'm 2 sizes up which is depressing lol. I'm wearing a lot of dresses. Jeans are a nightmare even leggings now feel very tight. I love the look of things & cant wait to more time to pass by & see what happens. No more pain but slight discomfort I can walk but in no way run or have the energy to work out. Does anyone know when I can start using scar cream?

3 weeks post op

Hello again, so 3 weeks out now & im feeling much better. A lot of the swelling is gone I do feel smaller but I actually look like I have a proper butt & above all that's what I wanted. I'm realistic I know I'll never get a bubble butt but this is porportional to my body. Having a big swollen butt the first 2 weeks was what I always wanted but realized it just doesn't fit me. It made me look bigger than I was, I went up 3 sizes & im now content with having a nice shapely naturally looking butt & not a huge Kim k fake looking one.
I have no pain anymore. I can't run yet I would workout maybe but I have a breast revision in a few days so won't for a while. I drove the other day & felt OK with & without my pillow. The pressure for some reason around my insiciona increases at night time. I'm sleeping much better I lay on my side but mostly try to sleep on my tummy.
I've been lucky enough to not feel pain when sitting on the toilet since day 1 but I realized now that lifting the toilet seat helps a lot.
I'm using scar cream on my incisions twice a day & will try to get them lasered before I go home.
I'm so happy I had this done, I had my days but this helped my confidence so much! I still regret not getting the rounds as I'd want more projection & the bottom of my cheeks to be filled out more. I still feel the implants when I sit & I think they still have more dropping to do but they somewhat feel like a fit butt now & now as rock hard.
I will wait until my 6 months to reasses but now that I know what I'm in for if I'm not happy with everything then I might switch to rounds next summer.

Why am I small again?

Hi everyone, I had my breast lift revision on Wednesday & have been laying on my back after asking Mindy about it. I noticed this morning that I lost the scoop in the back that was there a few days ago. Is this normal? Does this mean my implants are dropping? I loved that scoop will it ever come back? Your input would be much appreciated. Also, I'm back to the square shape from the back :(

1 month post op

Hello ladies, it's been a long month & just want to update on my situation. Although the implants have filled me in slightly more than I was pre op I didn't get the projection I was expecting from a 600cc implants. They have dropped a lot and are softer except in the middle which is hard. I expect them to drop some more to fill the bottom of my cheeks.
I have no pain or pressure anymore I sit, drive do it all but won't work out for a while. My right side has a better profile then my left. All my old clothes fit me now so I don't think the implants made that much of a difference.
I think due to the size of my actual butt that the 600 may not have been big enough.
Ultimately, I'm not happy & will see the doctor before I travel to see what he can do for me otherwise I'll get a revision somewhere else.
Although the ovals do cover more space I do think he should make in a larger size since so many ppl are complaining about projection & I think that's what we ultimately want. I don't regret the surgery since I'm hoping it stretched the pocket for my next one. I'd love to hear your feedback if you too felt smaller the first month or if you got bigger after. Thanks again ladies for all your help.

Flight home

Hello so I'm a week or so shy of 2 months & wanted to update on how things are looking & feeling. I feel almost back to normal except for the running & sleeping on my back for long periods. Siting driving etc is all ok. Pressure is gone except for the area on top & around my incision.
I must be honest & say I'm not 100% pleased with my results. It truly made no difference when I have clothes on & when I'm naked the implants seemed to have filled me in better but no dramatic change & absolutely NOT worth the money & recovery.
I met with the doctor before leaving who asked me to give it time & in about a year we can see what we can do then. I hate the fact that I went through this thinking implants are my last resort & now I'll have to deal with a revision.
All is all recovery was horrible & although I've seen perfect results on other girls the implants just don't do much for me because I am rather wide with a box shape. I think If anyone is going to get this done is go with customizing as a one size fits all clearly doesn't fit all.

Can anyone recommend a doctor for butt implants revision

Although doctor Stanton is lovely I don't think I'll be getting my desired results with him. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone who has had lost weight or of a certain weight & built. His implants show more on skinny small framed girls. Can anyone recommend a doctor to do my revision? Thank you I'd appreciate it.

Photo in clothes

I can feel the implants in my butt I just can't see them

Dear Future Stanton Patients

I feel like I have to talk about this & inform future patients about what's going on with me as I used to read about other girls complaining about the lack of after care with dr.S but didn't really believe it. That was before my surgery & things have changed now. I am unhappy with my results & have expressed that via email to Mindy who has not gotten back to me, it's been a week & no word yet about a revision. I came into this thinking I found he perfect doc for me to sustain a long relationship but it doesn't seem so from the office's side. I emailed dr.grawe in Ohio who got back to me within a day about a revision. It will cost me as much as my first surgery so I will wait & see what the dr.S says first. I believe for the amount of money I paid I should be happy & my doctor should at least reply & help me get the results I wanted initially. Especially that a revision will still cost me. I just think he doesn't like dealing with patients after the surgery is over & doesn't care over all. Just be aware plz that you will not get proper after care when the surgery is over.

2 months post op

Dear RS sisters
It's been exactly 2 months today since my surgery. It's been a long tough road to recovery but I can say I'm almost at 80%. I walk, sit and sleep fine. I still find it hard to sleep on my back for a long time & run without feeling the implants. I even forget they are there sometimes. My scars are still dark although I use silicone sheets on then plus the scar cream. I'm still a bit numb in the middle of my buttocks near my scars which is what bothers me. My butt is still somewhat hard at the middle of where the implant is you can't really grab that area but the bottom is fine and squishy but you can totally tell I have implants of you touch me. They implants have not completely covered the bottom part of my butt & I'm hoping that happens soon cuz I can feel it if I tap my cheek upwards.
The photos I posted are of me the morning of surgery vs pics of me now. I do look better than what I started with but NOT what I expected, was promised or wished for. My right side has less projection than my left & I really wish I was able to keep the projection I had at week 2.
I've contacted dr.grawe for a revision I loved her work & the only concern I have now is financial to be honest. Ohio is a long way for me & would require 3 connections & the whole drains thing for 2 weeks is scary. I still have not heard back from Mindy after my second email in which I replied to her telling me that dr.S cannot custom make an implant for me in the 600cc range with more projection. She also told me that no other company makes bigger implants, which isn't true.
The doctor is great & id recommend him for people with smaller frames & want a natural look but defiantly not for people looking for dramatic change & round full popping booty. Mindy & nurses were wonderful but lack consistency with after care & I do hope they work on that. Thank you again everyone for all your support it really does mean the world to me. You ladies have been there for me through your words more than people that were physically next to me & for that I'm grateful.

Custom implant question

Dear ladies
May I ask if anyone is familiar with Implantech butt implants? I'm seriously considering a revision now for more projection with either dr.grawe (Oval,750,6cm projection by AART)
Or dr.stanton (Round, 750,6cm projection by Implantech) I'm hoping dr.S will cost less since Dr.G is almost 9K. My pictures are all over my review & im so scared if the rounds won't cover my entire cheek like the Stanton Ovals I have now. Please help.
Also, I'll be posting my 3 month review in a few days. All is going good & implants soft now except in the center.

3 months post op

I'll start by saying that I don't regret getting the implants however I totally needed to do more research as a year wasn't enough time. I wasn't aware of custom implants or projection size as a main factor in being content with my results.
I feel really good, able to sit for long time, run & sleep well. I am aware of the implants as certain sleeping or sitting positions & can feel the outline when I grab my butt. It doesn't feel like an athlete's butt, the implants are hard & given how wide my butt is is really benefit from a wider implant but I don't know if that anatomically possible.
My butt is still numb at the top where the implants are. My incisions healed well but still dark. So no matter what anyone says yes it is obvious to anyone that feels my butt that there is something inside. I can take much better pics to make my ass look better but I'm aiming for truth & not illusion. My butt lacks projection but the overall shape is better but no where near what I wanted. I wanted to look good in clothes & feel more secure when intimate with my partner & I notice I'm more insecure to have him touch me in some areas since the implants are hard & some positions when laying in bed make the implant outline obvious when touched.
I will still get a revision once my finances permit & will most likely go to dr. Grawe next time for a custom implant. Overall, this wasn't a bad decision since I learnt a lot. Please take your time when deciding on this surgery.

Implants feel & outline question

Hello ladies, I'm currently deciding on who should do my revision. I'm torn between going back to Stanton or dr Grawe. I literally cannot sleep at night because of how unhappy I am with my implant choice (not my doctor). It's been almost 5 months now, my butt is still squishy from the bottom but the area that the implants cover are very hard. And the implants do not cover much of my cheek, they are also placed quite high that I'm so concerned when being intimate that my partner would touch my lower back. Long story short, I cannot stand these implants. No offense to the doctor but the Stanton ovids are a fail for me. I've realized that I like him as a surgeon but not his product. My revision option is to get a 750cc round custom implant with 6cm projection by implantech which will be even firmer that what I have now. I'm still waiting to see if the doc is willing to work with AART who make softer silicone implants.
My other option is a 750cc oval with 6cm projection by AART with dr.grawe. Getting to Ohio is a huge hassle & would require 3 flight stops & lets not forget the drains.
Please I ask of anyone who has AART implants to please help me decide if they are as soft as dr.grawe mentioned. I do not want to tell every guy I go out with that I have implants & certainly don't want them to feel it. Have you noticed that they are squeezable? Especially when you are intimate? Do you fee the outline of the implants as I do now with the ones I have? The option of fat grafting around implant isn't available to me as I have a lot of skin. So please I'd really appreciate any replies, I cannot wait to have these out they literally are a pain in the butt.

6 months post op

So it's been a long journey & I'll just sum things up as much as I can. At around 5 months parts of my right scar were raised so I got a cortisone injection & it went down completely within a few days. My butt is softer from the bottom & really hard from the center & top which doesn't feel natural or real & will give away that an implant is there.
I gained 10 lbs after surgery & started working out now, I can't run or lay on my back on bench to do a proper sit up. My clothes all fit the same & no significant change is noticed..by anyone. Which is kind of depressing after all that money & time in recovery. I'm not happy with how my butt looks because it's not what I was promised. I think dr.S is great & I recovered with no complications but what me & most girls are complaining about is projection. I reached out for a revision which will cost 10K including a custom 712 round implant which will be from implantech & firmer than what I have now. Grawe is not an option for me anymore after seeing so many girls struggle with their incisions.
*can anyone recommend a surgeon that works with AART implants since they are the softest? Not Grawe
*do you think I should switch to rounds as I might look fuller & rounder or stick to ovals?
*can anyone recommended a surgeon for revision in London, Europe or the Uae? I won't be back in the US until July & dying for a revision.
Thanks everyone I'd appreciate your replies so much as I'm struggling & this is kind of all I think about :(

Cyber Bullying on RealSelf

I'm so sick of random accounts that have no review to contribute to this site just a whole lot of negative comments that are being spread all over this website.
We are here opening ourselves in order to find support & advice not criticism & nasty one liners. We are all supposed adults here. There's a huge difference between misunderstanding a written word & actual abusive hurtful comments.
This is my way of asking this website to take a stand against such accounts to protect us (the actual patients & reviewers) from this type of cyber bullying, especially after so many of us have actually help build this website's content with our true life experiences.
I don't care if my account gets disabled after this post because what's going on is horrendous & needs to stop.
The attached photo is just one of the comments I & other reviewers receive as an example of what I'm referring to & believe me I've seen worse on other reviews.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is very informative & very very nice. Made me feel so comfortable as the consultation & Mindy the patient coordinator is a gem.

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